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Coin en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Tom put his coin in.
  2. The coin moved to NO.
  3. Once I found the coin.
  4. The coin was a new one.
  5. They would toss a coin.

  7. Paul picked up the coin.
  8. A coin spins on its edge.
  9. About the size of a coin.
  10. I have some coin laid by.
  11. Every coin has two sides.
  12. Like the toss of a coin.
  13. Two sides of the same coin.
  14. Ben eyed the coin carefully.
  15. SAP COIN was very effective.

  16. This is one side of the coin.
  17. The Parable of the Lost Coin.
  18. Otto grabbed the coin mid air.
  19. How old is that coin?
  20. The key fob was a silver coin.
  21. Morse handed him another coin.
  22. Similar to my iPod, the coin.
  23. He put the coin in his wallet.
  24. Anal as shit, to coin a phrase.
  25. Some was in coin, other in plate.

  26. It is the same case with the coin.
  27. She raised the coin over her head.
  28. There are two sides to every coin.
  29. The Innkeeper looked at the coin.
  30. Coin so that all the transactions.
  31. You have the coin? Dunk nodded.
  32. The conceptual outcome of a coin.
  33. The priest said, Give me the coin.
  34. It is a coin created systematically.
  35. They say you’re a coin collector.
  36. She took a closer look at the coin.
  37. Or maybe you’ll just flip a coin.
  38. But it wasn’t a coin in his palm.
  39. They were two sides of the same coin.
  40. They are two sides of the same coin.
  41. Why do you tempt Me? Show Me a coin.
  42. Wait! The coin collector got up.
  43. The coin collector became a tame lion.
  44. Morse handed her a small French coin.
  45. Both of us put our fingers on the coin.
  46. Always a right scrabbling for coin.
  47. Not a package, but small, like a coin.
  48. This was really not the SAP COIN way!.
  49. Richard squeezed the coin into her hand.
  50. I took the coin and looked in amazement.
  51. The other side of the coin is that if.
  52. The game is a foot, to coin a phrase.
  53. Heads and tails are two sides of a coin.
  54. Here is the positive side of the coin:.
  55. Joe held up the coin for everyone to see.
  56. Apart from a dime coin, they were empty.
  57. Sides were chosen and the coin was tossed.
  58. The stupefied coin collector took no move.
  59. Nor could we force them to obey the coin.
  60. But dad, that’s one side of the coin.
  61. There are two sides to every coin.
  62. Rocky turned coin with collections, pad-.
  63. He rings every coin to find a counterfeit.
  64. Then I fished a coin out of the hot water.
  65. However, there is a flip side to this coin.
  66. They are different sides of the same coin.
  67. In the coin of many countries the silver.
  68. Mite: A small Jewish coin; about ⅛ of $0.
  69. She then saw the printing date of the coin.
  70. He came up with a copper coin and grinned.
  71. No one will lend me that much coin, Egg.
  72. Even if it wasn’t in the shape of a coin.
  73. Should I start with a coin or ingot?
  74. Pedro pulled out a gold coin and held it up.
  75. Wait, pal! the coin collector hollered.
  76. If the coin machine in one game wouldn’t.
  77. You have Amber coin? The cost is two talers.
  78. Then he took a coin rapidly from his pocket.
  79. Maintaining grasp using tweezers and a coin.
  80. Aghast, the coin collector shut his eyes off.
  81. Someone in my world stole this silver coin.
  82. I would’ve placed coin on that call, Tam.
