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Compel en una oración (en ingles)

  1. May the power of God compel you.
  2. You tried to compel her? And?
  3. I can compel you to do what I want.
  4. You cannot compel men to love the truth.
  5. Fear will compel us to want to be around those.

  6. They assert the "I," and compel obedience from the.
  7. If you insist, I will just have to compel with your.
  8. Rafael was suddenly fil ed by a compel ing need to hear.
  9. She wanted to possess you so that she could compel you to.
  10. The elders always offer the explanation: I compel no one.
  11. We should never compel others to listen to us or to obey us.
  12. The same power that compels her silence may compel her speech.
  13. TopTip #62 – Devise captivating videos that compel watchers.
  14. They will send a boat for us in a moment, and compel our return.
  15. I compel my eyes to stay open and push my head above the dashboard.

  16. She wondered how many workmen they had to compel to have this done.
  17. But all these sufferings do not compel him to change his resolution.
  18. I’ll have to compel him for staying with us and not going, anywhere.
  19. Although Nangong Ping was a million times unwilling to compel but he.
  20. God saves those who trust him; he does not compel man to serve his name.
  21. This Roscius was enough of a threat to compel a dire letter from Tullius.
  22. It is far more compel ing to your reader than all the ‘stuffy’ stuff.
  23. The auction sites can’t compel someone to honor their agreement with you.
  24. I would have been more foolish to compel him to come with us, Cerian.
  25. But they don't compel my admiration, whereas the conduct of this Inquiry does.

  26. Now I feel compel ed to return to … the universe (being the) product of a.
  27. She wanted to turn this odd moment into something that would compel Paul to help.
  28. This is a sobering thought that should compel us to share the Gospel with everyone.
  29. That very portrait, if it be read circumstance, will compel every one of you to admit.
  30. Now I feel compel ed to return to … the universe (being the) product of a quantum.
  31. To compel all men not to practise violence against others! Who is going to compel men?
  32. This course will compel me to discuss points no ways related to the one before the House.
  33. And without a seated count to compel them with oaths of fealty— He ended with a shrug.
  34. The situation of Mobile is such as to compel you before very long to take possession of it.
  35. You compel me to tell you that this is too serious a matter to be treated in such a fashion.
  36. Incredible as the story seemed, Barrington's manner was so earnest as to almost compel belief.
  37. And so my dear son it was I who indirectly made conditions to compel her to leave from there.
  38. May the power of God compel you, the priest said again this time with a cross in his hand.
  39. Within this environment we are always prompted with situations which compel us to make a choice.
  40. If he totally flipped out, he was prepared to compel him if it protected them all from exposure.
  41. It can compel citizens to join the armed forces and it can compel them to adhere to military laws.
  42. But, at the same time certain facts arise, compel recognition, and knock at the door in their turn.
  43. And PETA shows little compunction about the techniques it considers acceptable to compel compliance.
  44. It was the custom to compel the condemned man to carry the crossbeam to the site of the crucifixion.
  45. Here, we expect another biological imperative to compel us to this: the perpetuation of the species.
  46. A fixed resistance will compel her to yield this point as she has already done her Orders in Council.
  47. Have you discovered your passion in life ( what you are driven and compel ed to do)?
  48. Macon spoke against the amendment, which, if adopted, would compel him to vote against his own motion.
  49. Suppose they should neglect or refuse to make these appointments, can you compel them to do it? No, sir.
  50. Jesus of Nazareth said in this regard, And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.
  51. The power of the reflection in the water soon was enough to compel the Imperial to drop his sword at his side.
  52. You compel me to declare that he who is not with me is against me, while he who gathers not with me scatters abroad.
  53. I looked into his eyes, as though I could drag the truth from him, compel the secret of this mystery from his dead lips.
  54. At this the innkeeper waxed very wroth, and threatened if he did not pay to compel him in a way that he would not like.
  55. In 1913 the United States government brought suit to compel separation of the company’s railroad and coal properties.
  56. Edmond, my friend, do not compel me to tarnish that noble and pure image reflected incessantly on the mirror of my heart.
  57. However, if Ganz is truly as good as John says, I believe that scientific curiosity alone will compel him to come here.
  58. So long as it is sought for under the hypothesis of Christ's simple humanity, it must elude discovery, or compel disbelief.
  59. Let the subject under consideration compel us to give a word a figurative meaning before we depart from its generic meaning.
  60. Congress is also given the power to compel members to attend sessions and perform the duties for which they have been elected.
  61. Antiochus was both punished on Earth, and is punished now he is dead; for when he was quite unable to compel the Israelites to.
