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    1. Anyway come on tell me where has the lazy shit skived off to I bet he’s found the most comfortable billet he always was one to smell things out

    2. “Right then get yourself off to your billet and get some rest you must be fairly tired what with travelling and such and here is another chit it allows you an extra day off to get your kit together and sort yourself out with the various paperwork

    3. The swords were made from a single billet of steel and that the blade may take over two weeks to complete and be almost ready for inscription

    4. He had to give his name to a middle-aged Red Cross matron behind a desk that barred entrance into the female Red Cross billet, who then went in search of Elizabeth

    5. He told Colling he was pleased to have him on board as a medic and wished him well, leaving Sergeant Prinzman to conduct Colling to his billet

    6. time! Herod was worried that he was likely to loose his cosy billet that he had under

    7. Word was no one in OGC wanted him in a true GS-15 billet due to his well known incompetence

    8. So he made my life difficult until I submitted all the papers applying for a commission as a Navy Lieutenant, O-3 pay grade, but the only open billet was non-paying


    10. It was to be held at a venue they chose called The Crooked Billet, a bar and restaurant on the outskirts of Slough

    11. 1, popularly known as GUN's Billet of Rights, in our everlasting War on Love the Money Killer

    12. So I studied the maps for an hour, and then went to billet my men and get them fed

    13. “Well, where is he?” Cai said, lumbering along at my side as I lugged my horse gear into the hall; here I gave orders to Gwydre to billet our new recruits, unload the wain, stable and care for the horses and find out what the current status of the land was: any Saxon attacks since we had been gone

    14. Cai had his own billet, though he would share it with Uki

    15. Medraut’s billet was smaller than mine, and he had it set out as best he could, himself being waited on hand and foot by his lads

    16. The billet fell as he spoke, and he threw it into a basket

    17. Deschamps, the notary, that he received from the postman a small billet, which he knew to be from Valentine, although he had not before seen her writing

    18. Every bullet has its billet

    19. “They want to give it to you, but it’s a three-year billet

    20. "You are two friends of mine who are in want of a billet, and what could be more natural than that I should bring you both round to the managing director?"

    21. The good man, having spent a clear thirty years of his life on the high seas before getting what he called a "shore billet," was astonished at the importance of transactions (other than relating to shipping) which take place on dry land

    22. In peacetime it is only necessary to billet troops in the villages of any district and the number of fires in that district immediately increases

    23. As Nekhludoff got beyond the partition he noticed Simonson feeding a billet of pine wood into the oven

    24. The billet allotted to us had been an hotel, and all the furniture, including bedsteads and feather mattresses, had been stored in the room which did duty as an orderly room

    25. The place was a rest billet, which we had just reached after a gruelling on the Somme

    26. It consists of three parallel aisles, or rather a nave and two aisles, with plain barrel-shaped vaults, if they can be so called, with transverse vaults or openings, and round arches on massive square piers; the imposts are of the plain early Norman character, merely a square projection chamfered off on the under side, but one of them is enriched with the billet ornament

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