  83. Curious, I handed him a coin and took a paper.
  84. So today you have been paid in the same coin.
  85. Th ey use to put a 5-kopek’s coin into the.
  86. He and Ollie were two opposite sides of a coin.
  87. Power and ease are two sides of the same coin.
  88. Silver also refers directly to money and coin.
  89. I found something more interesting in SAP COIN.
  90. The market is not always a flip of a fair coin.
  91. With another deep sigh, he re-pocketed the coin.
  92. Coin and the new behavioural style for the use.
  93. You want that? the coin collector cracked.
  94. Would you lads care to earn a bit of coin?
  95. And he held out a silver coin to the Thenardier.
  96. But searching the Master was and when the coin.
  97. He might have given her a coin, Emory said.
  98. Rincewind, Twoflower and Hrun stared at the coin.
  99. I came a across an Ixian coin during of journey.
  100. By the silver coin was a brown pouch partly open.
  1. And now this latest visitor was coining up the stairs.
  2. This peasant had been condemned and sent to hard labour for coining.
  3. Zwicky is the "Father of Dark Matter," coining the term itself, as well as gravitational lensing and the sky.
  4. As long as there is good gold and silver coin in the realm, so long there will be forging, coining, and counterfeit money.
  5. So savage and irrelevant to Bork’s qualifications was the attack mounted against him that it led to the coining of a new verb: to bork.
  6. Jolkin—the long-headed Siberian peasant sent to hard labour for coining, the man who got Koulikoff's town practice from him—was there also, as well as the old man of Starodoub.
  7. When the tax upon coinage, therefore, is so moderate as not to encourage false coining, though every body advances the tax, nobody finally pays it; because every body gets it back in the advanced value of the coin.
  8. This regulation necessitated that money-changers be licensed to exchange the many sorts of currency in circulation throughout Palestine and other provinces of the Roman Empire for this orthodox shekel of Jewish coining.
  9. The seignorage, if it was not exorbitant, would add to the bullion the whole value of the duty; because, the government having everywhere the exclusive privilege of coining, no coin can come to market cheaper than they think proper to afford it.
  10. Not only the highest jurisdictions, both civil and criminal, but the power of levying troops, of coining money, and even that of making bye-laws for the government of their own people, were all rights possessed allodially by the great proprietors of land, several centuries before even the name of the feudal law was known in Europe.
  11. Every year they found themselves under the necessity of coining nearly the same quantity of gold as they had coined the year before ; and from the continual rise in the price of gold bullion, in consequence of the continual wearing and clipping of the coin, the expense of this great annual coinage became, every year, greater and greater.
  12. If this is the true reason why the right of coining money and fixing its value was given to Congress, does not the right to issue that which is to be the representative of this coin; which, in fact, is to usurp its place; which is to be the real currency of the nation, necessarily belong to Congress? Does not the right to create a bank, which shall issue this representative of money, come within the same reason? I think it does.
