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    1. Medicines like Crocin, Aspirin, Digestive Enzyme syrups, Digene, Pudin Hara, Eye Tone, Iodex, Enos Fruitsalt, Vitamins, Vicks and so on fall in this category

    2. testimonies and precepts all fall under the main three

    3. Another study revealed that 57 percent of women and 36 percent of men who die of injuries received the damage in a fall

    4. Ominously, 40 percent of nursing home admissions of older people can be traced to a fall

    5. • Empty tunnels will be used by migrating moles in the fall

    6. That’s one reason fall prevention programs aimed at seniors point out the need for appropriate lighting throughout the home to clearly define changes in floor surfaces or levels and to eliminate both shadows and glare

    7. To keep the house as safe as possible, eliminate clutter and loose electrical wires that may cause a fall

    8. A relaxing, routine activity right before bedtime conducted away from bright lights helps separate your sleep time from activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety which can make it more difficult to fall asleep, get sound and deep sleep or remain asleep

    9. After a year in this house she knew where the shadows were when Noonsleep was over in the fall

    10. inside they will fall on the carpet, etc

    11. ‘Did he fall for it too?’

    12. “That fall would have hurt a lot more if you weren’t there to soften the impact

    13. Over a long period of a few years some share show a consistent growth, some show ups and downs around a mean value, some show a persistent fall in value and quite a few just vanish out of market or are quoted at a value which is not worth the cost of paper on which the share certificate is printed

    14. In this most affluent of cultures on this world, more than half the population cooks with the dead sticks that fall from the trees

    15. Fortunately for the people of Jerusalem, an archer spotted Blitzer fired an arrow into his shoulder, causing him to lose his grip and fall

    16. Keeping moving, I’d started on the bathroom, dealing with the bath, hand basin and loo in turn and ending up scrubbing the bathroom floor with an energy driven by desperation not to fall apart

    17. Two balls fall in on the break

    18. fall among the voices and the wine

    19. Both fall silent

    20. inaction – that is to simply let myself fall and to do nothing

    21. She allowed the robe to fall open a little more

    22. In those patches of ground yet to fall under the

    23. Tahlmute and doostEr pretended to fall for it just to be polite until some of the local's started teasing them

    24. "I'd rather not lie awake thinking of some giant rock about to fall on us, leaving us a winter Nightday that's decades long

    25. When I was able to fall asleep, my soul rested a

    26. Estwig was already falling into Noonsleep and might fall right off the wagon

    27. They fall into a clumsy, sleepy embrace

    28. in the process, but finally he managed to fall back onto the relative safety of his bed

    29. In fact, although even then he already had the easy confidence with women that made them fall for him today, still this girl had made him feel so vulnerable, so stripped bare of pretence that he had never been able to speak to her

    30. It’s almost as though she’s waiting for the next blow to fall

    31. a thousand may fall at my side, and ten thousand at

    32. He let a few drops fall from his mouth

    33. inviting him to their homes, and sometimes, when the bitter tears really did fall, they

    34. Our whole lives could fall apart

    35. feather to fall upon the barren rocks of our world

    36. ‘I’ll not fall over through lack of food, I promise you

    37. Bahkmar wondered at the blind gullibility of the population to fall for that

    38. If I commented on anything like that, I would fall out with Yota and all the other colleagues would hate me

    39. They fall back, the hero runs away

    40. New Testament restrictions upon women stem from the creation and the fall (1

    41. The fall of man is recorded in Genesis, chapter three

    42. each in the fall, in order to understand fully the later legislation by God regulating the respective roles of men and women in the church

    43. We have discussed the creation and the fall because of the foundation they provide upon

    44. I tried to piece together the time-lines The fall of the Christian kingdoms in Aragon and Castile took place when? At the end of the fifteenth century by the Julian calendar? Five hundred years ago

    45. I lean against him and fall apart

    46. It took a long time to fall

    47. He just lies there, crumpled in his bed and tears begin to fall on the sheets as he cries

    48. I'm still not going to fall for it, Apollo thinks to himself as he lies back down on the bed, trying to stifle his appetite that's suddenly eating away at his determination

    49. It's hard to tell how long my fall had lasted; suddenly, the spaceship seemed to decelerate and I realized I was arriving somewhere

