Oraciones con la palabra "lean"

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Lean en una oración (en ingles)

Eat lean to be lean.
Just more of a lean.
Buy and eat lean meats.
I lean back on the bed.
In whom you could lean.
I lean against the wall.
She let her head lean.

He was lean as a picket.
His body was still lean.
Cut the lean meat into 2.
I lean over and kiss him.
BLOOM: She is rather lean.
Lean a little to the left.
Here, I will lean close.
I lean my head against him.
His body was lean and hard.
For this, eat lean cuts of.
Both were lean and leathery.
I lean my head into my hands.
Lean powered down the system.
Protein is a lean cut of meat.
I could just lean forward….
Here’s a pillow, lean up.
Weakly, I lean against the wall.
I lean my head onto his shoulder.
He also had to lean far into it.
Very short, could be fat or lean.
He was a lean man, rather short.
Lean it up agin this 'ere fence.
Lean smiled at Gart and shrugged.
As I hand Joe a brick, I lean in.
The lean face broke into a smile.
None of your lean kine, not much.
They were lean, dressed in black.
I lean in and look at the picture.
I needed a good friend to lean on.
I lean over the edge of the couch.
I lean against him and fall apart.
He was no longer lean and awkward.
Before Dave had a chance to lean.
She was leaning over him.
Jacobi was leaning over me.
Leaning back in his chair, Dr.
The ghost Setne was leaning.
Someone was leaning over him.
Chapter 31: Leaning With Fate.
She stood, leaning on the truck.
Leaning to the side in sitting.
Leaning in close with them, he.
The threats of Matthew: leaning.
Then, leaning close to Ray she.
Leaning in to pin the third man.
He was leaning on the porch rail.
Ashley, leaning against the old.
It was simply leaning against it.
He had her going, leaning his way.
He was leaning out of the shelter.
Leaning on his legs to keep them.
I’m sitting leaning towards the.
Wow, he said, leaning over it.
Lately it was leaning to the latter.
Wiggam asked again, leaning forward.
Leaning back, Will took up the strain.
Leaning my head back I closed my eyes.
Never leaning in towards one another.
After leaning back in his chair and.
And leaning 'gainst the portal closed.
He has to begin leaning with his fate.
He was leaning against the door frame.
Behind her, Beatrice is leaning forward.
Jo was leaning against her yard's fence.
Marcos? she said, leaning forward.
Okay, Diehl said, leaning forward.
Leaning down to my ear, he said softly.
I’d seen him leaning his face closer.
It is, he said, leaning in closer.
Then he lay on the ground, leaning out.
Leaning over carefully, she touched him.
You’re leaning back, ready to fall.
Pirate dropped, leaning against her head.
He leaned in over her.
I leaned down to her.
He leaned over to look.
I leaned in to hug her.
He leaned in for a kiss.
I leaned out the window.
I leaned against a tree.
She leaned closer to him.
I leaned in to kiss him.
He leaned closer to her.
I leaned in and told him.
He leaned over to Brian.
He leaned back and put.
Jared leaned down to her.
I leaned back a little.
She leaned into him and.
He leaned across the desk.
I leaned across the table.
He leaned in and sniffed.
Max leaned over the table.
I leaned back in my chair.
He leaned down next to me.
She leaned into his neck.
Alice leaned over the pot.
As the young man leaned.
Marjorie leaned in for a.
Sam leaned his face closer.
He leaned against the wall.
They leaned the sides of.
Gareth leaned over the map.
I leaned back in the chair.
I leaned back on the couch.
The old man leaned forward.
I leaned towards her and.
I leaned into the boys ear.
He leaned in to kiss Toria.
The beast leaned into its.
Claire leaned back her head.
Johnny leaned into her ear.
She leaned in closer to him.
Dante leans in to me.
He leans in to kiss me.
He leans over the pen.
Leans in and kisses her.
The ship leans once more.
Ambrose leans over to you.
He leans in toward Aaron.
She leans in close to him.
He leans in close to John.
He leans forward to turn.
Aaron leans in close to me.
Luke leans in and kisses me.
She leans over a kisses me.
By the jamb of a door leans.
Daniel leans back in his seat.
He leans to whisper in my ear.
Jock leans in a little closer.
He leans in Julia’s window.
He leans down to unbuckle me.
She leans in as if to kiss me.
Everyone leans in to hear her.
William leans in to look at him.
He leans up against the fender.
Betty leans against the counter.
Alex leans forward and whispers.
He leans in and whispers to me.
Alex leans on the reception desk.
He leans down and kisses my head.
She leans forward and kisses him.
His hair leans towards the ground.
He leans still closer to the wall.
Cherrie leans into me and whispers.
He leans forward, dark eyes ablaze.
He leans over and whispers to her.
Hertzog leans forward in his chair.
He painfully leans against the wall.
Dede stands up, leans on the railing.
Jaden leans over and coughs up water.
He leans in, face a mask of concern.
He leans down and whispers in my ear.

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