attend sätze

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Attend sätze (in englisch)

  1. I will attend to it.
  2. I paid you to attend.
  3. I have to attend to you.
  4. They would attend a few.
  5. She had a trial to attend.

  6. I was called to attend an.
  7. We'll attend to this house.
  8. All are welcome to attend.
  9. So I applied to attend the U.
  10. I have business to attend to.
  11. She didn't attend his burial.
  12. Attend thee, child of liberty.
  13. She was also able to attend.
  14. I was called to attend to her.
  15. When we camp I shall attend.

  16. He dared even to attend the.
  17. Just do not attend the noise.
  18. Again he was forced to attend.
  19. He was in no mood to attend.
  20. I can attend to other matters.
  21. I will also attend law school.
  22. Now attend to me, little girl.
  23. She can't attend to every one.
  24. He had now to attend while Mr.
  25. Children and youth who attend.

  26. She didn’t attend his burial.
  27. Bank3Sector that is to attend 1.
  28. Nick and Bruce didn’t attend.
  29. Carrisford will attend to that.
  30. Diligently attend you all to it.
  31. I have things to attend to now.
  32. You need to attend the reception.
  33. Attend the progress of his hearse.
  34. I went quickly to attend the call.
  35. Now attend to what you have read.
  36. I’ll try to attend your concert.
  37. I have pressing matters to attend.
  38. I have other affairs to attend to.
  39. To Learn More about How to Attend.
  40. You are not to attend any school.
  41. I have some business to attend.
  42. You had other matters to attend to.
  43. I have my own affairs to attend to.
  44. Attend to that, too, will you?
  45. He still had business to attend to.
  46. She had to catch a train to attend.
  47. Another fun thing we did was attend.
  48. I went to attend what the reporters.
  49. I’m actually excited to attend it.
  50. I have to attend to something first.
  51. All persons were required to attend.
  52. I had not the power to attend to it.
  53. I had an urgent matter to attend to.
  54. Attend any one of the three annual U.
  55. Cruncher had next to attend while Mr.
  56. You attend more weddings and parties.
  57. The peasants will attend to all that.
  58. In what capacity would I attend?
  59. She could not attend to letters then.
  60. I expect you’ll attend to … this.
  61. We will attend to the rest hereafter.
  62. I have a staff briefing to attend.
  63. But first, he had business to attend.
  64. He didn’t attend the final concerts.
  65. Marilyn said she would love to attend.
  66. They began to attend local synagogues.
  67. He and his wife Connie attend Central.
  68. All supervisors are expected to attend.
  69. He would attend the bible college two.
  70. I want you to attend a few meetings.
  71. I have important business to attend to.
  72. Was wont his wandering master to attend.
  73. It's quite a privilege to attend on her.
  74. Go on, and may reward thy cares attend;.
  75. Ought to attend to my appearance my age.
  76. Daniel refused to attend a higher school.
  77. Princess has important work to attend to.
  78. Delmage departed to attend to his patient.
  79. Sam called for Carla to attend his office.
  80. I attend to their contractual matters, I.
  81. This is not to get a booth, but to attend.
  82. The doctor suggested Thomas attend group.
  83. He began to attend the bible studies again.
  84. You fork out big bucks to attend a concert.
  85. T’San moved to attend to her, but then.
  86. You may need to attend, but hopefully not.
  87. Of course, she did not attend the funeral.
  88. I have a choir rehearsal I need to attend.
  89. I'll give thee fairies to attend on thee;.
  90. I’ve got business I have to attend to.
  91. Regardless of whether you attend a review.
  92. No, I beg you to attend to the business.
  93. We Dagonites have business to attend to.
  94. Thomas began to yearn to attend a synagogue.
  95. Q: How does one attend to the unconscious?
  96. And to this house the nations shall attend.
  97. She could not thus attend classes any more.
  98. Attend an opportunity meeting with a guest.
  99. He had, in short, a great deal to attend to.
  1. Dr Bob Kenny is attending her.
  2. If a superhero is attending a.
  3. I lived my life, attending to.
  4. Thomas dreamed of attending a.
  5. He was unfit for attending to such.
  6. Who and what was I attending to? I.
  7. It isn't about attending a one off.
  8. Attending a state dinner was a big deal.
  9. The cost of attending Amarillo College is.
  10. They’ve merely been attending a sort of.
  11. The attending constable cut in and replied.
  12. Jason has been attending the History Club.
  13. So why had I stopped attending my brother's.
  14. I had recently started attending a new church.
  15. By attending the Lady intoxicated with bliss.
  16. Burnito, or when he’s not attending school.
  17. Varvinsky and Herzenstube were attending him.
  18. He also kept attending the weekly Bible study.
  19. I did not grow up attending charity functions.
  20. He was attending a state dinner given by the.
  21. I think he is attending a class at the moment.
