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Lean en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Just more of a lean.
  2. Eat lean to be lean.
  3. I lean back on the bed.
  4. In whom you could lean.
  5. Buy and eat lean meats.

  6. I lean against the wall.
  7. She let her head lean.
  8. He was lean as a picket.
  9. His body was still lean.
  10. I lean over and kiss him.
  11. BLOOM: She is rather lean.
  12. Cut the lean meat into 2.
  13. Lean a little to the left.
  14. His body was lean and hard.
  15. Here, I will lean close.

  16. I lean my head against him.
  17. I lean my head into my hands.
  18. Both were lean and leathery.
  19. Lean powered down the system.
  20. For this, eat lean cuts of.
  21. I could just lean forward….
  22. Protein is a lean cut of meat.
  23. Here’s a pillow, lean up.
  24. Weakly, I lean against the wall.
  25. Lean it up agin this 'ere fence.

  26. He was a lean man, rather short.
  27. He also had to lean far into it.
  28. Lean smiled at Gart and shrugged.
  29. I lean my head onto his shoulder.
  30. Very short, could be fat or lean.
  31. The lean face broke into a smile.
  32. None of your lean kine, not much.
  33. They were lean, dressed in black.
  34. As I hand Joe a brick, I lean in.
  35. I lean in and look at the picture.
  36. He was no longer lean and awkward.
  37. Before Dave had a chance to lean.
  38. I needed a good friend to lean on.
  39. I lean against him and fall apart.
  40. I lean over the edge of the couch.
  41. Be a shoulder that she can lean on.
  42. I felt her lean in close to my neck.
  43. By his lean, muscular body Elowen.
  44. A nerve clenched along his lean jaw.
  45. I lean against the wall for support.
  46. I cross my legs, lean in, and smile.
  47. I lean over and kiss him on the cheek.
  48. His bark, and the weight of his lean.
  49. He was lean, and speckled with scars.
  50. The lean man waved his hand through.
  51. His face wore the lean look of a man.
  52. You really have to lean into the shot.
  53. Delay an instant: lean on me, Jane.
  54. I lean my head on his strong shoulder.
  55. Tee and I lean over the hole, I shine.
  56. I tried not to lean forward too quickly.
  57. Her emotions told her to lean into him.
  58. I looked at him and started to lean in.
  59. He yawned and scratched his lean belly.
  60. I lean to kiss her cheek, then sit back.
  61. In a skillet, brown the Lean Ground Beef.
  62. Kenny continues to lean behind the wall.
  64. Grew lean while he assailed the seasons;.
  65. She is lean and strong, just like Tobias.
  66. Lean towards the coachee (as appropriate).
  67. What was that? I lean in by his ear.
  68. And with that said, I lean in and kiss him.
  69. We both laugh as I lean back on the couch.
  70. To relax, think: I will lean on the keys.
  71. There’s still pain when I lean on it.
  72. Lean, healthy and organic recipes on the.
  73. I would lean on its arm as on an archetype.
  74. He had to lean close to hear what she said.
  75. I say garage, it was more a sort of lean to.
  76. I lean to press a gentle kiss on her cheek.
  77. They both turned lean and thin and fainted.
  78. Here are the contract specs for lean hogs:.
  79. He was a lean, slender man with blonde hair.
  80. The rest of Alpha lean into the conversation.
  81. Mr Lennon was a lean, bronzed, taciturn man.
  82. His lean face was ridged with tight muscles.
  83. You miss it? I lean into the bed frame.
  84. He asked us to lean in, gave us each a kiss.
  85. He felt her small lean fingers caress his own.
  86. I lean against the wall, my eyes on the floor.
  87. They’re long and lean but unfortunately I.
  88. Move in exactly as for O-goshi, as your lean.
  89. Lean on me and rest, the drive will be over.
  90. But, as I lean forward, the bump on my head.
  91. You lean on the horn to get them going again.
  92. Perhaps I can lean over your shoulder?
  93. The priest offered a shoulder to lean on and.
  94. FAITH, who was deaf, and had to lean, to catch.
  95. I lean down and pretend I’ll scratch my ankle.
  96. He was a lean, dark- haired man of forty or so.
  97. Long and lean muscles bulged under his clothes.
  98. He was a tall man, lean, thinned by his illness.
  99. Shaggy, and lean, and shrewd, with pointed ears.
