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    1. These will be created in the world to integrate global actions of the Third Sector, letting the local and individual actions for Bank3Sectors in the regional ambit

    2. All the social and economic agents receive unique card or intelligent document to act in the ambit regional or international

    3. which are well within the ambit of that same vast majority - so egoists especially need the

    4. You assume that life that you want or dream about is somewhere in the ambit of future or it was in the past

    5. They would not normally have come within Lady Rosscommon's ambit, but, living so close, the parties mingled and at once, Rex began warily to pay his court

    6. AND THIS IS HOW, as the Bicentennial year drew to a close, the loss of Keith Lamplighter sent her back into the ambit of her friends, albeit numbed somewhat to the consequences

    7. Greenson was unusual in moving outside the ambit of his analytic colleagues to give many public lectures

    1. This happens when you are not brooding about past or planning about future or when you have no ambition to fulfill

    2. The head of Interpol was a woman of ambition from the very best schools of France

    3. Climbing the Acropolis and visiting The Parthenon has been an ambition ever since I was at school and now the irony; that with the opportunity so close, I'm too tired

    4. ‘The girls at school go on about it all the time … as if being kissed by a boy is the be all and end all of their ambition

    5. “The laws of technology allow it,” Elmore said, “but I’ve seen her soul and know she hasn’t got the ambition

    6. Like I was with my ambition when I wanted

    7. Lord Boras is mad, insane with ambition

    8. Funny how ambition

    9. There’s a side of me that would love to be a famous performer, but that side is overwhelmed by the side of me that doesn’t have the ambition

    10. The fact that he'd been born on a starship from YingolNeerie seemed irrelevant now, other than the fact that their fundamentalism might have contributed to his ambition

    11. "That ambition has served us well

    12. Unchecked ambition had been a plague for all time, and likely would remain so

    13. Alternatively, it denotes your drive, tenacity and ambition

    14. The ale was cold, the meat tender, and the fires blazed as brightly as the ambition in his eyes

    15. The capricious ambition of kings and ministers has not, during the present and the preceding century, been more fatal to the repose of Europe, than the impertinent jealousy of merchants and manufacturers



    18. In the attacks which those leading men are continually making upon the importance of one another, and in the defence of their own, consists the whole play of domestic faction and ambition

    19. and in compensation admitted to the same freedom of trade with its fellow-subjects at home; the number of its representatives to be augmented as the proportion of its contribution might afterwards augment ; a new method of acquiring importance, a new and more dazzling object of ambition, would be presented to the leading men of each colony

    20. Unless this or some other method is fallen upon, and there seems to be none more ubvious than this, of preserving the importance and of gratifying the ambition of the leading men of America, it is not very probable that they will ever voluntarily submit to us; and we ought to consider, that the blood which must be shed in forcing them to do so, is, every drop of it, the blood either of those who are, or of those whom we wish to have for our fellow citizens

    21. Almost every individual of the governing party in America fills, at present, in his own fancy, a station superior, not only to what he had ever filled before, but to what he had ever expected to fill; and unless some new object of ambition is presented either to him or to his leaders, if he has the ordinary spirit of a man, he will die in defence of that station

    22. But avarice and ambition in the rich, in the poor the hatred of labour and the love of present ease and enjoyment, are the passions which prompt to invade property ; passions much more steady in their operation, and much more universal in their influence

    23. The inferior office of justice of peace, though attended with a good deal of trouble, and in most cases with no emoluments at all, is an object of ambition to the greater part of our country gentlemen

    24. During the French war, which began in 1741, the ambition of Mr

    25. The greatness of the objects which are to be acquired by success in some particular professions may, no doubt, sometimes animate the exertions of a few men of extraordinary spirit and ambition

    26. Rivalship and emulation render excellency, even in mean professions, an object of ambition, and frequently occasion the very greatest exertions

    27. In England, success in the profession of the law leads to some very great objects of ambition ; and yet how few men, born to easy fortunes, have ever in this country been eminent in that profession?

    28. The ambition of every clergyman naturally led him to pay court, not so much to his sovereign as to his own order, from which only he could expect preferment

    29. whatever that meant was his new ambition and the reality was

    30. The distance of those provinces from the capital, from the principal seat of the great scramble of faction and ambition, makes them enter less into the views of any of the contending parties, and renders them more indifferent and impartial spectators of the conduct of all

    31. His ambition had been crushed within these white walls, the walls containing his future

    32. “She’s not heavily endowed with common sense or ambition, but she does have attributes

    33. I saw the ambition on your face when I spoke of a promotion

    34. Ambition stokes the fires that (sparks) motivates behavior

    35. Leadership, whether it is sought or thrust upon an individual, should balance the requirements of Duty and Ambition lest it promotes Corruption

    36. (Read: Conservative Blacks!) Although it is not my intention to marginalize the organization‘s historical importance (or value) for peoples of color, its neo-radical, oftentimes racist agenda has long abandoned its intended purpose of advancing civil rights and equal opportunity in favor of consolidating a political power base in a manner that incorrectly defines the ―needs‖ of its ―constituents‖ by propagating the meanest forms of race-baiting that (otherwise) serve to advance political ambition by fanning artificial expectations that have lost much of their historical relevancy

    37. They consist of an array of portable resources commonly referred to as ―Human Capital‖ that includes, but are not limited to Industry, Enterprise, Ambition, Discipline, Motivation and Endurance

