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    1. They placed a patch over his eye, limiting his vision but optimizing cuteness

    2. Tiny Robot Archimedes calculated that his presence in the harbor with an eye patch ran numbers similar to a man who had a corgi puppy in a brothel

    3. there came a darkness, one single patch that moved in synchronicity with the black

    4. Didn't I have a right to protect my own little patch of the world if the Gardai hadn't been able to do so? Maybe I wasn't the hardest guy in the world, even if I hadn't been a committed pacifist

    5. ‘So have you always lived in this area, Stephen?’ I asked, moving along the wall a little to attack another patch of plaster

    6. He sets Khalid down on a sandy patch of ground, begins to bind his leg as Khalid drifts in and out of consciousness, moans

    7. The wheels hit a patch of gravel and the car skids straight towards the concrete of a bridge crossing the motorway

    8. He says that she tried to avoid crashing into the back of the van by swinging the car onto the hard shoulder but hit a patch of gravel or something and skidded straight into the bridge

    9. as the door swung open and a figure walked through the oblong patch of unnerving

    10. Almost instantly after that, his flight helmet’s visor painted a patch of stars fatter and brighter than they should have been

    11. What Jordo and the Lancers saw projected in their helmets was a tiny patch of sky where the stars looked too fat, too bright

    12. The half-meter-long, patch of dim over the deck of the bridge changed directions, heading for Tipperary

    13. So what are the facts? An operation arranging illegal immigration of undesirables (according to Renald Forhamm) ostensibly organised from Earth with well-placed contacts across on Errd, a suspicious Errdian in a position of some power in London, Earth, who is upset by the arrival of an agent of the Secret Guild on his patch … and come to think of it, he’d not liked the fact you were coming to this part of the country

    14. This was close enough that she could still help the avatar control the ship's system, and could even copy more neural code across to patch up some of the shaky spots

    15. I know every faded patch of carpet on the stairs,

    16. On top of that, the ggs in the stable are not a patch on Sefir or Belvento, more nags than anything else, but, as Wiesse points out, needs must

    17. Jason’s dragon was a deep forest green also with silver about the eyes and a patch of purple

    18. ’ He said, taking my elbow and helping me over to the patch of ground he has settled on for our camp despite my protestations that I can manage

    19. Then he installed a patch to back out the power used by his activity from the microamp logging system

    20. Adjoining the kitchen garden, to the east of the house, there was still a rough patch of ground upon which stood an ancient oak tree

    21. The faithful gardener often spoke with his employer about the patch of rough ground around the old oak tree

    22. The plums were fine indeed, but of a different nature all together and everything else since, while very good, was not a patch on those original fruits

    23. Hidden away, in the roughest patch of the old manor’s gardens where the ancient oak tree grew, was old Ted’s private nursery bed

    24. In its place he carefully cultivated the most beautiful, the tastiest and the most famous patch of artichokes in the whole of the known world

    25. of scrub land directly opposite the front door, a patch of land on

    26. As soon as he got to his patch by the river, he found her and scared her to half to death when he turned the blow gun at her

    27. The bare patch of earth where Sam is buried is showing a fuzz of green as the grass re-establishes itself and I stand there for several moments remembering the times she used to come and lie under the tree while I worked in the garden; I miss her still and the tears start pricking in my eyes again

    28. patch of ground upon which stood an ancient oak tree

    29. patch of rough ground around the old oak tree

    30. while very good, was not a patch on those original fruits

    31. Hidden away, in the roughest patch of the old

    32. able to make a patch in the machine shop to cover the area where Rubik’s ship had blasted

    33. shrubs, and you could have a small veg patch up by the shed

    34. ” He thought it best to tell the story from Ava’s point of view, just in case there was a chance they could patch things up and continue the investigation

    35. In the middle of the floor she has seen a pile of personal effects; a wallet, cheap beach jewellery, a hair scrunchie, a pair of red trainers and a small pink teddy bear with a heart shaped patch of red silk sewn on its chest

    36. But like I said, it’s strictly shipboard, nothing more than that because I have a home to try and patch up back in the city

    37. Tom was attacking a dense patch of stinging nettles with a sickle,

    38. “There was only that little patch Yorthops keeps over her porch until I got here,” hSkaiya said

    39. She spent the afternoon sitting on a small patch of damp ground watching the bird she had noticed on her first day out here

    40. His boot slipped on a patch of mud, diverting his attention as he leapt to keep himself from falling

    41. He tastes dry peat and there is a damp patch on his pillow where he has dribbled during the night

    42. ‘What about you? I saw you were commended for your efforts on that gang problem on your patch