    50. Gag: If you dream that there is a gag on your mouth, you will soon fall in love

    1. love sinners and those who have fallen from grace

    2. This folder was little wider than a clip and things could have easily fallen out into the box at large

    3. When she went back inside, Herndon had fallen into a near coma

    4. All the other androids, noticing their companion had fallen down, immediately stopped what they were doing and turned their lidless eyes to Scar

    5. Herndon had fallen asleep with his head on his pack, only a few minutes after her, she hoped

    6. Peter had some money in his coat pocket all of a sudden, though the change had fallen through the hole at the bottom and had spilled out all over the sidewalk

    7. And one in particular who he had fallen for but never found a way to convince to be his

    8. By the time he’d fallen 50 meters and almost righted himself, Burn was on him

    9. The driver of this last example of a long since fallen British automotive empire splashed disconsolately towards the rear of the vehicle, depressed the already sticking boot release with the heel of his right hand, and heaved at the tailgate with his left

    10. beneath him until he had fallen into the quicksand

    11. Everyone had fallen in love with the trio especially little

    12. Understanding this view of everything being fallen helps us to understand the significance of humanity

    13. Joris had bought her five years ago … she’d fallen in love on sight with the beautiful gg, with her white blond mane and tail setting off the pale tan colour of her coat

    14. Wood rests against fallen masonry, white and smooth,

    15. had fallen into the yard

    16. In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old (Amos 9:11)

    17. Some of the eggshell had fallen near by; it covered the spot where I was

    18. When I finally heard you I realized you had fallen off before they stopped and I've been following their trail back ever since

    19. "Luray, most of Earth's great civilizations have risen and fallen since you were born

    20. They jogged on, their speed had fallen to a shuffling jog, none of them felt brisk by this time

    21. "Oh no, that text had fallen out of use by the time I came thru the Kinsheeta pass following a lover

    22. High above the town on a scrubby hill overlooking the crazy blue Aegean I came across a fallen tree trunk and there I sat, just to sit and listen

    23. Most of the presumed boulders had fallen from the null spot, swooped by Narrulla, missing it by only a few hundred miles, and been flung out of the system in the direction of Kunae

    24. Nuplayy observed one smaller object had fallen from the remaining piece and he thought it would impact but it had moved out of the range of his scope

    25. They had now been on the Vikenvor four weeks and in those four weeks he had fallen back into strict monogamy

    26. The water is low and sluggish, brackish in the pools which have formed along the bank where trees have fallen and blocked the flow

    27. We must have hit another of those fallen trees … the first time had me in a flat panic believing the vessel was sinking! Boy, had I felt a fool!

    28. Anyone would think you'd fallen asleep in there

    29. It followed the base of a plug that might well have blocked our way had it fallen a little more toward the wall

    30. What if he'd fallen and knocked himself unconscious? I waved Alessandra in from the water

    31. Such as how the boulders must have fallen where they did when the earth was new; how they'd never moved since

    32. that had fallen out and placed them back on the slice

    33. Lucy asked her step-brother if he was awake and receiving no reply assumed that he had fallen asleep at the table

    34. It had fallen on the floor

    35. Cement hags had fallen

    36. By the time that darkness had fallen and London’s sodium

    37. Had it not been for the old Stable Master being close by, he would have fallen in a dead faint

    38. “We don’t like to admit it, but America had fallen, even before this war

    39. It was a shame the family had fallen apart the way it did

    40. finally fallen asleep, Jack and Jill were sometimes able to hear the

    41. Anyway, the upshot is that she now has a baby – well, he’s a toddler really - and the relationship has fallen apart leaving the girl completely up the creek with no paddle

    42. past are not correct and have fallen by the wayside,

    43. She wondered if she had fallen into some cultural trap like maybe if she asked him to bathe, it was her duty to bathe him

    44. He had fallen asleep waiting for her to return

    45. seen that a flood has fallen upon Earth to wash away all that which has with-held (wo)man

    46. He had fallen down in the trailer

    47. She must have fallen asleep for twenty of those hours

    48. “I didn’t know I was in there that long, I must have fallen asleep

    49. He did not object as he had fallen in love with Naria; and she in turn cared deeply for him

    50. reply assumed that he had fallen asleep at the table

    1. Fracas ensues resulting in innocent woman falling into the path

    2. Within moments, the perch was falling over

    3. It’s a woman with hair falling out and one eyes missing

    4. The thunder came from something glowing, flaming, and falling from the sky, something coming in far too fast and coming right at him

