Oraciones con la palabra "intent"

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Intent en una oración (en ingles)

If the intent is to.
It was our intent to.
I was intent on finding.
That was never my intent.
It was not my intent to.
Those who were intent on.
His spirit was intent upon.

But thanks for the intent.
He was intent on chasing.
That was never his intent.
My intent was to go to a.
He gives me an intent look.
There is no ill intent here.
My intent was to eliminate.
He was intent on nailing me.
My pursuers were intent on.
Hormones have the intent of.
Then there is focussed intent.
Sue was looking with intent.
His gaze was intent as usual.
I was intent on reshaping it.
This is where intent comes in.
On this intent I heard my name.
He was intent on bounding and.
She was intent on upsetting him.
I was pretty intent on the book.
With the girls intent on doing.
Their intent has been fulfilled.
His eyes were intent on her face.
My intent here is to summarize.
This is not MY intent that they.
Marv’s focus became more intent.
Ruth was intent on the whole scene.
They’re intent on breaking her.
Her intent is a tangle of shadows.
I didn’t come here by intent.
My question was tactical in intent.
Watch those intent faces round him.
Although my primary intent was to.

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