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    1. Laughter is good not only for physical well-being but also for the spiritual progress

    2. His next book, called Quellamunga, is in progress

    3. He is clearly frustrated at John’s lack of progress

    4. A group therapy session in progress

    5. Exhausted, John feebly paddles, but he seems to be making little progress

    6. She noticed Ava was on her second cup of the stuff and ahead of Glenelle's progress with her first

    7. knowledge that nothing in this world could alter the progress that he made towards his

    8. "If we could convert ten percent of the population in ten Earth years by the message alone," Khalid said, "I would think that was very good progress

    9. This afternoon a team of inspectors came to check our progress

    10. The Council of Faith and Doctrine was supreme, even to the Commander when they were unanimous and there was no military battle in progress

    11. The driver revelled in the fact that he could see virtually nothing, sure in the fact that he was master of the little that he needed to survey, certain in the knowledge that nothing in this world could alter the progress that he made towards his next destination

    12. This is what Presidents country that it will set an example to the world in progress

    13. It then gains more detail as we progress through Genesis

    14. The humans clearly followed his progress as he circled them

    15. By and large, the phrase “Kingdom of God” has been spiritualized, and therefore we have robbed ourselves of the very content necessary to progress toward the end time purposes

    16. important in the progress of our village

    17. As we progress over the next two weeks and you get a better focus on your life, the Success doesn’t just happen

    18. Measurable: By measuring a goal one can stay on course and monitor progress

    19. By the next dawn, Alan declared his foot 'good as new' and ready to make good progress

    20. They had traveled nearly twenty miles, but not all of it could be considered progress

    21. They did make good progress

    22. ‘Just the usual request for a progress report and asking when you want the kaht sent

    23. We've made good progress lately

    24. The tide was normally not as strong this close to the city, but when there was no wind at all they couldn't make progress

    25. You can't really believe progress stood still in the two hundred years we were gone? We've been told none of it

    26. “They sent those quantum mechanics texts that Thom fell into,” he said, “so they must have made some progress

    27. both able to progress and leave the fight in the past

    28. Not long after this, and with the day of the speech now very near at hand, the great politician sent another official to review the document and to report back on its progress, but exactly the same thing happened to him as had happened to Sir John

    29. I’ve spent most of the morning here in my office trying to put together a report for the partners on progress with the move which, as I’m still waiting for various people to get back to me on some of the aspects, this has proved a trying exercise and I’m totally pissed off with it

    30. "There is a war in progress, this could be an enemy vessel and it could take hostile action against us

    31. But in spite of that emotional toll, they were making great progress

    32. But what of this Yellelle, have we made any progress determining where she’s from?"

    33. “Do you have any idea if they are making any progress?”

    34. Most of the progress in the history of medicine has

    35. It is almost a royal progress as I walk down the stairs

    36. He now asks for progress reports whenever he sees me and his wife has offered to come with me when I next visit the home

    37. others, you will find joy in seeing the progress that a

    38. document and to report back on its progress, but exactly the same

    39. “Keep me informed of their progress,” he ordered

    40. “Is there any progress?” he asked the technician

    41. On the businessman’s next trip down to review progress on the

    42. Invest time in outlining the history of it's progress

    43. “Yes, it turned him against progress

    44. The developed and refined Christian-Satanist who had spent time to progress

    45. Thirty minutes later Brent was huffing and puffing and not making much progress

    46. inspect their progress several times a day but, as it became clear that

    47. Progress presented and offered exclusively by big government, bigger multinational corporations, and the biggest demons who portray themselves as saints

    48. She was trying to engage in a sleepy conversation, but they had consumed so much yaag that it didn’t progress with a lot of purpose

    49. Maggie, who has watched his progress in horror, gets up from her chair and signals to the barman that he shouldn’t serve the boy

    50. He had to make some progress before it got dark

    1. Time progressed through its universal cycle

    2. The morning progressed as usual, and after ten minutes of being left alone with my breakfast the guard returned to my cell to collect the dishes

    3. His great pile of cash dwindled slowly at first, but as the weeks progressed the pile seemed to shrink more and more quickly

