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    1. She flew off, over its head, smacking her knee on the hard shell of its big middle eye and then tumbling thru yards of splintery brush before coming to rest

    2. "There really is a ceramic shell in there

    3. KA-BOOOOOOM! The shell fired by the militants explodes near the tail section, the plane shudders violently and cases of liquor tumble in every direction

    4. So that was how she got here, a young woman bounding thru space on the shell of a dusty old starship

    5. The shop was prominent not because of any ostentation, but rather because any open business stood out on the half boarded up and derelict empty shell of Darklow Main Street

    6. The outer shell of this iron asteroid was only fourteen feet thick in spots, serving as shielding from the relativistic barrage of interstellar flight

    7. He looked down at the shell of the man

    8. The lower floors looked to be holding older marble together with the synthetic stone shell

    9. It floated like a boat with a thick turtle-hard, but smooth shell on top

    10. His shell was a heavy eight seater, but they saw he did have extra paddles and the floors looked like the bilge was dry

    1. "That's fine, you said laboratory equipment was the main thing they put in ceramic shells

    2. Audacity and Greenstone's cannon shells sparkled over the rough alien hull for almost a second before it vanished

    3. Shells: Full Shells indicate success, provided that you work hard for it; empty Shells bode vain hopes and loss of money

    4. There were the shells of larorlie vines draped over the lower limbs of these trees, the vines long dead in the deep shade

    5. He continued to remove the shells

    6. As they entered the cave, both very excited, they could see the broken shells lying about

    7. After a bit he raised his head and looked at Daniel, “Valotin and I are empty shells, that’s why we volunteered for this job

    8. Alexis was right, it was hard not to crunch bits of pottery or sea shells underfoot, and I was forced to step over a gang of red ants, dragging off a caterpillar and waving nasty-looking pincers at anything that threatened their mission

    9. The coxswains of those quick shells started yelling as they passed

    10. “They sat in the magazine and, well, did something to the shells,”

    1. From gelatinous tiny little footballs to hard shelled giants

    2. But she still needed to get in close enough to land her own blows on their shelled bodies and she had to plan her motions carefully

    3. Usually she shelled every beach in turn but today she had concentrated solely on V and W Beaches and the incoming reinforcements which must have left them chewing sand and the shit running down their legs

    4. Once again the landscape changed and we began to see cottages and farmhouses that had been shelled and sometimes we would pass entire villages that had been devastated

    5. I received word that the two fuchuan I had requested were now on patrol and had already intercepted some Re Che boats and shelled and destroyed concentrations of their boats on Chiloe’s eastern shore, where most of the villages happened to be

    6. They also shelled and destroyed all their villages along the coast forcing them inland where they were more fragmented and unable to mount a serious defense

    7. After a few chews it swallowed the hard shelled

    8. The Balsam positioned and maintained mooring and channel markers for the warships that shelled Japanese positions prior to amphibious troop assaults

    9. Here he had his first experience of war, lying for some days in trenches shelled by the distant German guns

    10. to shove then I would have shelled out the money because there was absolutely no way I was

    1. shelling out the bucks if he thought it would help me in school

    2. house would be destroyed in that shelling when another bang

    3. What we were not so happy with was the shelling that was raining down on the beaches but to tell the truth we did not receive many casualties from it

    4. That was the trouble with the rest areas was that you were always shunted into working parties to do fatigues this and the constant shelling meant that you didn’t get that much rest

    5. Mind you sometimes this was an advantage as the Germans seemed to concentrate on the nicer sections of trench leaving these others alone when they were shelling

    6. It was hard to sit in the bunkers because of the fear of being buried alive by a direct hit but then the shelling stopped

    7. 9s’ shelling us and ‘Jack Johnson’s’ and ‘Oil Can’s’ were thrown in for good measure

    8. Some of the lads found some old wire entanglements that had been snapped off in the shelling we dragged these around and placed them behind us facing the other German trenches

    9. With Creelman and Armstrong, I moved down toward Caney, and turned to view the shelling of the citadel from the Ducrot

    10. After nine minutes of this effective shelling, the Spaniards fortunately held fire, and thus the crowded troops behind the ridge were able to move from their perilous position

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    explosive projectile bomb grenade neutron bomb case sheath casing sea shell husk shuck bare decorticate exfoliate strip scale bombard strafe torpedo shoot blitz barrage

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    carapace cuticle shell shield plate scale case casing racing shell eggshell husk beat beat out crush trounce vanquish blast explosive projectile bomb grenade neutron bomb sheath sea shell shuck bare decorticate exfoliate strip bombard strafe torpedo shoot blitz barrage