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Affect en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It can still affect you.
  2. Later on, it can affect.
  3. Sugar can affect this area.
  4. That could affect the move.
  5. But it could affect mortals.
  6. Those which affect the world.
  7. Gravity is The Coanda affect.
  8. How does it affect the skin?
  9. This does not affect accuracy.
  10. How does it affect the teeth?
  11. She paused for dramatic affect.
  12. How does that affect me?
  13. It may affect your bottom line.
  14. But magic does not affect you.
  15. And this change will affect you.
  16. But that does not affect the son.
  17. We confirm this does not affect.
  18. However this did not affect his.
  19. Failure to do so will affect the.
  20. The woman’s cycle could affect.
  21. Those are the ones that affect you.
  22. CFS will adversely affect her baby.
  23. Did not think it would so affect me.
  24. These mental scars affect woman in.
  25. All of which can subtly affect the.
  26. How Your Thoughts Affect Others, 92.
  27. It wil affect what impression their.
  28. Vega does not affect intrinsic value.
  29. DNA testing to see how they affect us.
  30. Barron knew the affair would affect.
  31. Will it affect other functionality?
  32. This switch would not affect history.
  33. Their interactions affect each other.
  34. We have the power to affect each other.
  35. Chris could affect his spiritual state.
  36. Those which directly affect us only.
  37. Otherwise, it could affect the ritual.
  38. George’s death would not affect them.
  39. Illusions affect the mind, not the eye.
  40. The Effects an Allergy Can Affect You.
  41. Will it affect other functionalities?
  42. It didn't have much affect on the crew.
  43. The sedative was already taking affect.
  44. Not only would it affect his life, but.
  45. How did all that affect your son?
  46. This creativity will affect every part.
  47. How does inflation affect the business?
  48. How does this affect the Church there?
  49. Nothing that will affect us I’d bet.
  50. It shouldn't affect filming or anything.
  51. Worse, it will affect it for many years.
  52. Any economic news at all can affect the.
  53. If thoughts and emotions affect the very.
  54. The goal is to have this affect on others.
  55. Beliefs Should Not Affect the Experience.
  56. We are here to affect and influence the.
  57. Q: In what way does it affect the world?
  58. Those are the ones that affect you.
  59. Thoughts and emotions affect our bodies.
  60. Five factors affect the price of an option.
  61. It does not affect me: as the Sun is not.
  62. PO) did not affect [11C]raclopride binding.
  63. She should not be able to affect him so!.
  64. As if it would really affect your game.
  65. My actions had an immense affect upon them.
  66. Then no external influence can affect you.
  67. Because How does that behavior affect you?
  68. You represent those who will affect change.
  69. How Does Having PMI Affect the Short Sale?
  70. Toby cannot affect me that way, no man can.
  71. The devil can never affect what is material.
  72. It can also affect how the heart functions.
  73. We can’t affect each other with our power.
  74. The color is thought to affect the body at.
  75. World events appeared to affect debt laden.
  76. It seemed as if fatigue could not affect him.
  77. It should not affect our life physically or.
  78. And what happens to you is going to affect me.
  79. They affect to be the followers of Washington.
  80. They affect our future, they affect our lives.
  81. But mine did not affect the warriors that way.
  82. A defeated attitude will not only affect the.
  83. Once again, how does this affect me?
  84. Question: And in what ways does it affect it?
  85. Alcohol can ease your inhibitions and affect.
  86. His affect was crisp and serious, but affable.