    4. As long as he had enough cash in his pocket to put petrol in his rather sparkly cabriolet and to fund his passion for angling, he simply didn’t have a care in the world, and so things progressed for nearly two years until his wife made an announcement over breakfast one morning

    5. As the boy progressed through childhood and into manhood, he

    6. pile of cash dwindled slowly at first, but as the weeks progressed

    7. world, and so things progressed for nearly two years until his wife

    8. ” He had progressed to the head of the line by now and dealt with that

    9. the conversation progressed, Sandini was becoming more

    10. They progressed to how Yoonbarla was turning into a city and the same dreams of a smaller town they chewed over whenever they got together

    11. subsided as the show progressed, her kicks and acts of defiance turning to an active

    12. goes the Dean’s inquiries? Has he progressed at all since

    13. The early morning progressed slowly into late

    14. As the performance progressed, I felt more and more

    15. How many died that day and yet you lived? How many worlds have died as the Plague progressed, yet ours is still standing in their path? True your pain was great but it has ended, many cannot make that claim

    16. ‘They have progressed

    17. As the days turned to weeks and Sum turned to Ort the Motorway progressed at phenomenal speed

    18. As the morning progressed and the sun rose higher,

    19. as the morning progressed

    20. It was a relief, because as much as I wanted him, I wanted to figure a few things out before our relationship progressed

    21. It had grown hot as the morning progressed and the horses were covered with a film of dust, their sweaty odour reaching the passengers as the breeze blew in their direction

    22. Nerissa longed to ask how the epic had progressed


    24. And now, as she progressed along this snowy path, the way of the future became clearer

    25. As the evening progressed they took longer glances

    26. and as the evening progressed he became loud and ob-

    27. has been babbling about!” He sounded a little curt and as the evening progressed his remarks became more on the

    28. It has progressed to such a state that some countries place a total ban on referring to the Judeo-Christian God

    29. As the evening progressed, all the false pretenses went

    30. As we progressed through the countryside Dispatch Riders roared up and down thee road and verges carrying their all important orders and messages on their motorcycles

    31. On and on we progressed closer to the front the dark and the fatigue now beginning to affect us all so that you just put one foot in front of the other and hoped that soon we would stop

    32. The Battle Angels returned to their Resting Points, and Adem, Jean, Carl, and Wil joined the search with guards and Guardians joining their ranks as they progressed throughout the palace

    33. Adem fell more deeply in love with Jean though she seemed distant and focused on her training as the winter months progressed

    34. In the beginning, only three Alit’aren would monitor their practice, though as the months progressed, their strength in the Power grew, and so the number of Alit’aren increased to ensure Adem and his friends could be shielded if they ever lost control of teron

    35. As the nights progressed from just chilly to downright cold, I was sure the porch wouldn’t be

    36. His two friends seemed the least offended by it though they seemed more cautious of his mood swings as the days progressed

    37. Instead, she started with a quarter at Lauren’s command and then progressed slowly up to half way

    38. Very few slaves were visible and those that were covered with hoods or cowls and busied themselves away from the visitors as they progressed their tour

    39. Spencer became one of the crowd as he slowly progressed with his surfing skills

    40. I supposed the kissing would get better as the relationship progressed

    41. Slowly it progressed to some evenings and then he would also bring his work home

    42. I left for work with layer upon layer of clothing covering my body, knowing that as the day progressed and the office got warmer from the heater, I would have to de-layer

    43. Dr Preston was more concerned with Dena’s fluctuating high blood pressure, which, as the pregnancy progressed, fluctuated more and more

    44. They soon progressed to highly mechanized infantry using their excellent Casspir armoured vehicles and much other appropriated equipment from the Army

    45. Then they progressed into infantry squad tactics in the open field against other types of units like cavalry, or steamers and artillery

