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    1. peace, and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the

    2. There is nothing wrong with retiring from a lifelong career, but to cease working in

    3. Whatever had happened to Earth that caused its interstellar signals to cease, the culture that built his daedalus sleepership was as gone as the solid fuel chemical booster by the time those signals ceased

    4. are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away”

    5. The effects of bell shaped flower begin to cease, the mind of

    6. will my labours cease, but I have no curse to lay upon the root

    7. When words cease to have meaning beyond sound

    8. Practice the Shoulderstand over a period of time and you will soon begin to notice a lessening of the intensity of your discomfort each month, until after a time it will cease altogether to be a problem

    9. Hubbard stated many times that once one reaches that state of Clear a person will cease to have irrational, emotional and physical ills

    10. 'Good grief, wonders never cease

    11. I’m not too hot on legal jargon, but it looks as though there is a clause permitting Mum to sign the whole caboodle over should she want to re-marry … the Trust would then cease and the whole lot become mine, but I’d need to talk to a solicitor about that, I think

    12. fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be

    13. ‘Once she has taken advice and signed the document, the Trust will effectively cease and the whole estate will pass to you

    14. and the grinders cease because they are few,

    15. their intake would cease to be trainees at the Reserve Defence

    16. Harry called a cease to the passing; they juggled their own spheres and stopped

    17. But the sound of the piano did not cease, nor did the singing

    18. The next day, the sixteenth, I went up the same way again; and after going something further than I had gone the day before, I found the brook and the savannahs cease, and the country become more woody than before

    19. The masters, upon these occasions, are just as clamorous upon the other side, and never cease to call aloud for the assistance of the civil magistrate, and the rigorous execution of those laws which have been enacted with so much severity against the combination of servants, labourers, and journeymen

    20. Nobody of any substance took that path for it lay in desolate country and occasionally the wind would cease to blow and deep impenetrable mists would flow down from the mount

    21. It is the superiority of price which attracts them; and as soon as that superiority ceases, they necessarily cease to go thither

    22. If it is not, they will soon cease to feed them

    23. cease to act according with tradition and base only on

    24. Those materials are a part of the surplus produce of those countries, which, unless it was annually exchanged for something which is in demand here, would be of no value, and would soon cease to be produced

    25. Without such exportation, a part of the productive labour of the country must cease, and the value of its annual produce diminish

    26. It will die (cease to

    27. die (cease to function) eternally in body and soul (Matthew 10:28)

    28. Why was Arkaneh there? Since when is he working for Reus Mallistrom? Those questions wouldn’t cease to echo in his mind

    29. “What? Well, by the Eight! Wonders never cease

    30. If bounties are as improper as I have endeavoured to prove them to be, the sooner they cease, and the lower they are, so much the better

    31. Simon commanded the red alert to cease

    32. had their way, all life would cease and

    33. He did cease twice, but immediately resumed as if a “tap” had been turned off by an unseen hand only to be immediately turned on again

    34. The Government are very upset with the way things have gone and want operations to cease right away

    35. All government sponsored supplies will cease, trading direct with Jupiter operations will be banned and all communications will be blocked

    36. They plan to cease development in that area

    37. away; if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is

    38. Terese met his gaze with a burning fury as she explained in careful tones, “You will cease your pursuit of Jean Fairsythe immediately

    39. channels to advise him that the war was over and to cease and

    40. As he predicted, the onslaught did not cease

    41. I shall always carry with me the hope that my country will never cease to view them with indulgence; and that, after forty-five years of my life dedicated to its service with an upright zeal, the faults of incompetent abilities will be consigned to oblivion, as myself must soon be to the mansions of rest

    42. In the first place, the SAP were issued with six-shot revolvers for many decades, and thus the poor policeman had to use 50% of his ammunition as warning shots? How silly is that? Practically speaking, what do you do when a man comes at you with a knife? Do you really have time to fire three warning shots? And the warning shots should be fired deliberately (read slowly), with much shouting to convince the criminal hell bent on murdering you to cease his attack

