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    1. ’ She said after running her eye down the blurb on the back cover

    2. “I don’t think that would be allowed but, hey, according to the blurb, the sermon for the week is about inclusivity, so maybe dyslexics are included

    3. But what about the blurb on the back of my book, or the

    4. You email Posterous with a blurb from that

    5. Some years later I actually read a short blurb in Time Magazine offering a physical explanation for the phenomenon

    6. book based on the blurb alone

    7. you see a blurb which you think is effective, copy it, and put it into your Blurb File

    8. The "blurb" is the back cover material for your book --- the selling points which will

    9. publishing house who may be interested in your book, she'll start with your blurb

    10. the editor likes the blurb enough to look at the proposal

    11. book distributors, and later to booksellers, all on the basis of the blurb that you started

    12. So the time that you spend working on the blurb is not wasted, it's the most

    13. Having said all that, it's also important that you don't obsess over your blurb

    14. I wrote this blurb while I was working to gather

    15. blurb took me a long time to write

    16. think that if I'd written the blurb before I started, I would have had a much easier time

    17. (The above blurb is around 200 words

    18. Create several versions of your blurb at

    19. production, and the blurb contains a long list of features

    20. remedy, you could tell this story as part of your blurb

    21. When you've completed your blurb, in around 200 to 300 words, create shorter

    22. Here's a one sentence version of the sample blurb for LifeTime: " LifeTime:

    23. This is where your blurb comes into its own

    24. The shortest blurb you wrote should work well for this step

    25. Now you're written the blurb for your book, and the chapter outline, the next step is to

    26. hook, and included the book's blurb

    27. You can include your blurb

    28. through, ask yourself whether what you've written stays close to your blurb

    29. the back of the book cover blurb, you know—the one the reader

    30. The key is getting there to begin with, and to sustain downloads by having an eye-catching cover and an intriguing blurb

    31. I was surprised when sales kept rising, and shocked two weeks ago when I saw a blurb in Entertainment Weekly calling Killer an "ebook blockbuster

    32. Press releases – the blurb at the bottom of the release that explains what the company does

    33. Their so called “beautiful bathroom”, describe in the sales blurb, was something else

    34. Write a short blurb, no more than a paragraph that will let the reader know what your free report is about

    35. Blurb from WINDSONG - Alwyn ab Brynn Ffrydd wants revenge against a powerful Baron without losing his king's support

    36. Blurb from THIS TIME FOREVER - The Civil War brought casualties beyond the bloody battlefields as North fought South

    37. Blurb from A WAY BACK – Amber Mathis, a Wall Street investment banker, returns to her office after burying her mother

    38. Blurb from Bolt Action – After a childhood of abuse suffered at the hand of her father, Detective Leslie Bolt sleeps with a Ruger Blackhawk

    39. Blurb from INVESTMENT OF THE HEART – Widow Hallie Barron wants her daughter happily married to the young rancher she loves

    40. Blurb from Forever Clan - “I think reading all those vampire romance novels you love so much has addled your brain, Sunday Rose St

    41. Blurb from OUT OF FORGOTTEN ASHES - Evan Jones thinks his troubles are over in 1886

    42. Blurb from Forever Man - This is my first book and it’s the first in the Forever Series and will be coming out in July 2012 from Champagne Books

    43. The blurb says it was found

    44. name and a short blurb thanking them for their time, consideration or whatever it

    45. The first sentence of the blurb read: When two cousins with the same name fal in love with the same man, an

    46. The blurb claimed amazing benefits

    47. Everyone from the publisher who initially buys the proposal, to the book store owner who stocks your book will decide whether they’re interested in your book based on the blurb alone

    48. Here are some reasons to write your blurb first:

    49. book distributors, and later to booksellers, all on the basis of the blurb that you started out with

    50. I wrote this blurb while I was working to gather material for the book

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