  62. Somehow, as I gazed, an irrepressible, incomprehensible power seemed to compel me to keep my eyes fixed upon that lifeless face.
  63. The mounting Soviet threat would compel Britain and the United States to increase the severity of the bombing raids over Germany.
  64. I tried as hard as I could to compel them all to drop the Arrows and Guardians when I got away, but there were hundreds of them.
  65. The attitude of the two had a terrible resemblance to a child forcing a kitten's nose into a saucer of milk to compel it to drink.
  66. That was it, all he wanted to say, his grand speech to compel his people amounted to basically four words; The universe is dead.
  67. There must therefore be an underlying fallacy in assuming that if the stockholders were given the power to compel payment of income—i.
  68. Advertisers and marketing specialists are constantly looking for, and listening for, words that compel, persuade, attract and interest us.
  69. The board, he said, was utterly unable to compel the transatlantic vessels to reduce their speed in the contest for "express train" ships.
  70. Let us place Nichols up before another large congregation and make him preach as he writes, and interpret scripture as his writings compel.
  71. Why, Jane, what would you have? I fear you will compel me to go through a private marriage ceremony, besides that performed at the altar.
  72. I knew if ever the eyes met mine they would be blue, and I gazed as if the force of my will could compel them to disclose their secret to me.
  73. Come here now, Nelly: I must either persuade or compel you to aid me in fulfilling my determination to see Catherine, and that without delay.
  74. Come here now, Nelly; I must either persuade or compel you to aid me in fulfilling my determination to see Catherine, and that without delay.
  75. But what is the source of such immaterial diseases and spiritual defects that overstrain those and compel them to throw themselves into Fire?
  76. It’s simply that individual soul’s desire which compel them to seek out their individual lessons, chosen by them for their personal growth.
  77. All slavery is based solely on the fact that one man can deprive another of his life, and by threatening to do so can compel him to do his will.
  78. As a consequence of this survival challenge, the State must compel and coerce its workers to work so that it, and all its dependents, can live.
  79. Christ’s life portraying His teachings of compassion and forgiveness, was not driven by force or coercion, to compel others to comply with Him.
  80. So long as Conan lives he is a threat, a unifying factor for Aquilonia, that might be used to compel us into courses we would not otherwise follow.
  81. Compel: To drive or urge someone with authority or things that are appealing; to constrain; to require; to demand, either by physical or moral force.
  82. You, Sir Gregory, could not rape a woman, because you would feel her grief and agony, you would suffer with her, and this would compel you to relent.
  83. But the same certain man sent them into the highways to compel them to come in and said, not one of them that are bidden shall taste of the supper.
  84. For you will find favour among those who are to repent and they will give heed to your words; for I will be with you and will compel them to obey you.
  85. But the girl had her own charm and turn of phrase that he believed would work in her favor and compel even the most cantankerous to give her a chance.
  86. That very portrait, if it be a real circumstance, will compel every one of you to admit that the torment of the intermediate state is produced by fire.
  87. That very portrait, if it were a real circumstance, will compel every one of you to admit that the torment of the intermediate state is produced by fire.
  88. The 'fatherhood of God’ is defined to be a principle in the Divine Mind, which will compel the Divine Will to reach and to rescue every one of His songs.
  89. He must have a metaphysical battle with them first, and compel them to change their ideas on human nature, before he can persuade them to believe in Christ.
  90. Its main object was to compel companies to distribute their earnings, so that they might be subject to personal income taxes levied against the stockholders.
  91. But who is to prevent hostilities beginning? Who will compel men to do this or that? Who will compel governments to wait a certain stated time? Other nations.
  92. We will not constrain you to help us; we enroll no one against his conscience, but we will compel you to act generously, even if you are not disposed to do so.
  93. With either there would be no need to compel by threat of imprisonment citizen's participation in the creation and maintenance of a collectively better existence.
  94. We take off the embargo, and trade on their terms; what will be the consequence? Will they not forever hereafter compel us to trade as they please? Unquestionably.
  95. The incessant fire of the enemy, and my own constant engagements for the protection of the vessels, compel me to postpone sending that list until another opportunity.
  96. Necessity might compel her to yield for a moment; but it would be to watch the growth of national strength, and to seize the first favorable opportunity to seek redress.
  97. He got quite angry with me when I disapproved of his efforts to compel Candace to get over her fear of intercourse, even though she had emphatically told him to back off.
  98. Assassins compel all the witnesses of an assassination to strike the body of the victim, with the intention of dividing the responsibility among the greatest number possible.
