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Pause en una oración (en ingles)

1. I pause on the edge.
2. I pause for a moment.
3. There is a long pause.
4. There was a long pause.
5. So that, you can pause.
6. But it gives me pause.
7. A pause by the wayside.

8. Then there was a pause.
9. There was a brief pause.
10. There was a pause again.
11. A pause in the laughter.
12. There was a tense pause.
13. There is a brief pause.
14. There was a short pause.
15. It was a time of pause.
16. There was barely a pause.
17. After a long pause, he.
18. A long pause on the line.
19. There was a slight pause.
20. There was a little pause.
21. There was a pause, and.
22. But Conan did not pause.
23. After a pause, he stood.
24. This gives him pause too.
25. After a pause Viktor did.
26. It was only a brief pause.
27. That gave the woman pause.
28. The answer gave her pause.
29. A short pause in the room.
30. Marv hit the pause button.
31. There was a bit of a pause.
32. There was an awkward pause.
33. This is pause for thought.
34. A pause for breath while.
35. There was a pregnant pause.
36. It’s the pause when you.
37. After a moment's pause he.
38. There was a prolonged pause.
39. A pause then, a realignment.
40. Another pause hits the room.
41. Howie didn't pause to think.
42. At length there was a pause.
43. Now pause for a second or.
44. Is that There was a pause.
45. A pause; it endured horribly.
46. Gould made him pause for a.
47. His tone made Sespian pause.
48. There was a long, long pause.
49. There was another long pause.
50. There was a noticeable pause.
51. After a pause, he continued.
52. I pause and clear my throat.
53. There was a thoughtful pause.
54. After a pause, she said—.
55. There was a discernible pause.
56. The question made Haven pause.
57. Yet death will be but a pause.
58. Pause for a few moments and.
59. There was a few seconds pause.
60. A pause to listen, then she.
61. There was a pause on the line.
62. After a pause he went on:—.
63. I pause to think for a moment.
64. His background gave us pause.
65. Then after a pause she said:.
66. Her pause gave him his answer.
67. Beat and pause and beat again.
68. Another pause, this one longer.
69. There was a pause and then Mr.
70. And, after a pause, he added:.
71. Is General Sahib home? Pause.
72. There was a pause between them.
73. It made me pause for a second.
74. He made no reply to her pause.
75. There's a pause button, Max.
76. A pause in what’s to be,.
1. Pausing for a moment, I met Mr.
2. Pausing, he never shifted his gaze.
3. Once playing here, and pausing oft.
4. I guess, he said, before pausing.
5. Jesse, he said before pausing.
6. Pausing, a thought entered her mind.
7. After pausing briefly to caress and.
9. Gee Mom, he said, before pausing.
10. Pausing to let that sink in, he continued.
11. He reaches into his coat, his hand pausing.
12. Pausing, she pondered what was morally right.
13. After pausing for a moment he kissed me on.
14. Pausing briefly, Steve looked out the window.
15. Pausing for a second to blow her nose, Nikki.
16. The mind springs into action without pausing.
17. Pausing, Mitchell utilized his natural acuity.
18. Pausing, he took the sobbing girl by the hand.
19. Pausing and then accepting the limits of what.
20. Pausing to regain his composure, he continued.
21. Garth, pausing from her work, and looking at Mr.
22. The man grumbled, without pausing in his writing.
23. Katie glanced up, the needle pausing in mid air.
24. Pausing before facing the others, he warned of.
25. Pausing until the shape had negotiated its way.
26. Daniel Whitehouse, Paul said, before pausing.
27. Pausing in front a few feet from her, she came to.
28. Never pausing, they continued on, faster than ever.
29. Pausing momentarily, Phillip's thoughts began to stir.
30. I listened intently pausing a little; I shook my head.
31. Without pausing, inhale again and repeat the movement.
32. I stepped on over, carefully pausing before the somewhat.
33. Can I come in? Noah whispered, pausing for a moment.
34. Ah-h-h, Paul, he said, before deliberately pausing.
35. Am I the best or what? he announced without pausing.
36. Pausing several blocks away Evette let the children rest.
37. She gazed at me with that same bright eyed smile, pausing.
38. Without pausing they lifted him bodily onto the rail then.
39. After pausing for a moment I added: under one condition.
40. To improve the ability to stand up and walk without pausing.
41. After pausing to reflect upon your action in thought - ask.
42. I told you, he said, pausing to let his temper simmer.
43. Heart transplant, she said without pausing in her work.
44. Pausing, he retrieved his thick wallet from his back pocket.
45. To improve your ability to stand up and walk without pausing.
46. Pausing as if considering a point, she looked straight at him.
47. Pausing to contemplate his response, Mitchell reacted amiably.
48. Evening, Brother LaFarge, he said, pausing at his task.
49. Pausing only to stamp the escape alarm, they set out behind.
50. Little Chandler looked at it, pausing at the thin tight lips.
51. She jumped off the bed and stumbled to the bathroom, pausing.
52. I walked on, pausing in front of the red pad where he took my.
53. She’s gone, I said clearly, pausing on the bottom step.
54. Barely pausing to consider the consequences, Tom banged loudly.
55. Pausing, she took in a pain free breath, stepped into his sight.
56. Pausing to gaze up at the ceiling, he bit his lip absentmindedly.
57. Give her some, please, Mattie said without pausing in her.
58. What do you think of my collection? he said, pausing in thought.
59. She was on the porch in seconds, pausing to look around only once.
60. John sensed my apprehension, pausing momentarily, his eye serious.
61. He wrote furiously, constantly, only pausing to sharpen his pencil.
62. Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answers, That would be me.
