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Cerise en una oración (en ingles)

1. We have Cerise Records and the Russian Mafia in the house.
2. They showed his picture and told everyone he owns Cerise Records.
3. This is Jennifer Wilde reporting from in front of Cerise Records.
4. I emailed the whole folder to myself and moved on to a folder named Cerise.
5. Torhan, it is alleged that Cerise Records is a front for the Russian Mafia.
6. At Nigel’s trial it will come out that Cerise Records owner, John Koflanovich, a.
7. He was sure it was the Cerise Records people, specifically Vlad Torhan and Boris Melsin.

8. I then brought her up to speed with what I had learned about Cerise Records and Yuliya, Inc.
9. I said, My big problem is that I’m not sure Cerise Records is affiliated with the Mafia.
10. That means Cerise Records placed the ad either just before, or immediately after, Terry died.
11. It is believed that Cerise Records is funded by the owners of California sweatshop, Yuliya, Inc.
12. What about fragging his commanding officer? Was that a big deal? I asked as we approached Cerise.
13. After he left the hospital, Cory went home and got his laptop and disks with several pictures of the Cerise crew.
14. You are, I replied, but SDPD is now very aware of the suspicious and criminal activities of Cerise Records.
15. About six months later he came to me with a proposal to launch Cerise Records with his cousin, John, as the president.
16. What about the parade of hired guns Cory photographed going into Cerise Records on Monday? It could have been a couple of those guys.
17. He said that Terry was trying to get out of his contract with Cerise Records and that it looked like we were headed for a long court battle.
18. The only way I know to do that is to talk openly and honestly about Cerise Record’s contract negotiations with Doberman’s Stub - past, present and future.
19. First, Terry was completely in charge of all facets of the negotiation with Cerise Records and second, he hired these two clowns based on their level of incompetence.
20. And since most of the silk available came from underclothing and evening dresses, the quilt was glorious in strips of flesh pink and orchid and pale yellow and cerise.
21. We agreed that Doberman’s Stub would remain with Cerise Records, and they would receive a raise within a rather wide range, depending upon the reputation and quality of Mr.
22. A few days later, former National Geographic photographer Cory Pafford, who captured these photos, was assaulted and hospitalized by men Pafford recognized as employees of Cerise Records.
23. I told him about Doberman’s contract situation and asked, What’s your take on how they would have fared on the open market if Terry was still alive and they were able to dissolve their contract with Cerise?
24. And what have you done about it? Have you brought Koflanovich in for questioning? Have you searched Cerise for guns or stolen property? I don’t like that Cory went to the press, but I can certainly understand it considering that the police have done absolutely nothing to stop them.

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