    43. patch of ice, but his mind was elsewhere, trying to come to

    44. Killer was face down already asleep with a patch of drool running down his chin

    45. He wipes his chin with the back of his sleeve, shudders, and looks up from the patch of grass that he has been staring at for the last few seconds, desperately trying to control the movement of his stomach muscles

    46. A small patch of blood and another piece of torn

    47. pulled open the dresser next to my bed and produced a patch

    48. It was hours later, halfway to lunch time of Afternoonday and about when she wanted to call the chores ‘done,’ when Desa found the nest of ytith in the outer rinko patch

    49. He crossed the near clearing, and then climbed down thru a small patch of rocky woodland before coming to another clearing where he was closer to the horizontal trunks

    50. patch in the corner of the vineyard to the vagaries of the

    1. " She patched a sequence into the view so Glenelle could see what it was like, once the scope already knew exactly where to look

    2. patched and flat nailed to offer brief rest

    3. ancient, patched coat around the both of them

    4. Two of the members were playing with knobs, but it wasn't clear from the sound that those knobs were patched in

    5. once again and staring at the patched roof above him

    6. True the images had to be patched to allow viewing in polite society

    7. There was nothing for it but to cast new blanks and get them patched in

    8. Ava's found where I patched the perception layers thru, she has the real data all your probes have been sending available now I think

    9. Nerissa rose and put on the patched tunic that she

    10. There certainly wasn’t enough wind to stir our heavily patched sails

    11. After he was sufficiently patched up Quintus yawned with a great, almost catlike stretch

    12. He was being patched up by old Gnaeus

    13. Her clothes were scruffy and patched together but she was very beautiful with long blonde wispy hair

    14. The other survivors had patched him up as best they could and he was taking regular doses of painkillers, but he needed proper medical attention

    15. She patched through using the holo interface, her ident immediately recognisable

    16. Torbin had, however, patched himself in to that link

    17. they probably got the hole in her hull patched up

    18. Standing next to Joseph was Belver, his snout covered in blood and a patched wound running the length of his torso

    19. Small holes have been patched and covered with the proprietary skin coat,” said Clive

    20. I unbutton my shirt and stare at my bare side, which is patched with bruises

    21. The roof was recently patched up for the prom

    22. he wore patched up trousers, all torn and baggy…

    23. They wore hand-sewn clothing, many times patched, mud-spattered from the early morning ride

    24. Next to grass, wild pasture, Swiss in its alpine plots of flowers, varied, patched with moss, steeplebush like heather, roots and berries

    25. So I had to rig something before showing up at the hospital to get it patched

    26. Calvin, closely escorted by two marines—and a medic who had hastily patched Calvin’s light flesh wound—walked through the endless maze of grey

    27. They were finally running again, patched together from wrecks pulled out from ruins and overstuffed with people standing on running boards, hanging from outside handrails, even crouching on the couplings between the cars where they could not even be charged the fare

    28. Jacob was in his control room in the tower watching on the radar which was patched through from his airfield office

    29. Galileo, but things were then patched up with

    30. I was so broken that I could not be patched back together

    31. His wound of betrayal could never fully heal but at least it could be patched up and the only Band-Aid got enough to put on that scab was murder

    32. When all my external bits had been stitched, cleaned and patched, Brian hoisted my legs

    33. Guapo told him again that he was really grateful to have been rescued and patched up for nothing in the hospital, and felt bad at disappointing him, but he really was on his last legs by then

    34. Once the semi-unconscious count was patched up, Tristan had laid awake for bells, thinking

    35. Still, he wasn’t going to give up until they patched things up or she kicked him out

    36. I saw him," said a young woman with a long, heavily patched skirt and a woollen shawl

    37. This turned out to be another in the long series of trips Rachel made to see Lonnie who, as she patched up Timmy when he got hurt, patched up Rachel

    38. “No, he has asked to be patched through to you

    39. Lankers; very small relatives of the tratalies with dark blue skin, long green and red colored feathers on their heads, flew across the cloud patched sky in all directions as they uttered high pitched quacks

    40. other segments of the wall were patched with beautiful paintings

    41. I patched things up with Jenny, and got on with my lessons feeling little pressure

    42. Next, different people have patched existing software so there is a very good chance that it is not structured

    43. Instead, the duty officer at the Manila headquarters patched him with MacArthur’s suite, situated in the same requisitioned hotel than the USAFFE HQ

    44. Your marriage will not just be patched up

    45. simpleton even though he was quite brilliant with respect to his detection abilities in areas such a forensics, and his dress code—a plain cotton dress shirt buttoned to the top that was one size too large, khaki slacks that were rumpled and patched at the knees, and a dirty handkerchief sticking from his back pocket—further reiterated his stereotype

