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    be relevant

    1. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    2. about chimpanzee fights that may be relevant here

    3. if the result would be relevant to other


    5. Limited information will be divulged to members of species 7 when it is deemed to be relevant

    6. It should also be relevant and timeless

    7. “And this would be relevant to the creature because

    8. This picture will be relevant for the next chapter, so keep it in mind

    9. However, as far as I can see, there’s no sign as to which one of them might be relevant

    10. You must be relevant and relatable to your consumers, so engage your followers by speaking their language

    11. · Evergreen Content: Evergreen content represents the posts and articles on your blog that will always be relevant to your audience, in comparison with topics that may change over time

    12. As mentioned, the information should be relevant and meaningful to your target audience

    13. be relevant and useful to the reader,

    14. All of these questions may be relevant with regard to understanding the apple that we see

    15. professional, and this will not only be relevant to your business, but more importantly,

    16.  Page Keywords – again, no more than 10 and should be relevant to the content

    17. must connect with them in some way, it must be relevant to them, it must fire


    19. have found this book to be relevant and useful for your needs

    20. The focused topic also will provide you with the ability to include links and ads that will be relevant to anyone that is interested in helping an office run smoothly

    21. What you say should be relevant to this particular case,

    22. or it should be relevant to another case or be a general police

    23. Describe to me the qualifications and skills that you think would be relevant to help you play the role of the Shadow Dancer?’’

    24. may be relevant to everyone

    25. Make sure that the information wil be relevant to the client

    26. This is similar to the file upload recipe mentioned earlier in the book; however, it differs from it, as we're making CodeIgniter upload images (rather than upload any file type) and perform specific tasks on images, which wouldn't be relevant to the other upload example in the book

    27. The problem will still be relevant, even if this place ceases to exist

    28. “I guess this could be relevant for Carter and Barkley if they really were going to do a development

    29. study can not be overlaid on other periods and be expected to be relevant

    30. The only wounds that would be relevant to what they think happened are either cuts on her wrists showing she tried to commit suicide or marks on her neck

    31. It’ll be relevant at the debate and something Dr

    32. Sorren had to apply the laws of science that would be relevant to their training

    33. [111] This interview of the world-renowned scholar of theology, Karen Armstrong, would be relevant in this context, available at http://www

    34. Art must be relevant to both the present and future, inciting a protest against factory-made selves while instigating the Renew Regeneration

    35. But I fail in my attempt, similar to how Docbot falters in its attempt to be relevant by inundating me with facts, analysis and projections of my health, wealth and social well-being

    36. Ads that get clicked on frequently are more likely to be relevant to that search term, and tend to rise to the top of the results list

    37. Some of those keywords will be relevant to your site

    38. course, won’t be relevant and there will be lots of other keywords that

    39. What technologies do you currently use? Will those technologies still be relevant 5 years from now?

    40. He pulled out a couple of books and, together, the two men scoured the pages for any references that could be relevant

    41. If two people talk about the growth of a tree they both know, or about the taste of the bread they have just eaten together, or about a common experience in their job, such conversation can be relevant, provided they experience what they are talking about and do not deal with it abstractedly; on the other hand, a conversation can deal with matters of politics or religion and yet be trivial; this happens when the two people talk in clichés, when their hearts are not in what they are saying

    42. Although, as the girl hadn't been Linda Wilks, he didn't think it would be relevant to the case, Rafferty's curiosity was piqued

    43. Should be relevant and attention getting

    44. In order for a man to apply a lesson to his life it needs to be relevant and applicable

    45. Things might be great now, but will it still be a year from now? What about ten years from now? Try to keep abreast of any change that might be relevant to your business

    46. To be relevant, in the minds of your audience, your presentation has to associate its title, subject matter, content and findings with the immediate cares and interests of the audience

    47. So the theme has to be relevant and vice-versa

    48. plishments that will be relevant to the hiring company?

    49. Usually it was because a body had been found in the Athens area and the reporter had reached into the archives to find past open cases that might be relevant

    50. For instance, a 10-period moving average will have a lot to say about the trend over the past 10 bars, but is not likely to be relevant to the trend over the past 100 bars

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