  100. Now here she was, her body toned and lean again.
  1. She was leaning over him.
  2. Jacobi was leaning over me.
  3. Someone was leaning over him.
  4. The ghost Setne was leaning.
  5. Leaning back in his chair, Dr.
  6. Chapter 31: Leaning With Fate.
  7. Leaning to the side in sitting.
  8. She stood, leaning on the truck.
  9. The threats of Matthew: leaning.
  10. Leaning in close with them, he.
  11. Then, leaning close to Ray she.
  12. He was leaning on the porch rail.
  13. Ashley, leaning against the old.
  14. It was simply leaning against it.
  15. Leaning in to pin the third man.
  16. He was leaning out of the shelter.
  17. He had her going, leaning his way.
  18. Leaning on his legs to keep them.
  19. I’m sitting leaning towards the.
  20. Wow, he said, leaning over it.
  21. Wiggam asked again, leaning forward.
  22. Lately it was leaning to the latter.
  23. After leaning back in his chair and.
  24. Never leaning in towards one another.
  25. Leaning my head back I closed my eyes.
  26. Leaning back, Will took up the strain.
  27. He has to begin leaning with his fate.
  28. And leaning 'gainst the portal closed.
  29. He was leaning against the door frame.
  30. It is, he said, leaning in closer.
  31. Okay, Diehl said, leaning forward.
  32. Leaning down to my ear, he said softly.
  33. Marcos? she said, leaning forward.
  34. Behind her, Beatrice is leaning forward.
  35. I’d seen him leaning his face closer.
  36. Jo was leaning against her yard's fence.
  37. Then he lay on the ground, leaning out.
  38. You’re leaning back, ready to fall.
  39. Leaning over carefully, she touched him.
  40. Did he said leaning close to my face.
  41. Pirate dropped, leaning against her head.
  42. Monygham leaning out of a lighted window.
  43. He was leaning to nibble her ear when….
  44. Leaning out of the bedroom window in the.
  45. Leaning forward Amori whispered in his ear.
  46. Neil approached him, leaning against the.
  47. She was leaning back with her eyes closed.
  48. She ran after him, and, leaning over the.
  49. Skunk was leaning heavily against the door.
  50. I saw Kyle leaning on one of his crutches.
  51. He was back, leaning against my dorm door.
  52. Leaning over, he folded himself around her.
  53. Ah, he thought, leaning against the counter.
  54. Leaning on the steering wheel in exhausted.
  55. The boat was leaning over at a crazy angle.
  56. I also saw you leaning over me, anguished.
  57. Robert McNamara was leaning against the wall.
  58. No longer were they leaning up against the.
  59. What about you? said Blake leaning over.
  60. On a leaning tree in the neighborhood woods.
  61. No favourable leaning in that quarter to-day.
  62. Maybe, Bane said, leaning on his elbow.
  64. Lest storms should overset the leaning pile.
  65. He turns toward me, leaning against the wall.
  66. And leaning against it, watching me, is Luke.
  67. Leaning his back against the door, he waited.
  68. A minute later, I was leaning out the window.
  69. Again leaning forward and resting his elbows.
  70. He’s leaning, half sitting against his car.
  71. Leaning an elbow on the nurses’ station, Dr.
  72. Ty had jumped onto Aiden's shoulder, leaning.
  73. Mimir is leaning against a wall, sound asleep.
  74. Leaning closer, she could make out two voices.
  75. Fletcher was leaning against the wall, smoking.
  76. I looked up to see Liam leaning against a tree.
  77. Ducroix, narrowing his eyes and leaning forward.
  78. Leaning back against Cody she whispered to him.
  79. Listen, she said, leaning forward earnestly.
  80. He catches her leaning against the refrigerator.
  81. Leaning back and staring into the luminescent.
  82. Leaning forward out of the saddle I kissed her.
  83. Leaning down he touched my lips with his again.
  84. Leaning against it, I slowly sank to the floor.
  85. They were leaning back in the plush pub chairs.
  86. The men peered into his face, circling, leaning.
  87. Both of us had the sides of our heads leaning.
  88. Leaning forward, he looked up and down the path.
  89. Besides, baby, she said sweetly, leaning.
  90. Eloise laughed shortly, leaning against the wall.
  91. Hi, she said, leaning over to kiss my lips.
  92. And Evander was leaning as close as his chains.
