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    1. When we find the spot like it on this planet, Kulai and I will build it, and I will invite you

    2. If your goal is to lose twenty pounds, please don't drive around the parking lot wasting those minutes looking for the closest parking spot

    3. spot when you realize you acted against God’s will and

    4. And when God forgives you on the spot, that is a done

    5. deal because you have repented on the spot

    6. The paste also will kill beneficial insects as well, so use on spot applications only

    7. “I left my lunch right here, on this very spot

    8. And if that is did not hit the spot than you sing:

    9. Every year, they come to this very spot, bury their faces in the ground, and howl into pillows made of dirt

    10. Johnny rose from his spot behind the car and indicated that Nancy should follow

    11. He could see his initials in nine spots but with one blank spot at the bottom 10th-place position

    12. Outdoors the larva will lie in a shady moist spot

    13. ‘She’s a very capable, sensible and efficient woman, I should think … just got a blind spot where this one man is concerned

    14. Seamus look down at a spot on the floor

    15. Best combined with another type of treatment such as Liquid nitrogen for spot treatments

    16. Used as a spot treatment

    17. " He parks in a spot reserved for visitors next to the building

    18. There are many natural fungicides that are used to control Downey Mildew, Rust, Black Spot, Powdery Mildew and other exotic diseases, but by now you should get the idea that the basis for regaining the health of the roses and other plants is to regain the health of the soil

    19. from here, I’ve often visited this spot in recent days and the leap of faith required by

    20. the ark, but British management had a blind spot when it came to investment back

    21. they are; repent for our mistakes on the spot; and ALWAYS, ALWAYS,

    22. "Was there a little spot of blood on it after?"

    23. This map detailed a spot that was as exactly in the middle of nowhere as it was possible to get in the west cheek of the dry end of the Gengee floor

    24. "Me and Michael had been out for about 20 minutes and we were just passing the spot where the body was found

    25. beer and their eager-eyed and insatiable game of spot the girlie

    26. It takes a moment for him to spot the bird but it is with deep satisfaction that he finally tells me that he can see it

    27. Every now and then one or other of us will point out something we can see … I spot a deer in the distance at one point but it disappears before Stephen can see it

    28. They were red but there was a dark bloody spot in the crotch, right between the legs and running down an inch or so on her left thigh

    29. As I go through one village on the way, I spot a small garden centre and, on impulse, pull in to have a look round

    30. preeminence, the top spot, in the church

    31. The “Top Spot” is reserved for Jesus! “And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence” (Colossians 1:18)

    32. However, as soon as we reach the threshold at 9:00 o' clock, suddenly Helen stays still as if she were rooted to the spot

    33. Then I spot our Corsair guests, seated in the first row behind the students

    34. It's not hard to spot their black fatigues in contrast with everyone else

    35. And, the high spot of the tour, our stop at Navagio (the Shipwreck): Without the slightest compunction, I left behind the two undecided grumblers who happen to be my companions in this trip and dived into the clear blue water from the deck of the boat

    36. She was quick to spot a lie and would bore in on it

    37. He knew it was his hand hiding those papers in a safe spot when Col

    38. As soon as you spot it, then you can learn a variety of

    39. “Independence commemorative monument, constructed in 1973 upon the spot where Uhuru (freedom/independence) from colonial rule was declared

    40. Uganda is a prime spot for space exploration due to its position on the equator

    41. Still she stood paralyzed to the spot, too scared even to tremble

    42. He dispatched a probe to sit in a small tree near the spot where that raft had pulled ashore and initiated a program to follow that raft from the geosynchronous scope

    43. Both Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers stood to the spot; nobody

    44. It was going to lie in that same spot on the bottom of the Lhar til the sediment it lay in eroded

    45. I froze on the spot, my heart in my mouth

    46. Some of the eggshell had fallen near by; it covered the spot where I was

    47. There was a pinpoint of light out there on the edge of the plains, too low to be the reflection of Kunae off a spot of water

    48. They were in the center of a clump of archwoods, their fire was in the very center of the clump, a clump big enough that it must have been here since the sea first left this spot

    49. where it was so that they could put it all back in it original spot

    50. reached the spot where the rocks stopped

    1. He could see his initials in nine spots but with one blank spot at the bottom 10th-place position

    2. He swatted at them and was about to laugh at their feeble deaths, but when he raised his hand again, he saw only spots of his own red blood

    3. He rocked close enough so that Peter could see his liver spots

    4. David rose to his feet and, with the world swimming in black spots, he reached out

    5. As soon as Barney spots the bouncy castle, all interest in his old Gran disappears and he starts clamouring to have a go … Emma and Adrian exchange a glance

