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1. Carmine went to the tap.
2. But when Carmine Cicciaro, Jr.
3. He had the power that Carmine didn’t.
4. What he felt guiltiest about was Carmine.
5. I doubt that very much, Carmine, I said.
6. I HEARD CARMINE Groza shouting into his radio.
7. Mister Carmine is indeed here, I hope?’’.

8. Carmine beamed out the word: Bones is off-limits.
9. For a second there above the cake, Carmine seemed to weaken.
10. Anger instantly rose in Frank, who glared at Micky Carmine.
11. But if Carmine didn’t have that luxury, neither should he.
12. Carmine appreciates what you did for him, the family, you know.
13. He’d just taken his hand from the knob when Carmine spoke up.
14. After ten more minutes of guilt opening back up, Carmine decides.
15. By the time he officially left school at 16, Carmine Cicciaro, Jr.
16. Which is to say that, not for the last time, Carmine Cicciaro, Jr.
17. Nehru, returning with a colleague, pretends no longer to see Carmine.
18. But Carmine Cicciaro had already returned the ear guards to his ears.
19. It’s the nitrate buildup in the dirt that draws them, Carmine told me.
20. About half a year ago, Carmine Noccia had teamed up with Tommy to blackmail me.
21. Carmine crumpled his own can and whipped it down the hill, toward his workshop.
22. Carmine must have let the cops take anything that could conceivably be evidence.
23. Carmine can’t quite make it out, because a chant has arisen outside the window.
24. Indeed, when I first found my way to that house on the hill, Carmine Cicciaro, Jr.
25. Next, she went to the man shot and wounded by Mickey Carmine, who was now moaning.
26. Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony – carmine, red, scarlet.
27. I was about to shower, Carmine said, as if the words took a second to reach him.
28. But behind the flames, Carmine reminds himself, everything will be dead already anyway.
29. I found Carmine Cicciaro sitting out on the back patio, almost as if it were still August.
30. By the way, neither Tony Carmine nor his men got a chance to shoot back before being killed.
31. Carmine had taken the cake back out of the refrigerator to smear on icing with a butter knife.
32. He slipped past Carmine without meeting his gaze and went to try to piss in the front bathroom.
33. IT WAS HIS DAUGHTER, Carmine would say later, who convinced him to agree to Richard’s proposal.
34. I’LL ADD ONLY THAT I DID MAKE IT OUT TO THAT HOUSE IN Nassau County to see Carmine Cicciaro once more.
35. In 1934, with a gang war diverting the Chinatown tongs, Gian’ Battista’s son and successor, Carmine Sr.
36. The torrential downpour glanced off the sphere of Syn’s carmine fire like brittle teeth off a turtle shell.
37. He definitely wanted to make a high-profile statement, I muttered, more to myself than to Carmine Groza.
38. For Carmine Cicciaro’s chief competitor, I knew, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hamilton-Sweeney Company.
39. He wore a greatcoat in midsummer, being affected with the trembling delirium, and his face was the color of carmine.
40. I was sent by Mickey Carmine to entertain his big brother Tony, so that he could celebrate properly his latest business success.
41. Carmine suspected I’d double-crossed the Noccia family with the pharmaceutical case—but I got him off my back easily enough.
42. After his granddad had died, they’d taken in a boarder for the downstairs flat, hemming Carmine in, forcing him further inward.
43. The grimace Carmine sometimes thinks he sees is just a combination of muscular reflex and his mind’s own drive to make meaning.
44. Maybe Carmine had gone to the hospital, and they’d passed right by each other at some point in the last hour, one commuting out, one in.
45. The next five shots finished off Mickey Carmine, making his limp body slide down to the floor, his back against the frame of the office’s door.
46. As crazy as it sounds, it appears that Mickey Carmine effectively entered in a violent argument with his own men, an argument that ended in a shootout.
47. I’d spent a month pursuing a dead end, when I should have been going out to Long Island to keep Carmine company, or at least to finish our interviews.
48. Nor, having planted himself in the still-warm chair, will Carmine get up even once to visit the vending machines that hum in an alcove off the waiting room.
49. Carmine was never more than halfway present to his daughter, either, and sees this is all his fault—or would, were he to think about it, which he doesn’t.
50. On the other side of the glass, the fridge was open, a little parenthesis of light; Carmine, wearing only a towel, had bent to place something on the bottom shelf.
51. Then, less than one hour later, someone hit Tony Carmine and six of his men at Durante’s warehouse, killing them in a manner that could only be described as a massacre.
52. It spread up the sides of the pit by the third or fourth day of our imprisonment, and its cactus-like branches formed a carmine fringe to the edges of our triangular window.
53. For what Carmine Cicciaro had learned by then, and I suppose I had, too, concerned not only the baffling multiplicity of all things, but also their no less baffling integration.
54. That, and the fact that Tony Carmine was killed with a knife only a few feet from his own men makes me think that the killer or killers were insiders who had Carmine’s confidence.
55. Last year, despite my wanting nothing to do with organized crime, Ray’s oldest son, Carmine, coerced me into recovering millions in stolen pharmaceuticals belonging to the Noccia family.
56. On hearing a muffled answer, he opened the door partly and stuck his head inside, looking at Mickey Carmine, who was reviewing the accounting books of the cabaret with a downcast Frank DeSoto.
57. However, things then went sour afterwards for the Carmines, and fast! First, we have that bizarre shootout between Mickey Carmine and his own men at the PUSSYCAT CABARET, resulting in eight deaths.
58. Her mouth, which might have been found fault with as too large, displayed teeth of pearly whiteness, rendered still more conspicuous by the brilliant carmine of her lips, contrasting vividly with her naturally pale complexion.
59. Their volatility was why they got loaded in before either of the charges, Carmine told me--Always build from the outside in--though I can’t say this precaution made me any less tense when he invited me to try it myself.
60. And now Richard, poor bastard, is gone, and Sammy may be leaving, and God’s never taken his calls, and here is Carmine on this bridge, stars he’s forgotten he’s forgotten falling down through the girders, making flickers on the lamped cars.
61. Bypassing the office where the money counting was being done, the lieutenant went next door to the adjacent office of the manager, where Tony Carmine was reviewing the secret ledgers and accounting books of the late Nick Durante, and knocked on the door.
62. She had daub’d her Complexion—if such it could be call’d—with white Lead, upon which her Cheaks were painted carmine, her Lips crimson, and she had sought to cover her Pockmarks with so many Patches of various Shapes and Sizes that she seem’d more like a Plum Pudding than a Woman.
63. Hadn’t he told Pulaski that the goal was just to finish the profile? And yet there was this dissembling body, this conglomerate Richard, returning to the kitchen, reiterating that he was sure Samantha would be okay (which he wasn’t), and that Carmine should get some sleep (which he probably couldn’t), and just generally knitting that doily of horseshit you were expected to insert between the bereaved and the fact that no one, in the end, made it out of this life alive.

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