  87. His eardrums seemed to implode at the affect.
  88. First, these other markets affect stock prices.
  89. Your decisions don’t really affect your life.
  90. But it seems that it is intended to affect me.
  91. How can it affect her? he asked, confused.
  92. She had risen to affect her leave and stopped.
  93. Sedatives also affect the time that you wake up.
  94. Both iniquities would affect the girls forever.
  95. The Laws of Attraction affect each one of them.
  96. The same beneficial affect occurs in your own.
  97. And how did that affect your friendship?
  98. How Can a Magician Affect Hundreds of Viewers?!.
  99. His accusation certainly had an affect on Blunt.
  100. Either way, all affect the sex drive in a woman.
  1. Affecting in a good way.
  2. Her state was very affecting.
  3. It was affecting her, already.
  4. The disease is affecting his brain.
  5. How is all this affecting you?
  6. Or just L-Seven-Six affecting his mind.
  7. These archways seem to be affecting it.
  8. Jupiter could be affecting the signal.
  9. Stress has Been Affecting You for Years.
  10. Affecting the lives of so many thousands.
  11. Factors Affecting the Pricing of Options.
  12. Filburn was affecting interstate commerce.
  13. Factors Affecting the Capitalization Rate.
  14. It was affecting my work and my relation-.
  15. The last farewell was affecting in the extreme.
  16. Cooper must have sensed how this was affecting me.
  17. She realized her blood was affecting them already.
  18. Still he ambled on the darkness not affecting him.
  19. Sector risks are events affecting a specific sector.
  20. What has been affecting the market lately? Almost.
  21. All these affecting details are no business of ours.
  22. Tip #96: Give Yourself a Treat - without affecting your.
  23. We have the uncertainly affecting even the very act of.
  24. Mechanism Affecting Release of Trapped Emotion, 140-141.
  25. Among the factors affecting the market as a whole are:.
  26. She cries over every affecting thing the minister says.
  27. How is that choice affecting the quality of your life?
  28. Here too the malaise affecting the land is clear to see.
  29. STIMULATION: The stimulation processes affecting learner.
  30. But the factors affecting shares prices are quite complex.
  31. Agreements and assignations affecting the rest of the world.
  32. I think the mountains are affecting the beacon’s signal.
  33. Porn addiction, though most commonly affecting men can also.
  34. Remember, options are just one force affecting a stock price.
  35. Your parents' grief is affecting their judgment at the moment.
  36. There were also a lot of other factors affecting my mental and.
  37. God moved the plates without affecting the Earth’s solid body.
  38. And stress was there in her life which was seriously affecting her.
  39. I remembered what Sadie had told me—that something was affecting.
  40. I assured him that I could undertake the role without affecting the.
  41. Maybe its so deeply affecting the balance because it was broadcast.
  42. Oh wow… all my senses are in disarray, so this is doubly affecting.
  43. It seemed to be affecting mostly the sixteen to twenty-five year old.
  44. Migraine with aura is relatively rare, affecting less than 20% of all.
  45. Through it all, despite the horrifying judgments of God affecting the.
  46. Interestingly enough, the problem is affecting children of all ages as.
  47. Affecting unconcern, I took a bite of pie, then asked, There is?
  48. Those persons, therefore, who reject a resurrection affecting the whole.
  49. Infection and inflammation affecting the epididymis and prostate gland.
  50. When the O is prolonged we are affecting one another and the surrounding.
  51. He would have no reason other than his belief in the power of affecting.
  52. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood.