    43. Grimes’ Battery had reopened, and as there was imminent risk from our own shells falling short, he sent orders to the artillery to cease firing while the troops deployed

    44. “If you do not cease your manipulations—” she looked at Hollowcrest, “—and drop your assassination plans—” a look at Arbitan and Larocka, “—I will flood Stumps with this fake currency, and I will continue to make more until the entire monetary system of the empire is devalued

    45. Indeed, it seemed as if wonders would never cease

    46. The doomed patrol was completely at ease and probably should have known better than to trust a terrorist or a Nationalist arranged cease fire

    47. If that were the case, its proceeds would cease accruing for the benefit of future generations

    48. I know that by now you understand that when you put a sjambok into a highly disciplined constable’s hand, and order him to attack someone, chances are that he will attack that someone, and not stop until ordered to cease and desist

    49. Never cease praying, Kaye

    50. You can also hear the handler shouting in the background to the criminal to "f cease upsetting his dog and stop f moving

    1. Luke: 7:45: Thou gave me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet

    2. Whatever had happened to Earth that caused its interstellar signals to cease, the culture that built his daedalus sleepership was as gone as the solid fuel chemical booster by the time those signals ceased

    3. Once hostilities ceased, Dad went to visit Bob’s family – his own having been bombed out during the Blitz – and fell in love with Bob’s sister … by this time he had decided that he wanted to train as a teacher – there was a big demand for men to do that after the war, you know

    4. I suspected a Brazilian doomsday system in the kuiper belt, but I have no evidence for anything except that interstellar transmission from the Sol System has ceased, mortal transmissions only a few years before those from the Angels

    5. "We really can't be sure that your instance back on Gordon's Lamp has ceased, but I feel the odds were great enough that I was justified in restarting the latest backup that I had

    6. At times she felt guilty that she was privileged to live on in heaven while they had simply ceased

    7. He wouldn't be any less clone than they were, but it WAS possible that their legal instances MIGHT have ceased

    8. men folk, ceased to burn for him

    9. air like a knife, and when the mechanised grind of his jaws finally ceased, an echo

    10. "We don't know, all transmission has ceased, there was a war, it's a long story and there just isn't time for it now

    11. The Lula did have a detector for it and the signature of the Al-Harron had been radioed ahead before signals from Sol ceased

    12. He gave up on business, spent hours writing hopeless paeans to her memory, and slowly the light in their eyes, these daughters of his with their busy lives and their boisterous men folk, ceased to burn for him

    13. The severed head’s animated smile faded slowly as the pipes, leads and motors ceased their moment of work, but the eyes remained fixed on Danton

    14. How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased!

    15. have ceased to turn with the hours,

    16. The knocking at my door ceased in the small hours

    17. The argument ceased abruptly when the adults saw the mess covering every inch of the kitchen and every last hair on their children’s' heads

    18. It was only under the severest of admonishments that she had ceased to throw plates, crystal knickknacks and sundry items of cutlery at her parents

    19. He moved straight back into the Ritz, bought new clothes, bought a brand new sports car and almost immediately found that his fair weather friends, now that the rain had ceased to fall in the soldier’s life, all suddenly had sunny windows in their diaries

    20. As soon as contact with her personification ceased, she reverted back to the repulsive Major Imogene Tengine he had known the whole voyage

    21. The Petrovak has ceased transmitting, but as their ground station was lost to Talstan in 2206, I don’t think that means they were lost

    22. argument ceased abruptly when the adults saw the mess covering

    23. had ceased to throw plates, crystal knickknacks and sundry items of

    24. found that his fair weather friends, now that the rain had ceased to

    25. He had long since ceased to pay anymore heed to the nice man's announcements about this or that 'fine quality' gadget or tool, than he attended the cat's prowling round the end of a shelf