    6. Russ spots something of interest in his newspaper

    7. Leopards and spots came to mind

    8. He spots Hassan, one of the layabouts, sitting with a cigarette dropping form his lips, a bare foot resting on a coffee table pitted with cigarette burns

    9. John clambers up onto a boulder, looks around, spots a pair of military jeeps and an old truck speeding their way

    10. The outer shell of this iron asteroid was only fourteen feet thick in spots, serving as shielding from the relativistic barrage of interstellar flight

    11. Instead of shredding them, it slammed into the junk and peppered the hull with little flashes and hot spots from the impacts

    12. It had a few glowing spots and bands in its atmosphere, often obscured by bands of clouds

    13. She spots me first and motions for Apollo

    14. This was close enough that she could still help the avatar control the ship's system, and could even copy more neural code across to patch up some of the shaky spots

    15. he scraped away hard spots of sublime glue

    16. mobbing a crow, who spots the blue sky black,

    17. Why is it that we have not been willing to be cleansed more thoroughly? Why did we allow ourselves to be consumed with “blind spots” and things of the past that shaped us? This day won’t only be to judge those that have not attained unto the first resurrection

    18. They had cracked to tiles an inch on a side in places, it was just grainy soil in the other spots

    19. we still mark spots on maps with monsters

    20. these weird black spots brood quietly on the maps

    21. hot spots, a riot in the urban jungle,

    22. "I think it's high on mine, in spots almost as scary as the trip thru the pass," Desa said

    23. They told Ava all about their children, the times their dad had cheated on their mom, the times their mom had cheated on their dad, how their brother was a real straight arrow who hadn’t even gotten laid yet except by one of the goats, the brown one with the white spots

    24. Spots that get the most page views

    25. great and the good about their white flies and their black spots, our

    26. Most of the boys at her school are laughable, full of seventeen-year-old menace and spots, with legs and arms that they have not quite grown into

    27. Maggie spots Billy and waves as she beats a hasty retreat and helps with the serving

    28. Rising up from behind a wall of sound, standing tall on ramparts of abuse, the comic spots the boy and goes for the obvious put downs

    29. The shade of the trees above were of little help against the rays that burned through the parched leaves and attacked him in many spots

    30. other bushes had taken root in sheltered spots in the vicinity

    31. As he sips from the steaming mug he spots one of his uniformed officers enter the room and walk up to the counter, order a bacon roll and a mug of the brown stuff

    32. Her eyes drawn lazily to her forearms, she spots some specks of apricot paint and concentrates on picking them off, checking her hands and giving them the same treatment

    33. Then Alex spots a smaller sign pointing to his right: ICU

    34. The Mondeo is very nearly past the turning before Alex spots the tell tale weave of the old comic as he disappears into the shadows

    35. Spots before his eyes

    36. Simon ‘just happens’ to be looking at the gravestones in the churchyard when we get to church and, judging by the way his face lights up when he spots Anna, it looks as though he’s got it as badly as she has; that’s good

    37. To his left he has the drugs, the girls, the glittering spots and gels, all of them wrapped in shades of scarlet, shades that smell of grease paint and stale cigarette smoke

    38. ” He made four impressions in the ground with his heel, at the four spots

    39. I give her a big grin as she moves towards the lift but the receptionist spots her before she can escape and calls across that there are some telephone messages for her

    40. This path went downhill, usually gently, often leveled with a log rail and fill in some spots, some rocks pried around in a few other spots

    41. replaced the plates and utensils in their proper resting spots

    42. The sky had turned its array, of blue and violet it always did after a storm, with small melting spots of orange and yellow flooding over it

    43. ‘We have been in tighter spots than this, Reeas

    44. endless supply of picnic spots – but the weather would be

    45. bright sunlit spots that had poked through the top of the forest earlier were gone

    46. picnic spots, there’d be none

    47. We passed ten picnic spots within the next ten

    48. Half of the travelers were on the ground, twitching, green spots growing on their flesh from where they were struck, their veins clogging then bursting through their skin while their lifeblood pooled around them, thick and dark

    49. Those spots on his cheeks were more pronounced, the eyes shone more brightly out of darker eyes, and a cold sweat glimmered upon his brow

    50. Chubby and round, her cheeks were filled with a constant crimson hue and speckled with tiny black spots like a sprinkling of pepper

    1. By top-dressing Is the lawn being damaged by them? When you have your lawn and property with year-old horse manure, spotted the telltale signs of gophers or moles (a small you will not only be feeding your soil, but also repel-mound of soil or dead plants), naturally as they do not like manure