  1. But to use a phrase coined by U.
  2. Hence we have even coined the term.
  3. I can hear the whispers, coined in snide.
  4. Aromatherapy was actually coined because of Mr.
  5. The term ezines is coined for publications sent.
  6. This term was coined and defined by Shawne Duperon.
  7. The term plasma was coined by Irving Langmuir.
  8. The term out of body experience was coined by C.
  9. Conscious Capitalism is a term coined by John Mackey.
  10. I think Mark Joyner coined the term integrated marketing.
  11. It is nolonger coined, but is still a favorite unit for.
  12. Sophie and I have now coined a term for this phenomenon.
  13. Hence they coined the idea of a ‘quantum field,’ or a.
  14. The term was coined by humans, you should know these things.
  15. Coined gold and silver would be more valuable than uncoined.
  16. Philip Hench coined the term fibromyalgia to refer to.
  17. Owens and his ‘Utopian’ followers coined the term ’Social-.
  18. Steve Nison coined many of the names commonly used in the West today.
  19. The phrase, be careful what you ask for might have been coined by Job.
  20. The phrase, be careful what you ask for, might have been coined by Job.
  21. Sigmund Freud had coined a new term for conscience; he called it superego.
  22. When your group coined the same phrase, ‘we the people,’ that I had used.
  23. Anchoring is a term coined in the NLP world, which really just describes the.
  24. I wish I had coined the phrase 'tyranny of choice,' but someone beat me to it.
  25. The experts have even coined a term for this pivotal moment: the Singularity.
  26. I coined the term Spectral Dilation to encapsulate the significance of the effect.
  27. They had no coined money, nor any established instrument of commerce of any kind.
  28. Early on in this effort I coined the pen name and web moniker, Seven Star Hand.
  29. Staggering is a term we coined over a decade ago in the first edition of this book.
  30. The term xenoglossy was originally coined by Charles Richet and means an occurrence.
  31. The old American term 'do-rag' was coined for the garment closest to it in appearance.
  32. The chief mint of Cilicia was at Tarsus, but money was also coined at Soli and at Mallus.
  33. He coined the name to the bay because he found in it very friendly and prosperous Maori.
  34. Apparently Rothschild coined this phrase and as a big fan of his wine I have to go along with him.
  35. I�m not sure who coined that term, but they sure had a flair for the dramatic,� supplied Rheus.
  36. In fact, we have coined a phrase in the industry for these men who write letters but never go on a trip.
  37. This is a term that has been coined out by outsiders, biographers, commentators, historians and book sellers.
  38. The dynasties of Cilicia coined money under the same conditions as did the cities of Phœnicia, Caria and Lydia.
  39. Later he coined the word 'Satyāgraha' meaning ‘a force based on truth’ or ‘forceful insistence on truth’.
  40. In fact any investigation shows the saying to have been unjustified when coined and becoming less reliable since.
  41. Agoraphobia, coined by Carl Otto Westphal in 1871, is the most common kind of phobia seen clinically (Marks 1969).
  42. We passed behind Millionaires’ Row, the place where, locals swore, Henry James coined the phrase white elephants.
  43. Maybe the most boringly named pair of patterns, these were certainly not coined by someone seeking favor with the emperor.
  44. The Owenites failed to * It is an interesting historical fact that Robert Owen and his followers coined the term socialism.
  45. The term viral has been coined after videos that reached millions of views across YouTube and other social media sites.
  46. When this great company, therefore, bought gold bullion in order to have it coined, they were obliged to pay for it two per cent.
  47. He was so controversial in his attacks on political corruption that President Theodore Roosevelt coined a term for it—muckraking.
  48. From now on I will refer to the human electromagnetic system as the ‘Living Matrix’ a term coined by biophysicist Dr James Oschman.
  49. Won’t that make her a bed-hedger in the arena of adultery? But courtesy the darling, haven’t I coined a new phrase for the flirting.
  50. Even the Peruvians, the more civilized nation of the two, though they made use of gold and silver as ornaments, had no coined money of any kind.
  51. Author’s note: Steve was one of the first to write about Japanese candlesticks and coined many of the translated names—I have not changed that.
  52. A wretched man, being at the end of his resources, had coined counterfeit money, out of love for a woman, and for the child which he had had by her.
  53. Of course, its acceptance by the public at large, or by the profession, for the use or benefit of which it was coined or selected, cannot be enforced.
  54. We cannot lose sight of the fact that the terms ―Leftist and Conservative‖ were coined simply to identify these people as to their political choices.
  55. Cycle of reciprocity is a term coined by Shawne Duperon in her networking and communications courses—her work on this topic is described in full in Chapter 10.
  56. Maich and George have coined a term to refer to the underlying idea marketers use to sell their wares to those of us concerned with the individual aspect of self.
  57. In the legal field, the term has been coined to describe a crime that was not pre-meditated but rather happened in the spur of the moment due to strong emotions.
  58. However, was Truman as the leader ultimately responsible, right in endorsing this action? He was, after all the president who coined the phrase "the buck stops here".
  59. Besides these anonymous coins there were others coined in Cilicia bearing the names of satraps, who were the envoys of the great king to raise armies and equip fleets.
  60. And when all was said and done the lies a fellow told about himself couldn't probably hold a proverbial candle to the wholesale whoppers other fellows coined about him.
  61. I believe the phrase was first coined by Nicholas Taleb in his book The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable (click) which was published after the grail days.
  62. This indicates the origin of both good and evil; they are simply words which have been coined in order to indicate the nature of the result of the thinking or creative process.
  63. It was also Graham and Dodd who coined the term margin of safety, which has special relevance for the investment professionals who contributed to this edition of the book.
  64. Some very clever people worked in advertising: The novelist Salman Rushdie coined a famous slogan for advertising cream cakes at a time when dieting was all the rage: ‘Naughty.