  99. The importance of the question, and the lack of well-defined and authoritative views thereon, compel us to weigh here the leading arguments for and against this proposition.
  100. Murderers compel all the persons who are present at a murder to strike the dead victim, so that the responsibility may be distributed among the largest possible number of men.
  1. The compelling need to buy.
  2. The sight was a compelling one.
  3. That is a most compelling story.
  4. The sound was harsh and compelling.
  5. Her voice was compelling and melodious.
  6. But the compelling need is still there.
  7. This tweet is compelling and interesting.
  8. But the most compelling factor was that.
  9. Create a compelling ad and call-to-action.
  10. Some conditions do create compelling needs.
  11. Certainly this was a compelling temptation.
  12. The evidence on the table is very compelling.
  13. He put together a very compelling argument.
  14. Above, the stars reflected a compelling majesty.
  15. All of these things are very compelling content.
  16. Her compelling magnetism alarmed Lillian Gueste.
  17. The stars were a powerful and compelling mystery.
  18. The following example gives compelling intuition.
  19. Willingly I came, Your warmth and love compelling.
  20. Unless there are additional compelling factors (e.
  21. Determination imparts compelling force to the will.
  22. The sheer arithmetic of the challenge was compelling.
  23. His masculinity provided a compelling and powerful.
  24. Looks are great, but they’re not compelling enough.
  25. Who will do the compelling? and how?—Public opinion.
  26. As the Net expands, a compelling VPP will be essential.
  27. Jesus more compelling, keeping it in the present.
  28. In addition to this I found Ken's art very compelling.
  29. It was unlike the previous side but no less compelling.
  30. The main thing is that I find the arguments compelling.
  31. That’s what makes your story so compelling, Voyvod.
  32. He considered compelling her before disregarding the notion.
  33. Sticking with this strategy has very compelling odds indeed.
  34. There was something mysteriously compelling about the Vulcan.
  35. At this level there are no hidden drives compelling behavior.
  36. The intellectual underpinnings of the practice were compelling.
  37. The United States is of course not alone in compelling school.
  38. Tammas found the man strangely compelling, but was unsure why.
  39. I found this one of the most compelling and intriguing chapters.
  40. Without realizing it, wisdom was compelling Sam to study as he.
  41. Solving a compelling need is the most critical of all aspects of.
  42. These papers are compelling, but don't be swayed by what you read.
  43. Each treasure and trophy in Niles' palace had a compelling history.
  44. The cause itself was as compelling as had been abolition as a cause.
  45. The logic behind this predisposition was compelling and conservative.
  46. There are many compelling ways to raising awareness for your company.
  47. I found his arguments compelling, even more so after I began speaking.
  48. And it had only made their story more compelling for the nation at large.
  49. What you should be aiming to do is build a compelling case for the buyer.
  50. Church in times gone by and some of the information here is very compelling.
  51. Then, all you need to do is write a compelling press release announcing the.
  52. Videotapes from Three Queens and the other casinos had been beyond compelling.
  53. The more successful firms solve a very specific problem that has a compelling.
  54. I felt a sudden rush of compassion, compelling me to get up as fast as I could.
  55. He had here a very compelling body of evidence implicating Mike – and you.
  56. Again, it uses a strong and compelling statement - You need to read this.
  57. I understand how this is a compelling urge, he said one day early in April.
  58. Again, the results would be even more compelling for a value-weighted composite.
  59. A compelling need reduces the costs of selling as there is little selling effort.
  60. But we see another, perhaps more compelling, possibility: a symmetrical triangle.
  61. So we start trading even if there is no compelling set-up and we lose more money.
  62. Share compelling content (in the form of text, videos, links, images, memes, etc.
  63. Even if a product does not satisfy a compelling need, it can still achieve a high.
  64. It would buy him a little more time to think of a compelling reason to go to Abia.
  65. In the end, I had to use a compelling spell because she simply wasn’t caving in.
  66. The temptation of inexpensive goods provided by cheap foreign labor is compelling.
  67. If you have the ability to write compelling content, you could look for work as a.
  68. On 14th June the Germans entered Paris, compelling the French to seek an armistice.
  69. Yours has been a strange form of conquest, being limited to Compelling our oaths.
  70. The reasons for following this will were both numerous and compelling, and yet….
  71. Like a falling drop of water, he fell into those compelling ocean-blue eyes of hers.
  72. She was not supermodel beautiful, but there was something compelling about her smile.
  73. His goal is simply to build a compelling story of how apathetic the world has become.
  74. Early alternative explanations based on irrational expectations were no more compelling.