    46. He wandered through the galleries, seeing how the medium of painting had progressed over the centuries

    47. As the day progressed, the smaller animals scurried around to collect food for the teams that worked tirelessly

    48. The meeting progressed with an update on their defensive plan and the state of the various troops available to them

    49. Remaining as quiet as possible, they began making love, and as things progressed, their intruders were forgotten

    50. The scoring was pretty close as the competition progressed

    1. It logically progresses that evolution is headed in that direction

    2. develops and progresses beyond what their limits of yesterday could not

    3. As the work progresses, as tiles are grouted and kitchen units are fitted, Ken edges ever closer to his bar in Ibiza

    4. Hipolyta told him about the children she tutored and about their progresses, and about how much she admired Miss Bunker

    5. In human terms Heaven could be considered as the lighter planes on the Other Side, and as one progresses spiritually, one earns the ‘reward’ to ascend to a higher level

    6. As the class progresses, they move on to what the girls call “The note test

    7. This can happen to you and it may become lengthier as it progresses

    8. "As this night progresses we'll lose more of our brave warriors

    9. As the damage progresses it becomes more and more noticeable with the gum tissue receding back causing the tooth to look longer as more of its root surface is exposed

    10. In fact, whether it is a wondrous machine or human evolution itself that progresses toward infinite knowledge turns out not to be in the least critical to the thesis

    11. The journey progresses in a series of empowering sensorial experiences deep in the sea and then over the shore, then back from where we started

    12. It never progresses, because it has no end point to progress to

    13. progresses and its mistakes, it learned how to

    14. Watch their bodies as the interview progresses and observe how they match each

    15. As VCR progresses, the dynamics generated serve as templates for replication

    16. throughout the ages there have been great progresses made that the discovery of electricity

    17. The world progresses and you lag behind and can kiss mine and go to hell or heaven if you think I care about project M-Sixty-Seven

    18. 5 Animals do not sense time as does man, and even to man, because of his sectional and circumscribed view, time appears as a succession of events; but as man ascends, as he progresses inward, the enlarging view of this event procession is such that it is discerned more and more in its wholeness

    19. Because studies have shown that when an individual consciously progresses with baby steps

    20. Progresses, moves forward, and advances in the direction of his desired outcome

    21. But as the year progresses the financial life (and life in general) gets better and better

    22. As the year progresses however – and especially after July 16 – the love life improves dramatically

    23. It should bring happy social invitations and clarity in love as the month progresses

    24. NB: Teacher can differentiate by making sure less able children are at the front of each line and more able towards the end – it obviously gets harder to think of additional facts as the game progresses

    25. It will not only bring a nice payday but will clarify financial issues as the month progresses

    26. As man progresses in the journey to the Father in Paradise, he does traverse a state of being at one time analogous to the state of the angels, but mortal man never becomes an angel

    27. As your condition progresses you can expect more of these outbursts, and

    28. to ensure that you keep track of how your training progresses as knowing what has

    29. These are progresses that you

    30. Mole progresses it subjects the tunnel wall to high

    31. These involve minimal payments initially but as time progresses, they skyrocket to the point that the mortgagee can’t come up with the cash

    32. If the holding progresses from the unfriendly grope to that of a

    33. Although the addition of sound and video was not found in most sites, it is believed that this feature depends on the kind of products and services offered by the firms the website belongs to, also, these will become more important as technology progresses

    34. The heavy giants of yesteryear are of little notice today as mankind progresses toward the size of elephants

    35. learning progresses slowly and incompletely, and then finally a

    36. Here Are Just A Few Of The Revolution That Can Change Your Weight Loss Progresses

    37. As his career progresses, he

    38. As the course progresses, so the low hanging fruit get picked and

    39. starts with simply not caring about things and then progresses

    40. shown that the amount of galectin produced increases proportionally as the cancer progresses from its early to

    41. This means that the color slowly fades as the wash progresses

    42. Well folks, it just keeps getting more interesting as the day progresses

    43. These progresses to become small blisters

    44. Didn’t I just see another person die? As the journey progresses the Panadol kick in and my thoughts grow milder

    45. “I want to see his reactions as the trial progresses

    46. gradually creeps more and more into your body as the day progresses

    47. As time progresses, the common public memory of the past will continue to fuse and intertwine all nations’ destinies together based on what each individual accomplishes now, in the present

    48. Gradually, then, as the worshipper progresses further, his heart and

    49. But if progress in love is defined as caring more for the other than for oneself, then progress occurs when the individual progresses in their capacity and actions to care more for others than they had previously, i