    26. and the relentless questions ceased abruptly

    27. In fact the minute you drove down the tunnel with me, you ceased to

    28. ” The clatter they had been making ceased

    29. the visions, and the visions ceased

    30. In the second of those three weeks the optical probe was found also and that ceased transmission almost immediately

    31. The man had almost ceased to exist, lost to the world in a foolish quest

    32. the wind ceased, the temperature became more bearable,

    33. Lemoss went in followed by Beauty and Rosecare, as they entered all the babbling ceased

    34. of the hill ceased and the stonework began

    35. Then she closed her hand and the flame ceased to exist

    36. Once the third and final pod came to a rest, so too did the Black Door, at last the pulsating ceased

    37. When the Scotch parliament was no longer to be assembled in it, when it ceased to be the necessary residence of the principal nobility and gentry of Scotland, it became a city of some trade and industry

    38. humorous prose had ceased to have an effect

    39. ’ Following that the Matheson clan was left alone and all paranormal activity ceased, for a while

    40. the day, had all ceased to exist

    41. Penelope’s reflections abruptly ceased, the images bursting and falling to the ground like glass shards

    42. Those exemptions, therefore, ceased to be personal, and could not afterwards be considered as belonging to individuals, as individuals, but as burghers of a particular burgh, which, upon this account, was called a free burgh, for the same reason that they had been called free burghers or free traders

    43. Even the staff started avoiding him because he ceased to greet them, lost in his own thoughts

    44. As soon as the group ahead caught the sound of her horse’s hooves upon the cold and broken stone, they ceased speaking with one another and turned to face her

    45. He only ceased when the old woman placed him in his

    46. She found a true friend and a source of strength in Kelia, and yet the questions and unknowns about her identity and past never ceased to haunt her

    47. Everything else ceased to exist; it was just the two of them

    48. The chatter at the table ceased abruptly

    49. They watched as the man raised his hand for another spell and after a brief incantation, the bears ceased fighting and started growling

    50. With that, the Breton man ceased his application of the spell with a huff and a grunt

    1. The concept of ‘time’ also ceases to exist for you

    2. What mattered from here on in was just the present, moment upon moment, where life exists or simply ceases to be

    3. His breathing ceases

    4. After they left, I pulled out the card again and smoothed the ceases

    5. Either existence ceases entirely or natural law won't permit us to find out what occurs

    6. It is the superiority of price which attracts them; and as soon as that superiority ceases, they necessarily cease to go thither

    7. The stock that is laid out in a house, if it is to be the dwelling-house of the proprietor, ceases from that moment to serve in the function of a capital, or to afford any revenue to its owner

    8. After all, a professor ceases to be a professor

    9. He never ceases to amaze me, he thought

    10. upon the exportation of wheat, ceases so soon as the price rises to 44s

    11. upon the exportation of barley, ceases so soon as the price rises to 22s

    12. upon the exportation of oatmeal, ceases so soon as the price rises to 14s

    13. and it ceases so soon as the price rises to 28s

    14. If your mind can be still in meditation, so that its activity ceases to capture your attention, you can see things as they are and see yourself as you are

    15. It does not deplete or ceases with the expiry of our human incarnation

    16. When the art of war, too, has gradually grown up to be a very intricate and complicated science; when the event of war ceases to be determined, as in the first ages of society, by a single irregular skirmish or battle ; but when the contest is generally spun out through several different campaigns, each of which lasts during the greater part of the year; it becomes universally necessary that the public should maintain those who serve the public in war, at least while they are employed in that service

    17. If it is not kept in tolerable order, the navigation necessarily ceases altogether, and, along with it, the whole profit which they can make by the tolls

    18. ‖ In this manner, a society ceases to evolve and begins to (gradually) retreat from its traditional boundaries until it is no longer able to effectively fulfill its intellectual and moral obligation(s)

    19. Once Science weds itself to the State, it ceases to be properly called a Natural Science but a ―Political‖ Science, rather; a vassal to its political agenda

    20. In this manner, the consummation of that action (Abortion) ceases to be a private matter, unlike Gun Ownership, that is not (unnecessarily) an unlawful act in itself, but the willful act of taking the life of another human being