  53. Most problems will go away without affecting us when we are ready to face it.
  54. This ‘out of bounds’ phenomenon is affecting travellers and students too.
  55. Raiya didn’t know if it was the wine affecting her mind, but she knew then.
  56. He was having difficulty seeing properly as the grass was really affecting him.
  57. Oh, those old jokes of Joe’s, she said, affecting disdainful amusement.
  58. Your father’s drinking was not only affecting us, it was also destroying him.
  59. Every time you move a single spade of dirt, you are affecting the entire planet.
  60. In a few industries there is the power to change prices without affecting demand.
  61. He smiles wider, affecting a yawn, knowing exactly the effect he’s having on me.
  62. When I am seeing things and create a perception about things affecting me, I am.
  63. We need all of our citizens to pay attention to the issues affecting their lives.
  64. Affecting not to notice, the young men maintained their state of eager excitement.
  65. Gāndhiji’s life and his writings are affecting lives of many all over the world.
  66. They may need money for personal reasons apart from factors affecting the company.
  67. The tar was affecting my judgement, reflexes, speed and even my vision and hearing.
  68. It was an odd moment, like something had changed in the atmosphere, affecting the mood.
  69. Infections of the nails are more difficult to treat than those affecting only the skin.
  70. The lack of snow anywhere might lead to drought later, affecting fruits and vegetables.
  71. Research indicates some cases of vertigo are related to spinal disorders affecting the.
  72. Evidently, the great recession that has been affecting the world since December 2007 is.
  73. Stremov drew back, affecting to have blindly followed Karenin, and to be astounded and.
  74. But, sir, I had no idea of affecting very exquisitely the sensibilities of any gentleman.
  75. I forget so many things these days, I think the phone radiation is affecting me, I -’.
  76. If a cheaper covering is desired, slate or tile can be used without affecting the design.
  77. I won’t rule out that this case is to be regarded as a matter affecting national security.
  78. The agenda was to add new dimensions to her personality without affecting the ones which made.
  79. The congregation needs to be actively involved in input of decisions affecting the Lord's work.
  80. Remove it with a pair of scissors, so that you won’t be affecting the quality of your jacket.
  81. Ah, this one is not like the other, and his madness is less affecting than this one's display.
  82. To put it simply: it is my belief, that mind affecting drugs are divided into legal and illegal.
  83. She was affecting to write busily one Saturday afternoon, when she and Beth were alone together.
  84. Affecting the physical world with the powers of the mind with the aid of herbs and other objects.
  85. The ceremony which went off with great éclat was characterised by the most affecting cordiality.
  86. They can also inhibit viruses and bacteria and prevent them from entering and affecting the cells.
  87. Other factors affecting the trading decision are the time lag between the rumor and the fact, the.
  88. A major factor affecting RO performance is the permeate recovery rate, that is, the amount of the.
  89. In the second case, we want to be able to make modifications to one copy without affecting the rest.
  90. Those persons, therefore, who reject a resurrection affecting the whole man, and do their best to.
  91. New secrets of physiology may be revealed, deeply affecting human nature in its innermost recesses.
  92. I understood clearly how these beliefs, conditioning and past life impressions were affecting all.
  93. Anything specific—as about the Heathflower thing? Hilary asked, affecting to speak with awe.
  94. She could see Garcia’s emotions had affected Simone as much as they were currently affecting her.
  95. Acupuncture may improve depression by affecting the synthesis of neurotransmitters that control mood.
  96. This resulted in radiation leaking into the environment, affecting the workers as well as the planet.
  97. A compact moss holds less water limiting the activity of the roots of the orchid affecting its health.
  98. If it was affecting the team as a whole I would quietly mention what I was observing to my supervisor.
  99. The pliable overcomes the rigid: make use of power of your opponent; attack suddenly, affecting points.
  100. The cable’s attenuation rate is one of the most important factors affecting the maximum cable length.
  1. It affected him very badly.
  2. The whole life is affected.
  3. Just as we are affected by.
  4. This case affected me deeply.
  5. It affected both the werès.
  6. He is not affected by weather.
  7. The nominal cost is affected.
  8. Your memory has been affected.
  9. She affected a great innocence.
  10. So again children are affected.