    5. It was years too soon, he thought, but he hadn't paid enough attention had he? Or was he just too drunk at the time? No one else seemed to think it was imminent, but there was no denying that it was something huge falling from the sky and it looked like it was aimed straight at the camp

    6. Travis liked this stage of construction, when you could see the parts that kept everything from falling apart, before it got all dressed up

    7. The robots stood there for a moment, their circuits sputtering and shorting out, before falling over with a large, heavy clunking sound

    8. The fields are grown over with weeds, the farmhouse is falling apart, and the fences are collapsing all around

    9. One usually 'misses the bus' to sell at a profit or keeps hoping against hope in a falling market

    10. She was so tired she had to concentrate on not falling off

    11. He looked up to see an anvil falling on his head

    12. Every bare wall, except in the computer room (he was afraid of shelves falling on his computer) had a bookshelf stuffed with books

    13. Is it still rising or is it falling? The temp should continue to rise until it reaches 160 or higher

    14. What with the tenancy falling through and that conversation I had with the inspector yesterday, I don’t quite know whether I am coming or going

    15. falling cards into a section with row upon row of discounted DVDs

    16. Estwig was already falling into Noonsleep and might fall right off the wagon

    17. This individual was possibly off radar as a result of internecine strife within the C-Block or for falling foul of any one of the various killer whales that this particular little fish may have been sharing the pond with

    18. he were falling into a well

    19. The hair kept on falling, but I kept standing on the word: “Not a hair of

    20. falling dishevelled across shoulders and curving round her breasts

    21. Amid the flames and falling limbs, the man in black burned and fevered,

    22. As my mind tries to find a way through this apparently insoluble problem, the tussock of grass under my right foot gives way suddenly, my balance being iffy due to the alcohol, I suddenly sway and Stephen has to move pretty fast to stop me falling over

    23. this need to see die, to see cold bodies falling within the

    24. Mimis ---> before falling into a deep sleep, hear the whispers

    25. I imagined the space around me to be infinite, falling away from the edges of reality like the seas that tumble over the edge of a flat earth

    26. This was a dream state, a nightmare scenario, where I was falling through space, watching the ground draw closer, and yet I knew that I would never actually splinter on the dead earth

    27. It spun at them, and as Tig watched the dying alien ship falling on them like a terrible illustration of inevitability, the fear left him like a rat jumping ship

    28. I appreciated his attempt to cheer me up at this hard time -but it was in vain: I was still feeling miserable, as if all the whole world were falling apart before me

    29. And I hang up as the tears start falling

    30. I felt the chair tipping backwards and although I tried to grab hold of the man in front of me to stop myself from falling backwards, the stars in front of my eyes created a storm of interference disabling my faculties

    31. Through all this I just knelt there in a state of mute resignation, holding my aching bones together, trying to keep the man in me from falling apart

    32. Bahkmar always thought he could be open and honest with Jaseem about anything that didn't violate the technician's oath, but since falling into that trap he had been a lot more careful with what he said to anyone

    33. Chains falling to the floor

    34. Stu felt as if he were falling into a well

    35. She rolled onto her side and propped her head up on her hand, her black hair falling dishevelled across shoulders and curving round her breasts

    36. If you see a bright star falling from the sky, your career will be stunning but it won't last; it could also signify the death of a relative

    37. You’re falling behind, brother, a long way behind in the counting

    38. One of the things you’ll discover about falling into a state of

    39. with the falling water into the pool of immortality

    40. Long into the night, Kara stared into the darkness listening to the now steady rain falling outside her bedroom window

    41. In a corner, Citizen Marat’s severed head, trailing veins and cables, ground out one last phrase on behalf of the revolutionary committee of the brotherhood of new men before dropping its eyelids and falling permanently silent

