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    1. Indoctrination is the counterfeit of truth

    2. If the duty was exorbitant, indeed, that is, if it was very much above the real value of the labour and expense requisite for coinage, false coiners, both at home and abroad, might be encouraged, by the great difference between the value of bullion and that of coin, to pour in so great a quantity of counterfeit money as might reduce the value of the government money

    3. She needed more of an edge than some counterfeit bills

    4. With stacks of counterfeit bills ready, it was time to see if her bluff would work

    5. Amaranthe had left the majority of the counterfeit bills behind, stored amongst the rafters in the ice house

    6. In order to ensure my wishes are fulfilled, I’ve printed five million ranmyas in counterfeit bills

    7. “The counterfeit money would have been fun to play with, but you’re too troublesome to keep around

    8. She had burned the counterfeit bills as soon as she woke, and only piles of ash remained

    9. Consequently you found the poor terrorist selling counterfeit goods to get enough money to pay for his weapons and training for it became a mercenary business

    10. Examples would be the US Sarbannes Oxley Act (SOX), US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977, UK Bribery Act 2010, South African Acts like the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities 2004 (PCCA), Prevention of Organised Crime Act of 1998 (POCA), Financial Intelligence Centre Act 2001 (FICA), Protected Disclosures Act of 2000 (PDA), Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (FAIS), Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and Counterfeit Goods Act 1999 to name a few

    11. She began inching forward towards relative coolness, scanning the crowd for a currency exchanger who seemed the sort not to cheat with a false rate, counterfeit bills or slight of hand maneuvers

    12. 17 Whom men could not honour in presence, because they dwelt far off, they took the counterfeit of his visage from far, and made an

    13. They fear those values would reappear instinctively to the American mind should it be cleared of the counterfeit images of their revolution

    14. “Uronians understand the human spirit, a spirit that would never allow the earth-born knee to bend before a counterfeit god

    15. The other side of counterfeit is fo’ real

    16. The bill looks so clearly counterfeit, I can't help but pick it up and read it

    17. Sure enough, it is counterfeit

    18. machine only to notice that it was a miniature counterfeit

    19. Likewise, white liberal seminaries gave potential black leaders scholarships and taught them this counterfeit commission

    20. Corey and I fiddled and dawdled with the counterfeit

    21. that the bills aren’t counterfeit or marked

    22. But an analysis of the counterfeit quarters showed that they each contained 27 cents worth of silver

    23. wait, there’s more, I better not receive any counterfeit or

    24. It was probably counterfeit cash, perfect and indistinguishable from the real stuff

    25. Read one story of a victim of counterfeit goods buying through CraigsList:

    26. returns, but would like to see this guy put behind bars for selling counterfeit

    27. be counterfeit and therefore worthless

    28. "account takeovers," passing bad checks, and "busting out" a checking or credit account with bad check, counterfeit money order, or empty ATM

    29. It was almost three o’clock when Max arrived at the Flamingo Beachwear Store and parked his car in front of the quaint-looking shop that gave the impression of dealing in luxury goods as opposed to ordinary albeit upper-end beachwear and allegedly counterfeit accessories

    30. Given the past trouble this establishment had had with the local authorities with respect to counterfeit items and the sign committee—which had forced a replacement of the old neon flamingo sign with a more subtle, less flashy design—Max seriously doubted the management would jeopardize more negative publicity or more hostility with the city and its agencies

    31. While he struggled to recall, he mused if they too were counterfeit as the previous raids on this store had discovered

    32. “Yeah,” Wickland said without enthusiasm, “between the task force and keeping after the counterfeit ring and now this, I’m not sure I’ll have time to even sleep

    33. Of course, they had nothing in common with his world of homicide, the criminal element, and raids for counterfeit goods or drugs; they were indeed from two completely different worlds

    34. “Doug,” she replied in a soft tone, filled with genuine affection and not the counterfeit emotions that she was paid to display, “I haven’t seen you for a while

    35. his counterfeit goods ring, would be able to shed some light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the seizure of the body

    36. “Though if you recall, I did find a pair of counterfeit sunglasses at Spalding’s home