  22. More than half of the crowd attending he did-.
  23. He should be attending school, not scraping a.
  24. Samantha never considered attending the service.
  25. Ask for donations from people attending the mass.
  26. He’d even talked about attending a church 419.
  27. His matching eyes roved over the attending group.
  28. They’re attending seminars and events to learn.
  29. Morel was attending a woman's doctor in Nottingham.
  30. Liam knew he would be attending a local university.
  31. Now, I had no objections to Jesus attending school.
  32. They are all attending universities in Great Britain.
  33. I began attending ulpan to learn how to speak Hebrew.
  34. I began attending conferences with names like Wisdom 2.
  35. The attending doctor declared Preece dead at the scene.
  36. He began attending the meetings when they asked him to.
  37. I agreed to commit to attending regular meetings of Dr.
  38. You’re welcome to them without attending the classes.
  39. But better that than attending his brother’s funeral.
  40. The attending physician was about forty, wiry, efficient.
  41. When attending classes, bring a bottle of water with you.
  42. You are attending more parties, weddings and gatherings.
  43. Jennings, without attending to her daughter’s reproof.
  44. I’m having second thoughts about attending the funeral.
  45. Grimsby who would be attending a gala bash in London the.
  46. What’s wrong with me attending his funeral? I asked.
  47. When we arrived, we saw that other vets were attending too.
  48. Amy, at the time, was attending university as an avocation.
  49. A short time after we had begun attending the Olive Branch.
  50. They say: You have to show respect by attending the funeral.
  51. Attending seminars and conferences should be a monthly habit.
  52. Stallman says his only regret about not attending LinuxWorld.
  53. She says that there is a new student attending to this school.
  54. She had been out of the city the whole day attending a music.
  55. As we stood there, peering down at an attending police car, a.
  56. This included not attending the meetings, and sleeping all day.
  57. Those already attending colleges have success in their studies.
  58. Steven Ornstein, the attending physician, until I cornered him.
  59. They looked like a gorgeous escort attending the Vicar-General.
  60. At this time, I was attending a conference about the Arcturians.
  61. I won’t even have the honor of attending your birthday social.
  62. On November 1, 2006, when attending a program "Guns and Butter".
  63. The Captain who had been attending the Commodore stepped forward.
  64. One of the guys wanted to see his sister, who was attending WCU.
  65. Then I came here, attending to the ladies-in-waiting on the way.
  66. It is his fault, not mine that he is not attending my coronation.
  67. Karen and several other friends who were not attending any church.
  68. When Sunday came, I didn't have an interest of attending the mass.
  69. He graduated last May and would be attending college in the fall.
  70. Attending this pulsation of I AM will lead to spiritual joy.
  71. Who had his hands full attending to his sails, guiding his vessel.
  72. Sam ignored him, and continued attending to the other boy’s face.
  73. We built churches but people just lost interest and quit attending.
  74. At last, while attending in a sick-chamber, whither the Reverend Mr.
  75. While attending to Ashley, Rachel casually looked out at the ocean.
  76. Ronald and Nancy Reagan are attending the funeral of Richard Nixon.
  77. The marriage which he is attending then took place after the Chytri.
  78. Very unfavorable were the circumstances attending our first meeting.
  79. Whilst attending Grammar School his talent for rugby became evident.
  80. Without attending to this, Henry Crawford continued his supplication.
  81. The very first school I can ever remember attending was kindergarten.
  82. But the Queen, who was no longer attending to him, clapped her hands.
  83. After attending to all these things, he was taken to the bath-house.
  84. Thank you, Somonik, and thank you all for attending on short notice.
  85. New Year, by attending the local reformed synagogue that the doctor who.
  86. You are alert but not attending to your thoughts or the sounds you hear.
  87. He was a good friend, and I know he wished I would start attending again.
  88. Attending a ball was something that she had not done since she had been.
  89. She apparently had a normal childhood at that age, attending school and.
  91. Apparently she was attending university and was half way towards a degree.
  92. Since he was 6 yrs old, he has been attending professional football games.
  93. At daybreak, as the abuser went about his ritual assault before attending.
  94. Anyone attending the scene would have thought that the said witch was she.
  95. I was attending my husband’s funeral, but I could not mourn as his wife.
  96. So are you attending the show with Gavin Malon then? He asked easily.
  97. No, I dont want to raise any undue attention at this point by attending.
  98. The Baron had stopped attending the advisory meetings, for he'd fallen ill.