  65. Six holds that Mazaios coined money, not only in Cilicia, but also in Syria and Mesopotamia, and preserved the right to a coinage under Alexander, but always in a military capacity.
  66. This is a term coined by academicians William Sharpe and Andre Perold to describe portfolio insurance strategies in which equities are bought as prices rise and sold as they fall.
  67. No account has been got of the gold coin ; but it appears from the ancient accounts of the mint of Scotland, that the value of the gold annually coined somewhat exceeded that of the silver.
  68. The ‘Akashic records’ was a term coined by the Theosophical movement (which originated in the 19th century) and referred to a universal filing system which records every thought, word, and action.
  69. When none of these crushing victories materialized: it quickly degenerated into what was coined a Trench War: since so many trenches were dug… not that they had planned it this way: it just happened.
  70. It was here that the term aquarium was coined in 1894 by English naturalist Philip Henry Gosse; the term was not initially popular with classical scholars as it means a watering place for cattle!.
  71. And human nature, Adeimantus, appears to have been coined into yet smaller pieces, and to be as incapable of imitating many things well, as of performing well the actions of which the imitations are copies.
  72. Methinks now this coined sun wears a ruddy face; but see! aye, he enters the sign of storms, the equinox! and but six months before he wheeled out of a former equinox at Aries! From storm to storm! So be it, then.
  73. Decoding NRMB may have been an interesting talking point in a seminar, but how would the image be captured in an election advertising campaign? A new ad line was coined: ‘Bharat ke Mazboot Haath, Hum Sab Hain Ek Saath.
  74. John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, has coined the term conscious capitalism to describe businesses designed to benefit all of their stakeholders, such as customers, employees, investors, and suppliers.
  75. By the annual exportation of silver to the East Indies, plate is probably somrwhat dearer in Europe than it otherwise might have been ; and coined silver probably purchases a larger quantity both of labour and commodities.
  76. We would demand these diseases be treated as early as possible, not only when it’s almost too late—well before their final stages or, B4Stage4 (using a smart phrase coined by our friends at Mental Health America).
  77. There is therefore but one law, one principle, one cause, one Source of Power, and good and evil are simply words which have been coined to indicate the result of our action, or our compliance or noncompliance with this law.
  78. Other rays passed by so quickly I couldn't tell if they deserved that name "eagle ray" coined by the ancient Greeks, or those designations of "rat ray," "bat ray," and "toad ray" that modern fishermen have inflicted on them.
  79. Many people lost their lives; countless homes were destroyed and a black pall of smoke seemed to hang in the minds of the populace as the term, ‘Black Friday’, was coined to describe the thirteenth of January, Nineteen-thirty-nine.
  80. Under the power to coin money it is conceived that Congress would have a right to provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the money after it was coined, and that this power is fairly incidental to, and comprehended in, the general power.
  81. How could Babbel commit what his Wall Street buddies call annuicide? Annuicide being the term that brokers first coined for a client who withdraws money from the stock market and uses age-old insurance companies to guarantee a lifetime income.
  82. And this all came about in the following manner: During the Asmonean dynasty the Jews coined their own silver money, and it had become the practice to require the temple dues of one-half shekel and all other temple fees to be paid with this Jewish coin.
  83. If there were in England, for example, an effectual demand for an additional quantity of gold, a packet-boat could bring from Lisbon, or from wherever else it was to be had, fifty tons of gold, which could be coined into more than five millions of guineas.
  84. For example, to mark the occasion of charging into battle, Liam had coined the phrase, I’m flyin’ in! Brian hadn’t reached the stage in his training yet where he deserved the use of such exclamations of intent, at least, not in Liam’s estimations.
  85. Langer (1975), who first coined the term illusion of control, showed that it was more prevalent in tasks when skill cues were present—competitive tasks with clearly defined and familiar outcomes where the individual seems to have the ability to make a choice.
  86. Major Jerran, when the first of the Magi spoke to us, he called his group the Magi; later, when I met you, you also referred to them as the Magi; yet as far as I know Larath coined that name a couple of weeks ago and it was known only by a few select members of the Dragon Claw’s crew.