63. Pausing to clear his throat, Steve was visibly moved as he continued.
64. Jesse, he said before pausing with a slight shake of his head.
65. Pausing just enough to catch her breath, she opened the bedroom door.
66. Take one, Tam insisted, pausing to hold the plate in front of her.
67. Pausing a bit, Larry turned from the window and looked Sam in the eyes.
68. Hi, Geoff, I said, pausing so that he could catch up more quickly.
69. You realize, Garcia said, pausing to swallow the food in his mouth.
70. It ambled past her, pausing only to exchange friendly sniffs with Mister.
71. Aurora Springs, he ordered, pausing for a photo by a brand-new city sign.
72. After a short silence, pausing at the churchyard gate, and addressing Mr.
73. She finally got over your dea-, he started, pausing to correct himself.
74. Pausing in disappointment, Sam relented, I suppose what they say about.
75. Pausing, Sam said, That is what I was studying before I went to the bar.
76. Pausing, I stared off behind us but I sensed no pursuit from that quarter.
77. I’ll put them in a basket for you, Miss Russell, she said, pausing.
78. The strangers, a short way off in their own world of dust, were pausing now.
79. So, said George pausing to puff on his vanil a shag that permeated a.
80. Before this equatorial coin, Ahab, not unobserved by others, was now pausing.
81. Why, yes, she said, pausing, she always did have asthma, Lieutenant.
82. She reached the stand and stopped, pausing her comments to shuffle the cards.
83. He was about to leave the room, then pausing, he turned facing the bookshelf.
84. On the move, they could deliver only one without pausing to recapture breath.
85. So, is this a typical custom? Rivan asked, pausing in her taking in of.
86. Well Mrs K, he began, pausing when he noticed that her eyes were closed.
87. Pausing allows you to think about the question and not go into it with a bad.
88. Hurrah-ah-ah!’ shouted Petya, and without pausing a moment galloped to the.
89. He climbed aboard a crouching Hive Builder, pausing to hold his head in agony.
90. Farebrother, pausing on her large wooden knitting-needles and looking at Mary.
91. Pausing, not lifting his head, he spoke in a small, meager voice as every ear.
92. I have, Murphy said, not pausing as he continued loading his own shotgun.
93. Pausing for a moment, she covered the phone emitting an array of muffled words.
94. He quickly got into his car, and drove off without pausing for even one second.
95. Without pausing a moment, the horse began leaping from one ice floe to another.
96. What’s that? answered Colling, pausing as he drank from a bottle of beer.
97. We’re stuck here, he thought, pausing as he reached to top of the canyon wall.
98. Skeet wiped his hands and set off, moving fast over the ground, pausing only to.
100. Pausing for a moment, Mitchell could sense his secret to be safe with this person.
1. I paused for a minute.
2. He paused for eff ect.
3. I paused for a second.
4. The guy paused a beat.
5. All at once he paused.
6. At the door he paused.
7. He paused for a moment.
8. But I paused and said.
9. He paused at her pod.
10. All at once she paused.
11. He paused for a short.
12. He paused and looked up.
13. She paused for a second.
14. The woman paused a beat.
15. For a moment she paused.
16. At the door she paused.
17. Dale paused for a moment.
18. Ralph paused for a while.
19. He paused a little while.
20. She nodded, as he paused.
21. Paul paused for a moment.
22. They paused at the door.
23. Iago paused for a moment.
24. He paused to look around.
25. Alex paused for a moment.
26. Then he paused to judge.
27. He paused, that is if.
28. I paused at the opening.
29. So she paused and looked.
30. He paused, sat back and.
31. Misha paused for a second.
32. Bessie paused at the door.
33. He paused in his paddling.
34. He paused and looked away.
35. Elena paused for a moment.
36. He paused and then nodded.
37. He paused to stare at her.
38. He paused at the top of.
39. He paused in his thinking.
40. Franz paused for a moment.
41. She paused for just a beat.
42. Toad never paused to reply.
43. They paused at the counter.
44. Mayhew paused for a moment.
45. The instructor then paused.
46. She paused, thinking fast.
47. I paused in front of the.
48. Mitchell paused still numb.
49. Buddha paused for a moment.
1. He pauses for a beat.
2. He pauses there a moment.
3. He pauses for a few seconds.
4. Patrice pauses in her sorting.
5. He pauses for several seconds.
6. He pauses and the murmur fades.
7. And pauses oft to serve out bread.
8. Daniel pauses to collect himself.
9. Gripping the door handle, he pauses.
10. He pauses again, and then continues.
11. Ana, she pauses staring at me.
12. Add pauses to the rhythm like on a.
13. He pauses before hitting the lobby.
14. I am going when this storm pauses.
15. She pauses and bounces on your chest.
16. The king pauses and scratches his chin.
17. He pauses and drinks a bottle of water.