    37. That would certainly explain his ability to get his counterfeit goods into the country and, I guess, our goods out

    38. He has counterfeit sunglasses from one of Stratavynski’s stores

    39. And when they went to whoring around after other gods and idols and provoked God too jealously with their counterfeit ways of reaching Him

    40. We too have been reaching for other gods in the same counterfeit way by promoting our programs, our preachers, our building, our titles and positions in the community, our denominations, and most of all, our selves, which scriptures refer to as ‘gone whoring’

    41. “We found a shitload of counterfeit merchandise

    42. Besides that, we took into possession numerous counterfeit items, knockoff Louis Vuitton handbags, shoes, and sunglasses, knockoff Oakleys, knockoff Gucci purses, knockoff Mont Blanc pens, just to name a few

    43. Is that your supplier of the counterfeit goods?”

    44. Though they were in somewhat of a rush to get to the small store to secure the ledger and computer that would tie Yuri and Katarina to Moe, the counterfeit goods, and the nitro (and by extension Spalding’s murder), they agreed to stay a few moments when invited into the modest one-storey brick ranch-style home that from its design and the looks of some of the interior had probably been built in the early 1970s

    45. Outside the investigation into Spalding’s death, Stratavynski’s counterfeit ring, and Mr

    46. “But what about the counterfeit merchandise? Was Stratavynski rogue on that?”

    47. “What counterfeit merchandise?”

    48. The true Church is what it is, and is truly built on the Rock with the lively stones that Christ has fitly joined to His union, and carnal man being who he is, has made a weak attempt to counterfeit It

    49. He had been a target ever since he stumbled upon Stratavynski’s counterfeit goods plan, which had apparently been outside the scenario contemplated by this man and his people

    50. It was a bit like counterfeit money, he thought

    1. Here, the Australian Government produced currency for sixty-eight countries that could not be counterfeited

    2. And since it cannot be counterfeited, this spell-symbol can also serve as the passport of The Just Alliance

    3. For some reason, everything that has value will be counterfeited, imitated, or marketed that someone, somewhere can acquire a status, or a profit with their imitation of that, that has value

    4. Satan has satanically counterfeited Jesus Christ whom the Bible calls

    5. finely for her purpose, whilst nothing could be better counterfeited than

    6. The Mohican started on his feet, and shook his shaggy covering, as though the animal he counterfeited was about to make some desperate effort

    7. "Indeed?" said the count with an air of surprise, remarkably well counterfeited; "I really

    8. This fellow Hayes had shod his horses with shoes which counterfeited the tracks of cows

    9. Cole, acting admirably the good old prating gossip, who lets every thing escape her when her tongue is set in motion, cooked him up a story so plausible of me, throwing in every now and then such strokes of art, with all the simplest air of nature, in praise of my person and temper, as finished him finely for her purpose, whilst nothing could be better counterfeited than her innocence of his

    10. It was an ambitious subject for an amateur - an oval basin with an island of sculptured rocks at its centre; on the rocks grew, in stone, formal tropical vegetation, and wild English fem in its natural fronds; through them ran a dozen streams that counterfeited springs, and round them sported fantastic tropical animals, camels and camelopards and an ebullient lion, all vomiting water; on the rocks, to the height of the pediment, stood an Egyptian obelisk of red sandstone - but, by some odd chance, for the thing was far beyond me, I brought it off and, by judicious omissions and some stylish tricks, produced a very passable echo of Piranesi

    11. ‘Her name’s Wilma Schweiger and she’s a rich old woman, ninety-six years old, and she was buried by a man named Spike, who counterfeited ten-dollar bills

    12. The many-sided art of the London rogues is known to all the world; in their club, Bodlevski, who had lost no time in making certain pleasant and indispensable acquaintances there, soon succeeded in getting for himself and Natasha admirably counterfeited new passports, once more with new names and occupations

    13. With respect to protections, they have become so much a matter of bargain and sale, that having been counterfeited and sold in almost every port in Great Britain, as well as in America, they have long since ceased to answer any valuable purpose