  87. The book was the first place where many Americans heard the term Kramer had coined, “cosmetic psychopharmacology,” and heard him ponder whether Prozac made some people “better than well”—suggesting the drugs would be used not just to treat illness but to enhance the performance of well people.
  88. You might bne asking What in the world is a Thankformation how in the world are they going to help us overcome Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar and Stress? Those are great questions and very understandable, I will answer your question with one word that we coined Thankformations, We believe in miracles.
  89. Between silent curses as he fought the clutching jungle vines and thorns, the Wolf grinned thinking that whoever coined the old saw about ride to the sound of the guns could never have envisioned this most basic of ground movement, walking in a crouch, to the sound of the most modern death dealing technology.
  90. Every year they found themselves under the necessity of coining nearly the same quantity of gold as they had coined the year before ; and from the continual rise in the price of gold bullion, in consequence of the continual wearing and clipping of the coin, the expense of this great annual coinage became, every year, greater and greater.
  91. Its national character, the extended operations of this bank from Boston to New Orleans, have given it credit with the people of every part of the empire, more than the bank paper of any particular State can be expected to have; so that, by common consent, this money coined by the national bank has become the current money of the United States.
  92. The oppressor requires from the slaves so much of the money he himself has coined, that, in order to obtain it, the slaves are compelled to sell not only stores of corn in greater quantity than the fifth part which was fixed by Joseph, but the first necessaries of life as well,—meat, skins, wool, clothes, firewood, even their buildings; and therefore the oppressor always keeps his slaves in his power, not only by hunger, but by thirst, cold and other privations.
  93. Rochester; then she coined pretexts to go downstairs, in order, as I shrewdly suspected, to visit the library, where I knew she was not wanted; then, when I got a little angry, and made her sit still, she continued to talk incessantly of her ami, Monsieur Edouard Fairfax de Rochester, as she dubbed him (I had not before heard his prenomens), and to conjecture what presents he had brought her: for it appears he had intimated the night before, that when his luggage came from Millcote, there.
  94. Had any considerable alteration been made in the standard of the money, either by sinking the same quantity of silver to a lower denomination, or by raising it to a higher ; had an ounce of silver, for example, instead of being coined into five shillings and two pence, been coined either into pieces which bore so low a denomination as two shillings and seven pence, or into pieces which bore so high a one as ten shillings and four pence, it would, in the one case, have hurt the revenue of the proprietor, in the other that of the sovereign.
  95. On the island of Cyprus are found numerous coins which present all the distinctive signs of satrapal money; they are believed to have been struck by Evagoras II, the successor of Nicocles I; but the question arises, Were these satrapal pieces of Evagoras coined on the island? It has been held that they were issued from a mint on the continent, in Caria, because the army of Evagoras was recruited in Asia Minor, and because their weights are Rhodian, but the form of the letters is Phœnician, as upon all Cypriote corns; while, on the other hand, in Asia Minor the Semitic money is inscribed with Aramean characters.
  96. Since their names were coupled, though, since he was her declared favourite, where was the particular necessity to proclaim it to the rank and file from the housetops, the fact, namely, that he had shared her bedroom which came out in the witnessbox on oath when a thrill went through the packed court literally electrifying everybody in the shape of witnesses swearing to having witnessed him on such and such a particular date in the act of scrambling out of an upstairs apartment with the assistance of a ladder in night apparel, having gained admittance in the same fashion, a fact the weeklies, addicted to the lubric a little, simply coined shoals of money out of.
