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Stroke en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Maybe he had a stroke.
  2. It was his death stroke.
  3. He ached for that stroke.
  4. He had suffered a stroke.
  5. I’m heading for a stroke.

  6. This was the killing stroke.
  7. Soon, she had a stroke and.
  8. Grandma would have a stroke.
  9. I used to stroke the donkey.
  10. Bennett was a stroke of luck.
  11. The effects of the stroke are.
  12. Here is a sharp stroke or two.
  13. What a stroke of luck for you.
  14. Had Keiko suffered a stroke?
  15. Now there was a stroke of luck.

  16. At the last stroke, I saw Mlle.
  17. As a stroke moves through the.
  18. But the stroke was never dealt.
  19. This stroke feels really nice.
  20. Then you need to stroke the foot.
  21. How was that a stroke of luck?
  22. Average cost of having a stroke.
  23. And then we had a stroke of luck.
  24. Ricci begins to stroke his head.
  25. It was a stroke of very bad luck.

  26. Stroke by stroke they laboured on.
  27. Go on stroke them said Fred.
  28. Each stroke should take 2 seconds.
  29. Richard is about to have a stroke.
  30. This one stroke contained the.
  31. I was one step away from a stroke.
  32. It was simply a stroke of bad luck.
  33. It was then he had a stroke of luck.
  34. That stroke never reached the Wolf.
  35. A Master- Stroke of the Trap -Door.
  36. This was the purest stroke of luck.
  37. As I told you, a stroke each minute.
  38. A long stroke, and together, friends.
  39. Yeah, but I'd rather he had a stroke.
  40. Her mother was felled by a stroke.
  41. Young Macleary’s stroke of genius.
  42. The slow stroke of the clock of time.
  43. A precise and fatal stroke; this was.
  44. The clock was on the stroke of twelve.
  45. Is that consider a stroke too?
  46. After the stroke, the writing stopped.
  47. Every stroke evoked screams of anguish.
  48. This was a stroke of luck for the Milo.
  49. He had a stroke and died in about 1970.
  50. He could have a stroke or heart attack.
  51. Mobley’s reports, the first stroke Mr.
  52. He pauses to stroke your exposed temple.
  53. The knife was sharp and her stroke deft.
  54. He had to give that up after the stroke.
  55. I’m sorry to hear about his stroke.
  56. The more ordinary a stroke is, in fact.
  57. Didn’t he damn near have a stroke?
  58. The clock is on the stroke of eleven, sir.
  59. On the stroke of twelve-thirty the Prime.
  60. With every stroke the scream grew louder.
  61. Then he took one more stroke, and another.
  62. He’d had a mild stroke the month before.
  63. He felt the stroke like an electric shock.
  64. It’s not a stroke, the second said.
  65. His hard muscles flexing with each stroke.
  66. She started to stroke his head, soothingly.
  67. You stroke and pump wildly, but go nowhere.
  68. He hewed a two-handed stroke and laid the.
  69. Then stuck in the RFC…a stroke of luck.
  70. The stroke of a brush alluding to pleasure.
  71. Gently stroke its body and search for the.
  72. That was a keen stroke, those mace-tails.
  73. The Pope had a serious stroke last night.
  74. This would be a psychological master stroke.
  75. Olivia cried out at the fury of that stroke.
  76. You will have a heat stroke in this weather.
  77. Tentatively, I reach out and stroke her nose.
  78. It seemed that it had stroke some big trees.
  79. I stroke his coat, and this calms both of us.
  80. A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly.
  81. It came back to him like a stroke of thunder.
  82. Melvin bent to stroke the cat under its chin.
  83. With each stroke we rose higher into the air.
  84. Well almost, at the stroke of midnight anyway.
  85. That was a stroke of genius, catching one of.
  86. Gazing into Anthony's eyes, I stroke his brow.
  87. Stroke rate is one thing and power is another.
  88. No, damn it, I think he's a stroke above that.
  89. She yielded to the stroke, and then heaved up.
  90. That was a stroke of genius; upchucking my past.
  91. He had another stroke about half an hour ago.
  92. Last time, we left at the last stroke of twelve.