  75. She stared into Trevain’s jade eyes, which always seemed more compelling in the dark.
  76. I think we had two compelling ways to interpret the following chart of Lincoln National.
  77. There’s a story behind the rise in commodities — and it’s a pretty compelling one.
  78. Moshe, driven by something more compelling that common sense, requested in a voice edged.
  79. It was just that there were about six or so other reasons that were even more compelling.
  80. So I had an opinion and also traded on what I thought were compelling entry opportunities.
  81. Another compelling reason was that Caroline didn’t look forward to François’ return.
  82. This is yet another compelling argument for the development of my super redundant laptop.
  83. While the appeal of exploiting trends is compelling, risk should be kept in mind as well.
  84. NDEs provides compelling evidence that mind and consciousness cannot be reduced to merely.
  85. That almost certainly will not provide your prospects with the compelling reasons to join.
  86. Now that we have looked at all 10 economic sectors, a very compelling narrative has emerged.
  87. Instead, we are prone to chasing breakouts and entering where there is no compelling trade.
  88. My head jerks up to glare at him, and his gray eyes burn molten silver with compelling need.
  89. For the present the voice had faded but Brock knew the compelling whispers would soon return.
  90. He knows what he feels about you but may have some compelling reasons to stay away from you.
  91. What’s next, in your mind, over the next ten years that is compelling and/or challenging?
  92. In fixing this tweet, start with the headline of your post followed by a compelling statement.
  93. My curiosity was overriding my common sense, compelling me to find out where this would lead.
  94. Anna had felt a compelling desire to tell the students the truth, simply to watch their faces.
  95. Richie was hilarious and a little bit strange, with a dark edge of mystery I found compelling.
  96. He studied the curve of her cheek and chin, and returned his gaze to her compelling dark eyes.
  97. Even more compelling to investors was the fact that Nebido has been in use in Europe since 2003.
  98. For a compelling pull to your story, the following should be included in the story structure:.
  99. He failed to give any compelling reason for such a move, however, other than convenience for him.
  100. Of all instances where prophecy may have recurring pattern, few passages are more compelling for.
  1. I am compelled to rise.
  2. I almost felt compelled to.
  3. Is it that I am now compelled.
  4. He felt compelled to correct Mr.
  5. She was compelled to walk faster.
  6. He had to be compelled by someone.
  7. I was compelled to move, move, move.
  8. Tell me, though, as I am compelled.
  9. Something compelled me to go inside.
  10. She felt compelled to gaze into the.
  11. Jeremy was compelled to press his luck.
  12. The new stock, he felt compelled to view.
  13. Instead, she felt compelled to stay put.
  14. It is compelled and has no alternative—.
  15. We will be compelled biologically and.
  16. Could have compelled mankind to speak it too.
  17. He found that he was compelled to continue.
  18. He had felt compelled to study the map! Why?
  19. Do not feel compelled to earn money from XXXX.
  20. He felt compelled to follow the bird when it.
  21. We are compelled to do as this verse states:.
  22. And yet, Kimi felt compelled to step toward it.
  23. She was compelled to ask, What do you want?
  24. You only mated because your glands compelled it.
  25. He is compelled to report anything unusual to Rosa.
  26. JC was compelled to lead her to his waiting vehicle.
  27. Then, with degree in hand, they feel compelled to.
  28. I have become foolish; you yourselves compelled me.
  29. He was compelled to go, but he assumed I would abstain.
  30. But right now he felt compelled to disagree with them.
  31. Because she compelled the demons to leave her behind.
  32. Conan halted in mid-stride, compelled against his will.
  33. Something inside Joey compelled him go on ahead with it.
  34. But the stories and what they might be compelled me.
  35. By the way, about the bird, we were compelled to eat it.
  36. The sound of water lapping nearby compelled him to rise.
  37. I was compelled to gaze ahead into the breezy palms and.
  38. Native Americans are compelled to marry within their own.
  39. His eyes were so blue she felt compelled to stare at them.
  40. As they began to scour the area I felt compelled to squash.
  41. He did not stiffen but relaxed as my glamour compelled him.
  42. Hence I am compelled to interrupt the Chaturmaas and move.
  43. Helen was compelled to try and quell the rising storm, and.
  44. No Return, and be compelled to Stay there and deal with the.
  45. Already, he seemed compelled to turn her travels into verse.
  46. Still, when Tony heard Ryan’s offer he felt compelled to fly.
  47. One of these ‘creatures’, he was compelled to ‘nail’!.
  48. They are compelled to return to the only thing they understand.
  49. Garcia felt compelled to respond to Osaka’s questioning gaze.
  50. It was the force and authority that compelled Barron to agree.
  51. He knew not where he was going, yet he felt compelled to move.
  52. Compelled to take a closer look, I dove into the bowels of hell.
  53. However, father compelled me to, since I had already missed one.