  93. Holly spent Christmas Eve leaning out her window.
  94. Then another, still leaning heavily on Annabeth.
  95. Finally, I fell asleep leaning against the tree.
  96. Is she crazy, Nick? Boney said, leaning in.
  97. What? she replied, leaning forward to hear.
  98. Leaning forward, he placed his face in his hands.
  99. Petya, leaning on his elbow, fell asleep at once.
  100. Alex, leaning back against the granite countertop.
  1. He leaned in over her.
  2. I leaned down to her.
  3. He leaned over to look.
  4. I leaned in to hug her.
  5. I leaned against a tree.
  6. I leaned out the window.
  7. He leaned in for a kiss.
  8. I leaned back a little.
  9. She leaned closer to him.
  10. Jared leaned down to her.
  11. He leaned closer to her.
  12. He leaned over to Brian.
  13. He leaned back and put.
  14. I leaned in and told him.
  15. I leaned in to kiss him.
  16. I leaned across the table.
  17. Alice leaned over the pot.
  18. He leaned down next to me.
  19. I leaned back in my chair.
  20. As the young man leaned.
  21. Max leaned over the table.
  22. She leaned into him and.
  23. She leaned into his neck.
  24. He leaned across the desk.
  25. He leaned in and sniffed.
  26. I leaned back in the chair.
  27. He leaned in to kiss Toria.
  28. Marjorie leaned in for a.
  29. Gareth leaned over the map.
  30. He leaned against the wall.
  31. I leaned towards her and.
  32. Sam leaned his face closer.
  33. I leaned back on the couch.
  34. They leaned the sides of.
  35. The old man leaned forward.
  36. I leaned into the boys ear.
  37. Claire leaned back her head.
  38. The dragon leaned over him.
  39. He leaned back in the sofa.
  40. She leaned in closer to him.
  41. She leaned across the table.
  42. Isaac leaned over to Joshua.
  43. He leaned back in his chair.
  44. He leaned over to the old.
  45. Sabina leaned into her palm.
  46. Johnny leaned into her ear.
  47. She leaned close to his ear.
  48. The beast leaned into its.
  49. Liam leaned against the wall.
  50. She leaned back in her chair.
  51. Saul leaned into the monitor.
  52. Q leaned over and kissed him.
  53. I leaned away from his touch.
  54. James leaned in to kiss her.
  55. She gasped and leaned back.
  56. She leaned against the sink.
  57. She leaned in and kissed him.
  58. He leaned back in the chair.
  59. Rand leaned back in his seat.
  60. McCoy leaned over to Tammas.
  61. I leaned back in and drove.
  62. At once the mother leaned in.
  63. After a moment I leaned back.
  64. Carl leaned back in the chair.
  65. I leaned against the vehicle.
  66. She leaned back in the chair.
  67. Saeed said as he leaned back.
  68. He leaned forward and smiled.
  69. Petra leaned against the seat.
  70. Knut leaned into another blow.
  71. Adam leaned back in his seat.
  72. Plaf leaned away from Stedder.
  73. Guntram leaned against a wall.
  74. Marc leaned back in his chair.
  75. White masks leaned in closer.
  76. Seth leaned back in his chair.
  77. She leaned toward her sister.
  78. Marina leaned closer to Karit.
  79. He leaned in and kissed Tylin.
  80. She leaned against his chest.
  81. Gary leaned back in his chair.
  82. Instead, he leaned in closer.
  83. She leaned in and smiled coyly.
  84. Crumley leaned out his window.
  85. Ishbel leaned over the railing.
  86. He leaned in for a final kiss.
  87. Dahms leaned back in her chair.
  88. He leaned down and looked at.
  89. Then smiled as he leaned back.
  90. He leaned down and kissed her.
  91. He leaned over and kissed her.
  92. He took a sip and leaned back.
  93. He leaned over to me, and said.
  94. Teller leaned against the wall.
  95. She leaned forward towards me.
  96. Kara leaned over me worriedly.
  97. She leaned in to pinch his arm.
  98. Bolts leaned over towards Mrs.
  99. Colin leaned closer to her ear.
  100. Travis leaned on the door bell.
  1. Dante leans in to me.
  2. He leans over the pen.
  3. He leans in to kiss me.
  4. Leans in and kisses her.
  5. He leans in toward Aaron.
  6. She leans in close to him.
  7. He leans in close to John.
  8. The ship leans once more.
  9. Ambrose leans over to you.
  10. Aaron leans in close to me.
  11. He leans forward to turn.
  12. She leans over a kisses me.
  13. Luke leans in and kisses me.