    42. marked by the run of tears falling

    43. wind blowing down with the snow still falling

    44. He was quite relieved to see that the falling snow was covering the

    45. When it happened, he didn't know he was falling off

    46. Rain showers the water-hungry land, falling from gunning skies

    47. in the falling footsteps of the lion-headed man,

    48. He heard water splash just a little ways off and hoped it wasn't Desa falling into something that far from the fire

    49. screeching across the falling point

    50. How will we survive something as gruesome and terrible as the Tribulation without falling away? It is only by the empowering of the Spirit in a way that we have not yet experienced, nor began to fathom

    1. wil never believe she cannot do it – she falls over again and again

    2. It falls short onto the counter, not that she would have caught it anyway

    3. As the diatom dies, the dia-earth falls to the bottom of the lake or ocean in which they lived

    4. 58 percent of serious injuries in people 65 and older are caused by falls

    5. The loss of balance that leads to serious, injury-producing falls can be traced to age-related changes in the brain, diminishing vision, inner ear problems, weakening of the legs and trunk and/or the declining reliability of sensory mechanisms that let the brain know where the limbs are in space

    6. Excessive alcohol consumption and side effects from medications can lead to falls, but ongoing problems with instability should be reported to a physician

    7. Exercising to strengthen muscles around knees and hips helps prevent falls and serious injury

    8. Its slow, graceful movements have proven to have a profound effect in improving balance and preventing falls

    9. · Remove throw rugs and tack down the edges of carpets to prevent falls

    10. “When I think about Him, His presence falls

    11. They will thrive any where the moisture, temperature and amount of food available falls within 1 tablespoon DE (garden grade) tolerable boundaries

    12. He just falls and hurts himself

    13. John staggers a few more feet, falls on his knees in the parking lot

    14. ’ Barney said, pushing the plate away from him with so much enthusiasm that it nearly falls off the table

    15. The back snaps open and a piece of paper falls out on the counter

    16. indolently, lays his head back down and falls to sleep

    17. A dog wanders out one of the open front doors and one of students kicks at it, misses, nearly falls on his ass while other students laugh and point

    18. and crash! The door falls over, shattering glass all over the steps of the building

    19. Is there a thing today that falls beyond your understanding? Cancer

    20. The class falls silent, waiting

    21. He falls happily on Ricci’s neck to embrace him

    22. Cancer is a diagnosis that falls under the curse of the law

    23. Ahmed runs to him, falls on his shoulder, weeping

    24. Then his eyes roll up into his head and - splat! - he falls forward, face in his dinner plate

    25. Suddenly, Ricci’s eyes cross, he gets a stupid grin on his face and - BOOM! - he falls sideways out of his chair

    26. Never falls off, though

    27. The night falls, the moon and stars are present in the black

    28. I’ll stab his fucking balls off with a steak knife the next time he falls asleep with his fat legs open

    29. But everything falls by surprise; the destination

    30. and is presently working with the Lone Star Church of Christ in Falls of Rough, Kentucky

    31. This doesn't prevent him from going steady with the daughter of the family, but their happiness won't last: While she is in the garden, she bumps her head against a tree branch; she falls down on the ground and some mutated plants swallow her up; when they vomit her she is no longer what she was: she looks like a gigantic snail-like monster, a living horror

    32. During the week before Remembrance Day which actually falls on a Sunday this year, I talk with all of the folks at one time or another about what it meant for them – with the exception of Fred, they all have wartime memories of some sort – he was too young and was evacuated with his mother to somewhere in Wales for a couple of years

    33. "The hammer falls!" Moamar shouted

    34. ’ She asked, and my heart falls

    35. Beyond the confines of earth-time, way out beyond the fringes of the universe where dark matter falls forever, Smith thought about nothing, taking slow but gigantic steps towards origin, and in thinking, even on a universal scale, Smith began to acquire the very first trappings of personality

    36. When we wrestle with these other aspects of the cross and what it symbolizes, it all falls apart if we are unwilling to recognize the Godhead in the midst of it all

    37. the sound of faint but constant water falls

    38. night falls with the bending of time

    39. He falls in slow motion, watching the days

    40. as the sting of the swift falls away

    41. When Israel falls, Jesus told us to look up, for our redemption draws near

    42. So it is a fact that, where unhappiness falls,

    43. the shape of white wings falls upon on the ground

    44. feel my tears in the rain that falls and see me,

    45. (She faints and falls to the floor

    46. in the swelling shadow of her jaws and falls across my face,

    47. that falls upon their heads, thrown up

    48. She falls to the ground

    49. ERICK falls backward

    50. Therefore, it would be better not to opt of dermabrasion if the skin falls under this category

    1. He almost fell in the water when he heard the accented voice behind him and heard footsteps on the dock

    2. "You know that asteroid at Cynd that fell out of its orbit?"