    50. This usually progresses into Dimension Deficit Disorder (D3), where the gamer becomes lost between their many avastars and the player behind the gamer, thus creating a morass of non-linearity – an Oz with no magician behind the curtain

    1. But He is always progressing

    2. She resumed her observation of the banks past which the barge was steadily progressing

    3. things are progressing to another level for both of you and the children should be in the

    4. After a month, and with the deadline for the great politician's speech looming, he decided that he would like to see how the document was progressing, although, given the special properties of this document, he felt a little uneasy about reading it in person

    5. Progressing through his teenage years he committed all of the usual fumbling faux pas and awkward lunges that boys the world over are obliged to do before they become men

    6. document was progressing, although, given the special properties

    7. Progressing through his teenage years he committed all

    8. Things are progressing and last week he kissed me

    9. “How’s he progressing?” Johnson asked the instructor

    10. "If he keeps up at the pace he's progressing now

    11. things were now progressing

    12. It is obvious to me that though we are progressing in the knowledge of the Universe we do not master it yet

    13. ‘Mr Lyndau, how are you progressing with that wormhole stabilisation?’ Torbin was surprised at the enquiry; the b’tari, he was sure, already had that capability

    14. Amita continued, “If we could say that we were at least progressing towards something useful, that would be something

    15. And he couldn’t even argue the Elusivers were wrong in seeing humans as irredeemably flawed, not progressing towards enlightenment but technological oblivion

    16. “How is your training progressing, Daughter of Thor? I hear you are showing great promise

    17. The fight was progressing quickly now, and Carter was going to lose

    18. That had been a major sign that his illness was progressing when he was on Earth

    19. With your faith progressing quickly toward perfection

    20. Everything seemed to be progressing nicely,

    21. The gentle gait of the horse, and the steady rhythmic rocking of the cart, meant they were still progressing

    22. Everything seemed to be progressing in a professional manner

    23. Things were swiftly progressing since he had Quan DeAngelo killed

    24. “My school is progressing fast, and I hope that in a few years we will be able to open centers throughout the world

    25. “My Spiritual Teacher has compared love as a train track, two rails always progressing together in the same direction but never crossing

    26. I’m now progressing to the door that takes me to the library of my unconscious

    27. The spiritual evolution is the awareness of being our spirit—our true selves, entities that have already been in many lives, progressing through thousands of experiences, doing all sorts of bad and good things, and now ready to progress further in our journey of spiritual evolution

    28. Yes, I was in love and yes, planning for my singing career, but now I understood that my profound fear of my father, from earliest childhood equated with the Will of God, could possibly cripple me in progressing towards my goal

    29. which they were progressing along the freeway

    30. · Check the Metrics report of the projects and how project is progressing

    31. Throughout the ordeal of her rehabilitation period, Monica seemed to be progressing rather well

    32. was progressing well, so having a house that was worth a lot and only a little left

    33. I had things progressing and got to a point where I thought I was ready to

    34. All progress is relative to other progress—and everyone and everything is progressing relative to everyone and everything else

    35. Yet no species is actually progressing

    36. "Why is the infection progressing at different rates in you and me?" I ask

    37. work that is not progressing as it should

    38. implementation appears to be progressing without a hitch, well within

    39. project or implementation appears to be progressing without a hitch, well within

    40. I had hoped, but it is progressing

    41. Meantime, the Italian contract, which the Customer had never bothered to execute in duplicate, was not progressing well

    42. And we could visit Joseth Narr and see how his recovery in progressing

    43. His thought-recovery was progressing beyond the Lost One’s hopes, and the value of the emeralds had proved immeasurable

    44. This conversation wasn’t progressing in the way she’d expected

    45. Encouragement is one of the best ways to make the students feel that they are progressing in their knowledge and use of the language

    46. We must always be progressing and growing

    47. Disturbing news of my mother’s progressing illness was not in the vocabulary of my dreams

    48. The work on the site was progressing

    49. You should seek competent legal advice before progressing full steam ahead

    50. motion and progressing through time

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