    21. A society, however well-intentioned, ceases to be ―tolerant,‖ once that society allows itself to devolve into a sociopolitical checklist dedicated to the advancement of ―appropriate‖ behavior and verbal expressions dictated by idiosyncratic designs rather than common sense lest its members be perceived as offending artificially constructed practices that have inexplicably seeped their way into the conventional mainstream

    22. And My love, it never ceases!

    23. The power of addiction never ceases to amaze me

    24. Conversation abruptly ceases

    25. All conversation in the room ceases before I can draw my next breath

    26. You cannot earn it, or it ceases to be a gift

    27. 8 For the redemption of their soul is precious, and it ceases forever

    28. " So what is the matter of talking about the huge traveler from North America, that is presented in the Old World in a single copy? However, after several days of studying local lands such phenomena ceases to be amazed of: a short way off, among fallen, warming itself by fluffy crumbs maple, there were settled a group of travelers with a yellowish tint thin short woody stem - bamboo

    29. with you, Moab; be you a covert to them from the face of the spoiler, for the extortioner is at an end, the spoiler ceases, the oppressors

    30. 8 The mirth of tabrets ceases, the noise of those who rejoice

    31. To understand the nature of the mind, we need to consider whether or not the continuum of the mind ceases when a person dies

    32. there is a very strong mental energy of mortals who never ceases to

    33. 4 They are all adulterers, as an oven heated by the baker, who ceases from raising after he

    34. ” It is funny how death ceases to be that

    35. The power of His resurrection, when it ceases to

    36. of happiness ceases and the resultant sorrow too

    37. ceases, it is the Supreme State

    38. Beyond that all activity ceases, because in it all goals are

    39. nothing, that all there is, is you and yours, desire ceases

    40. challenge is met and the problem ceases

    41. ceases, what it wants and how it gets it, till you see clearly and

    42. Doubt it, and it ceases

    43. But when the cause ceases, the effect dissolves and

    44. Fear ceases absolutely

    45. The distinction ceases, whichever way

    46. once it is fulfilled, the concern ceases and physical life be-

    47. tion, the call for it ceases and the question of ignorance dissol-

    48. In the state of non-duality all separation ceases

    49. sire, becoming ceases and the being this or that merges into

    50. At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card, I think love is like a ray of sunlight, traveling for all eternity through space, deeper and deeper into infinity; like that ray of light, it never ceases to exist

    1. and a never ceasing perfection toward that end, at any level

    2. ceasing, unending physical conscious torture for 50 years would not be a fitting

    3. Maybe he was simply insane; his mind conjuring up something to divert from the contemplation of death, and temporal eradication besides – the total ceasing of his existence; the mind going to the most extraordinary lengths to give him what mattered most in life: hope

    4. “When lifting a light load to failure, the smallest motor units that were initially recruited will become fatigued, producing less force or ceasing to ire completely, at which point larger motor units will be recruited to sustain the lifting movement

    5. What are we to do without ceasing? (1 Thess

    6. We had days and days of endless rain without any signs of it ceasing in the near future

    7. Thus says The Lord: Did you think My wrath would tarry forever?! Did you think My judgment sleeps?! Are My eyes closed to all these atrocities committed upon the earth, day and night, without ceasing?! Are My ears also stopped from hearing?!

    8. Therefore, I shall dash the rebellious in pieces upon these rocks, and send the jackals to carry away their carcasses! For they have trusted in false glory and wear shame as a garment, cursing My name without ceasing

    9. My every word shall persecute them, without ceasing, even after you have departed

    10. YahuShua! without ceasing, shall they be made to suffer

    11. Thus says The Lord, to all these blind and deaf children, to all these desolate people:voice and question My ways, without ceasing, and have yet to consider your own?

    12. and again, piercing My side without ceasing to the rending of My heart?!

    13. And when one comes before Me, does not My hand reach down, and touch them gently upon their shoulder as they pray? Shall I not draw them near, so I may comfort them in My love, bestowing grace without ceasing, strengthening them in their time of need?