  54. Whatever she had compelled from Zac, she'd better leave it alone.
  55. I have been compelled to believe he alluded to this unhappy woman.
  56. It was specifically this brand of merciless conduct that compelled.
  57. She felt compelled to ease the tension, and mentally kicked herself.
  58. What was it about her that compelled him so? Would Deanna always be.
  59. But whatever it was, it compelled her to unroll the cloth, and inside.
  60. We were compelled to do this by all those before us and those to come.
  61. Tyler felt compelled to ask, Ethan, what does the red button do?
  62. When I saw that image, something compelled me to visit this place first.
  63. He is forever compelled to fight an uphill battle until the day he dies.
  64. She knew she would no longer be compelled to enter that disgusting chasm.
  65. I am compelled, to begin with, to say something of my own college career.
  66. At first, when any of them is liberated and compelled suddenly to stand.
  67. By reasonof his liberal ideas he was compelled to leave Spain andwent to.
  68. Look, even if I could stop the asteroid, I am ethically compelled not to.
  69. Fielding suggested I drop by, Tammas said, feeling compelled to rub the.
  70. However, I feel compelled to mention that bread and wine were totally absent.
  71. Threat solutions can sometimes be resented as the buyer may feel compelled to.
  72. The less affection he showed her, the more she felt compelled to push him away.
  73. Hiacoomes felt compelled to intrude on our mooning over each other that evening.
  74. Ever curious, she was compelled to approach and steal closer for a better look.
  75. It was as if he felt compelled to continue, as if more than just his life was.
  76. Patience! I cried; in the interval Marie will be compelled to obey him.
  77. Now they were compelled by international agreements to warn other nations first.
  78. Chinedu stood, put his arms round her, and kissed her as if he was compelled to.
  79. Because of this he felt compelled to purify and free his mind in that very life.
  80. The numerous commissions which he had received compelled him to go to the bazaar.
  81. Still, he was compelled to appear, and he dutifully did to address all concerns.
  82. Though he wanted nothing to do with any of it, he was still compelled to testify.
  83. Something compelled me forward, screaming at me to speak out against the insanity.
  84. He compelled the other two to stay and asked them to help him capture the parrot.
  85. I don't know why I felt so compelled to keep my love of classical music a secret.
  86. Some gave it of respect and friendship, others were compelled to show it of pity.
  87. The more I tried to forget about time, the more I was compelled to think about it.
  88. She owed for rent, and felt herself guilty, and was therefore compelled to endure.
  89. The reason Garcia felt compelled to help her was because she had helped the Garcia.
  90. He hadn’t meant to kill; he’d been compelled to kill and now he paid the price.
  91. Taking a chance, and feeling compelled to help, Stacey hobbled into the clear-282.
  92. Lezura was compelled to reach for the vicious and most foul remarks within her mind.
  93. Thus, defeated at every point, Tarras was compelled to abandon the idea of building.
  94. I think, now, that I must have been here before and was somehow compelled to return.
  95. Once or twice he was compelled to speak, to command her attention of those he served.
  96. I still felt compelled to understand the full extent of the relationship they shared.
  97. Now that I’m a holy man I feel compelled to pass on my vast wisdom, so here it is….
  98. And the common sense of the reader was compelled to judge for him self its limitations.
  99. Though he told them he would go with them, he really didn’t feel that compelled to go.
  100. Apparently, at that time they didn’t feel compelled to keep track of 61 days in winter.
  1. Anything! For everything compels an act.
  2. But no piety compels me to subsidize a bridge.
  3. The seriousness of the hour compels me to move.
  4. Give focus to the thing which compels you the most.
  5. Such love as I have for you compels love in return.
  6. Q: Who compels the Guru to submit to these indignities?
  7. The power of God compels you! the priest said louder.
  8. The same power that compels her silence may compel her speech.
  9. What compels me? He wondered, not wholly given to their trickery.
  10. But it is their heart that must will love, because Love never compels.
  11. To uncover the cause that compels them to suffer such torture, God says:.
  12. What message did they bring that compels you to leave so abruptly?
  13. Excuse me, he continued: necessity compels me to make you useful.
  15. If they wander too far, their biology compels them to return to the reserves.
  16. For some unknown reason, an instinct compels me to complete this concluding task.
  17. There’s a feeling of serenity, an atmosphere that almost compels one to keep still.
  18. It’s their love for humanity, for us, that compels them to enter this forsaken land.
  19. I am conscious of this irresistible feeling in my heart, and it compels me irresistibly.
  20. Whatever controls the State, therefore, is what compels compliance by the threat of force.
  21. A man who submits to power does not act as he would wish, but as the power compels him to act.
