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Ruddy en una oración (en ingles)

1. She was ruddy and beautiful.
2. Agent Ruddy cleared his throat.
3. She swore like a ruddy docker.
4. All its usual ruddy color was gone.
5. She was warm in the ruddy firelight.
6. I've been attacked by a ruddy maniac!.
7. Ours the white death and the ruddy birth.

8. And as we neared the roaring ruddy flare.
9. Ruddy and covered in a large black beard.
10. It was Harry, his big ruddy face scowling.
11. Ruddy started at a slow trot, and began to jog me.
12. He has a ruddy complexion with piercing gray eyes.
13. He could not be above seventeen, was ruddy, well.
14. He's trained his ruddy dogs to make the circles!.
15. It shone on her ruddy hair and on her smooth cheek.
16. It was rising in a ruddy glow behind the low dome of.
17. Vinny's face turned a ruddy complexion and his pupils.
18. As I stare at his ruddy face, my panic turns to anger.
19. Jensen talked to Ruddy Montana from the FBI, who agreed.
20. The mutton chop whiskers, the ruddy, wrinkled complexion.
21. I was so much afraid because Ruddy kept dropping his ears.
22. Looks like something’s eaten a ruddy great hole in it.
23. He was ruddy and languid with a startled look and weak lips.
24. His face was large and ruddy, and his voice loud and booming.
25. These ruddy spots must be the reflection of fires within the.
26. You ruddy Canadians always say that, complained Brubaker.
27. She was a stocky woman with auburn hair and a ruddy complexion.
28. He had bright black eyes, a ruddy complexion and a short beard.
29. Gaunt, white hair thinning, but with that same ruddy complexion.
30. The youngest could not be above seventeen, fair, ruddy, completely.
31. I’m not fooling around, whatever next? Now it’s a ruddy car.
32. Her ruddy, weathered face was covered in part by a dark ‘60s wig.
33. There were ruddy, brown-faced, broad-girthed Spanish onions, shining in.
34. He entered the pond in his tighty whities, but came out in ruddy muddies.
35. The note of Swinburne, of all poets, the white death and the ruddy birth.
36. Thousands of miles away, Ruddy Montana heard the news coming in from San.
37. She looked so perfectly in keeping with the little kitchen, ruddy and busy.
38. He was more white than I was, not the fawn colored skin like my ruddy father.
39. The first who entered was a little ribston-pippin of a man, with ruddy cheeks.
40. Ruddy shook me up once more, and I slipped off entirely and fell to the ground.
41. He ruddy well attacked me when I was in the middle of arresting a bank robber.
42. She raised a hand to shield her face from the ruddy, late-afternoon sunlight and.
43. In my mind, Keating had a ruddy complexion and a shock of prematurely white hair.
44. Was the bright quality of his face owed to his ruddy complexion or something else?
45. Then Ruddy stopped, and the master looked at the horse and saw that I was not on him.
46. Hi, wot's the blinkin' gime, Charlie? Do that again and I'll knock yer ruddy 'ead off.
47. Cynd was up and by it's ruddy light they could see them out on the plains around them.
48. The others took ill, Ehric said, his ruddy face suddenly twisting into a wry grin.
49. Afar off, a ruddy woodfire was painting a page of glory on the horizon beyond the hills.
50. They both watched the ruddy boy weave through the crowd bearing the lemonade like a lantern.
51. Going into the kitchen, I saw a dog's nose peering in through a break among the ruddy fronds.
52. Not about the mission, but about the whole damned war, the sheer ruddy childishness of it all.
53. The innkeeper, by name of Trout, was a stout ruddy fellow, with a bald head and a dirty apron.
54. Now he was ruddy, and besides of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to; And the Lord.
55. Look, Agent Ruddy, this isn’t a hearing, Sam Ryan, my chief of detectives, finally said.
56. The master was not looking at me and Ruddy ran at a trot, and I slipped still more to one side.
57. A young cop with ruddy, protruding ears came to the threshold and told Stark that I had visitors.
58. Along upon our left the neighboring caves each threw out its ruddy cheery firelight into the gloom.
59. He put up his hands for the whip and the rug that the good-looking, ruddy farmer handed down to him.
60. A number of lamps shining through tinted shades bathed the whole great room before us in a ruddy radiance.
61. As he plunged about in it he shouted When I've churned this ruddy mud into concrete I'm 'opping aht of it.
62. He had a thick scattering of brown freckles over his ruddy skin, what you could see of it thru the whiskers.
63. I knew the swaying round forms, the bright hard eyes, the white teeth, the ruddy colour, the voluptuous lips.
64. His complexion was ruddy and his light green eyes peered out menacingly over a full black mustache and beard.
65. That was my first idea on observing an elf-locked, brown-eyed boy setting his ruddy countenance against the bars.