  99. Why are you so late? The funeral I’m attending started ten minutes ago.
  100. There is a ball coming up at the chalet, which my brother will be attending.
  1. I once attended the U.
  2. I had attended a school.
  3. She attended to the burgers.
  4. Morel attended to her baking.
  5. I attended her evening meals.
  6. She attended the bible study.
  7. She attended a lecture, the.
  8. Ron attended a Baptist church.
  9. She even attended church some.
  10. John had attended the Assembly.
  11. But in the church she attended.
  12. All attended as the shaman spoke.
  13. For Lydgate having attended Mrs.
  14. Attended to, as I will reign in.
  15. Well, he attended one of my groups.
  16. I attended an event in Long Island.
  17. Ella attended a local public school.
  18. Our schools have been well attended.
  19. I attended him in his last illness.
  20. Lynde always attended Sunday School.
  21. Thomas attended bible study as well.
  22. He attended all the weekend batches.
  23. Many of the people who had attended.
  24. William and I attended the ceremony.
  25. Rip had attended prep school with me.
  26. The Man of God is gloriously attended.
  27. All the leading townspeople attended.
  28. I attended every one of those classes.
  29. We attended Sunday-school this morning.
  30. It will be attended to immediately.
  31. Having attended a concert, which was.
  32. In one month, she attended 7 funerals.
  33. Wasn’t he at the ball I attended?
  34. He had attended the first meeting in St.
  35. Youssaf, again attended by Shobal, was.
  36. She attended a later class, but the two.
  37. Marilyn, of course, attended with Arthur.
  38. Persons who never attended the elections.
  39. The worst injuries were attended to first.
  40. Baldwin attended Wellesley public schools.
  41. A shark, attended by a pilot fish, swam by.
  42. He should be well watched and attended to.
  43. In addition, study subjects who attended.
  44. Occasionally he had attended the late Mrs.
  45. Davy had attended to his own preparations.
  46. I attended the walk with no intention of.
  47. I attended a banquet of inventors recently.
  48. Eric attended that church with his parents.
  49. Her problem was to make sure Tony attended.
  50. They attended Mass in the tiny old church.
  51. They had attended boarding school together.
  52. All the tenants, past and present, attended.
  53. They attended a little service in the choir.
  54. Joseph’s school when he had attended there.
  55. Thomas and Cindy attended the Torah service.
  56. My mother tells me that I attended a family.
  57. I attended a philosophy class some years ago.
  59. I attended one Modi rally during the campaign.
  60. Many of them had never even attended college.
  61. For they this queen attended; in whose stead.
  62. She often attended meetings of the American.
  63. She accompanied Bob when he attended one of.
  64. He enrolled in the SOSA program and attended.
  65. He told him that he never attended the funeral.
  66. Dana, from the State of Connecticut, attended.
  67. She sat down while Anna attended to the kettle.
  68. The municipal guardsmen were attended to first.
  69. At one-thirty, I attended a show at Marineland.
  70. The session was attended only by committee staff.
  71. The vets and I were grateful that they attended.
  72. The waiter graciously attended to their lockdown.
  73. The other day I attended a lecture on Prosperity.
  74. Chieftains from many villages and forts attended.
  75. During my visit in Dhakari, I attended a wedding.
  76. We attended regular cardio rehab sessions, and.
  77. It upset her more than the funeral she attended.
  78. The parades will be attended by tens of millions.
  79. Finally she attended to Giles ’s elder brother.
  80. The first of these examples is attended with some.
  81. I attended EVERY meeting of the crusade and when.
  82. Unlike most parties they had attended throughout.
  83. A pig was roasting there, attended by two servants.
  84. So the routine work has been attended to by a clerk.
  85. Many of his fellow students had attended Sarah’s.
  86. Marjie and I attended church and visited with Isabel.
  87. The peace that attended his reign came with a price.
  88. We have to call back those who attended this wedding.
  89. Squadron Leader Gavin Williams attended on my behalf.
  90. Steinbeck attended summer classes at Hopkins in 1923.
  91. She had not attended the meeting last Saturday night.
  92. I attended the wedding and unhappily wished her well.
  93. There are laws in place that are laws never attended.
  94. They attended the mandatory classes and tried to put.
  95. Oh yes, he attended their functions and their family.
  96. He attended to his business in town and returned home.
  97. Students and residents massively attended the crusade.
  98. Those who attended him regarded him with astonishment.
  99. A nurse attended to his hands which were in bad shape.
  100. Morrison afterwards remarked, unusually well attended.
  1. He attends lots of meetings.
  2. She hardly attends any class.
  3. Each group attends only the performances.