  22. The absence of a single idea from a system of thought sometimes leads to and compels ages of controversy.
  23. The power of God compels you! the priest repeated a bit louder and holding the cross in Laurie’s face.
  24. Campbell, gives Paul all these glories without a body, or compels us to hold that the resurrection takes place at death.
  25. What is it that compels these men to believe that the existing order is unchangeable and that it is necessary to maintain it?
  26. Strong faith gives them an inward peace which makes them independent of earthly troubles, and compels even their enemies to wonder.
  27. Some people seem to think that proves that the present system is all right! But really it only proves that the present system compels selfishness.
  28. For instance, a biological love compels you, but where that compulsion is allowed to lead or how to be experienced or intensified is culturally shaped.
  29. On the other hand, viral videos contain something in them that compels people to watch them over and over again and share them over the social media site of choice.
  30. This stage culminates into yearning for the object of desire then at second stage desire compels us to initiate an action to possess that object; outcome of this stage is agitation.
  31. And yet, sir, the situation in which I unhappily stand, and in which it was my lot to stand at the conclusion of the last session of Congress, compels me to say a word on this subject.
  32. Once love decides what it is, what its purpose is, its meaning, its why/why not, then love must venture its decisive acts, not because anything compels it but itself – love wills love.
  33. But when either of the two other principles prevails, it fails in attaining its own pleasure, and compels the rest to pursue after a pleasure which is a shadow only and which is not their own?
  34. I do not speak upon this subject as an amateur, nor, I may add, as a popular lecturer, but I speak as one whose scientific conscience compels him to adhere closely to facts, when I say that Mr.
  35. All this, if only the boy, when telling the story, again experiences the feelings he had lived through and infects the hearers and compels them to feel what the narrator had experienced, is art.
  36. This conclusion may perhaps be modified either if there is substantial unanimity of view that inflation must be guarded against or if the insufficiency of income compels search for a higher return.
  37. I hope that if that happens, in the fullness of time, you’ll be able to accept that we’ve told you nothing but the truth, yet honesty compels me to admit that we could never return your old life.
  38. The charter of no bank in the United States compels them to take the paper of other banks, and whether they do receive them or not will depend upon contingent circumstances, or upon whim and caprice.
  39. They understand that physical strength must be respected, for it compels respect; and the moral strength of goodness an unperverted man cannot fail to respect, because all his spiritual being draws him toward it.
  40. One difference—where his face had the look of power that compels respect and, to the shrewd, reveals relentless strength relentlessly used, the expressions of the others were simply small and mean and frost-nipped.
  41. What is it that compels these men to make the false reflection that the existing order is invariable and, therefore, must be maintained, whereas it is evident that, on the contrary, it is unchangeable only because it is maintained as such?
  42. Before he can appropriate the labour of the weaker he must feed and clothe them and keep them at work, and so their number remains small; and, besides, this compels the slave-holder to remain continually with the slaves, driving them to work by the threat of murdering them.
  43. The general philological argument to which attention has been now drawn, I believe, compels the conclusion that the New Testament doctrine on the future punishment of obstinately impenitent men is that they shall be 'blotted out’ and finally perish under inflictions corresponding with their sins.
  44. Thus comes into operation the second means of enslaving, not directly with the sword,—that is, by the strong man driving the weak one to labour under threat of killing him,—but by the strong one having taken away from the weak the stores of corn which, keeping by the sword, he compels the weak to work for.
  45. They represent His very piety and virtue in a style which, however consistent with the filial subjection of the Son to the Eternal Father, is wholly unsuitable to a mortal, and which compels the reader to choose between the alternatives of true Deity in the Savior, or a blasphemous impiety in His pretensions as a man.
  46. At a certain moment he made that indescribable gesture of a sort of authority mingled with rebellion, which is intended to convey, and which does so well convey, "Pardieu! who compels me to this?" Then he wheeled briskly round, caught sight of the door through which he had entered in front of him, went to it, opened it, and passed out.
  47. Trescott, who compels admiration by his fine, straightforward course, takes his wife to a small Missouri town, where Southern prejudice is still rife and laws are lax, and where feeling is bitter against the uncle of Constance, the absentee landowner, who has sent Trescott to represent him in enforcing evictions from a tract of land to which he claims ownership.