  93. The second stroke left her in a fatal condition.
  94. One , two thre e –the y counte d the stroke s.
  95. He prided himself on what a stroke of genius it.
  96. Burt it's only Susan they'll allow to stroke them.
  97. Do you think it would allow me to stroke it?’.
  98. It stroke somewhere mercilessly with a loud bang.
  99. The town clock finished the last stroke of three.
  100. It was swift and deadly as the stroke of an adder.
  1. Her arms stroking his chest.
  2. He sat stroking his mustache.
  3. Stroking the long white mane.
  4. She was stroking Xonia’s arm.
  5. He carried on stroking her hair.
  6. Sarah never stopped the stroking.
  7. Stroking my hair as he kisses me.
  8. The Order, he said, stroking a red.
  9. Stroking the cover lightly, there was.
  10. It moved as if a hand was stroking it.
  11. Shh— he said stroking her hair.
  12. I smiled stroking the side of his face.
  13. He woke up by someone stroking his hair.
  14. Nerissa had seen Dora eagerly stroking.
  15. Besides,’ he said, stroking the good.
  16. That cut you stroking them with idle hand.
  17. His mother was stroking the polished wood.
  18. I was by her bed, stroking that lovely head.
  19. She cradled him, stroking between his ears.
  20. Bernie stood thoughtfully, stroking his chin.
  21. It returned to his face, stroking it gently.
  22. He roamed through the car’s, stroking them.
  23. Paul kneeled there, stroking his mother's hand.
  24. She played him up as she danced, stroking his.
  25. Annabelle and stroking her nose affectionately.
  26. Becky soothes him by stroking his exposed scars.
  27. Are you okay? I asked stroking her cheek.
  28. She sat still for a moment, stroking Una's hair.
  29. He quickly engulfed me in a hug stroking my hair.
  30. They were touching his face, stroking his wings.
  31. Derrick sat next to her, stroking her hair gently.
  32. I stand by the rail, stroking the bird’s plumage.
  33. Hmm, Crusty said, stroking his leathery chin.
  34. It’s real, Sage replied stroking his hair.
  35. That figures, Barron added, stroking his chin.
  36. If he’d had a beard, he’d have been stroking it.
  37. She sobbed, stroking his hair and glared up at Zac.
  38. I swept her hair to the side, stroking her shoulders.
  39. I suggested that gentle stroking and patting could.
  40. Van Thorn remained silent, stroking his chin lightly.
  41. He seemed to be stroking the reporter with his eyes.
  42. There, he whispers, stroking my blushing cheek.
  43. With his hand stroking her hair, she started to relax.
  44. He had hold of Tante Else's hand and was stroking it.
  45. A young woman, with kind features, is stroking my hair.
  46. Matt stood and held the bridle, stroking Bess’ nose.
  47. Raven pulled her close and held her, stroking her hair.
  48. That kiss quickly led to a lot of stroking and petting.
  49. I like cuddling, chatting, stroking, intimate cosiness.
  50. It folded gently around her finger, as if stroking her.
  51. Beth took the brush in her hands and began stroking it.
  52. Mago’s currently laughing and stroking his pointy beard.
  53. Terri was stroking his forehead in an attempt to comfort.
  54. After thinking a minute, with his left hand stroking his.
  55. Baby? he whispered, stroking the hair from her face.
  56. Stroking Panny, Sue smiled at Zem and said, Not at all.
  57. His pleas go unanswered while stroking her head and hair.
  58. He kissed her repeatedly, stroking her face with his hand.
  59. But his fingers began gently stroking the palm of her hand.
  60. How many had it slain that night? Tifa began stroking her.
  61. For that matter, he deserved a little diplomatic stroking.
  62. Pregnant? I pulled her against me, stroking her hair.
  63. Jack was stroking his prick, which was very hard now and his.
  64. She continued whispering soothing words and stroking his head.
  65. Fuck me, boy, she said softly, stroking his soft hair.
  66. He took her hand in his, stroking her soft skin with his thumb.
  67. Rose gasped quietly, her hand stroking the little girl’s head.
  68. Then he went back to stroking the plastic keys of the computer.
  69. I see you later, Mishila, he murmured, stroking her back.