  1. The other coins in U.
  2. Give me the Gold Coins.
  3. But these coins are rare.
  4. I stacked another few coins.
  6. Know that the coins are mine.
  7. Give back these coins, Kraut.
  8. It contained a few gold coins.
  9. The marshal pocketed the coins.
  11. Godwyn sifted through the coins.
  12. Inside lay a box of gold coins.
  13. Some tossed coins into his cup.
  14. The coins spilled from my hand.
  15. It had other silver coins in it.
  16. There were at least fifty coins.
  17. I can pay you ten gold coins.
  18. She looked nervously at the coins.
  19. Don`t hold the coins in the hand.
  20. The large cut-glass silver coins.
  21. Shiny baubles, jewels gold coins.
  22. Coins glimmered below the surface.
  23. I’m having those coins for that.
  24. He pulled-out coins from his valet.
  25. Mother hoarded our coins carefully.
  26. Here are two coins for your eyes!.
  27. She scooped up the coins in the cup.
  28. It was less than a dollar in coins.
  29. It had been stuffed with gold coins.
  30. After examining her pouch of coins.
  31. These gold coins showed the Doge of.
  32. Two other coins are described from M.
  33. Gold coins! said Caleb, laughing.
  34. She began to scoop up the coins hastily.
  35. He laid the coins on top of the notes.
  36. Take care of these coins, and farewell.
  37. The deposits of the physical coins and.
  38. The woman with two coins (Luke 15:8-10).
  39. Chang fed coins in the slot, and dialed.
  40. It smashed into a wall, showering coins.
  41. No, I found silver coins at the cabin.
  42. He placed the coins into the Budweiser.
  43. The two men examined the handful of coins.
  44. He collected the coins from his cap and.
  45. There had to have been hundreds of coins.
  46. Pick up the coins with different fingers.
  47. That packet felt like it had coins in it.
  48. The runner gasped when he caught the coins.
  49. Gold or silver coins – no paper currency.
  50. Andrei ran for coins and I oiled the tack.
  51. I pulled out a few coins but nothing else.
  52. He’d sell his soul for a couple of coins.
  53. Twenty gold coins, the young man said.
  54. Picking up coins and placing them in a jar.
  55. His fingers hovered greedily over the coins.
  56. Occasionally the clanking of coins in the.
  57. Coins balanced on the face (one minute).
  58. Red opened the bag and poured the coins out.
  59. He undid the tie string and coins fell out.
  60. Nutter had already left with his gold coins.
  61. The second packet was heavy with gold coins.
  62. The Currency and Coins minted by Nation’s.
  63. He coins a word to describe it — to thing.
  64. This is referred to as coloring these coins.
  65. Then take all of the coins to the bank and.
  66. How do you plan to return the coins to Mr.
  67. The precise number of coins was to be thirty.
  68. One hundred and fifty pounds in gold coins.
  69. He watched as the twenty-two gold coins cooled.
  70. There was a veritable storm of coins into the.
  71. Put the coins back on the table one at a time.
  72. Her eyes, white as silver coins, shone at him.
  73. There are some coins that we can't use though.
  74. He poured the coins into the purse at his belt.
  75. The woman inspected the coins with one big eye.
  76. Five silver coins for the girl, Leif said.
  77. Nem took the coins and put them into the chest.
  78. Coins from the same jurisdiction, of the same.
  79. Coins and notes started piling up on the table.
  80. A few gold coins, handsome, my mother said.
  81. You could help him gather up the coins! Ha!.
  82. She is worth at least ten silver coins, my girl.
  83. Even his own coins had mysteriously disappeared.
  84. Coins and treasures went flying through the air.
  85. It’s my word that counts, not worthless coins.
  86. What a surprise! I accepted the coins with thanks.
  87. He counted fifty gold coins into Godwyn’ s hand.
  88. Gold coins were produced, counted out and stacked.
  89. We then laid more sail cloth on top of the coins.
  90. Gold coins? That’s okay, you keep your coins.
  91. As he slammed the coins in and dialed the number.
  92. After the day’s work, the one rupee coins were.
  93. He drew forth a handful of copper coins, nervously.
  94. Sphinx coins at the poplar tree where I’d recite.
  95. I folded the bills and coins and put them in a bag.
  96. Pick up smaller coins or coins of different sizes.
  97. A polystyrene cup with a few coins lay at her feet.
  98. Go and change it all to copper coins and hurry.
  99. Guys will toss a few coins if they’re with a girl.
  100. He removed three silver coins and handed them over.

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