    2. The lake was choppy and it was late in Morningday when they finally spotted the Sinbara peninsula on the horizon

    3. Before they were done with their lunch, they were traversing open range spotted with scattered small holds with small herdsmen on open range

    4. Fortunately for the people of Jerusalem, an archer spotted Blitzer fired an arrow into his shoulder, causing him to lose his grip and fall

    5. Ah, that’s where I put the other bottle … I reach for the full wine bottle I have just spotted

    6. The carriage was around by the time she had everything ready, He had a very pretty keda the color of a chipmunk with five dark manes and spotted stripes down his back

    7. I’d heard him coming but it was obvious that Liz hadn’t and she was shaken rigid … I saw his face when he spotted her though he covered it immediately … yes, it was the right thing to do, going and getting Liz

    8. Luckily, there was a guy coming home from a night on the town who spotted the front door smouldering

    9. ‘You spotted that? A lot of people write her off as an idiot, you know

    10. It was last spotted at the exit they took, and it was a no-brainer to conclude the car had traveled to the Watson's home not two miles away from there

    11. The junks hadn’t spotted the Squidy in their first encounter

    12. The Chief's arm detached in his hands along the seam he’d spotted between her new and old skin

    13. Shit!’ He’s spotted that a saucepan on the hob is about to boil over

    14. She talked with slow, fluid gestures and had blue, blue dreamy eyes that sometimes focused on the phonecam, making Alfred afraid that she had spotted the lens

    15. Field edging hedgerow spotted with brazen blackberry blossom, petals white against the green, issued a mute warning of the shorter, colder days that were to come

    16. I spotted her when I got to the stile

    17. ‘Good, he’s spotted us

    18. As she neared the corner, she went wide, eyes scanning ahead and spotted the men, standing together to one side of the walkway … ostensibly talking animatedly … no, one of them’s glanced to see if I’m coming … They paid her no attention as she neared them – she didn’t expect them to

    19. On a rain spotted driveway in front of a gaping garage mouth

    20. At peace for the first time in days, she sat watching the land slowly passing by; ducks dabbled in and out of the reed beds bordering the river and here and there she spotted the long legged herons, poised like statues peering at the water intently as though hypnotising their prey

    21. Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers had spotted Fred and Joe from the

    22. It was Cosmicblasto who spotted them first

    23. He spotted it trying to get an angle on him to try and see him

    24. towards Frinkstone Hill without been spotted by Alderfolk

    25. Then she spotted the coke again

    26. Jake was the one who spotted the steam vent

    27. As they entered the Hall they spotted Daniel and Kate with the young man

    28. Daniel and Kate spotted Sam and caught his eye

    29. Rah spotted her trying to hide behind a cloud

    30. Not an hour later they spotted the first wave of the black bull’s army approach

    31. Jake turned and spotted Ichor

    32. He spotted her and his hatred exploded; he flew straight at her

    33. Then he spotted a boy working his way down a line of parked cars, who was taking advantage of the crowds to steal the radiator badges from the more expensive sporting models

    34. We spotted their camp and decided to attack

    35. They flew for almost an hour before they spotted the monsters

    36. "These are the impactors that we’ve spotted," Thom showed them the images from Darryl

    37. The red earth gave way to green vegetation in spotted areas, and after rounding a corner they came out onto a beautiful green grassy plain

    38. Rayne spotted him and rushed to his side

    39. Rayne spotted Lord Tarak in the midst of several of the creatures

    40. Rayne spotted Tarak and Kai in heated swordplay with several of the large bugs

    41. He spotted the Queen sitting on a throne towards the center back of the room

    42. Sally is beaming at me, and comes over to inspect my ring which she has just spotted

    43. streaked windows forced their liver spotted hands to desperate

    44. There in the distance, she spotted the Hausa; they had begun gathering for the evening

    45. Alexei was in his quarters when he spotted the Saber heading their way

    46. Then he spotted a boy working his way down a

    47. spotted an opportunity to do himself a favour, wrote down the

    48. Rayne followed her instructions, out of curiosity, and spotted it at the end of a long hallway

    49. “Vintar, have you spotted them?” He asked as he entered

    50. Alexei would have been very surprised to learn that Lady Tara had spotted him an hour before, and that she had arranged to ‘bump’ into him

    1. for the tell-tale liver spotting upon his sagging hands he clearly had once been a broad

    2. ’ I muttered at one point spotting the man carrying his tools past the window to put in his van

