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    1. It sounded foolish when God told Moses to strike a rock

    2. At the same time, it is quite possible that we work with the new elements in such situations and strike new relationships, find new vocations and even change our existing view of life and its purpose

    3. door for Satan and he burst into my life to strike at that which was dearest

    4. The count on the batter was now two balls and one strike

    5. Strike one! Jimmy checked with the coach

    6. yet, when you hear those dusty tales it is the similarities between them that strike you

    7. Unlike the earlier missions, this ship did not underestimate their enemy and was careful that it was not detected in its approach so it could strike without warning

    8. "All the more reason we have to strike first and exterminate them all," Moamar's voice rung out

    9. I considered a return to my hunger strike, but a combination of lethargy and Menachem’s cajoling kept me eating

    10. Herndon had no way to observe for himself what direction the asteroid would emerge, but he was confident the Al-Harron's crew was skilled enough to nudge that asteroid so it would need little correction to strike its target, the Kassikan

    1. Lightning strikes the water about a half-mile away

    2. As we walk towards the front of the house a thought suddenly strikes me

    3. Word of God strikes into the root of the problem like a sword, in a com-

    4. Despite her over the top expressions, she strikes me as being a terrifyingly efficient sort of woman

    5. ‘The lightning is amazing when it strikes Crook Peak, spectacular!

    6. If it strikes you or your house, a relative will die soon

    7. while deflecting sword strikes with his sword

    8. This stone (other versions call it a pebble) strikes the statue on the feet

    9. Storms are really much more intense, lightening strikes are the worst

    10. strikes away the count of miles,

    1. Although nothing special really, and having seen some rather more striking ones since then, these still stick in my mind

    2. I stained to hear the bat striking the ball

    3. This girl was striking though

    4. I could feel the old anger rising again, like a cobra, swaying gently, fixing its prey with a striking eye

    5. "They saw the code for that virus as a missile striking at the speed of light," Herndon recited their propaganda

    6. He turned to them and there was a look of such joy on his face, the transformation was striking

    7. I hear more projectiles striking the trees around us

    8. How tempting was that! Put this all behind her, leave the most party of all worlds for one of the least? True, there would still be yaag available, but did she want to be that out of place? Did she know him that well? She was committing to a relationship of decades or striking out on her own into the unknown to leave him

    9. Without a word, Berndt turns along a trackway skirting the edge of Gloster, leaving the town on our right and striking across the valley towards the river

    10. Kai stopped, and then he stepped forward and bowed formally striking his chest with his large fist

    1. She caught a note of the surf in the background and a single pang of homesickness struck her

    2. Well, he was struck by an

    3. "Well, I thought you would want to be thoroughly informed in advance and I saw that you had signed in but not signed off on the briefing forms so it struck me as strange

    4. They struck up conversation easily

    5. That he was an avenging angel, a super-cop who struck fear into the heart of organized crime

    6. Randy struck him out the last two times, but I think Randy is getting tired

    7. His guard leant against the wall and, having struck a match along Citizen

    8. That missile struck in 2359, in the form of instructions to produce an artificial virus that would modify human genetics to prevent mortals from aging as long as they had frequent promiscuous sex

    9. A fever struck, the delirium of constant doubt

    10. When I explained to the telephone operator what I wanted, she just hang up to me! Nevertheless, whenever old-Zarifis calls them for the same reason, the police arrive here in no time so as to restore peace and quiet! When my sister threw a party some months ago, the old man called the police as soon as the clock struck midnight and they arrived five minutes later

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    bang hit smash smasher strike ten-strike work stoppage rap tap collide with impinge on run into strickle excise expunge scratch coin mint affect impress move assume take take up come to attain chance on chance upon come across come upon discover fall upon happen upon light upon walk out fall shine light ignite inflame burn beat slap knock buffet clout cuff overwhelm picket boycott oppose resist stop quit unearth find uncover