    46. After several moments of connecting, he finally was patched into his room

    47. His work clothes, a pair of khaki slacks and a matching shirt with vest, were tattered from age, the holes having never been patched by skilled hands, and soiled from what had apparently been hard work over the years

    48. Phillips was patched through

    49. pavements chipped and grimy, broken glass patched with cardboard, a frenzy of signs

    50. An airframe technician and a Lockheed engineer used a mobile staircase to climb up and examine closely the holes in the vertical rudder, then announced that nothing substantial had been touched and that the holes could be patched up in a couple of hours

    1. In case of toothache, gum bleeding, ulcers of the gum and cheek, white patches etc

    2. cause damage to the lawn by leaving yellow or brown patches (roots of lawns are eaten)

    3. In those patches of ground yet to fall under the

    4. The visor was nothing but purple-red with dark patches inside and he looked away as soon as he saw it

    5. Despite years of neglect made visible by thin, almost transparent patches of rust and jaggedly flaking automotive paint, the front wing of the little Austin Metro barely flexed under heel

    6. She took a wherry across the river to the Southwark side where the warehouse was situated, strolling along the lanes behind the Shakespearean theatre where herb gardens, supplying the nearby centre for the Herbmasters, occupied neat little patches of ground carefully tended by a cadre of gotteswomen specially trained for the purpose, the purple outfits of their calling showing up clearly as they toiled amongst the neat rows of plants

    7. The leaves are curled at the edges, frequently dotted with yellow or brown patches, the trunks scabbed with fungus suggesting rotten cores

    8. One part of him wanted to keep the vegetable patches exactly as they were, but it was a part of him that had been a long time buried under the turned topsoil of family life

    9. started to dig his vegetable patches one last time, but instead of

    10. with footprints in the muddy patches

    11. "Like the wild berry patches that cover the hills behind the house

    12. He spent another hour with her, showing her patches and letting her try them out

    13. For the next few minutes Mingalle fooled Desa into thinking she understood what she was saying about the patches and their adjustments, til she found out Mingalle still hadn't figured out the effects of patch cords vs

    14. the weather became steadily colder and patches of snow

    15. His skin, normally smooth and flawless, began transforming into rough patches of white scar tissue

    16. The only sections of healthy skin had patches of course black hair sprouting from them

    17. There were wet patches on some stalactites of the walls

    18. Here the cave opens up into a vast chamber, and he sees patches of fire burning on the surface of the lake

    19. In a couple of places there were patches of purple and even pale green

    20. In the chair, Morton Eidenberg sat wearing a fawn tweed suit jacket, the requisite patches on the elbows: the Oxford don look he’d cultivated from those years teaching idealistic students such as herself

    21. Other than Joseph and me, the only movement seemed to be insects as they skittered across the tawny earth to vanish into small patches of dried grass

    22. There were various-sized patches attached to his shaven head

    23. Then the patches of greens and greys seemed to fuse together, and the sky darkened rapidly

    24. However, green sprigs of grass sprouted in patches

    25. He had been so deep in thought it only really caught his attention when he felt patches of heat

    26. Patches of feathers were missing from its wings and body, and its

    27. Patches was relegated to the basement with the old fish tanks and other paraphernalia of past pets

    28. “There are no sun patches for her to lie in

    29. When Jazzy was a year old, we moved to a larger home a few blocks away that had windows and sun patches galore

    30. Why do humans have certain areas of the body covered with hair? I do not refer to the small and irregular hairs of the arms and legs here, but rather to the dense patches of hair on the head, in the armpits, and surrounding the genitalia

    31. As the Milo proceeded north and west in the Bering Sea, patches of ice began showing up even though it

    32. I waited till the flare had burned out and then crawled over to where Sam lay I shook him but there was no movement I thought he might have been knocked out and it wasn’t till another flare shot up that I saw the small dark patches that were stitches across his back

    33. In my opinion, there’s just no reason not to, I mean, it’s a raspberry patch… and that’s just what you do to raspberry patches; you stop and pick them

    34. There were patches of his hair missing, and his entire skin had an unhealthy yellowish

    35. After coming off second best in a patch of prickly pear, a cactus which is happily not common in the bush, I suddenly reached swampy ground again, while in places the trees cleared, opening out on large sticky patches of arundineous mud, which would have made a capital ground for sportsmen

    36. The doctors fought for two hours but in the end Karen had died, her skin a mass of red welts and blackened patches from the box jellyfish stings