  70. His hands were warm and he was stroking both of her calves now.
  71. Habitually stroking his clean-shaven chin and touching the top.
  72. That’s nice, he said, stroking circles over my cheeks.
  73. You have a gift with animals, Than said, stroking Clifford.
  74. Stroking the cat on the head and giving comfort and talking to.
  75. She paused in the master bedroom, her hands stroking the gauzy.
  76. Both Fred and Joe were stroking Ethereead, who was enjoying the.
  77. It was a fine trip, dear, she returned, stroking his cheek.
  78. And I thought I was old, said Why, stroking his wispy beard.
  79. The man stood in the entrance to the facility, casually stroking.
  80. So what’s on the agenda today? he asked stroking her face.
  81. Kearney looked straight before him, stroking his beard, while Mrs.
  82. Would you quit stroking that think, you look like a serial killer.
  83. Stroking the top, she thought, it can't weigh more than ten pounds.
  84. He imagined it was the wind stroking his wings while he was flying.
  85. I said all this whilst stroking my chin and keeping my face straight.
  86. He returned to his task with relish and began stroking her slim back.
  87. As the night dwindled, she made a point of softly stroking his hands.
  88. He sat next to her, holding her hand, gently stroking it as he spoke.
  89. Cam gathered her in, stroking her back in that way he had of soothing.
  90. It’s only Terrance, Helen Booker said, stroking Carolyn’s hair.
  91. Here touch him, feel for yourself, he said stroking the bear gently.
  92. For a moment she was tense but then relaxed and began stroking my hair.
  93. They smiled on and the girls were stroking their hair over the temples.
  94. Do both of them, he said and went back to stroking her labia with.
  95. Jack was listening intently and trying to comfort me by stroking my hair.
  96. But what about breakfast? said Joey, stroking his rumbling stomach.
  97. Regaining his balance, Em reached up and started stroking the cat's neck.
  98. Stroking my cheek, he smiles and whispers, Where else would I be?
  99. Shhh, it is all okay, said Aazuria, stroking the old woman’s hand.
  100. She turned to me, her hand stroking Abigail’s hair, the gun aimed at me.
  1. He stroked her wet hair.
  2. A hand stroked his elbow.
  3. His hand stroked my belly.
  4. Jim stroked a horse's mane.
  5. She stroked him and smiled.
  6. He stroked the top of his.
  7. He stroked her cheek gently.
  8. He stroked her hair gently.
  9. Slowly she stroked his hair.
  10. He stroked my cheek gently.
  11. Dan stroked his stubbly face.
  12. She gently stroked his hair.
  13. I knelt and stroked his head.
  14. Lisa lightly stroked his arm.
  15. Rave tenderly stroked her hair.
  16. Olsen stroked her hands softly.
  17. He stroked the oversized skull.
  18. He stroked her dark-wine hair.
  19. I smiled and stroked her hair.
  20. Crying freely now, he stroked.
  21. He stroked her hair helplessly.
  22. Her hand softly stroked my arm.
  23. I stroked his shoulder, his arm.
  24. I stroked the forlorn curve of.
  25. Billy stroked the mare’s neck.
  26. He stroked his chin and thought.
  27. He laughed and stroked my cheek.
  28. He stroked her nose and mounted.
  29. Elephant shadow stroked his ears.
  30. His coarse hand stroked my cheek.
  31. She stroked his face and looked.
  32. Her grandmother stroked her back.
  33. She stroked his head and patted.
  34. He stroked the curve of her cheek.
  35. He reached up and stroked my cheek.
  36. She stroked the sides of his neck.
  37. With his toes he stroked her foot.
  38. He stroked the sheath up and down.
  39. He stroked her gently on the back.
  40. Ilmal soothingly stroked her cheek.
  41. He stroked my hair with his big paw.
  42. She stroked me, Alfie crooned.
  43. He stroked a finger over her cheek.
  44. He stroked the engine like a child.
  45. We spoke to him, we stroked his arms.
  46. His long, bony fingers stroked his.
  47. Smiling, she stroked my cheek fondly.
  48. Simon stroked a little girl’s hair.
  49. Ducroix stroked his chin thoughtfully.
  50. She stroked his hands gently in hers.
