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    1. ‘Yes … that would be a good idea … though to be frank, I’d prefer a stiff whisky

    2. Johnny did as he was told, pouring out a couple of stiff whiskeys that filled the

    3. legs ached from the walking, and his back was stiff

    4. ‘Jeremy, get the man a stiff drink

    5. I awoke with a start, my neck stiff and sore, and I swore under my breath, nearly breaking down in tears

    6. Curious little beetles clambered across the mountainous hard core following the unfamiliar animal scents, blood dried and stiff, sweat exuded during the long afternoon hours still pungent in the evening air

    7. His legs ached from the walking, and his back was stiff

    8. the stiff sinews of the night

    9. Cracking stiff joints and loosing wasted muscles

    10. to be rewarded by a stiff neck and morning dehydration

    11. But your spine is too stiff at the moment is it not,

    12. Outside a stiff wind blew the spume about the waves where windsurfers danced and bobbed on the water while grit and dust blew everywhere on the land

    13. with fatigue, cramped and stiff,

    14. twitch of the lips, a stiff, unbending smile

    15. Ouch! My legs and lower back are as stiff as anything – I feel about ninety

    16. By the time Berndt reappears, I am pretty well ready and considerably less stiff

    17. The muscles which were stiff this morning are now complaining at the usage they are getting and I think my hosen are rubbing

    18. Raki is good for bad cough, stiff legs, when you are cut or aching in the heart

    19. On cue, Alastair hands me a glass and I take a quick swig; bless him … a stiff vodka and tonic is just what I need …

    20. If only they could deal with the stiff by clicking a button and filing its life away in some Interweb repository

    21. After a long hot bath and a stiff whisky Ken sat and pondered the garden

    22. stiff as an earthenware flower pot, for cold glazed pottery was what

    23. Billy was stiff

    24. I feel stiff after sitting here for so long

    25. bodies were as stiff as boards and refused to do what they might

    26. Bex describes how her teachers fall into one of two categories; the ones who have come to resemble their books, hidebound, stiff of spine and congenitally dusty; and those who's pages get dog eared and torn as they try to remain part of the ever-changing youth culture that surrounds them

    27. The next morning Joseph awoke stiff and sore

    28. After another hour on this crowded residential canal behind North Beach he was getting stiff from the tiller and turning in the seat to handle it

    29. ’ I said, carefully pouring the sugar into the stiff egg whites and turning the mixer on very low to mix it in

    30. The others would see that his arm was still stiff with scar tissue,

    31. It’s too stiff for clothing, but is sometimes used

    32. It seemed to Tom that Bram’s father was not quite as stiff as Bram

    33. Her hair, clogged with the claggy stuff, stuck to her head; it felt cold and stiff, like a helmet

    34. It took him a moment to manipulate the keys and open the message – his fingers were stiff in the chilly morning air and reluctant to work

    35. You get a bit stiff on those chairs

    36. “Still a bit stiff, but I’m getting a lot of use out of it,” he

    37. ‘Yeah … Just a bit stiff

    38. On the side facing the drawers and cabinet of the trunk was an embroidered stiff curtain which could be untethered at the bottom and pulled over the top of the trunk's side

    39. Chrissie’s arms ache, her elbows stiff and awkward after the unaccustomed labour

    40. ‘Otherwise, you’ll be as stiff as a post tomorrow

    41. She leaves the bottle on the table and Jock pours himself a stiff shot

    42. "And that's not your first stiff one this afternoon, is it?"

    43. With difficulty, he got out of the car – the last stop had been some hours down the motorway and his knees were stiff

    44. A stiff, cold north wind blew wisps of his long, greying

    45. The Boss gave another sympathetic frown and patted Hartman with a stiff

    46. He wore a black suit, white shirt with stiff collar and cuffs, and a tall stovepipe hat adorned his head

    47. A quick acknowledgement of the name filling his stiff face, but was contradicted a second later when he asked

    48. " She pressed past him and on to the stiff seat

    49. If the parents agreed, she’d be able to wear her hair high on her head, but if they were stiff necked, it was only pulled up on the back of her neck

    50. stiff from the previous night)

    1. ‘So that was it, Panton – Matthews really pissed us both off and we’ve really stiffed him

    2. on 9th, with the wind blowing directly in my face, howling like six hookers getting stiffed by the

    3. I tried calling Mercedes but she stiffed me

    1. A series of petty crimes go for naught: theft of an umbrella, stiffing a restaurant for a meal, vandalizing a window

    1. Right below him on the desolate plain was an endless field of dogs, mainly dobies, stiffs and weilers; too thin, a little bloody, with dripping mouths and crusty yellow teeth

    2. “Your right George they are getting perishing cheeky mind you it’s all the stiffs and empty bully cans and other shit lying around”, and we all nodded our agreement

    3. But they were in good company as there were stiffs from the earlier fighting including some French buried in most of the trench walls and floors

    4. penny, feeds his guests and clients cheap meals, whines about his expenses and high cost of living, and stiffs servers in restaurants

    5. I let it pass, dealing with stiffs all day probably meant never having to say ‘Good-bye’

    6. You can read about this in Peter Stiffs excellent book "The Silent War

    7. “Now I’ve got Stiffs, too?”

    8. “I don’t take orders from Stiffs

    9. As I turned to move, the sound of a key in the back door almost led to two more stiffs as our hearts stopped simultaneously

    10. Let’s go see the two other stiffs

    11. ‘Working stiffs, this is my home I have a cleaner and I’m proud of the place

    12. Purdy blends in the soft, mediums, & stiffs with different lengths to give the painter the best formulation to perfectly lay off his/her paint and perform his/her task at hand, as a professional painter should

    13. You ain't got sense enough in that chicken head to even see that we ain't stiffs

    14. Over the next few months, we watched our third single in a row stall and plummet out of sight as we traveled around the UK theater circuit as part of the “Live Stiffs” package tour

    15. We’d honed this competitive edge when we alternated as the headline act of the “Live Stiffs” package tour with Ian Dury and the Blockheads, after a disastrous attempt to have all four bands rotate in that role

    16. You organize the stiffs and get ’em all hopped up with a bunch of bull

    17. I been around with these stiffs long enough to tell

    18. “Well, it’s hard to say—you know how you feel about Sam an’ all the guys that travel with you? Well, I feel that way about all the workin’ stiffs in the country

    19. 265 [I feel that way about all the workin’ stiffs in the country] Mac’s speech foreshadows perhaps the most famous one in a Steinbeck novel, in which Tom Joad in Chapter 28 of The Grapes of Wrath explains to his mother why he must leave the family and become an inspiration, operating secretly wherever poor people are struggling for justice and dignity

    20. You ain’t got sense enough in that chicken head to even see that we ain’t stiffs

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    cadaver clay corpse remains stiff besotted blind drunk blotto cockeyed crocked fuddled loaded pie-eyed pissed pixilated plastered slopped sloshed smashed soaked soused sozzled squiffy tight wet rigid buckram starchy potent strong firm steadfast steady unbendable unfaltering unshakable unwavering stiffly stubborn obstinate resolved unrelenting unyielding pertinacious inflexible solid unbending awkward clumsy crude graceless inelegant abrupt harsh formal ceremonious prim priggish punctilious constrained stilted starched difficult arduous laborious hard uncompromising dogmatic austere severe strict absolute inexorable positive tense taut