    1. She finished by explaining her counterfeiting scheme

    2. “While I suspect a female enforcer is indeed the perfect person to research an underground business coalition, I don’t see how you can possibly start a counterfeiting operation in two weeks

    3. In any instance, counterfeiting is a huge liability for all governments, and they squash startups quickly

    4. If he just wasn’t interested, did she really want to know? And if he were, what would she do with the knowledge anyway? Ask him out on a date in between the blackmailing, counterfeiting, and assassination attempts? Still, curiosity got the best of her tongue

    5. Even if she meant her scheme to save the emperor, counterfeiting was high treason—punishable by death—whether she intended to circulate the bills or not

    6. Nobody had been hurt yet, but how long could her luck hold? Did she have the right to risk these men’s lives? Even if their sacrifices might save Sespian? And if luck favored her, and the counterfeiting succeeded, could she actually bluff Hollowcrest and Larocka Myll into succumbing to her demands with these bills?

    7. The ink had dried on the counterfeiting plates, and Amaranthe tucked them into the crate beside the stacks of bills

    8. Apparently no one had put her together with the counterfeiting scheme

    9. “Rebecca, this is a counterfeiting machine! What should we

    10. and the counterfeiting machine inside it

    11. refer to it as a counterfeiting machine because we weren’t

    12. That creep has a counterfeiting machine! What kind of principal

    13. real! This is the best counterfeiting machine in the whole

    14. Unfortunately, Shomberg may have been a genius at ship design but he knew nothing about counterfeiting identity documents and still carried papers in his actual name

    15. money with no equity backing is essentially counterfeiting by the government

    16. It is almost impossible to counterfeit a gold or silver coin unless you cover it with actual gold or silver so thickly… that its slightly lesser gold content is not worth counterfeiting

    17. These half-human, half-insect, half-reptile, half-bird, undead monstrosities… had found a new way of poisoning their living human symbiotes through their dreams… by counterfeiting humans in their dreams

    18. To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;

    19. Counterfeiting was still punishable with death at that epoch

    20. With counterfeiting, and will tell the truth

    21. And a man, in our times, if only he possesses such a talent and selects some specialty, may, after learning the methods of counterfeiting used in his branch of art,—if he has patience and if his æsthetic feeling (which would render such productions revolting to him) be atrophied,—unceasingly, till the end of his life, turn out works which will pass for art in our society

    22. That success I explain to myself in this way: thanks to his exceptional position in having at his disposal the resources of a king, Wagner was able to command all the methods for counterfeiting art which have been developed by long usage, and, employing these methods with great ability, he produced a model work of counterfeit art

    23. Under the power to coin money it is conceived that Congress would have a right to provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the money after it was coined, and that this power is fairly incidental to, and comprehended in, the general power

    24. Adams, the young lawyer, is interesting in his defense of old Karl, on trial for counterfeiting; the Vandermere and Storrs families might be portraits drawn from our own acquaintance; more’s the pity

    1. The dangers to which a false coiner is everywhere exposed, if he lives in the country of which he counterfeits the coin, and to which his agents or correspondents are exposed, if he lives in a foreign country, are by far too great to be incurred for the sake of a profit of six or seven per cent

    2. Such is his distrust in the justice of his assessors, that he counterfeits poverty, and wishes to appear scarce able to pay anything, for fear of being obliged to pay too much

    3. She supposed printing counterfeits would achieve that

    4. I suppose payment will be in counterfeits?”

    5. “You used the counterfeits?”