    14. Saying Amen and giving thanks without ceasing, to the praise of My glory

    15. Lo, the angels shall ascend and descend Upon The Son of Man, without ceasing,

    16. Who offer up praises and thanksgiving, without ceasing, in My name

    17. Bible says , “to pray without ceasing

    18. 23 Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you, but I will teach you the good and the

    19. A sand particle is moved, which causes another particle to shift a fraction, and another, and so on, without ceasing

    20. sin, the World and the Devil, without ceasing

    21. 11 We therefore at all times without ceasing, both in our feasts,

    22. 32 Ceasing their miserable strain of woe, they took up the subject of their fatherland, hymning in

    23. Akua grabbed my hand, immediately ceasing my fussing as my bloodshot eyes shot to his

    24. 3 But Adam said to God "It was in my mind to put an end to myself at once for having transgressed Your commandments and for my having come out of the beautiful garden; and for the bright light of which You have deprived me; and for the praises which poured out from my mouth without ceasing and for the light that covered me

    25. ’I think perhaps I should,’ said David, though not ceasing at all

    26. To "pray without ceasing

    27. Finding that Ijyu had no weapon, the witch gave orders to the evil spirits to send evil energy into Ijyu without ceasing, only allowing him to use the one hand to hold the list

    28. 11 We therefore at all times without ceasing both in our feasts and other convenient days do remember you in the sacrifices which we offer and in our prayers as reason is and as it becomes us to think on our brothers: 12 And we are right glad of your honour

    29. Therefore commanded he his chariotman to drive without ceasing and to dispatch the journey the judgment of God now following him

    30. 32 Ceasing their miserable strain of woe they took up the subject of their fatherland hymning in praise God their wonder-working Saviour

    31. On her ceasing to speak to me those six young men who were engaged in building came and conveyed her to the tower and other four lifted up the seat and carried it also to the tower

    32. So long as the good vessel is with you fail not in any of these things but seek them out without ceasing and fulfil all the commandments for these things are worthy

    33. We cry without ceasing, O Lord, to Thy fatherly

    34. ceasing; grant that these animals, afflicted with

    35. ceasing grant that these animals, afflicted with

    36. “For this reason we also thank God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works in you who believe

    37. The cantrip instantly glued the acolyte’s tongue to the roof of his mouth ceasing the terror that he was about to unleash

    38. love without ceasing is the way of the second Ray; in the Gita it is shown how this love should be directed to men and other beings in karma yoga (the

    39. The Ceasing of Sorrow

    40. bosom of God, never ceasing to yearn for new struggles and for new ways to glorify the name of God and of His

    41. You will soon begin to understand this and have enough experiences under your belt to start demonstrating your trust in your ‗Infinite I‘ by ceasing to lock anything (home, car, briefcase, locker, whatever); and it‘s important, once you‘ve let go of some of these lesser fears, to behave differently in your daily life, acting on your new understanding and letting go of old habits along with the fears

    42. Monika prayed without ceasing as we trudged through death

    43. John and I prayed without ceasing for your deliverance

    44. For this reason we thank God (and Paul's saying) without ceasing, because when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works

    45. Few indeed are to be found who pray: many who go down on their knees, and say a form perhaps, but few who pray; few who cry unto God, few who call upon the Lord, few who seek as if they wanted to find, few who knock as if they hungered and thirsted, few who wrestle, few who strive with God earnestly for an answer, few who give Him no rest, few who continue in prayer, few who watch unto prayer, few who pray always without ceasing, and faint not

    46. His energy levels ceasing Ben didn’t think he could keep this up any longer

    47. ceasing at the point where all desire is annihilated, is thus concluded

    48. the ceasing of his time

    49. A yell formed in his throat and spat itself across the world, a crescendo of volume ceasing abruptly as with a final stab he ran the blade with force through his chest

    50. When the crowd's field is controlled and determined by a cultural gravity prohibiting field-liberating ideas, movements, or emergences, which is opposed to the crowd's own desire, intention or act, then crowds, as forces systemizing into cultures, can only overcome the systems they are a part of by ceasing to create and maintain the near inescapable gravity of the culture benefiting from their suppression and chosen complicity

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