    37. him in patches, and he carried a small fir-tree

    38. Then patches of fur began to fall out, leaving dreadful sores that oozed a clear sticky fluid

    39. This badger was small and twisted, his body covered in bare patches and sores that wept a green-coloured pus

    40. Not to mention operating system and software security patches that can be issues as frequently as once a week

    41. Patches of darkening blue sky could be made out at regular intervals in between serried rows

    42. There lay before him grim patches of grass, rocks and dusty gravel for days worth of travel

    43. Red Cross patches were sown on the front of their dresses

    44. There seemed to be dozens of these huge constructs in regular intervals, as if an architect blessed with godly sight had deemed to place them all over the landscape which in itself was another peculiarity: as far as the eye could see the horizon was covered in shades of greenery, spotted in parts by yellow and red patches

    45. The tech was a non-descript Centraloid being in brown coveralls, with patches on his shoulders to indicate security clearances

    46. Trent and some of the other political types were seeking new rows to hoe, new melon patches to cultivate

    47. All he could hear was their feet on dirt and sand, and perhaps the sound of gravel as they trod their feet over rough patches of it

    48. Those men and women also had to battle rising waters and avoid deadly snakes and crocs that had been flushed out of their favourite patches of land and water holes

    49. The sound of chanting rose suddenly out of the temple’s open doors just when a swath of sunrays melted away the morning haze around the small patches of greenery

    50. Beneath, patches of creamy gauze, icing

    1. When not at work patching network cables into routers and hubs for a local newspaper, Danny shared his home with his aged father and his demure, unassuming sister, Annie

    2. When not at work patching network cables into routers and

    3. It was capable of individual string patching to as many as three active spectra, and could sort impact and pressure to different voices

    4. Perfect for patching bullet holes in airframes, and inventing anti-gravity suits

    5. A few hours of patching, an engine change or some other niggling problem

    6. I’d not received credit for patching the damaged hull

    7. but think about the amount of heat, steam, patching and dying it would

    8. After patching up Sorus and dozing on the soft silk bedding of the guests’ quarters for a few hours, she was gently awoken by Cedar, Tamar’s House Master, he had returned from one of his many tasks

    9. The flashing and patching done, they clambered down in high spirits, finished before noon

    10. Leave alone the cruelty of the crime, didn’t it reflect the stupidity of man! And what do those murders of sexual jealousy tell but the tale of man’s idiocy? Oh, on the pretext of patching up, how easily the husband or the paramour would lure the other into a death trap! What a wonder is it that one comes to trust someone with a motive to harm one! Oh, if only the intended victim had known an iota of the human psychology! Would then there be the death of one and the jailing of the other?’

    11. Armed with a staple gun and plastic sheeting, Travis and Curran spent an hour patching up

    12. He and his crew had done their best to clean up and camouflage the damage from the crazy battle between the two groups of ‘private security’ men, patching bullet holes and painting over the patches and also gathering and throwing overboard the empty bullet casings

    13. patching the cracks in the walls, but sooner or later it’s all going to

    14. adept at the patching up of war wounds

    15. A force field had popped up, patching the jagged hole

    16. Never in his life was he so happy to see the members of the Tammas commune: Kletsova was bleeding, Trini was patching her up with a band-aid, and Lenar was holding his weapon aimed at Brittany

    17. It was the Road America central call center patching a call through taken from

    18. “If you’re successful at patching the universe together, all of this goes away

    19. That’s hardly patching things up, is it?”

    20. “The wall over there needs patching up,” she said, pointing to the back corner where the loom sat

