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    1. "I wore those a long time after Kulai's office," he said, and to shadier places, he didn't say

    2. He was led up a seemingly endless flight of open backed stairs to a small office

    3. ” Aldous took this as a cue to vanish back into the inner office

    4. Sam’s ears burned with Kira’s bellowing as he escaped the office and descended the stairs

    5. On her way back to Yorthops, Ava heard feet on the spiral staircase that lead down to the office levels

    6. I had a cold thesh and brined and was working in the back office until I heard this gentleman at the door

    7. He didn’t have it yet, but sitting in the office waiting to speak to the principal, he knew he was going to get it

    8. The principal stuck her head out of her office, “Johnny Clunker, I will see you now

    9. Before Johnny could respond she had disappeared back into her office

    10. So it was going to be that easy, Johnny thought to himself as he turned to head into the principal’s office

    11. “To my office,” Ackers explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

    12. And with that Ackers marched on ahead, leaving Nancy and Johnny to watch him walk alone up the hall to his office

    13. Gone are the scent of his sweat and cologne; gone the cardboard dust aroma from the storage room of his office; gone the smells of his secretary’s strawberry perfume and her perfect, unwithered vagina

    14. He escorts me back to Ted’s office and hands over the keys

    15. Tree plantation can be taken up on sides of roads, within residential complexes, parks and office complexes

    16. ‘Yes, of course, he should be contactable at the office shortly

    17. The main office of the long-term care facility

    18. A counter divides the room into an office for the secretary and a small waiting area with a few chairs and a coffee table covered with magazines

    19. There was a whistle from the direction of Herndon's office

    20. suffers today from total blindness (since 1974) and advanced Parkinson’s Disease, the main office for the company is still in a room in his home

    21. It was sixty-three when our Managing Director called me into his office and

    22. Local office employees, pen-pushers, desk-monkeys

    23. That crate could contain four tons of scrap hospital carts, office furniture, robotic appliances

    24. Samuel Sharkey was on the balcony of his top floor office at home in the Wickford hills

    25. My office is in Room 701 on the

    26. "I know my uncle owns this place but really, who else could they put in charge? Draper? Hah!" Benji Draper was the oldest employee in the office

    27. He wanted to fix everyone in the office, but for some reason, I was his favorite

    28. By the end of it Liz and I were thoroughly fed up with the exercise so when Stephen bounced in after a day in the office, we were not amused

    29. I grope in my handbag for the information which the agency sent me about the job … reading through the job description again … personal assistant to the sales director – all usual computer skills, office practices etc - no problems there

    30. ‘Look, my office is only round the corner from where you are – fancy coming over and telling me about it? I can rustle up some coffee

    31. Grinning appreciation at this banter, I go through into the office where Stephen is sitting at a desk

    32. It’s only the knowledge that Stephen was intending to contact her and get her over to his office prevents me from ringing her mobile to check she is all right

    33. It was built in low orbit and could be seen from the ground for it was nearly the size of a hundred story office building

    34. The office was squalid, dark, cluttered

    35. We have arranged for redirection, but you know how the Post Office is sometimes

    36. ‘Definitely, even if he offered me the job, which I don’t for a minute imagine he is going to do!’ I said, chuckling at the memory of his face when I walked out of his office

    37. "It's in his office safe at his house in the Wickford hills

    38. She almost ran to her bosses office

    39. Ginger MacAvoy had a nice view from her corner window office on the fourth floor of the historical San Francisco edifice that housed the headquarters of World Weary Avengers, Incorporated

    40. While she was certain she would soon acquire imagery of Leonora's next movements, she called Mike Griggs into her office

    41. It was an office

    42. Still flapping like an old hen, he leaves for the office

    43. Rosy’s little brother, Vinny Panicker, had strolled into the office and sized up the situation

    44. He was on duty, his personification in a comfortable office chair, but hard at work behind the scenes

    45. qualified should be appointed to that wonderful office (3:1-9)

    46. It is hard to accept that office knowing full well that you will have to deal with many of those after being appointed

    47. ‘Won’t be a mo, there’s some spare ones in the office

    48. My good friend Louise has often asked me to visit her at the law office she works in as a secretary, so as to introduce me to Peter, one of the lawyers

    49. In the evening Louise phoned and informed me that the young man I liked had come into her office once again later, but all he did was laugh up his sleeve before her

    50. In spite of the above fiasco, I agreed to visit Louise in her office once again this morning, for the same purpose

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