  48. What is it that compels the men who were but yesterday taken from the plough, and who are dressed up in these monstrous, indecent garments with blue collars and gilt buttons, to travel with guns and swords, in order to kill their hungry fathers and brothers? They certainly have no advantages, and are in no danger of losing the position which they hold, because their condition is worse than the one from which they are taken.
  49. But what is it that compels the peasants, the soldiers, who stand on the lowest rung of the ladder, who have no profit from the existing order, who are in a condition of the most abject submission and humiliation, to believe that the existing order, in consequence of which they are in a most disadvantageous and humble state, is the very order which must be, and which, therefore, must be maintained, even by performing the basest and most unconscionable acts for it.
  50. That is the nature of a symbol, isn't it? Like a compass, it points to a direction without offering instructions for how to get there? Armed with the knowledge that all things could be explained through the interactions of these two ideals: a trinity of forces, and a seven-folded expression of those forces, compels the seeker to exercise that same capacity for reason in order to discover an instruction manual---the understanding---from which the symbol was obtained.
  51. Whilst they recognize the influence of the oppressor as a natural condition of a nation's life, they do just what a critic of the economic conditions of the life of the personal slaves of different masters would do, were he to omit to consider the influence exercised on the life of these slaves by the will of that master who compels them to work on this or that thing and drives them from one place to another according to his pleasure, who feeds them or neglects to do so, who kills them or leaves them alive.
  52. That half (nay, more than half) of the Russian peasants, in order to pay direct and indirect taxes, voluntarily sell themselves as slaves to the land-owners or to manufacturers, does not at all signify (which is obvious); for the violent collection of the poll-taxes and indirect and land taxes, which have to be paid in money to the government and to its assistants (the landowners), compels the workman to be a slave to those who own money; but it means that this money, as a means of exchange, and an iron law, exist.
  53. But, secondly, I venture to think that the large preponderance of argument is on the side of those who do not rely on this presumptive analogy against survival, but rather on the New Testament Revelation; which compels us to believe that in the death which men now die, the curse is executed in such a manner (in the survival of the soul) as to allow of its reversal by the resurrection of the same man to life, or of its second infliction, under the irremediable condition of extinction of 'both soul and body in hell’ (Matt.
  54. It had been admitted that we had a right to choose our enemy, and Great Britain was selected, because she was first in the career of maritime despotism, and had exercised it with unrelenting severity; because she stands alone in the impressment of our citizens, and dooms them to ignominious punishment, or compels them to fight her battles; because the national honor had been vitally wounded, in the attack upon our flag; and because she had heaped outrage upon aggression, and had imbrued her hands in the innocent blood of our citizens.
  56. But slavery of all kinds has been going on so long, so many artificial wants have grown about it, so many people with different degrees of familiarity with these wants are interwoven with one another, through so many generations men have been spoiled and made effeminate, such complicated temptations and justifications of luxury and idleness have been invented by men, that for one who stands on the top of the pyramid of idle men, it is not at all so easy to understand his sin as it is for the peasant who compels his neighbour to light his stove.
  57. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the United States, under the peculiar circumstances of the existing crisis, cannot, without serious inquietude, see any part of the said territory pass into the hands of any foreign power; and that a due regard to their own safety compels them to provide, under certain contingencies, for the temporary occupation of the said territory; they, at the same time, declare that the said territory shall, in their hands, remain subject to a future negotiation.
  58. Hence the profound dissatisfaction with modern philosophy on the part of those who think participatively, a dissatisfaction that compels some of them to have recourse to such a conception as historical materialism which, in spite of all its defects and defaults, is attractive to participative consciousness because of its effort to build its world in such a way as to provide a place in it for the performance of determinate, concretely historical, actual deeds; a striving and action-performing consciousness can actually orient itself in the world of historical materialism.
  59. Meanwhile, the wind having changed we were compelled to head for the land, and ply our oars to avoid being driven on shore; but it was our good fortune to reach a creek that lies on one side of a small promontory or cape, called by the Moors that of the "Cava rumia," which in our language means "the wicked Christian woman;" for it is a tradition among them that La Cava, through whom Spain was lost, lies buried at that spot; "cava" in their language meaning "wicked woman," and "rumia" "Christian;" moreover, they count it unlucky to anchor there when necessity compels them, and they never do so otherwise.
