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    1. They clipped a car that was swerving out of the way and careened into a truck

    2. She careened down the road, cutting corners and bends, tendrils of wet hair whipping at my face, my hands on her hips and my head in the clouds

    3. as she careened through doorways and down the stairs, tripping and

    4. James looked greener and greener as they careened

    5. I shouted a warning to Detective Inspector Grunt, who was out tidying up the flowerbeds and seeing us, he jumped clear, laughing loudly when we careened into the old horse-trough, coming to a juddering halt

    6. his fishing boat careened past, unable to avoid giving the rock

    7. With no driver, the car careened out of control and crashed into the house,

    8. Selma bit her tongue in fear as they careened and listed

    9. With no opportunity for avoidance, Yigal and Azareel gaped wild-eyed as the cargo careened toward them

    10. The boat also careened up the bank, but without

    1. The horses reared and bolted, taking their helpless driver and passengers careening into the fencing

    2. Usually the something bad is the club head turning as it meets the golf ball, with the ball careening almost one hundred and eighty degrees from the golfer

    3. Something struck the Confederation with such force that she was sent careening into the

    4. Then he was working the door handle, and suddenly it flew open to send her careening

    5. houses from their foundations and sending them careening into the next, shattering them

    6. That fall, our family was like bumper cars, all alike, careening off of one another

    7. A huge waterfall was careening over a precipice more

    8. As Moshe’s wildly cheering troop neared the bottom of the hill, their momentum sent them careening into the great mass of people and animals streaming south toward where the ridge disappeared into the surrounding landform

    9. It charged ahead, desperately trying to keep up with the frenzy of motion careening along beside it

    10. side of the careening barge

    1. retros so the rock overtakes us, and then tuck in behind it as it careens towards the transit point

    2. It careens off the road the down the hill

    3. The blimp careens away

    4. When instantly, the entire ship careens over on her side; every bolt in her starts like the nail-heads of an old house in frosty weather; she trembles, quivers, and nods her frighted mast-heads to the sky

    5. As an overladen Indiaman bearing down the Hindostan coast with a deck load of frightened horses, careens, buries, rolls, and wallows on her way; so did this old whale heave his aged bulk, and now and then partly turning over on his cumbrous rib-ends, expose the cause of his devious wake in the unnatural stump of his starboard fin

    1. second I expected the Belle to careen against either one side

    2. The promise of the Morning Star, the universality of the Christian institution, had imploded upon itself in the afternoon of its ascendancy, leaving its fractured remnants to careen across the heavens of Man’s infidelity!

    3. I try my best to avoid the toy aisles wherever we are, but usually end up having to put on my hard-ass mama face and careen through the check-out line before the 4-year-old tears start

    4. Gaal was still standing straight, but the force of Ben’s sword misdirected the thing just enough to cause it to careen past Gaal’s shoulder by six inches

    5. I hear the snapping of wood as we careen through

    6. The destroyer lurched and then began to careen out of control

    7. careen slowly through the woods

    8. He landed on a building top, abandoning his bike to careen into a tree

    9. Miraculously, against all logic, the southern hemisphere of Clug Raddo does not careen into oblivion but continues a functional orbit with life-sustainability

    10. mama face and careen through the check-out line before the 4-year-old tears

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