    21. After patching him up I start to unbutton his trowser exposing his genitals

    22. While patching the lining make doubly certain that

    23. He’d have to postpone patching up the domestic spat until after he returned

    24. “If there’s hope of patching things up, it’s a good place to start

    25. Silas went around patching where the soft cushion of newspaper layering the bottom of the nest was torn

    26. Karl made a good job of cleaning and patching up Daniel’s wounded left arm

    27. All patching compounds that are white

    28. Her actions had not been those of someone patching someone up for another round of beatings later on

    29. After they finished patching her injuries, they somewhat awkwardly got the button down shirt on to her

    30. Why is hypnosis to quit smoking more effective then using patching and pills and it's drawbacks in real life

    31. slipped a couple into my muff when I was playing with them then always hanging out of them for money in a restaurant for the bit you put down your throat we have to be thankful for our mangy cup of tea itself as a great compliment to be noticed the way the world is divided in any case if its going to go on I want at least two other good chemises for one thing and but I dont know what kind of drawers he likes none at all I think didnt he say yes and half the girls in Gibraltar never wore them either naked as God made them that Andalusian singing her Manola she didnt make much secret of what she hadnt yes and the second pair of silkette stockings is laddered after one days wear I could have brought them back to Lewers this morning and kicked up a row and made that one change them only not to upset myself and run the risk of walking into him and ruining the whole thing and one of those kidfitting corsets Id want advertised cheap in the Gentlewoman with elastic gores on the hips he saved the one I have but thats no good what did they say they give a delightful figure line 11/6 obviating that unsightly broad appearance across the lower back to reduce flesh my belly is a bit too big Ill have to knock off the stout at dinner or am I getting too fond of it the last they sent from ORourkes was as flat as a pancake he makes his money easy Larry they call him the old mangy parcel he sent at Xmas a cottage cake and a bottle of hogwash he tried to palm off as claret that he couldnt get anyone to drink God spare his spit for fear hed die of the drouth or I must do a few breathing exercises I wonder is that antifat any good might overdo it the thin ones are not so much the fashion now garters that much I have the violet pair I wore today thats all he bought me out of the cheque he got on the first O no there was the face lotion I finished the last of yesterday that made my skin like new I told him over and over again get that made up in the same place and dont forget it God only knows whether he did after all I said to him 111 know by the bottle anyway if not I suppose 111 only have to wash in my piss like beeftea or chickensoup with some of that opoponax and violet I thought it was beginning to look coarse or old a bit the skin underneath is much finer where it peeled off there on my finger after the burn its a pity it isnt all like that and the four paltry handkerchiefs about 6/- in all sure you cant get on in this world without style all going in food and rent when I get it Ill lash it around I tell you in fine style I always want to throw a handful of tea into the pot measuring and mincing if I buy a pair of old brogues itself do you like those new shoes yes how much were they Ive no clothes at all the brown costume and the skirt and jacket and the one at the cleaners 3 whats that for any woman cutting up this old hat and patching up the other the men wont look at you and women try to walk on you because they know youve no man then with all the things getting dearer every day for the 4 years more I have of life up to 35 no Im what am I at all 111 be 33 in September will I what O well look at that Mrs Galbraith shes much older than me I saw her when I was out last week her beautys on the wane she was a lovely woman magnificent head of hair on her down to her waist tossing it back like that like Kitty OShea in Grantham street 1st thing I did every morning to look across see her combing it as if she loved it and was full of it pity I only got to know her the day before we left and that Mrs Langtry the jersey lily the prince of Wales was in love with I suppose hes like the first man going the roads only for the name of a king theyre all made the one way only a black mans Id like to try a beauty up to what was she 45 there

    32. Once again, Caris and Mair worked by firelight long into the night, patching up the wounded

    33. As Phil and Mac pumped and struck at the sharks, Louie groped for the provisions pocket and grabbed the patching kit, which contained sheets of patching material, a tube of glue, and sandpaper to roughen up the raft surface so the glue could adhere

    34. Louie began patching, starting with the holes on the top of the raft

    35. In the darkness, patching was impossible, but the pumping couldn’t be stopped

    36. In the morning the patching resumed

    37. The furniture would get busted up, and he would be patching bullet holes in the drywall all winter long

    38. ‘When you spend all day patching up stab wounds and over-confident cyclists and the wives whose husbands have used them as a punch-bag and the kids with chronic asthma from the damp …’

    39. The latter in itself was enough to attract attention to him, for the uniforms of the rode a wild black stallion, and wore clothes which were always the height of style and soldiers were dingy and worn now and the civilians, even when turned out in their best, showed skillful patching and darning

    40. About the blue cloth, when it comes to a choice between having holes in your britches or patching them with pieces of a captured Yankee uniform—well, there just isn’t any choice

    41. With that kind of money, he would be able to pay back the bank and get his clients back to neutral, though he’d still be somewhat in the red personally, after patching the holes in the kids’ trust funds

    42. Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks

    43. O vanity! The patching up of everything with big words! a kitchen is a laboratory, a dancer is a professor, an acrobat is a gymnast, a boxer is a pugilist, an apothecary is a chemist, a wigmaker is an artist, a hodman is an architect, a jockey is a sportsman, a wood-louse is a pterigybranche

    44. “Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks

    45. When I had finally put my house in order, or rather seen that it had been done, it was nearing sunset, and I hastened out with the intention of locating Sola and her charges, as I had determined upon having speech with Dejah Thoris and trying to impress on her the necessity of our at least patching up a truce until I could find some way of aiding her to escape

    46. Matréna got up, took from the window Semén's old shirt, the same that she had been patching, and gave it to the stranger; and she found a pair of trousers, and gave them to him

    47. She then began to repair his shoes, patching up the holes so as to protect his feet from dampness

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