    3. for spotting the main chance that matters

    4. Spotting them in the distance, she finally took a long deep breath

    5. They had a vast region to keep under their watchful eyes and were very adept at spotting any activity

    6. Spotting this she quickly dashes over and moves it further onto the table

    7. Spotting the mud on his Chinos, Davie raises his eyes to the heavens and swears

    8. His dad had taken him deer spotting when he was younger

    9. B’theen seemed to have no other source of income other than cargo spotting, mainly for Kulai’s business

    10. B’theen does all his high-priced leg work and a lot of his spotting, he spends most Afternoondays pacing the docks

    11. I start spotting buildings I know, as well as some which have obviously been built since I was last here

    12. Then the spaniel spotting the sitting swans and went for the female sitting next to me, well that was its first mistake as the male swan gave sharp hiss and drove the spaniel away

    13. And then he spoke, spotting an anomaly,

    14. Spotting a two-story house that seemed to be in pretty decent shape, I pulled the SUV as far into the driveway as I could get

    15. Anna was a decided expert at spotting such boys - she was an experienced expert in this matter

    16. “Do you think we have nothing better to do with the bullets flying round our bonces than to hang around like a pair of fairground dummies on a shy or don’t you think that Billy Boy and I have been shitting it as well?” He spat in disgust as Charlie looked at the pair of us properly spotting our bandages he became quieter and said

    17. Closing the doll’s house again, Dawn looked around, spotting a carved wooden rocking horse

    18. Spotting the cat, a big smile spread across the baby’s face and it reached out its pudgy fists, fingers opening and closing as it tried to touch it

    19. He glanced around, spotting her at the window, waving for her to come out

    20. Spotting a dark alley he headed towards it, tripping on the kerbside as he crossed the road

    21. Then spotting a sandbank, he found a last reserve of energy to thrash his way onto the low ridge

    22. He realised now that he should have stayed well hidden after spotting the large badger preparing to attack the guards, but he had hoped to use the situation as a means of winning favour and gaining entrance to the sett

    23. Glenna and I did not discuss Dena once she had left; instead I took another stroll around the hall spotting Minister Wade and Jackie, Tali and Josh and Garth and Merle all sitting together

    24. Turning away from the dead boar, Brokin threw a glance upwards, spotting two badgers locked in a fierce battle on the narrow ledge by the rock pile

    25. "What's up?" I called, spotting a mass of people milling around the farm gate

    26. His boss was sprawled on the floor and Marcos hurried to his side, spotting blood on his face

    27. Hearing a soft chuckle, Nye looked around, spotting Darren Crosby standing at the door, a knowing smile on his lips

    28. ” She hoped desperately that he would move on quickly: she never was a good liar and guessed this man was a professional at spotting one

    29. Artillery spotting was not my highest priority, though

    30. His face is so close to mine that I can see a few freckles spotting his nose

    31. No hope of spotting landmarks or roads

    32. ” Spotting the licence plate showing the Chev truck was from Johannesburg (“Sodom and Gomorrah,” in the opinion of the locals), he looked disgusted

    33. Upon spotting no one she jumped from rails towards his open arms

    34. Spotting the only packet in the shop, I snatched it jubilantly

    35. into the room, immediately spotting their escape

    36. Spotting Tifa on the level below, he waited for her to join him, her

    37. proposed, spotting an alleyway not far from where they stood,

    38. “Hi Dominic,” she said upon spotting me heading towards Tom's resting place

    39. I was really proud of myself for spotting the difference, so I told everyone straight away

    40. next, what could he offer them anyway? the top ten expert tips on spotting misshapen plastic bottles or the difference between an

    41. spotting two of Braun and Bower’s most devoted employees--a husband and wife team

    42. He was none other than the ex-director of a renowned TV station; who had a major say in arranging concerts in top sabhas in Chennai; who had nurtured top talents; and who still takes pride in spotting right talents

    43. Spotting a young boy he called out to him, “Where are the visitors?”

    44. Easily spotting his friend he smiled as Taher said, “You have always been one for showing off have you not

    45. His gaze spotting the dead body of Damalis slumped at the Engraved Stone in the same place that she had pledged herself to Negel from

    46. after spotting them, watching them pass by the tributary that I’d

    47. He turned to his right, spotting the door to the cellar and a shiver instantly ran down his spine

    48. He approached for a closer look spotting a glow that marked Anak’s passing and instantly his vision faded again, confirming that his magic had indeed been dispelled the first time and that he had found the location that he sought

    49. "Hey, somethin' smel… Oh, hi," he said, spotting Betty on the far side of the table

    50. To the beast it was like ammonia and it turned away quickly spotting a nearby group of watching soldiers whose smell was not so repulsive

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