  51. Instead, he stroked her cheek gently.
  52. Dominique smiled and stroked his cheek.
  53. He gave her a hug and stroked her hair.
  54. Captain Rathbone stroked his moustache.
  55. She stroked the side of his face and.
  56. My mother stroked the sides of my face.
  57. I stroked her face and blew her a kiss.
  58. Sit,’ he said and stroked his white.
  59. Bjorgolf stroked his beard thoughtfully.
  60. Liam stroked his hard cock suggestively.
  61. She stroked its slippery back tenderly.
  62. No! He stroked the hair from her temples.
  63. Leigh stroked the hair on Jeff’s chest.
  64. She leaned over and stroked Toby's hand.
  65. The merchant stroked his chin and frowned.
  66. I stroked his cheek with a lingering hand.
  67. The peasant stroked his beard importantly.
  68. I stroked her head while I spoke with Dr.
  69. Harmony stroked him back and then sat up.
  70. He held up his hand and stroked my cheek.
  71. Oh, he said and stroked his mustache.
  72. Sue stroked the side of my face and said.
  73. Jon leaned across and stroked my forehead.
  74. She stroked his wrist with her fingertips.
  75. He went up and stroked the dragon on the.
  76. Her slim fingers stroked his beard lightly.
  77. Peter managed a smile and stroked her hair.
  78. Elior kissed her neck and stroked her hair.
  79. He gently stroked her arm down to her hand.
  80. Without knowing, he gently stroked her face.
  81. Barry cautiously stroked Theakston’s belly.
  82. He stroked Blaze’s head, avoiding my stare.
  83. She stroked his face, whispering, Thanks.
  84. Dominick stroked the cat and gave a long sigh.
  85. The mother stroked her dead daughter’s head.
  86. As Vasy came awake, Theoton stroked his hair.
  87. She stroked her abdomen by way of recognition.
  88. Noall‘s hand and stroked it absentmindedly.
  89. He reached out his hand and stroked her hair.
  90. I reached for his face and stroked his cheek.
  91. Mrs Gold stood next to me and stroked my hair.
  92. Bru stroked away again and they moved forward.
  93. The Great Father stroked his daughter’s hair.
  94. Jack lay him on his side and stroked his head.
  95. She reached and stroked it into full attention.
  96. She stroked his hair, and as fast as she had.
  97. The old prince got up and stroked Kitty's hair.
  98. She stroked his hair slowly with her thin hand.
  99. He stroked my back and I told him I loved him.
  100. Carol kissed her forehead and stroked her hair.
  1. He gently strokes her hair.
  2. Five strokes of the switch.
  3. Each of his strokes tortures.
  4. The stances and strokes that.
  5. Now tens of strokes had passed.
  6. Keep the bow strokes very even.
  7. He strokes my hair and kisses.
  8. She strokes the side of my face.
  9. Diane strokes and sucks his cock.
  10. He strokes them with his fingers.
  11. He strokes his chin thoughtfully.
  12. Unlike strokes, TIAs have not been.
  13. Smal strokes kept me above the waves.
  14. Moving with fast, definitive strokes.
  15. Make 150 strokes (75 with each hand).
  16. To knock just a few more strokes off.
  17. It is full of 'tender strokes of Art.
  18. He made a few strokes and withdrew it.
  19. After several strokes, he said in an.
  20. Use varying strokes and body movements.
  21. It took only a few strokes more for his.
  22. Tennine strokes announced a great event.
  23. He dug in the wood using smooth strokes.
  24. Panny was swimming with side strokes of.
  25. A few key strokes later he shook his head.
  26. First, a series of strokes were diagnosed.
  27. He reaches his arm up and strokes my cheek.
  28. He strokes my cheek with the palm of his hand.
  29. Then strokes it, Oh, I love that silky arse.
  30. One simply strokes the bristles of dead women.
  31. It brought me five hundred strokes, my friend.
  32. Just a few more strokes, she told herself.
  33. Your strokes are harder than they need to be.
  34. Therefore he did not cease his attacking strokes.
  35. Different strokes for different folks, obviously.
  36. The slow strokes of dactyl wings in the lazy air.
  37. And her stances and strokes also seemed to have.
  38. I beat one by five strokes, and the other by six.