  11. Wheat fields were less affected.
  12. That is how it affected me! I.
  13. She affected him so profoundly.
  14. Q: How is the Supreme affected?
  15. He never affected to be ethereal.
  16. I’m affected, Anna, trust me.
  17. You are not the only one affected.
  18. Both Mair and Tilly were affected.
  19. Your ears are not affected though.
  20. It's affected his skull, his chest.
  21. How it had affected my view of God.
  22. Because it is not affected, it is.
  23. Snares strangle the affected body.
  24. This affected the 16-30 age groups.
  25. None of the humans were affected.
  26. Entire day’s schedule is affected.
  27. The scan length is neither affected.
  28. The skew may also be affected.
  29. Your motivation is affected as well.
  30. Chinese and some were badly affected.
  31. Finding the number of affected rows.
  32. The whole motor area seems affected.
  33. His loss affected them all so deeply.
  34. This one affected me very powerfully.
  35. He affected her like no man ever had.
  36. The obvious affected parties are in.
  37. Affected and Moved by Needs and News.
  38. Note the types of individual affected.
  39. Corn and soybean crops were affected.
  40. Stomach and spleen function affected.
  41. This has affected the product mix of.
  42. Not after the way he’d affected me.
  43. We are affected equally by actions as.
  44. These deaths had to have affected him.
  45. They affected the heart, not the head.
  46. Impact cratering is also affected by.
  47. Odors affected by electricity, xv, 394.
  48. Many others will be similarly affected.
  49. In time, many eastern tribes affected.
  50. Max had been affected by the same storm.
  51. M: But its world picture is not affected.
  52. Swat was one of the places most affected.
  53. I am no longer affected by this problem.
  54. It isn’t affected by simply grabbing.
  55. He seemed to be deeply affected by the.
  56. The daily life had been widely affected.
  57. This affected me in a large scale manner.
  58. Why would I be affected by her presence.
  59. Roman had affected each of them for the.
  60. I never believed her lungs were affected.
  61. Decoded = is affected water inside us =.
  62. When you do, you’ll be deeply affected.
  63. Sitting and reaching to the affected side.
  64. It bothered him that he wasn’t affected.
  65. He affected the artistic style, he smoked.
  66. Yet all the others were similarly affected.
  67. It affected me like nothing else ever had.
  68. Nancy asked how the power affected Ant’s.
  69. What if my marks are adversely affected?
  70. Help us not to be affected by news anymore.
  71. Video and audio capabilities are affected.
  72. MERTHIN’S RETURN AFFECTED the whole town.
  73. Mythology affected me in much the same way.
  74. We will be affected but we will survive it.
  75. Then say: my higher self cannot be affected.
  76. Generally women are affected more than men.
  77. Pluto is affected too, but not so directly.
  78. No one could have been affected more than I.
  79. How they affected you even as a child was.
  80. He mused at how shaken and affected he was.
  81. Turn on the spot towards the affected side.
  82. But the health of the laborers was affected.
  83. Every category, every race is affected by.
  84. Erzsébet affected shock, then laughed again.
  85. Even that baby affected the rest of my life.
  86. I noticed many were affected by the reading.
  87. I would be affected by your actual presence.
  88. The affected anxiety of the lawgiver, lest.
  89. History has proved that Gurdjieff affected.
  90. Pigs, black, not affected by the paint-root.
  91. She had never been affected like this before.
  92. The women will not be affected by their song.
  93. Terrible! She is even more affected than I.
  94. Some of the Southern Hemisphere was affected.
  95. Asia will not be affected by the Kyoto Accord.
  96. No man had ever affected her this way before.
  97. I guess it's affected me more than I thought.
  98. He affected a slight bow, and told the others.
  99. Women are particularly affected, because they.
  100. Elevate the affected limb and rest completely.
  1. The way news affects price.
  2. This means it affects how.
  3. One affects the other and.
  4. Q: The fuel affects the flame.
  5. In fact smoking affects the.
  6. All matter affects all other.
  7. Frostnip: Affects only the skin.
  8. Here is how it affects my life.
  9. Our identity affects our actions.
  10. And this affects your cheering.
  11. How Hatred of Money Affects Your.
  12. M: All change affects the mind only.
  13. It affects every aspect of your life.
  14. Mental energy affects spiritual energy.
  15. Our emotional state affects our health.
  16. I think it affects my judgment at times.
  17. Stress affects your ability to function.
  19. How could not notice? It affects everything.
  20. News which affects each and every one of us.
  21. Inflation affects most businesses negatively.