  4. She attends some of her daughter’s classes.
  5. He attends a church business meeting and stands.
  6. Only half the group attends the following meeting.
  7. You have a legal obligation to see that he attends.
  8. You = You (a female that attends high school with me).
  9. Only the disbelieving and shunning spirit attends its body in the tomb.
  10. His Eye is all round, but it attends more to some places than to others.
  11. Anyone who attends her must wear a mask and wash their hands as if she had the plague.
  12. The ordinary untrained man of the world generally attends to several things at a time.
  13. She attends to his bodily wants, and does not presume to share his spiritual excitements.
  14. Passing traffic–where the audience attends an event spontaneously or without any prior.
  15. This same chaos, this same confusion, certainly attends to the theme of the Rapture, both.
  16. Lynch, his jockeycap low on his brow, attends him, a sneer of discontent wrinkling his face.
  17. No man can tell what in that combat attends us, but he that hath been in the battle himself.
  18. She attends a University as a Psychology major and intends to open her own practice one day.
  19. When I think of a nice married lady that faithfully attends my brother's church a different first.
  20. They have a telephone, but there is a girl who attends to it, although they don't really need one.
  21. Does he think that there is no one that attends to him and keeps providing him with strength and life?
  22. Do they think that there is no one that attends them or continually provides them with strength and life?
  23. The prince’s cousin almost always attends, as do several others with whom you are far friendlier than I am.
  24. But without these more inspiring qualities it is apt to have the dulness that attends most literal transcriptions.
  25. I thought we should share with you a comment made to my wife by a neighbor whose son attends Saint Barnabas elementary school.
  26. He resides in a fourth-floor room, eats in the cafeteria, attends therapy sessions, shoots pool, plays his guitar, and watches TV.
  27. On top of that, he frequently attends learned seminars, sometimes as a participant, delivering papers and so on, occasionally abroad.
  28. And although some apology is perhaps necessary for the ugliness of these diagrams, it is an ugliness that attends all anatomy drawings.
  29. She attends a primary school in one of the greatest places in the country and was taught by Miss Kitty before she met her ultimate demise.
  30. When he first left home, he spent a lot of his time at the shelter run by the church, and not just any church, but the one our family attends.
  31. But how does spirit attends wholly during the communication with God? What are the conditions which enable the spirit to draw near to its Provider?
  32. John and Teekra stand hand in hand, watching the limo burn nearby while Russ attends to Ahmed, who is oblivious to John and Teekra and still hysterical.
  33. The journey by air to Tokyo takes 18 hours and Watkin attends on 21 September 75 at the Kintetsu Hanazono rugby stadium, where Wales beats Japan 12 - 56.
  34. But the truth is, that while the art of medicine gives health, and the art of the builder builds a house, another art attends them which is the art of pay.
  35. Therefore, a condition of her taking up a place at this school would be that she attends a remedial course in Latin, which will take place in the month of August.
  36. It is easily kindled; burns with a bright flame; yields a bluish smoke, and produces an odour similar to that which attends the combustion of gramineous substances.
  37. Our attention is used to focusing automatically on the thoughts and perceptions that arise in our minds, and automatically attends to our ongoing story or narrative.
  38. The popular odium, however, which attends it in years of scarcity, the only years in which it can be very profitable, renders people of character and fortune averse to enter into it.
  39. He attends school too, and laughs till he cries if you hold up a finger to him; he will drink himself senseless--not as a regular vice, but at times, when people treat him, like a child.
  40. He attends school too, and laughs till he cries if you hold up a finger to him; he will drink himself senseless—not as a regular vice, but at times, when people treat him, like a child.
  41. Clement attends a performance just as Amanda is going through Cole Porter’s My Heart Belongs to Daddy, a full-on production number with a half dozen chorus boys, staged by Jack Cole.
  42. Each member of the Cabinet was informed of it yesterday, but the pledge of secrecy which attends every Cabinet meeting was increased by the solemn warning which was given by the Prime Minister.
  43. Each member of the Cabinet was informed of it yesterday; but the pledge of secrecy which attends every Cabinet meeting was increased by the solemn warning which was given by the Prime Minister.
  44. As the conscious mind attends to the pyrotechnics of sight and sound, the brain is being subliminally rekeyed to accept new modes of uncritical abdication to an unwarranted nor understood feeling.
