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Imitation en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Now imitation is the very.
  2. From the imitation of Christ.
  3. It was an imitation of the mansion.
  4. Palm Beach is an imitation of Monaco.
  5. The Martian did likewise in imitation.

  6. He did a weak imitation of returning it.
  7. She smiled in an obvious imitation of Lea.
  8. Their clothing though, is cheap imitation.
  9. He was already giving an imitation of the.
  10. And that imitation, even at this late stage of.
  11. Play is an imitation of real activity; so is art.
  12. One’s imitation of totemic animal bearing evokes.
  13. Certainly not, I replied; they are only an imitation.
  14. It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery.
  15. The pall of nature is thickened when there is imitation.

  16. There are editions of THE IMITATION that look like that.
  17. Only through imitation do we develop toward originality.
  18. The same holds true with any imitation items you purchase.
  19. Yes, for the strength of love’s proof is its imitation.
  20. So imitation does not help when we tread on the spiritual.
  22. First, we discover the Dead Place and the imitation rocks.
  23. However this is an illusion, a genuine imitation of happiness.
  24. It’s an imitation of what that first consciousness felt like.

  26. And what is the faculty in man to which imitation is addressed?
  27. It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.
  28. Imitation is a far stronger principle with children than memory.
  29. There is abundance of cheap imitation on the spiritual path.
  30. Imitation stems out of the rhythm relationship of spirit to soul.
  31. She drew herself up as if in imitation of what was now only memory.
  32. The Burke imitation had been a hit about an hour ago when the party.
  33. Likewise, Olive said in a perfect imitation of her older sister.
  34. The imitation was a failure and the owner had known it was a failure.
  35. All what they did is but to imitate their forefathers blind imitation.
  36. Imitation white cuffs were attached to the ends of the jacket sleeves.
  37. And indeed the fi rst game that a smal individual plays is imitation.
  38. Bloated digestion changes imitation final furry things rabbitting on.
  39. He puts his hand on his bare chest in imitation of a Napoleonic stance.
  40. The boiler looked like it was made of a very good imitation of aluminum.
  41. We gave a mighty good imitation of dead fish—although I say it myself.
  42. Some people couldn’t tell that it’s an imitation, he continued.
  43. She repeated it again and he made a pretty good imitation of it this time.
  44. The division of the soul throws a new light on our exclusion of imitation.
  45. Imitation of Christ means to have a profound delight in His Gospel, to be.
  46. And now let us enquire, what is the faculty in man which answers to imitation.
  47. I think she is very old, and her imitation of humanity is very sophisticated.
  48. In a bad imitation of my voice, she said: ‘It’s just a photo, Annabeth.
  49. Do you remember Hawkins Browne's 'Address to Tobacco,' in imitation of Pope?—.
  50. His congenial attitude was something that could not be achieved through imitation.
  51. The Beast had made use of artifice, illusion, imitation, disruption, misdirection.
  52. Tannon frowned, her face a grave imitation of an adult considering a weighty problem.
  53. Bwaahaahaa! Or the sanitary toilet wipes and the imitation cheese food spread!.
  54. Actually my dear, you feel pretty good, he gave her his best WC Fields imitation.
  55. He disputes the doctrine that art is imitation and that the beautiful is what pleases.
  56. In the fishing tackle shop, Tom seemed fascinated by the boxes of tiny imitation flies.
  57. In this world of imitation one should remain always mindful of the example he sets for.
  58. Then in this case the narrative of the poet may be said to proceed by way of imitation?
  59. In theeighteenth century a 13-syllable Alexandrine appears inSpanish in imitation of the.
  60. I can’t deal with her when she’s like this, she said, a perfect imitation of Patty.
  61. And yet it is this Government that is held up to Republican America as a model for imitation.
  62. You are probably familiar with the placebo affect where imitation drugs are given to a patient.
  63. A fraudulent imitation, Watson, though I should hardly dare to hint as much to our specialist.
  64. The cases of the imitation of such objects as the excrement of birds, are rare and exceptional.
  65. Your voice is different from Terry’s, but we weren’t looking for a tribute band imitation.
  66. Alaric did an excellent imitation of a goldfish standing there with his mouth opening and shutting.
  67. Will the real Tony Fuck-head, please stand up, sang his dad in a passable imitation of Eminem.
  68. A picture of the dock supervisor dancing his little jig in that earlier imitation of Youssaf as he.
  69. The loungers and tables wore highlights of gilt and carried bouquets of the finest imitation flowers.
  70. Equally little can imitation, realism, serve, as many people think, as a measure of the quality of art.
  71. On your feet, you poor imitation of the soldiers I trained! He barked in the most rasping voice.
  72. Firmament: Adopted in the Vulgate in an imitation of a Hebrew word meaning probably meaning expanse.
  73. He organized them into tumen in imitation of us and rigorously trained the men into a formidable force.
  74. Preliterate man was always “smart” at imitation, just as we’re always “smart” at explanation.
  75. A few children scampered about, raising their arms in imitation of surrender and mocking the prisoners.
  76. Billy wanted to take the man and throw him out one of the imitation windows but calmed himself to speak.
  77. The wine was a disappointment, being a poor imitation of a red Bordeaux, and they left half the bottle.
  78. And it is the sequenced cascade of imitation that I believe chronicles the life of any investment crowd.
  79. You must recollect, we are all creatures of imitation: precept may teach us, but it is example that draws us.
  80. The song was sung, but it was a very poor imitation of the real thing, for quavering voices make poor songs.
  81. One more thing – did this guy walk funny? I stood up and did a rough imitation of Terry Bullocks walk.
  82. Where the cylinder bolts to the hull, the holes were temporarily filled with imitation rivets of hard rubber.
  83. In the orchestra is heard the imitation of birds, alternating with sounds corresponding to the words he speaks.
  84. I hate to say this, but he also managed to put together a pretty good imitation of me reciting The List of Ships.
  85. Packing and making a bundle of the things I couldn’t squeeze into my imitation leather holdall took four minutes.
  86. I left the Hilton and walked up Mandalay until I found a bad imitation of a Radio Shack called The Electronics Hut.
  87. And this is equally true of imitation; no one man can imitate many things as well as he would imitate a single one?
  88. Will immediately held his haversack as if it was a baby and did an imitation of Annie Hartridge watching them cycle by.
  89. It should be observed that the process of imitation probably never commenced between forms widely dissimilar in colour.
  90. He wore a black coat, trousers, and boots in imitation of the Alit’aren – golden dragons embroidered on the sleeves.
  91. In modern times we should say that art is not merely imitation, but rather the expression of the ideal in forms of sense.
  92. What I’m trying to tell you is that imitation is at the core of the Female Spirit—because it was a way—and in the.
  93. She ran a comb through her hair, and exchanged her gold studs for a pair of imitation pearl earrings and matching necklace.
  94. It is useless for you to tell me, as I know you will, that it is only an imitation of the real thing and has no heat in it.
  95. And as for France, that weak imitation of Napoleon is far too busy establishing the French in Mexico to be bothered with us.
  96. Colling found the costume strikingly reminiscent of official Soviet dress, and wondered whether it was imitation or genuine.
  97. The peal of laughter which followed Gabriel's imitation of the incident was interrupted by a resounding knock at the hall door.
  98. Hidden from their sight, Ios replied with a perfect imitation of the guard’s voice, Yes, there’s nothing to worry about.
  99. The French Emperor has been extolled, and his mode of conducting wars has been more than intimated as being worth our imitation.
  100. The idea of successive imitation, that a cascade is a sequence of choices made over time by different people, is important here.

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