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Collapse en una oración (en ingles)

She collapse on the bed.
I think it could collapse.
The collapse has one purpose.
Collapse of a Retaining, 113.
Not that things would collapse.
George saw Ginny Miles collapse.
Why would the dam collapse?

With the collapse of the mangled.
No wonder I’m ready to collapse.
Bob is on the verge of collapse.
Most were on the verge of collapse.
I collapse, exhausted, next to her.
I got home at noon ready to collapse.
The realm of Venus began to collapse.
The soil seemed to collapse in a bit.
Oh God it was all going to collapse!.
Then the roof itself began to collapse.
His chest felt like it would collapse.
Just as I was about to collapse in a.
You wanna cause a collapse?! I.
The whole place was about to collapse.
Witnessing the collapse of Yugoslavia.
Death toll dips to 4 in bridge collapse.
Hazel was approaching a state of collapse.
The collapse for Fred was severe when he.
It is often a prelude to complete collapse.
The walls did partially collapse, but not.
That was a great system until the collapse.
Without conventions, society would collapse.
Eventually, therefore, the collapse slows.
The whole building’s going to collapse.
The collapse of Lehman Brothers - http://bit.
Sizing Up the Collapse of Long-Term Capital.
Your decadence is a sign of inward collapse.
I nearly collapse as my knees give under me.
The entire economic system will collapse.
This then was the situation when a collapse.
They feared building would collapse any time.
It will mean that the economy will collapse.
He gave a cry before collapsing.
But, alas, the Colony is collapsing.
It all started collapsing on itself.
Believe me I came very close to collapsing.
This is called collapsing the wave function.
Collapsing right there in front of everybody.
His legs became weak, collapsing, and nausea.
Bone snapped, and he felt his knees collapsing.
He was falling then, collapsing against his will.
She locked the door before collapsing on her bed.
Grunting in pain and collapsing to his knees, 235.
A collapsing star was completely out of his control.
In a tree near the patio, a treehouse was collapsing.
Zarah’s parents were also on the verge of collapsing.
Those that were hit limped drowsily before collapsing.
Now, the core consists of a collapsing ball of neutrons.
He was becoming dizzy, almost collapsing to the floor.
Collapsing on the floor, her double sobbed, Sebastian.
I GULPED AIR and headed deeper into the collapsing house.
Ah—I—she— My chest felt as if it was collapsing.
It jumped off her and ran a few feet away before collapsing.
Not a chance, she said before collapsing on her towel.
My loss!…My loss! – everything was collapsing around him.
Giants Ring and the collapsing Dolmen near Belfast Ireland 49.
Collapsing satisfied onto his hairy chest she half complained.
The flames retreated, but we could hear the tunnel collapsing.
Simon slid down the wall, collapsing to his knees on the floor.
Collapsing of economy would have meant collapsing of everything.
Beer first, she said, collapsing into a chair on the porch.
There was sound and recoil and a shattered window collapsing on.
When my thighs began to spasm however, I pulled off, collapsing.
Thousands of bodies collapsing make the oddest sound in the world.
Max grew anxious; he could see his house of cards plans collapsing.
Lot’s of meat, Beth said collapsing into another round of.
The Qin dynasty did not last long, of course, collapsing in 206 BC.
Another explosion hit the structure, collapsing the brick chimney.
Ganesh did as he was told, collapsing in a severe bout of coughing.
The collapsing material becomes warmer, and its pressure increases.
Lina then burst into flames collapsing to the ground turned to ash.
If one's tongue is kept from collapsing, it is less likely that the.
He collapsed on the sofa.
He collapsed on me, dead.
It collapsed to the floor.
Candy collapsed in my arms.
He collapsed to the ground.
King collapsed by his grief.
She collapsed on the ground.
Its hind legs had collapsed.
Holly collapsed on the floor.
He collapsed without a sound.
Maude collapsed on the floor.
My firm would have collapsed.
Mother collapsed on the floor.
I held still and she collapsed.
Milo collapsed in to the chair.
He collapsed, a lump of flesh.
He collapsed during the attack.
I collapsed in the bed and wept.
My skeleton collapsed within me.
Roy collapsed back in his chair.
I collapsed to the ground again.
The system really has collapsed.
He collapsed again on the steps.
They collapsed, and closed the.
It’s not collapsed any more.
Lost in the magic, he collapsed.
I think he has a collapsed lung.
The marble body collapsed in a.
Again, they collapsed in laughter.
The guy screamed, then collapsed.
I collapsed on top of her breasts.
I almost collapsed to the ground.
Jean collapsed onto a chair and.
He collapsed to the boiling sand.
Some have collapsed before this.
The woman collapsed onto the sofa.
He collapsed against me in relief.
Midge collapsed into the armchair.
She collapsed on the lifeless body.
Then she collapsed back into her.
He collapses into it, sulking.
Various Causes of Bond Collapses.
Remove it, and the structure collapses.
With time, the horse collapses and dies.
Century catches him before he collapses.
The poor donkey collapses from exhaustion.
Stephen totters, collapses, falls, stunned.
The sledge falls, and he collapses onto it.
But not all collapses are so well signposted.
He collapses with a scream, and I am exposed.
If the bubble collapses, so does your memory.
Occasionally collapses are signalled well ahead.
He collapses on top of me, his face in my hair.
When the bait is taken the whole trap collapses.
The coyote member collapses as the enemy member.
Suddenly Brigitte appears and collapses in a battered heap.
He collapses on his face, and this time, he doesn't get up.
The Overlord collapses sideways, still gasping for breath.
Willie skids to a halt and collapses on the road in defeat.
She proceeds with more blows as the glass collapses inward.
She readies herself for battle but then suddenly collapses.
Jayson’s body wavers slightly then collapses in the water.
He collapses on top of me both of us with labored breathing.
It follows suit of its companion and collapses to the ground.
Eventually, the negative energy vortex collapses in an.
Don,t lie there do do it again as his body collapses down again.
Method®, applying it more, and doing more of the collapses that he.
Susan collapses to the ground, crying, and Caleb crouches next to her.
His legs give way and he collapses onto it, fists pressed into his eyes.
As the van disappears down the driveway the headless body finally collapses.
There is a good possibility they are impassible from collapses, Alan.
When he collapses again, a half-block south, she is only a few yards behind.
A wall ahead of you collapses into the path, a cloud of dust blocks the way.
If the fuel pool collapses or runs dry, the world will be contaminated with.
Cotton price collapses might be the only thing to lead to abolishing slavery.
Even unity flees this flow and energy collapses beneath a ground unfluctuating.
The Administrator collapses on top of the tomb that is now marked "1798–2212".
Blood spurts in bursts from the wound, and after a few seconds the man collapses.
The big man collapses dead with his eyes still wide open and the spear inside him.

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