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Intent en una oración (en ingles)

  1. If the intent is to.
  2. It was our intent to.
  3. It was not my intent to.
  4. That was never my intent.
  5. I was intent on finding.

  6. Those who were intent on.
  7. But thanks for the intent.
  8. He was intent on chasing.
  9. That was never his intent.
  10. His spirit was intent upon.
  11. My intent was to go to a.
  12. He gives me an intent look.
  13. My pursuers were intent on.
  14. There is no ill intent here.
  15. He was intent on nailing me.

  16. My intent was to eliminate.
  17. I was intent on reshaping it.
  18. His gaze was intent as usual.
  20. Sue was looking with intent.
  21. Then there is focussed intent.
  22. Hormones have the intent of.
  23. This is where intent comes in.
  24. On this intent I heard my name.
  25. He was intent on bounding and.

  26. His eyes were intent on her face.
  27. My intent here is to summarize.
  28. I was pretty intent on the book.
  29. Their intent has been fulfilled.
  30. With the girls intent on doing.
  31. She was intent on upsetting him.
  32. Marv’s focus became more intent.
  33. This is not MY intent that they.
  34. They’re intent on breaking her.
  35. My question was tactical in intent.
  36. I didn’t come here by intent.
  37. Her intent is a tangle of shadows.
  38. Ruth was intent on the whole scene.
  39. Although my primary intent was to.
  40. They sat still, intent and waiting.
  41. Watch those intent faces round him.
  42. Their hues shift with their intent.
  43. My primary intent was to determine.
  44. He met her eyes with an intent gaze.
  45. Anger with the intent to manipulate.
  46. That was the intent, my dear lady.
  47. If you realize its intent then you.
  48. This time I was intent on asking her.
  49. Intent is another word for interest.
  50. Your intent was to show us how to be.
  51. No wonder, the KST seemed intent on.
  52. They are intent on killing him, and.
  53. Offending you guys was not my intent.
  54. That is the intent of the Prophesy.
  55. The hosts of Morgul intent on their.
  56. We were too intent on our pilgrimage.
  57. This was not MY intent for your life.
  58. Chen’s called the intent of the.
  59. Villefort understood the king's intent.
  60. That onward to the goal of thy intent.
  61. I can sense emotions and their intent.
  62. I finally understood that the intent.
  63. I had been so intent on just escaping.
  64. If you’re intent on playing the.
  65. I was now intent on finding out what.
  66. When Rebekah learned of Esau's intent.
  67. But I didnt know what his intent was.
  68. The only thing that matters is intent.
  69. Her intent was to surprise you while.
  70. This intent needs to be sincere.
  71. Do you know what her intent was?
  72. As you know, it was the intent of the.
  73. Sven’s only reply was an intent stare.
  74. I then understood Captain Nemo's intent.
  75. Raskolnikov's burning and intent eyes.
  76. Anyhow, the intent of the large-scale.
  77. The intent was to fool passing motorist.
  78. He did not heed, intent upon his letter.
  79. And early they went, resolved in intent.
  80. Evil your intent with Darkness of Heart.
  81. They were intent on killing us! Either.
  82. Just keep your focus intent on your goal.
  83. He was a man intent on getting into top.
  84. His manner gave no clue as to his intent.
  85. Joey just ran with the intent of escaping.
  86. My intent was to scare him, not hurt him.
  87. If that was the author's intent, I agree.
  88. Aesa followed his brother’s intent gaze.
  89. The intent forward to being grandparents.
  90. She waited, very still, intent on my face.
  91. The original intent of these acts was to.
  92. Well, this time I was intent on finding.
  93. Dunit gave the three nurses intent stares.
  94. She was intent on getting what she wanted.
  95. The intent was to upgrade the analytical.
  96. She ignored it, intent on the data-stream.
  97. The intent is to move investment dollars.
  98. It’s not my intent to alarm you but to.
  99. Afterwards, their intent is to place the.
  100. The Spanish who were intent on converting.

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