66. The ruddy rays of the sun lent to the head and face a likeness to dimly shining bronze—that was what Lazarus saw.
67. Wee Cam drew himself up to his full height and glowered at the soldier from a face that was nearly as ruddy as his hair.
68. Sandy brown shoulder length hair was tied back from his face to revealed a rugged ruddy complexion and startling blue eyes.
69. He remained perfectly still, staring at the immense and ruddy moon, the only thing in the far-reaching darkness of the level.
70. Their faces were as ruddy and colourful as their characters and the rural accent was one that Matthew had never heard before.
71. Hugo was just placing the last napkin as Matthew emerged from the bathroom in comfy sweats, his skin ruddy from the hot water.
72. By your forties, your skin just doesn't have the ability to shrink back to its original state so you stay ruddy all the time.
73. The planet was, in fact, very near the horizon and was traversing a dense layer of mist which imparted to it a horrible ruddy hue.
74. And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance.
75. Her family were of a delicate constitution: she and Edgar both lacked the ruddy health that you will generally meet in these parts.
76. He was fifty-five, and had ruddy, almost crimson, coloring that suggested high blood pressure, or maybe just the stress of the trial.
77. They were already turning into the Ungor arm and the majestic mountains splashed with snow were visible in the companion's ruddy light.
78. It stirred the mother; and she understood when they came in at eight o'clock, ruddy, with brilliant eyes, and quick, passionate speech.
79. A short, stocky, middle-aged man with thinning brown hair, a ruddy face and a twinkle in his eyes was standing at the doorway eyeing him.
80. And, my dear fellow, my intestines are the rarest purebred Indian anacondas you ever viewed in the sleekest, coiled, fine and ruddy health.
81. Laurence's ruddy face changed suddenly, and he sat down, with a troubled glance at the picture of a handsome man, which hung over his table.
82. He had dark brown wavy hair, trimmed short, and his face, bronzed to a ruddy tan as if by wind and weather, was open and frank and friendly.
83. And, my dear fellow, my intestines are the rarest pure-bred Indian anacondas you ever viewed in the sleekest, coiled, fine and ruddy health.
84. He saw her peering forward at the page, her red lips parted piteously, the black hair springing in fine strands across her tawny, ruddy cheek.
85. She had the ruddy Face of a Countrywoman of about fifty Years of Age, and ’twas healthy and astonishingly free of the least Line or Wrinkle.
86. His round, ruddy face was naturally full of cheeriness, but the corners of his mouth seemed to me to be pulled down in a half-comical distress.
87. His ruddy face smiled warmly at Elm and Elm found himself nodding in consent even though he was unsure what kind of drink he was about to share.
88. He was a stout, ruddy, middle-aged man, well dressed; three days before, he must have been walking the world, a man of considerable consequence.
89. A golden down was sprouting on his cheeks, and over his ruddy lips, which were often folded into a shy smile, displaying teeth of dazzling whiteness.
90. The most beautiful women seldom paid him particular attention, the thin air of the mountaintop gave him a barrel chest and a rather ruddy complexion.
91. Then, ruddy and shiny, with hair on end, and his flannelette shirt hanging over his pit-trousers, he stood warming the garments he was going to put on.
92. And now I can recall the picture of the grey old house of God rising calm before me, of a rook wheeling round the steeple, of a ruddy morning sky beyond.
93. Jesse guessed the young men were in high school, possibly seniors, and their ruddy complexions made her wonder if they played some type of outdoor sport.
94. Maybe they were pretending when they seemed to be so enchanted by the ruddy ducks, although she hoped not, but even if they were, that made her happy too.
95. Dimly I heard Eleanor mutter from the backseat where she lay with her head on Talaric’s lap, At least the ruddy landing gear deployed this time!.
96. As he peered down upon them he called out, Strike me pink! Lyin' abaht dahn there as if you was at the 'Otel Cissle, while there's a ruddy war agoin' on.
97. To my shock, seated around the conference table were Tracchio, Special Agents Ruddy and Hull of the FBI, the press flack Carr, and Chief of Detectives Ryan.
98. And there was none of his familiar stoop now, how could that be? Argon swiped a great hand down his ruddy face, and he stepped forward to study Tel closely.
99. By the afternoon she had visibly changed colour; her somewhat ruddy face had now gone a mottled blue, and she was complaining constantly of pains in her chest.
100. On October 4, Jerry Geisler—middle-aged, stout of frame, and balding above a ruddy face—was ready to serve Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio with divorce papers.

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