  22. The curse only affects the first-born sons.
  23. How Feeling Ashamed About Money Affects Your.
  24. It is that first singular event that affects.
  25. A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell.
  26. It watches everything, but nothing affects it.
  27. All hands have reported in, no ill affects.
  28. Wahjee who suffered from the affects of alcohol.
  29. The audacity of a fine death always affects men.
  30. The impact on Pluto affects your body and image.
  31. Recent Memory Loss that Affects Job Performance.
  32. This move also affects overall health and energy.
  33. This form of pigeon pox affects the skin by the.
  34. Understand that this method affects the list 48.
  35. This too affects cars and communication equipment.
  36. Mass affects the rate at which a star of a given.
  37. Unconscious fear affects the make-up of her ideas.
  38. What we believe affects how we live our Christian.
  39. The uncertainly principle affects the very act of.
  40. Generally this will be something that affects his.
  41. How Feeling Guilty About Having Money Affects Your.
  42. The attitude of the mind affects the expression of.
  43. The state of her temper seriously affects our peace.
  44. Your environment affects you, but you are still you.
  45. It affects you every day whether you like it or not.
  46. It affects our relationships in every aspect of life.
  47. When our heart is in grief it affects all of our life.
  48. When someone is dehydrated, it directly affects their.
  49. This is a dilemma which affects dieters the world over.
  51. Blood pressure in turn affects the kidneys and bladder.
  52. Every Solar Eclipse affects your image and self-concept.
  53. A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his.
  54. So you’re telling me this affects nothing, I say.
  55. M: His own being affects his mind and induces a response.
  56. No doubt it affects their thinking and general behaviour.
  57. However once you recognize how it affects you, purposely.
  58. It affects the gut, brain and liver, and results in death.
  59. What one chooses to believe affects how ones life is lived.
  60. The first thing is, it affects your relationship with God.
  61. The more companies we have the less this thing affects us.
  62. Though, you should know that the water affects inhibitions.
  63. This means it affects how other neurotransmitters function.
  64. If your teen gets in trouble with the law, that affects you.
  65. But the same affects him or her onward afterward through the.
  66. Your loss affects the prosperity of the entire town,’ said.
  67. This disease affects the substance abuser and family members.
  68. The sickness of consumerism affects everything in our society.
  69. Whatever we think of another affects him and, ultimately, us.
  70. The thing that most affects the stock market is everything.
  71. Atmosphere gets polluted, it affects you very, very seriously.
  72. That would be unfortunate, especially as it affects this area.
  73. It affects us even more than our intimate social relations do.
  74. After his mother died, and her affects sorted through, we had.
  75. The New Testament idea of the resurrection which affects the.
  76. To change the purpose of something in a way which affects an.
  78. Systematic risk means risk that affects the entire stock market.
  79. One persons dream affects another's and that person is in turn.
  80. This belief of hers had come about because the moon affects her.
  81. It only affects us and keeps us dependent on others for our oil.
  82. Luckily, bad parentage affects people in very different ways.
  83. There’s a headland there which affects the way the tides flow.
  84. Note: The volatility of the underlying stock affects time value:.
  85. And that feeling in turn affects not only our happiness but our.
  86. But, how we think of our unconscious affects how we work with it.
  87. I still don’t see how this affects me, Preacher Jack said.
  88. Where exactly an object is greatly affects how much energy it has.
  89. Here we are concerned only with alcohol as it affects your health.
  90. It?s something that primarily affects you and your entire life.
  91. Every one is affected by it differently, but it affects every one.
  92. I guess it’s just the love bug that affects their minds and all.
  93. Understand How Inflation Affects the Business You’re Evaluating.
  94. It affects you strongly, so take it nice and easy over this period.
  95. Yea, but the coming after affects are what is to be feared most.
  96. Asthma – an allergic reaction that commonly affects the breathing.
  97. All matter affects all other matter, causing all matter to vibrate.
  98. I believe all abuse affects the mind of the victim in ways that are.
  99. Additionally, what we choose to believe affects every other level of.
  100. This single kernel of corporate risk, affects all other elements in.

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