  45. She also confessed that she no longer attends lectures, and at regular intervals, their members pay certain amount of money for the funding of their activities, including the upkeep of their fraternity.
  46. Secondly, For that he perceived God was with them, though in that dark and dismal state; and why not, thought he, with me? though, by reason of the impediment that attends this place, I cannot perceive it.
  47. While the conscious mind attends to matters that claim or attract our immediate attention one thing at a time, the subconscious mind is concerned with matters that are critical to our survival all the time.
  48. To pretend to have any scruple about buying smuggled goods, though a manifest encouragement to the violation of the revenue laws, and to the perjury which almost always attends it, would, in most countries.
  49. In all pictures where there is a mother, he had reminded her, she is invariably either nursing or has just been doing so, and on her face is the satisfied serenity that attends the fulfilment of natural functions.
  50. Who hath a prospect of the different state of perfect happiness or misery that attends all men after this life, depending on their behaviour, the measures of good and evil that govern his choice are mightily changed.
  51. Whatever part of his succession might come to such children, would be a real addition to their fortune, and might, therefore, perhaps, without more inconveniency than what attends all duties of this kind, be liable to some tax.
  52. Were they ever to be accumulated beyond this quantity, their transportation is so easy, and the loss which attends their lying idle and unemployed so great, that no law could prevent their being immediately sent out of the country.
  53. But when they spend them in maintaining tradesmen and artificers, they may, all of them taken together, perhaps maintain as great, or, on account of the waste which attends rustic hospitality, a greater number of people than before.
  54. I say, this perception is not accomplished unless the spirit draws near to its Provider, and this nearness is not achieved except by communication with God during which the spirit attends wholly to enter into its Provider’s presence.
  55. As an individual investor, he not only spends hours researching stocks online, but he also talks to management whenever possible, attends mining industry trade shows and has traveled around the world touring many of the gold mines he invests in.
  56. The shame that attends religion lies also as a block in their way; they are proud and haughty; and religion in their eye is low and contemptible, therefore, when they have lost their sense of hell and wrath to come, they return again to their former course.
  57. It benefits all, it preserves the vested rights and it attends the necessities in quality and sufficiency of resources in a definitive way, without excluding absolutely anybody (seniors, children, adults, people with physical deficiencies, sick persons and others).
  58. It was open to a materialistic reader of that narrative to take the story as a mythical representation of the evil, which everywhere attends misapplied free agency, or, even in its lowest literality, as a description of the war between mankind and the serpent races.
  59. Taking advantage of his one evening off, the grandduke, a notorious womanizer infamous as a seducer of chorus girls for one-night stands, attends a musical at the Coconut Girl theatre and is immediately charmed by a beautiful American understudy, Elsie Mariner (Monroe).
  60. At this time the coach was ready and the coachman impatient, and we were all preparing to get up, and the prisoners had come over with their keeper,—bringing with them that curious flavor of bread-poultice, baize, rope-yarn, and hearthstone, which attends the convict presence.
  61. Radcliffe insists, in the electrical apparatus of the torpedo during rest, there would seem to be a charge in every respect like that which is met with in muscle and nerve during the rest, and the discharge of the torpedo, instead of being peculiar, may be only another form of the discharge which attends upon the action of muscle and motor nerve.
  62. But, as it is admitted by all, that the force already authorized is more than sufficient for every defensive purpose; as it is expressly avowed that it is required for offensive operations in the territories of the enemy, the question assumes a different shape; it is stripped of the overruling influence which attends necessity; it becomes a mere question of expediency, controlled by the various considerations which reason and policy may dictate.
  63. And I would earnestly conjure all into whose hands these pages may fall, and who may be convinced by these arguments, to guard their minds against this danger of reaction which always attends the first stage of theological change; and not less to guard all whom they influence against the delusive notion that the removal of the prospect of endless misery renders the eternal judgment of 'a sinner’ one to be contemplated otherwise than with overwhelming horror.
  64. The committee further report that the foregoing statements of the petitioners are unaccompanied by any competent testimony in support of them, and, at the same time, are uncontradicted by any opposing circumstances; they are of opinion that a very strong probability of the petitioners not having been guilty of the crime of wilfully engaging in the unlawful expedition of Miranda attends their application: first, because the petitioners have made a detailed statement of facts relative to the deception practised on them, referring to such species of evidence as to render their contradiction easy, if not founded in truth, and thus lessen their claim on their country, and diminish their hopes of liberation: second, because it is presumed they were proven to the Spanish tribunal before which they were convicted to have been offenders in a secondary degree, those who were proven to have been more heinously guilty having been sentenced to suffer death.

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