    6. I read a report that 63% of African medicines are indeed counterfeits

    7. 16 We are esteemed of him as counterfeits: he abstains from our ways as from filthiness: he pronounces the end of the just to be

    8. After receiving shoes in the mail, and confirmed that they are counterfeits,

    9. All else are substitutions, counterfeits

    10. with counterfeits after having us and send us all prosperity

    11. The power of thought has many counterfeits which are more or less fascinating, but the results are harmful instead of helpful

    12. Compared to him many of the others took on the appearance of spurious counterfeits

    13. Israel today is not the same Israel of the Old Testament and is not made up of the same race, not the same tribe or people; the nation that is called "Israel" today is make up of counterfeits Jews who are not descendants of Abraham

    14. But Trolls are only counterfeits

    15. Beware of Counterfeits which may prove very prejudicial

    16. As you know, there are always some counterfeits,” he added

    17. Sometimes the populace counterfeits fidelity to itself

    18. These show us what to look for in art, how to distinguish it from counterfeits (XV

    19. ever more and more unintelligible, it has, in course of time, ceased even to be art at all, and has been replaced by counterfeits

    20. But in order—aided by the customary methods of borrowing, imitating, introducing effects, and interesting—unceasingly to produce counterfeits of art which pass for art in our society and are well paid for, it is only necessary to have a talent for some branch of art; and this is very often to be met with

    21. And this substitution of counterfeits for real works of art was the third and most important consequence of the separation of the art of the upper classes from universal art

    22. While art was as yet undivided, and only religious art was valued and rewarded while indiscriminate art was left unrewarded, there were no counterfeits of art, or, if any existed, being exposed to the criticism of the whole people, they quickly disappeared

    23. And this is just what the professional schools do teach; and such instruction not only does not assist the spread of true art, but, on the contrary, by diffusing counterfeits of art, does more than anything else to deprive people of the capacity to understand true art

    24. These three conditions—the professionalization of artists, art criticism, and art schools—have had this effect: that most people in our times are quite unable even to understand what art is, and accept as art the grossest counterfeits of it

    25. And thus, thanks to the masterly skill with which it counterfeits art while having nothing in common with it, a meaningless, coarse, spurious production finds acceptance all over the world, costs millions of roubles to produce, and assists more and more to pervert the taste of people of the upper classes and their conception of what is art

    26. , which profess to be works of art—scarcely one in a hundred thousand proceeds from an emotion felt by its author, all the rest being but manufactured counterfeits of art, in which borrowing, imitating, effects, and interestingness replace the contagion of feeling

    27. That the proportion of real productions of art is to the counterfeits as one to some hundreds of thousands or even more, may be seen by the following calculation

    28. And therefore these people not only cannot distinguish true works of art from counterfeits, but continually mistake for real art the worst and most artificial, while they do not even perceive works of real art, because the counterfeits are always more ornate, while true art is modest

    29. It is true that this indication is an internal one, and that there are people who have forgotten what the action of real art is, who expect something else from art (in our society the great majority are in this state), and that therefore such people may mistake for this æsthetic feeling the feeling of divertisement and a certain excitement which they receive from counterfeits of art

    30. The diffusion in our society of enormous quantities of, on the one hand, those counterfeits of art which only serve to amuse and corrupt people, and, on the other hand, of works of insignificant, exclusive art, mistaken for the highest art, have perverted most men's capacity to be infected by true works of art, and have thus deprived them of the possibility of experiencing the highest feelings to which mankind has attained, and which can only be transmitted from man to man by art

    31. All the best that has been done in art by man remains strange to people who lack the capacity to be infected by art, and is replaced either by spurious counterfeits of art or by insignificant art, which they mistake for real art

    32. My words can only be considered so many counterfeits

    33. Some maintain, the States having made it penal to pass counterfeits of the notes of the United States' Bank, is in proof of their recognizing the constitutionality of the institution

    34. The better to guard, nevertheless, against the effect of individual cupidity and treachery, and to turn the corrupt projects of the enemy against himself, I recommend to the consideration of Congress the expediency of an effectual prohibition of any trade whatever, by citizens or inhabitants of the United States, under special licenses, whether relating to persons or ports; and, in aid thereof, a prohibition of all exportation from the United States in foreign bottoms—few of which are actually employed—whilst multiplying counterfeits of their flags and papers are covering and encouraging the navigation of the enemy

    35. Waste no money on “cheap” counterfeits

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    counterfeit forgery fake forge imitative false bogus fraudulent phony spurious flash ersatz pseudo fictitious assumed pretentious put on falsification sham simulate copy coin falsify imitate feign cheat delude dissemble