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    1. Some of my friends bought a fabrication shop down in the Gengee, this is the best imitation of an antique ocean racer from our country that we can build

    2. The boiler looked like it was made of a very good imitation of aluminum

    3. He puts his hand on his bare chest in imitation of a Napoleonic stance

    4. It was a pretty good imitation of what he would have liked back home, a sprawling ranch built out of earthenware blocks with a tile and beam roof

    5. The guys running the mechanical shop had managed to put together a very good imitation of an ocean racer and it was now ready for some long distance trials

    6. “Actually my dear, you feel pretty good,” he gave her his best WC Fields imitation

    7. The loungers and tables wore highlights of gilt and carried bouquets of the finest imitation flowers

    8. The tree became artificial, the eggnog imitation, and the romance of the season was swept out with extra hours, to pay the bills

    9. As they worship Satan they give him power and authority in their realm of the earth in exchange for imitation spiritual power to do cheap tricks

    10. Sometimes they have been introduced in the manner above mentioned, by the violent operation, if one may say so, of the stocks of particular merchants and undertakers, who established them in imitation of some foreign manufactures of the same kind

    11. Thus, without needing to shift his body and thereby creating noise that might warn his potential meal down below, he can have a look “around,” literally, while doing his “I’m-a-harmless-statue” imitation up on the branch of one of his favorite trees

    12. It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery

    13. It was probably in imitation of them, and to put themselves upon a level with those who, they found, were disposed to oppress them, that the country gentlemen and farmers of Great Britain so far forgot the generosity which is natural to their station, as to demand the exclusive privilege of supplying their countrymen with corn and butcher's meat

    14. When our country gentlemen, therefore, demanded the establishment of the bounty, though they acted in imitation of our merchants and manufacturers, they did not act with that complete comprehension of their own interest, which commonly directs the conduct of those two other orders of people

    15. Some imitation, I suspect

    16. He wore a black coat, trousers, and boots in imitation of the Alit’aren – golden dragons embroidered on the sleeves

    17. It was an imitation of the mansion

    18. "That's the thing about pigs," I quoted in a bad imitation of his voice

    19. “Will the real Tony Fuck-head, please stand up,” sang his dad in a passable imitation of Eminem

    20. I left the Hilton and walked up Mandalay until I found a bad imitation of a Radio Shack called The Electronics Hut

    21. One more thing – did this guy walk funny?” I stood up and did a rough imitation of Terry Bullock"s walk

    22. The wine was a disappointment, being a poor imitation of a red Bordeaux, and they left half the bottle

    23. Colling found the costume strikingly reminiscent of official Soviet dress, and wondered whether it was imitation or genuine

    24. The employee gave an imitation wave, which was something unknown in its own cultural sub-context, turned and went back towards the building with the vehicles parked in front

    25. I think she is very old, and her imitation of humanity is very sophisticated

    26. She repeated it again and he made a pretty good imitation of it this time

    27. She drew herself up as if in imitation of what was now only memory

    28. It had made a good imitation of many of the Christian beliefs that Mohammad had studied, under Christian clerics, only to be dismissed when his rather unique interpretations proved to be unacceptable

    29. “Your voice is different from Terry’s, but we weren’t looking for a tribute band imitation

    30. It seems that, in imitation of a practice in the old land, a group of archers had been trained to fire arrows a certain distance in a certain direction according to a signal

    31. we use Jewah in imitation of the sounds that the Jews use when

    32. He organized them into tumen in imitation of us and rigorously trained the men into a formidable force

    33. grabbed at his crotch and bucked his hips in a crude imitation of

    34. front of me, complete with imitation turtle noises

    35. A picture of the dock supervisor dancing his little jig in that earlier imitation of Youssaf as he strode off, the very last thing Moshe had seen of his friend, flashed across his mind

    36. “On your feet, you poor imitation of the soldiers I trained!” He barked in the most rasping voice that he had ever heard himself use

    37. A picture of the dock supervisor dancing his little jig in that earlier imitation of Youssaf as he

    38. She was bored and decided to start painting some imitation stained glass, but after a while she began to brush paint onto her body and her gown

    39. “On your feet, you poor imitation of the soldiers I trained!” He barked in the most rasping voice

    40. (Haki's way of roaring was itself an imitation, of a bear

    41. crossed, so I decided that since imitation is the sincerest form of

    42. ” What stopped my lousy imitation was a beautiful girl

    43. In a bad imitation of my voice, she said: “‘It’s just a photo, Annabeth

    44. She looked at the objects accumulated along the stay with curiosity; one especially got her attention, the imitation of a Van Gogh work, “First Steps”, which was hanging on the wall

    45. Packing and making a bundle of the things I couldn’t squeeze into my imitation leather holdall took four minutes

    46. The Burke imitation had been a hit about an hour ago when the party

    47. dead man, or an exact imitation of his handwriting; but even in such an

    48. person, and between a Master and an exact imitation of Him

    49. Imitation of Christ means to have a profound delight in His Gospel, to be

    50. From the imitation of Christ

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    imitation caricature impersonation fake false faux simulated artificial ersatz counterfeit bogus fraudulent mimicry parroting feigning mime duplicate fraud