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    1. And the mage, he would mostly talk of the advancement of his students, speaking with particular pride when it came to the extraordinary feats of the girl Emily, whom, according to Brice, was above and beyond the most powerful mage he had ever seen, even though she was but fifteen

    2. Everyone is focusing on their obtaining sufficient quantities of the limited resources, resulting in differences in their survival rate and therefore, their possibilities for reproduction and advancement

    3. “Sweetheart! You have had the most immensely impressive advancement during the trials and hurdles of your life

    4. The advanced price of such manufactures as are real necessaries of life, and are destined for the consumption of the poor, of coarse woollens, for example, must be compensated to the poor by a farther advancement of their wages

    5. impeding the advancement of its Universal Principles

    6. A society, however well-intentioned, ceases to be ―tolerant,‖ once that society allows itself to devolve into a sociopolitical checklist dedicated to the advancement of ―appropriate‖ behavior and verbal expressions dictated by idiosyncratic designs rather than common sense lest its members be perceived as offending artificially constructed practices that have inexplicably seeped their way into the conventional mainstream

    7. It may be reasonably argued that the Private Sector traditionally attracted (more) talented individuals (less) averse to risk taking in exchange for the prospect of potential advancement while other individuals possessing less capacity (perhaps) or who, lacking the requisite skills demanded by most companies, generally opted for quasi-guaranteed job security provided by the Public Sector

    8. Sowing creates opportunities for development, improvement, advancement and long-lasting growth

    9. Cherva, at his master's side, glared intently at the white badger lying on the floor, wondering what secrets lay there and whether, even now, if he could use them for his own advancement

    10. Stephen Douglas, who undermined the Missouri Compromise for his own political career advancement by offering the Kansas Missouri Act in 1854

    11. She had the energy to keep going for a long while, and Steve enjoyed being the recipient of her sexual advancement

    12. Later, laymen began to take up this form of fighting, as a form of self-defence, and as a handy qualification to become a soldier, which would also lead to further advancement depending on their ability and talent

    13. I’m sure that both of them love me and care about me, so I guess they are really looking forward to my advancement to the next step forward

    14. “Most people believe that psychic powers are spiritual assets that we acquire through spiritual advancement

    15. Without the simulation technology, without the data they had about all the other factions, without their focus on technological advancement, the attack on Abnegation would not have happened

    16. You will see all that happens is for the advancement of all creation

    17. upward advancement for both of them at nearby “Summa Mechanical

    18. The next round had seen the advancement of Mikael, Elijah, Theodor, Isodor, Elena, Molin, Zane and a few other titans

    19. it is a great launch-pad for career advancement

    20. It is great to be called king or president or minister or director or CEO or sir or madam or boss, and yes, we should all be striving for advancement, but advancement entails doing more than the norm for country, or company, or church, or team or school, to maintain a serving attitude, to be seeking the best for the team, not for oneself

    21. There are those who are self-serving, who seek advancement at all cost, who clamour and climb over others to be in front, their self-importance and ambition destroys all thought of helping others, they are people who can ‘kill with a look’, who can destroy with a word, who want and maintain power for prestige and status

    22. For the advancement

    23. Convey the impression of advancement

    24. His attitude toward racism was to slowly dissolve it by Negro self-sufficiency and economic advancement based on Negro achievement within the existing culture

    25. Exercise your team members and be prepared to take part, or you will find yourselves unqualified to join others in the advancement of life

    26. They took advantage of what they thought was an opportunity for advancement

    27. The successful application of his EMBA knowledge and skills also contributed to his own advancement in the company: He was recently promoted to sales director

    28. On-the-Job: Application and Advancement

    29. “There was no more possibility for advancement without a move to Washington, D

    30. “Students want to differentiate themselves from their peers, so that they are better positioned than another potential candidate for career advancement,” says McCleary

    31. Papp was being considered for advancement to vice admiral rank and promotion to the position of Chief of Staff at the Washington, D

    32. What happens is that he's telling his subconscious mind things that will hold him back from making rapid advancement

    33. relation to the process of industrialisation, technological advancement and other

    34. Quite possibly it contained a futile response to vigorous advancement by collaborators

    35. Even the jokes around the table dried up, to be replaced with sober considerations about survival, advancement and acquisition of material goods

    36. Social broadcasting, whether it be branded programs or self produced programming, will likely continue to grow at accelerated rates with the advancement of user friendly video broadcast social applications

    37. Rather, he looks for the gratification of higher-level psychological needs having to do with achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, and the nature of the work itself

    38. advancement of science, was educated in a

    39. I mean what could possess someone to take a silly hobby so seriously and procrastinate with the advancement of science? That’s what we’re here for, you know

    40. powers come to them as the result of general advancement, the recipients are

    41. great benefit to mankind, and for the rapid advancement on the Path of those

    42. ego of only moderate advancement behind it; while in another case those

    43. advancement on higher planes than he has yet attained

    44. delight in the advancement, but that we may be able to help in the scheme

    45. the advancement of the rest

    46. After many intimate conferences this wealthy citizen asked Jesus what he would do with wealth if he had it, and Jesus answered him: "I would bestow material wealth for the enhancement of material life, even as I would minister knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual service for the enrichment of the intellectual life, the ennoblement of the social life, and the advancement of the spiritual life

    47. Go then, Simon, teaching and preaching the kingdom, and when you have a man safely and securely within the kingdom, then is the time, when such a one shall come to you with inquiries, to impart instruction having to do with the progressive advancement of the soul within the divine kingdom

    48. It will be a month of continued career success and advancement

    49. Whether it be defined as growth, or advancement, everything is striving to move forward

    50. Though, ultimately, growth, advancement, development, call it what you will, is the overall feeling of moving forward

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    advancement progress advance forward motion onward motion procession progression furtherance promotion improvement elevation betterment raise rise graduation