18. He pauses, but Simon still says nothing.
19. Chelsea pauses, then replies, K, sis.
20. Grandpa pauses as if to try to remember.
21. He looks me in the eye then and pauses.
22. He pauses for a second before going on.
23. The man pauses, looking over at Berndt.
24. He pauses and shoots a jab at his face.
25. He pauses to stroke your exposed temple.
26. Willie pauses the bike and extends his.
27. Leave out pauses longer than ten seconds.
28. It was the absence of pauses that beat her.
29. She pauses; mouth open as she frowns at me.
30. She pauses midstep on her way out the door.
31. He pauses a moment to look out over the sea.
32. More long silences; more significant pauses.
33. Enrico did another of his deliberate pauses.
34. But Worc hears them both and pauses to scowl.
35. Good girl, he pauses as he stares at me.
36. While leaving, Brink pauses alone on the porch.
37. There have been periodic pauses, too, to bicker.
38. Orcher pauses and looks down for several seconds.
39. Even his long pauses were redolent with meaning.
40. He stops and nervously pauses for a few seconds.
41. Tom took a few sips with long pauses in between.
42. Max pauses to give him a look of utter disbelief.
43. Information on snoring suggests that pauses in.
44. He pauses then speaks again, with painful honesty.
45. To answer your previous questions, she pauses.
46. He pauses to give way to a couple passing through.
47. Then he pauses and says, What info, again?
48. She pauses for a second and looks Jaden in the eyes.
49. I encourage you to think about doing praise pauses.
50. He pauses as he slowly peels my panties down my legs.
51. He pauses; his eyes seem to measure the truth in mine.
52. My heart is on fire as he pauses inches from my face.
53. Shocked, everyone pauses and glances up at the giant.
54. Pauses will be considered as a part of pace, too.
55. She pauses for a few seconds, and says, It was fine.
56. Zachary pauses, turning around to face me with a frown.
57. She pauses a moment in her inspection of a frozen hedge.
58. She pauses and takes two small sips of milky white tea.
59. He pauses to look at me, trying to gauge if I understand.
60. Pauses, small breaths and other ways to create emphasis.
61. Anthony pauses, his eyes shifting, but he remains silent.
62. I don’t have time for anymore questions, he pauses.
63. So many years she had timed her responses to the pauses.
64. As we get to the door, he pauses and turns to look at me.
65. She pauses the film playing and flips over onto her back.
66. Now… She pauses, her eyes staring toward the kitchen.
67. He pauses before whispering, That question is forbidden.
68. Before… He pauses, and the wary expression is back.
69. Jesus, Pamela pauses, is my Saviour, period said.
70. He pauses, knowing he holds the full attention of the scribe.
71. He pauses for moment and his face takes on a look of sadness.
72. I could tell Maxx to— He pauses, pressing his forehead.
73. Elaine pauses and checks her script on the podium before her.
74. Do that, Owl, he said after only the briefest of pauses.
75. He pauses, apparently expecting this to mean something to me.
76. Walt continued more slowly, his sentences full of long pauses.
77. Jesus, says Nikki, then pauses as if to let this sink in.
78. My finger pauses on the answer key, pushing it down carefully.
79. Where pauses really shouldn’t… Be as people… Would expect.
80. He spoke quietly and clearly with no pauses and punctuated his.
81. Yeah, but that assumes that those pauses aren’t helping you.
82. I arise from the box to take the stand and the court pauses for.
83. Michael pauses and looks out the window to some running prairie.
84. He pauses for longer than a while, then eyes me with a smug face.
85. What about us? He pauses his trail of kisses along my shoulder.
86. Holy …! Channing pauses, looking at me first, then Zachary.
87. It pauses, reflects, then rises, pauses once again and then falls.
88. He pauses fractionally, and then continues to the end of the piece.
89. The detective sergeant pauses and turns to look back at Leona's body.
90. The procession pauses, and a gust of wind tears at the torch flames.
91. He pauses then suddenly shakes his head and grins at me in the mirror.
92. It is as if the stock pauses or rests before resuming its prior trend.
93. José pauses in his tirade to pour us all beers, and I take a long sip.
94. Because if mom is not OK …’ I said, separating my words with pauses.
95. He pauses for a moment as though debating with himself before answering.
96. She pauses in front of the door to the labs to open it with her ID badge.
97. She pauses a little then puzzled asks, Who's calling by the way?
98. At the top of the chrome and glass stair, the woman pauses and looks down.
99. The man pauses, as if feeling a draft, then shakes his head and moves on.
100. In silence, she hangs her coat by the rack and then pauses, eyes on my bags.

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