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    1. That is why we are going to explore this subject on this

    2. I can confirm to you that, subject to formal ABC accreditation, it easily fits in the category of [0 – 10] copies [and sadly I do mean easily!]

    3. available wal in the city and had more earthly subject matters

    4. In case of hospitalisation, the expenses that are incurred will be taken care of by this policy subject to the limit of the cover

    5. Of course, the reimbursements of expenses are subject to conditions

    6. She changed the subject to his camp and gushed about that a bit, the whole point being to find out where he got the money

    7. Subject: Moths in the House

    8. The youngsters in particular, who are more enlightened these days and have not been subject to foreign rule like many of us, there is a lot of resentment to rules and regulations that are practiced simply to put spokes in the development initiatives

    9. ‘Any messages for me?’ he asked, changing the subject and finishing off his meal

    10. Audience has to be interested in listening to your views on the chosen subject because of your experience, knowledge and the clarity of presentation

    1. You can still be assured of one thing though; I will never allow this book to be subjected to the humiliation of product placement

    2. Church is subjected to time set for that worship service

    3. Everything in heaven and earth is subjected and responds

    4. She didn't come back into flesh to volunteer to have that flesh subjected to all kinds of needless perils

    5. The methods used by spiritual masters so as to break their disciples' Ego are mostly red herrings, sophistry or rhetorical tricks; the listeners seldom oppose to them, because of excessive psychological pressure they are usually subjected to

    6. Sometimes we are given lessons by Harry, the brightest example of obedience in Janus, who trumpets forth that: “Disciples who are entirely subjected to their master, have a good chance of reaching illumination – no matter who the master is, no matter if the master is a complete idiot! It doesn't matter who you obey; the important thing is to obey!”

    7. Alfred hung on this conversation wondering if he was going to hear them make plans to have Alan subjected to this to find out if he really was from Earth

    8. That evening, with a four pack empty on the already crowded coffee table, their mother subjected both of the children to another verbal assault while their father sat slumped in an alcoholic stupor in front of the television

    9. The eyes should never be subjected to strain of any kind, and all possible care should be taken to protect them from this

    10. Nerves and ligaments of the spine arc subjected to a healthy pull, and the spinal nerve roots and sympathetic system are toned so that this posture beneficially affects the entire organism

    1. The Jews had been able to keep from being obliterated by subjecting themselves to the rules of the State

    2. She felt sorry for subjecting Alan to her whining about how little progress they were making on the tape

    3. " For in subjecting all things to Him, He did not leave anything not subjected to Him

    4. } Fourthly, by subjecting the people to the frequent visits and the odious examination of the tax-gatherers, it may expose them to much unnecessary trouble, vexation, and oppression ; and though vexation is not, strictly speaking, expense, it is certainly equivalent to the expense at which every man would be willing to redeem himself from it

    5. By removing all prohibitions, and by subjecting all foreign manufactures to such moderate taxes, as it was found from experience, afforded upon each article the greatest revenue to the public, our own workmen might still have a considerable advantage in the home market ; and many articles, some of which at present afford no revenue to government, and others a very inconsiderable one, might afford a very great one

    6. Fourthly, such taxes, by subjecting at least the dealers in the taxed commodities, to the frequent visits and odious examination of the tax-gatherers, expose them sometimes, no doubt, to some degree of oppression, and always to much trouble and vexation; and though vexation, as has already been said, is not strictly speaking expense, it is certainly equivalent to the expense at which every man would be willing to redeem himself from it

    7. For weeks he had been on the road, suffering fools too gladly sometimes, subjecting his body into a trial of strength of will

    8. He is growing strong in spite of all that strange water dunking to which your Ani’ Yun’-wiya are constantly subjecting him

    9. “Raccoon Obake huh?” She said after I told her the torment that Akito was subjecting me to

    10. These schools and the teachers they graduate are dedicated to subjecting the nation to the onslaught of these particularly tenacious brigades of the Civil War

    1. Please find out the subjects and objects in the following sentences:

    2. He seemed to be a polite, nice guy; the three of us discussed various subjects and he proved to be an interesting person; he has sympathy with metaphysics too: he used to carry out astral projections but for some strange reason he can't anymore; yet, he can still see people's auras, he said

    3. It's about three months since I first noticed a radical change in Persephone's behaviour: She is always shouting and laughing at top voice, she is trying to be clever and expert in all subjects, she is constantly asking for favours: “Type these poems for me” … “Tell your mother to sew this skirt of mine” … “Will you paint this picture for me?” … “Go to that public service and ask this or that” and so on

    4. "That is all this is about after all, the Kassikan and its forty billion mortal subjects are pawns in Moamar's game

    5. The three of us have a good time together, yet Tandoulou sets me thinking sometimes: On one hand she is intelligent and knowledgeable about many subjects; on the other hand she is rather bossy and obsessed with religion; she is also a scrooge, counting every cent she is to pay

    6. It should be made known to all His Majesty's subjects that secrecy is to be maintained, now more than ever

    7. “And she has also lost control of her subjects,” I inferred satisfied

    8. He snapped over 1,000 photos of these complex coiffures, from subjects he found on the streets, in offices, and at wedding celebrations

    9. On an inscription in the Temple of Minerva (Roman god), Pompeii boasts about taking 12 million subjects at surrender in 1,500 towns

    10. ” Isn’t it remarkable that of all the subjects that could have been spoken of, only one is mentioned? Jesus spoke with His disciples about the Kingdom of God

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    content depicted object subject issue matter topic bailiwick discipline field field of study study subject area subject field theme national case guinea pig subjugate dependent capable open susceptible prone exposed contingent subordinate subservient conditional inferior substance subject matter thesis point argument minion dominate enslave govern subdue influence lay open make liable