  60. But the unfortunate members of the lower classes, who receive no benefit from the existing system, who, on the other hand, find themselves greatly despised because of the duties which they perform in order that a system which is opposed to their own interests may be maintained,—they who tear men from the bosom of their families to send them to the galleys, who bind and imprison them, who stand on guard over them, who shoot them, why do they do this? What is it that compels these men to believe that the existing order is immutable, and that it is their duty to maintain it? Violence exists only because there are those who with their own hands maltreat, bind, imprison, and murder.
  61. The Tula train and the behavior of the persons composing it—How men can behave as these do—The reasons are neither ignorance, nor cruelty, nor cowardice, nor lack of comprehension or of moral sense—They do these things because they think them necessary to maintain the existing system, to support which they believe to be every man's duty—On what the belief of the necessity and immutability of the existing order of things is founded—For the upper classes it is based on the advantages it affords them—But what compels men of the lower classes to believe in the immutability of this system, when they derive no advantage from it, and maintain it with acts contrary to their conscience?—The reason lies in the deceit practised by the upper classes upon the lower in regard to the necessity of the existing order, and the legitimacy of acts of violence for its maintenance—General deception—Special deception—The conscription.
  62. But putting this aside, what thinkest thou I ought to do about my lady's command to go and see her? For though I feel that I am bound to obey her mandate, I feel too that I am debarred by the boon I have accorded to the princess that accompanies us, and the law of chivalry compels me to have regard for my word in preference to my inclination; on the one hand the desire to see my lady pursues and harasses me, on the other my solemn promise and the glory I shall win in this enterprise urge and call me; but what I think I shall do is to travel with all speed and reach quickly the place where this giant is, and on my arrival I shall cut off his head, and establish the princess peacefully in her realm, and forthwith I shall return to behold the light that lightens my senses, to whom I shall make such excuses that she will be led to approve of my delay, for she will see that it entirely tends to increase her glory and fame; for all that I have won, am winning, or shall win by arms in this life, comes to me of the favour she extends to me, and because I am hers.
  63. Christianity destroys the State—Which is more necessary, Christianity or the State?—There are men who defend the necessity of the State, and others who, on the same grounds, deny this necessity—Neither can be proved by abstract reasoning—The question decides the character of a man's consciousness, which either allows or forbids him to participate in the organization of the State—Realization of the uselessness and immorality of taking part in the organization of the State, which is contradictory to Christian doctrine, decides this question for each one, regardless of the destiny of the State—Argument of the defenders of the State, as a form of social life indispensable for the defense of the good from the wicked, until all nations, and all members of each nation, shall have become Christians—The more wicked are always those in power—History is but a recital of the usurpation of power by the bad over the good—The acknowledgment by authority of the necessity of struggle with evil by violence is equivalent to self-destruction—The annihilation of violence is not only possible, but is going on before our eyes—However, it is not destroyed by State violence, but through those men who, obtaining power by violence, and recognizing its vanity and futility, benefit by experience and become incapable of using violence—This is the process through which individual men, as well as whole nations, have passed—It is in that way that Christianity penetrates into the consciousness of men, and not only is this accomplished despite the violence used by authority, but through its agency, and therefore the abolition of authority is not only without danger, but it goes on continually as life itself—Objection of the defenders of the State system that the diffusion of Christianity is improbable—Diffusion of Christian truth interdicting violence accomplished not only slowly and gradually, by the internal method, by individual recognition of the truth, by prophetic intuition, by the realizing of the emptiness of power and abandonment of it by individual men, but accomplished also by the external method, by which large numbers of men, inferior in intellectual development, at once, in view of their confidence in the others, adopt the new truth—The diffusion of truth at a certain stage creates a public opinion, which compels the majority of men who have previously opposed it to recognize the new truth at once—Therefore a universal renunciation of violence may very soon come to pass; namely, when a Christian public opinion shall be established—The conviction of the necessity of violence prevents the establishment of Christian public opinion—Violence compels men to discredit the moral force which can alone exalt them—Neither nations nor individual men have been conquered by violence, but by public opinion, which no violence can resist—It is possible to conquer savage men and nations only by the diffusion of Christian public opinion among them, whereas the Christian nations, in order to conquer them, do everything in their power to destroy the establishment of a Christian public opinion—These unsuccessful experiments cannot be cited as a proof of the impossibility of conquering men by Christianity—Violence which corrupts public opinion only prevents the social organization from becoming what it should be, and with the abolition of violence Christian public opinion will be established—Whatever may take place when violence has been abolished, the unknown future can be no worse than the present, and therefore one need not fear it—To penetrate to the unknown and move toward it is the essence of life.

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