    38. In the early days, that merely spurred his ambition

    39. I was trying to teach him to lead; because I thought he should have, I don’t know, the drive, the ambition

    40. All she had was our affair and she intended to destroy my marriage or my political ambition or both

    41. She has the talent and the ambition: all she needs is a chance and professional help to prepare her for it

    42. Nothing too big though cause he doesn"t seem to have any ambition

    43. None of us had any real ambition, I suppose

    44. It is my ambition to free her, if I can

    45. Her daughter married a primary school teacher whose ambition for higher station led him to join the SS

    46. With a sudden burst of ambition, Sven shoved Jeremiah and took the wheel,

    47. “I am bound here by my own ambition

    48. The vendor chosen should have the ambition and skills to develop an end-to-

    49. The ambition from her genetic pool would be terrifying

    50. “My fascination with Sephiroth is what fuelled my ambition to

    1. Her compassion and eloquence led her into politics and she could well have gone into parliament but her ambitions lay in the community, with the people

    2. balance it out with complimentary personal life ambitions as well that you need to project to your partner

    3. No driving ambitions, no slave to whim or fashion, no war making, why he even grew his own clothes then just lay around grooming himself, living in the moment

    4. As far as she was concerned, that was the total of her ambitions

    5. As for ambitions, Ken wants to buy a pub on foreign soil when his boss retires, while Davie dreams of being able to return to his beloved Ibrox in a British Racing Green Jaguar XJ6

    6. They appear to have settled for their lot and put their hopes and ambitions in a shoebox under the bed

    7. A recently retired footballer is telling her Dad that Manchester United must push up and pressurise their opponents today if they are going to keep their title ambitions on track

    8. further his own ambitions

    9. been a priory, but its ambitions in the early days were

    10. In spite of their ambitions, the reader

    11. Quinn’s ambitions were in artistic fields, and he is

    12. its world views, objectives, ambitions, etc? To do this, and to help build the

    13. She still loved her husband and sub-consciously transferred her own unfulfilled ambitions and desires to her children, having become enveloped in a kind of melancholic state of passive inertia, with the throbbing, emotional energy that had formerly been present slowly dissipating into oblivion

    14. Funny too, it was, how quickly one man’s ambitions could turn everything on its head

    15. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts/habits

    16. Alternatively, the warehouse means that you are putting your ambitions and goals on hold

    17. hopes and ambitions or focus on your goals or think

    18. of all things, including their own dreams and ambitions,

    19. hopes, dreams and ambitions

    20. She decided to forgo her ambitions of creating a cohesive unit

    21. ambitions and wishes for herself sprang into life for Hetty

    22. His political ambitions softened by age, Nixon‘s geopolitical literary output subsequently earned him international acclaim and the grudging respect from his political enemies, many of whom he oftentimes consulted with on Foreign Affairs in his later years

    23. This puissant badger, hopelessly lost to the forces of the Dark Healing, planned to use the powerful magic of Boddaert's remains to further his own ambitions, and what followed was indeed a dark period in badger history

    24. ―oppressed‖ peoples of color that would ultimately redefine his political ambitions

    25. troublesome ambitions that harden the heart! To be born again without blemish, to rise above the petty quarreling that promotes so much unhappiness and sorrow, to be reunited once again with loved ones and friends who left us too soon, to make proper atonement to those we‘ve disappointed and, most importantly, to obtain spiritual redemption

    26. Given Humankind‘s insatiable ambitions and imperfect condition, however, it is unlikely that such attitudes will change anytime soon

    27. For Clinton always chose to put his political ambitions before all else

    28. Nevertheless, we must endeavor to temper and control our passions and emotions that oftentimes occasion questionable ambitions incompatible with the interests and welfare of other people entrusted to our care

    29. President Bush must protect the security of this country, not the political feelings, the grandiose ambitions and economic interests of an ungrateful country like France which the United States defended and protected during the two world wars of the last century

    30. On the other hand, France has ambitions and designs of grandeur and power

    31. So when I showed up, it should have been the fulfillment of all her ambitions

    32. The Germans saw it as a dagger pointed at the heart of their Imperial ambitions in Africa, Asia and the South Seas

    33. The ambitions of man have tumbled

    34. Sylvia had ambitions, but for reasons which remained a mystery, she was unable to get accepted at any of the highly-regarded technical institutions she desired

    35. Plans and ambitions are nothing without the Conscious Power, sent to the Universe

    36. His father’s political ambitions may have gotten him material wealth, but just as the wealth was ill-begotten, so too was the pride is was supposed to have brought

    37. Do you have dreams? Aspirations? Lofty ambitions? It would be an amazing privilege to help you achieve your heart’s desires

    38. After giving Hitler a chunk of Czechoslovakia as, “the end of Germany’s territorial ambitions in Europe,” Chamberlain went back to England proclaiming “Peace in Our Time

    39. Our deepest need is that President Obama should come to recognize traditions to be honored, families to be fed, dreams of a better life to be fulfilled, and a great nation to be preserved beyond his own transformative ambitions

    40. led their ambitions and secured higher levels of experience and

    41. All the plans went down the drain along with all the hopes and ambitions which I set for myself

    42. M: What ambitions! How can a person limited in time and

    43. the realization of your ambitions or it can mean that you have the

    44. If Absalom had waited on his vision it would undoubtedly have come, if David had taken the ambitions of the young man into consideration the whole tragic affair might have been avoided

    45. and influence, they have been able to realize national ambitions

    46. ambitions outside our family

    47. Nuuke and Meo's ambitions remains unclear, but

    48. ceremony would read out each graduate’s future ambitions

    49. His attitude is characterised by complete and utter honesty in his interactions with other people, insofar as his honesty is relevant to other people's ambitions for self-improvement

    50. They pulled those levers on you for the best of intentions, but the result was a disaster for your fledgling ambitions

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