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    1. Laughter is good not only for physical well-being but also for the spiritual progress

    2. His next book, called Quellamunga, is in progress

    3. He is clearly frustrated at John’s lack of progress

    4. A group therapy session in progress

    5. Exhausted, John feebly paddles, but he seems to be making little progress

    6. She noticed Ava was on her second cup of the stuff and ahead of Glenelle's progress with her first

    7. knowledge that nothing in this world could alter the progress that he made towards his

    8. "If we could convert ten percent of the population in ten Earth years by the message alone," Khalid said, "I would think that was very good progress

    9. This afternoon a team of inspectors came to check our progress

    10. The Council of Faith and Doctrine was supreme, even to the Commander when they were unanimous and there was no military battle in progress

    1. Time progressed through its universal cycle

    2. The morning progressed as usual, and after ten minutes of being left alone with my breakfast the guard returned to my cell to collect the dishes

    3. His great pile of cash dwindled slowly at first, but as the weeks progressed the pile seemed to shrink more and more quickly

    4. As long as he had enough cash in his pocket to put petrol in his rather sparkly cabriolet and to fund his passion for angling, he simply didn’t have a care in the world, and so things progressed for nearly two years until his wife made an announcement over breakfast one morning

    5. As the boy progressed through childhood and into manhood, he

    6. pile of cash dwindled slowly at first, but as the weeks progressed

    7. world, and so things progressed for nearly two years until his wife

    8. ” He had progressed to the head of the line by now and dealt with that

    9. the conversation progressed, Sandini was becoming more

    10. They progressed to how Yoonbarla was turning into a city and the same dreams of a smaller town they chewed over whenever they got together

    1. It logically progresses that evolution is headed in that direction

    2. develops and progresses beyond what their limits of yesterday could not

    3. As the work progresses, as tiles are grouted and kitchen units are fitted, Ken edges ever closer to his bar in Ibiza

    4. Hipolyta told him about the children she tutored and about their progresses, and about how much she admired Miss Bunker

    5. In human terms Heaven could be considered as the lighter planes on the Other Side, and as one progresses spiritually, one earns the ‘reward’ to ascend to a higher level

    6. As the class progresses, they move on to what the girls call “The note test

    7. This can happen to you and it may become lengthier as it progresses

    8. "As this night progresses we'll lose more of our brave warriors

    9. As the damage progresses it becomes more and more noticeable with the gum tissue receding back causing the tooth to look longer as more of its root surface is exposed

    10. In fact, whether it is a wondrous machine or human evolution itself that progresses toward infinite knowledge turns out not to be in the least critical to the thesis

    1. But He is always progressing

    2. She resumed her observation of the banks past which the barge was steadily progressing

    3. things are progressing to another level for both of you and the children should be in the

    4. After a month, and with the deadline for the great politician's speech looming, he decided that he would like to see how the document was progressing, although, given the special properties of this document, he felt a little uneasy about reading it in person

    5. Progressing through his teenage years he committed all of the usual fumbling faux pas and awkward lunges that boys the world over are obliged to do before they become men

    6. document was progressing, although, given the special properties

    7. Progressing through his teenage years he committed all

    8. Things are progressing and last week he kissed me

    9. “How’s he progressing?” Johnson asked the instructor

    10. "If he keeps up at the pace he's progressing now

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    advancement progress advance forward motion onward motion procession progression come along come on get along get on shape up build build up work up go on march on move on pass on betterment development growth increase course passage proceeding headway develop grow improve proceed