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    1. I offered to attend at any time in the event of potential employer

    2. As damage to the brain increases, people with Alzheimer's lose coordination and part or all of their ability to attend to everyday needs

    3. They are able to attend to school requirements with each other’s help and assistance from elders, as the parents would be usually busy

    4. Night Adventure: I attend a memorial service for grandma Jenny

    5. regularly scheduled intervals the men can make plans and those who don't attend will have

    6. of responsibility and attend only one hour a week

    7. (this cannot be accomplished when the members attend only one hour a week and never

    8. I wish to attend the lecture but I would rather not go alone, so at about noon I phone Aphrodite and let her know

    9. attend business meetings of the church, but did not permit them to have a voice in the

    10. His attitude was that the Al-Harron was billions of miles out in space and he had things to attend to on the ground

    1. · In case it is essential to ignore pain, may be temporarily, say while playing a game or attending to a more serious patient, remember that beyond a certain time this could lead to serious body injury to you

    2. Searchers usually turn to spiritual pursuits of attending religious discourses, meditation camps and reading of scriptures and the like

    3. As we retire from regular jobs, there is a tendency to spend more time in worship of our chosen deities, attending discourses, visiting places of worship and holy places and so on

    4. Theoretically he was not attending the meeting he was supporting because he was on duty

    5. You don’t want to feel guilty anymore, so you do your religious duty in going to church, tithing, repenting, reading your Bible, attending the Bible study, serving, and all the other things that are promoted by the church building that good saints do

    6. will result in the author attending church every Sunday,

    7. The soldier lived well in the city, going out for expensive dinners at the finest restaurants, attending the theatre regularly, spending pleasant evenings in the brightest of celebrity haunts and even doing a little work for charity when time permitted

    8. He informed Rayne that all women wore long gowns when attending the court; to do otherwise would be considered an insult

    9. The last step of presenting your charter may involve attending committee hearings to discuss and review the application

    10. She listened to the story unfold with a growing sense of unease and disappointment, a sense that rapidly turned to despair and utter devastation when the pictures cut to the image of an ecstatic twelve year old from Grimsby who would be attending a gala bash in London the following weekend where the boy and his band would finally be unveiled

    1. SuperSeaweed was invented by myself in 1972 while I attended school at the University of Florida located in Gainesville Florida

    2. But in the church she attended

    3. Oh yes, he attended their functions and their family

    4. At one time I attended a business meeting and although I do not know all the past history of the congregation it seemed evident to me that some were still licking their wounds These matters ought to be dealt with initially on an individual basis and not be allowed to create havoc in a meeting of the congregation

    5. A good Christian woman told me she attended a congregation which allowed women to

    6. The same doctor that had attended me previously took new observations, making a general but non-specific fuss of his bewildered patient

    7. So, that was my reward for the hard, specialized and unpaid work of one and a half month: The guru talked to me for ten whole minutes (something unprecedented within the five years in total I have attended Janus), he advised me to wear more modern clothes and nicer glasses, and he made clear that men avoid me because of my high intelligence and strong personality

    8. Oh yes, he attended their functions and their family gatherings but only so that he could stand there as if he were watching the world from inside a goldfish bowl

    9. pianist play at a church I attended

    10. ‘Oh, it is …’ she enthused, suddenly recalling the merry she and Joris had attended in Abery last summer

    1. John and Teekra stand hand in hand, watching the limo burn nearby while Russ attends to Ahmed, who is oblivious to John and Teekra and still hysterical

    2. the time, labour, and expense of acquiring the talents, but for the discredit which attends the

    3. She attends a University as a Psychology major and intends to open her own practice one day

    4. But when they spend them in maintaining tradesmen and artificers, they may, all of them taken together, perhaps maintain as great, or, on account of the waste which attends rustic hospitality, a greater number of people than before

    5. Were they ever to be accumulated beyond this quantity, their transportation is so easy, and the loss which attends their lying idle and unemployed so great, that no law could prevent their being immediately sent out of the country

    6. The popular odium, however, which attends it in years of scarcity, the only years in which it can be very profitable, renders people of character and fortune averse to enter into it

    7. Our attention is used to focusing automatically on the thoughts and perceptions that arise in our minds, and automatically attends to our ongoing story or narrative

    8. ” He says that order exists when an individual attends to realistic goals, and when his/her skills meet the requirements for those goals

    9. She attends some of her daughter’s classes

    10. attends to them–and you’ve no idea how confusing it is all the things being

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    Synonyms for "attend"

    advert attend give ear hang pay heed assist attend to serve wait on look see take care go to escort chaperon accompany go with follow frequent visit haunt show up

    "attend" definitions

    be present at (meetings, church services, university), etc.

    take charge of or deal with

    to accompany as a circumstance or follow as a result

    work for or be a servant to

    give heed (to)