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Ruby en una oración (en ingles)

1. I must go now, Ruby.
2. I heard Ruby calling me.
3. The Ruby in the distance.
4. Ruby hopped into the room.
5. Ruby could sense the fear.
6. Ruby jumped from the cart.
7. Ruby crumpled to the floor.

8. Ruby was curled next to me.
9. Ruby had so many questions.
10. A ruby would have stood out.
11. It was green with a ruby red.
12. That was it, Ruby told her.
13. Ruby was a nine-year-old girl.
14. Ruby leaned against the counter.
15. Joseph shot a look towards Ruby.
16. Do you have Ruby today?
17. And if there were no Ruby ….
18. He pressed a ruby on the front.
19. Ruby followed the Fairy's path.
20. Ruby knew she had to appear calm.
21. Ruby tried to explain to Joseph.
22. Nixon knew Ruby, Warren, Ford, E.
23. Perhaps the ruby fell out then.
24. Ruby looked inquisitively at Odin.
25. A ruby that could see souls who.
26. Ruby looked scared and concerned.
27. Shhh, don't cry, Ruby, don't cry.
28. Ruby looked at the packed clearing.
29. Ruby stared at Joseph in disbelief.
30. Ruby felt awkward and undeserving.
31. Ruby gasped, stifling a small noise.
32. Ruby had overstepped her authority.
33. Ruby nodded, satisfied with the plan.
34. Two others had appeared, one by Ruby.
35. Ruby would have liked you to have it.
36. Ruby, we have a more serious problem.
37. Ruby ran to assist her wounded friend.
38. We managed to squeeze Ruby in the back.
39. Ruby fought with the mystical animals.
40. Simpkins; Ruby and Fred Shuttlesworth.
41. It was just a chain with a ruby on it.
42. Ruby would often watch Joseph practice.
43. Later, I was fused with the Blood Ruby.
44. As the leaders turned, Ruby interrupted.
45. Don’t say that, Aunt Ruby —.
46. So the ruby has nothing engraved on it!.
47. Ruby was the lowliest of all the servants.
48. Ruby bounced into the hallway and twirled.
49. A Fairy landed on a sprig, close to Ruby.
50. What about Great-Aunt Ruby? I asked.
51. Evan laid the ruby necklace on the table.
52. What was it Great-Aunt Ruby had written?
53. He pressed a ruby on the front of the box.
54. I was assigned to guard and protect Ruby.
55. A big, red ruby, right in the middle of it.
56. A sly smile spread across his ruby red lips.
57. You like looking at the view, Ruby?
58. Ruby liked Wilson, they wanted to keep him.
59. On his suit he has diamond and ruby buttons.
60. No, he wouldn't leave the Baroness and Ruby.
61. A dark ruby, ruffled tunic to go underneath.
62. She gives him a ring with a ruby stone in it.
63. His eyes were the color of a firestone ruby.
64. Ruby paused by the gate, her eyes searching.
65. Wow, that’s pretty cool, hey Ruby?
66. Ruby had never seen an Owl like this before.
67. Ruby is the first of our schoolmates to go.
68. Ruby squinted until the shape became clearer.
69. Ruby just accepted it but her curiosity grew.
70. That will be all Joseph, please send Ruby in.
71. There, in broad daylight, Ruby was trying to.
72. The change in Joseph's demeanor startled Ruby.
73. He may have introduced Jack Ruby tohttp://www.
74. Ruby was thankful that they'd not been stopped.
75. Godwyn immediately saw that a ruby was missing.
76. And Ruby? I would miss his daughter, too.
77. I think we need more chocolate, said Ruby.
78. She saved the day, Princess Ruby of Tamworthia.
79. It happened so fast, yet Ruby had performed well.
80. Waiting for her meal, she sipped the ruby liquid.
81. Ruby did the only thing that she could think of.
82. Ruby quickly took an inventory of her situation.
83. Then our fate lies with the girl, Princess Ruby.
84. Ruby dropped her flowers and sprinted over to her.
85. Raven passed through them and entered Ruby Tower.
86. He headed straight for Ruby, away from the gorge.
87. It’s a fiery red ruby embedded into a necklace.
88. Ruby turned her head, exposing a satisfied smile.
89. Ruby was ready; she'd heard the approaching beast.
90. In my humble apartment, there was no Troy or Ruby.
91. Giselle stared at Ruby, with her large yellow eyes.
92. Godwyn expected Simeon to see the ruby immediately.
93. My cousin Dora, who lived with Ruby, shook her head.
94. Ruby joined the group, relieved to see her friends.
95. A Ruby red Orb sat on the handle, pulsating slowly.
96. Both the Thai ruby and sapphire are extremely rare.
97. Ranger Oakmoss at your service again Princess Ruby.
98. Ruby held her in her arms, as the emotions released.
99. How would Joseph convince Ruby to leave the Castle?
100. More laughter ensued, Ruby was having fun, real fun.

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