    3. His face fell when he saw Sam in his uncharacteristically miserable state

    4. Exod: 32:28: And the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses: and there fell of the people that day about

    5. Jim fell to the ground in a large heap

    6. 2Chl: 17:10 : And the fear of the LORD fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that were round about Judah, so

    7. This is about the woman I fell madly in love with for about a week and a half

    8. They fell in behind a barge carrying hundreds of rolls of raw cloth bound on a day-long journey to the fashion shops of the south side

    9. Luke: 8:8: And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bear fruit a hundredfold

    10. Brandon fell asleep during a movie he'd never seen called The Quiet Earth

    11. He fell to one knee, but not before he grabbed a hold of her leg

    12. she’d been involved in a long term relationship up in Bristol … it fell apart … she was considerably upset, partly because of that and partly because her sister had just got married … she was at the age when she could feel the clock ticking

    13. The android fell over with a clang

    14. So who was left to send starships? The Chinese space program fell apart after losing so many sleeperships on the Centorin run

    15. He fell to his knees and his face went red

    16. She was a new-age hippie who fell in love with the idea of all religions coming together

    17. windows, and I fell hopelessly in love

    18. They fell in slow motion

    19. cares of the mortal world simply fell away, and all that Cat could feel now was the

    20. years until Johnny’s mother fell prey to an untimely maternal death, and he

    21. ‘What have I let myself in for?’ he muttered theatrically as Liz, who has been collecting up some of the soggy wallpaper which fell out of the bag, throws a handful at him

    22. Once hostilities ceased, Dad went to visit Bob’s family – his own having been bombed out during the Blitz – and fell in love with Bob’s sister … by this time he had decided that he wanted to train as a teacher – there was a big demand for men to do that after the war, you know

    23. a great boldness rise in me! I seated her body on a bed and her head fell

    24. foes, They stumbled and fell

    25. But they stumbled and fell! God is

    26. Johnny fell, winded and gasping, feeling his shirt soak with blood

    27. turned as he fell, and a razored paw ripped across his chest, exposing bone and torn

    28. " I fell into the cell on the floor and he banged the door shut

    29. She was a rich milk chocolate color with half-loosened curls that fell over her shoulders and were tied back with small pins behind her dainty ears

    30. ‘Jacqui fell foul of Harvey the first time she met him, Liz

    31. Oliver/D: ---> (Furious) As I said I have fell in love before I kill

    32. Fell heavily for a stunning blonde in his first term

    33. Some days later it was discovered that at least one brother was discouraging the making of such future plans and thus the whole plan fell apart

    34. Yet again Marwan Tayeh, this briefly arcing flare, fell back to earth, spent and blackened

    35. He bounced off the deck below and the rail and fell into the charred, emptiness of the main tube

    36. She fell into Satan's deceit

    37. For even Christ pleased not himself; but, as it is written, The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me” (Romans 15:1-3)

    38. Given the mental stresses and the physical degradations of the day, it was inevitable that I fell asleep chained to the radiator

    39. The heavens split wide open and I fell into a void, a pit of dense, black, smothering raven feathers

    40. ’ The words fell awkwardly from her tongue and she knew it

    41. Her great and fell ancestor made the world anew and in so doing left them to live with a curse, the price to be paid for greatness

    42. For a moment or two, she twirled in a spasm of incredible intensity; then the sorceress fell silent, wrapped herself in her black mantle and vanished in an ethereal green cloud

    43. It was easy to see how Alan fell in love with her

    44. he drank so much firewater, he fell asleep before he could tell Lyla that she

    45. potion and took his keys when he fell asleep

    46. must know… ¿Are you still the man I fell in love with, or did he die in the

    47. Suddenly something struck Son in his chest and he fell into the river, still

    48. Son fell into the river and the reigns slipped from his hands

    49. Suddenly Elden felt a sharp pain in his leg and fell to the ground

    50. As the soldier fell his

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