  39. Mayank smiled at the different strokes of destiny.
  40. Because he was distracted, his attacking strokes.
  41. In three attack strokes, Nangong Ping had forced.
  42. She strokes her hair draped over her left shoulder.
  43. He caressed my back with gentle strokes of his hand.
  44. Therefore his strokes and changes were also slower.
  45. He smooths his hand over my ass in circular strokes.
  46. With quick, irritated strokes, I brushed out my hair.
  47. Blessing hovered with pointless strokes of her broom.
  48. How nice is this? he says as he strokes himself.
  49. He has been sentenced to twenty strokes with the rods.
  50. Now instead of 4 or 5 strokes, it takes 7 or 8 strokes.
  51. Over the years his Grandma suffered from strokes and a.
  52. In between his words, he had attacked with seven strokes.
  53. Five strokes Big Ben intoned; Nelson received the salute.
  54. And if he beats me, the strokes won’t have much force.
  55. In spite of our knowing that the successive strokes are.
  56. She has had strokes in the past, but she also has a lot.
  57. With a few strokes Frodo brought the boat back to the bank.
  58. The strokes of the paddles in the water are the only sound.
  59. After 2 or 3 strokes he released the dice onto the coffee.
  60. Long Bushi attacked with another three strokes and shouted.
  61. I’ve seen similar strokes from the William’s sisters.
  62. With his thumb, he strokes a bit of something off my cheek.
  63. They picked up their pace and extended their wing strokes.
  64. With steady strokes, they neared her stern in four minutes.
  65. Isabella brushed Veronique’s hair in long, loving strokes.
  66. And after another ten strokes flew by, he sweated profusely.
  67. Crazy strokes of red across the paper, my eyes stayed glued.
  68. Hers is beautiful, with its smooth strokes, blues and greys.
  69. That heavy whip, for example: if a person had 300 strokes of.
  70. My heart is in my mouth as his hand gently strokes my behind.
  71. Use short strokes, as they are easier than a continuous line.
  72. Between strokes, they can hear the sea wind rattle the window.
  73. She holds him a little closer and strokes his long furry ears.
  74. I wonder what strokes Tommy boy had to pull to get away with.
  75. They had been hewn with many cruel strokes, and two had been.
  76. Although it looked like three strokes but it was actually one.
  77. If you use these two strokes Ninth Heaven and 'Moon.
  78. Again came the blank of a pause: the clock struck eight strokes.
  80. He strokes his chin thoughtfully with his long, skilled fingers.
  81. His slow, gentle strokes up and down her arm left her paralyzed.
  82. His thumb strokes a line down her jaw, leaving heat in its wake.
  83. His stances and strokes were filled with changes and flexibility.
  84. She slowed or went faster depending on his strokes of the sponge.
  85. Strokes of luck, especially of these dimensions, are so very rare.
  86. The other two days he swam, mastering different strokes by age 12.
  87. After another tens of strokes had passed, Nangong Ping gained his.
  88. With deft strokes the bull was slaughtered and placed on the altar.
  89. In the early 1970s, I had a Columbia LP entitled, Different Strokes.
  90. Suddenly his stances and strokes changed and he actually used the.
  91. Another three strokes had passed; Ren Fengping right wrist was now.
  92. Billy puts a hand on his daughter's head and strokes her hair gently.
  93. Zhan Donglai laughed and laughed coldly and his strokes became even.
  94. A few strokes of the oar brought the skiff to the sand, where it ran.
  95. I still help my mother out who has suffered several strokes but even.
  96. At the end of ten strokes, the bows of the boats were dead even again.
  97. In between her laughs, she had attacked with just a few simple strokes.
  98. He buried his face in her and began to lick with long, powerful strokes.
  99. That was the halfway point, Knockwit and Fizzicist led by five strokes.
  100. So it went on until each of the twelve men had received seventy strokes.

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