  14. By the jamb of a door leans.
  15. Daniel leans back in his seat.
  16. He leans to whisper in my ear.
  17. He leans down to unbuckle me.
  18. Jock leans in a little closer.
  19. He leans in Julia’s window.
  20. She leans in as if to kiss me.
  21. Everyone leans in to hear her.
  22. Betty leans against the counter.
  23. William leans in to look at him.
  24. He leans up against the fender.
  25. Alex leans forward and whispers.
  26. He leans in and whispers to me.
  27. Alex leans on the reception desk.
  28. He leans down and kisses my head.
  29. She leans forward and kisses him.
  30. His hair leans towards the ground.
  31. He leans still closer to the wall.
  32. He leans over and whispers to her.
  33. Cherrie leans into me and whispers.
  34. He leans forward, dark eyes ablaze.
  35. Hertzog leans forward in his chair.
  36. He leans in, face a mask of concern.
  37. Dede stands up, leans on the railing.
  38. Jaden leans over and coughs up water.
  39. He painfully leans against the wall.
  40. He leans in close to me and whispers.
  41. He leans down and whispers in my ear.
  42. He still leans forward on Bucephalus.
  43. He painfully leans against that wall.
  44. Jason leans out of the serving window.
  45. She hesitates, then leans in for a hug.
  46. She leans over and gives me a big hug.
  47. Leans against the car, looking worried.
  48. He leans forward and whispers in my ear.
  49. He leans on his elbow, rubbing his chin.
  50. Judy leans forward and chats with Diane D.
  51. She leans forward, baring her teeth at me.
  52. Eugene leans back against the stable wall.
  53. She leans over and kisses him on the cheek.
  54. She leans back shading you facing outward.
  55. Four leans against the door frame and nods.
  56. She sets the cup down, leans back in her.
  57. She leans against him as she holds his arm.
  58. Anthony leans a little forward in his chair.
  59. He painfully leans against that wall again.
  60. He leans forward and whispers in Ted's ear.
  61. He leans against her as he holds her heart.
  62. Above that his chin leans against his chest.
  63. He leans in and gives me a nice, soft, kiss.
  64. My mom leans against the island, disappointed.
  65. She leans back again and plays with her shawl.
  66. He leans up on one elbow, staring down at me.
  67. He leans across and kisses the tip of my nose.
  68. Finally, he leans back and stares down at me.
  69. Sergeant Miller leans forward conspiratorially.
  70. He leans to position his face inches from mine.
  71. He leans close to Abram and whisper in his ear.
  72. He leans over the keyboard and starts typing.
  73. He leans over and presses his forehead to mine.
  74. He leans his back up against a wall and squats.
  75. Boyd leans back in the booth and tilts his head.
  76. Leans over and whispers something into her ear.
  77. The boy leans up and stares at him in amazement.
  78. He leans back in his chair and crosses his arms.
  79. Bernard sits up straight and leans in toward me.
  80. Still, I feel the song leans that way sometimes.
  81. Todd leans in and kisses my lips with a soft kiss.
  82. Christian leans over and shouts in Elliot’s ear.
  83. Jed smiles, leans forward, rests his arms on his.
  84. Channing leans forward, his lips directed to mine.
  85. Macourek leans over the seat and quirks an eyebrow.
  86. He wrenches open the passenger door and leans out.
  87. He leans forward to rest his forehead against hers.
  88. She leans up and slowly presses her lips once more.
  89. Rest means that on which another thing leans.
  90. That else leans on the affair: pray you, make haste.
  91. He leans in closer to Baker, who moves back, a bit.
  92. Ross leans back into his chair and smiles mockingly.
  93. Brian Callahan leans over his desk and grins at me.
  94. Olaf leans over me, his eyes inflated with loathing.
  95. He leans over to give her a tender kiss on her lips.
  96. She yawns again, then leans her head on my shoulder.
  97. He leans forward and takes both of her hands in his.
  98. Layla places her hand onto the bed and leans forward.
  99. Maggie leans against the worktop and folds her arms.
  100. He looks sad as he leans against the bathroom doorway.

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