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  1. STEP 2 Compute the amount of Equity.
  2. Lots of luck trying to compute Ω.
  3. Compute the mean value of these five.
  4. Compute the group total for each letter.
  5. Paul said we are to know it and compute it.

  6. Cecily began to compute his age in her head.
  7. Binary uses a 0 and a 1 to compute anything.
  8. We received a reward for returning the compute.
  9. Mine—I call it the ACE—won’t simply compute.
  10. But for some reason it just didn’t compute with him.
  11. Compute Hotelling’s T2 for the original observations.
  12. The code to compute the DFT is shown in Code Listing 9-1.
  13. Compute Hotelling’s T2 for each relabeling of the subjects.
  14. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) was introduced in 2006.
  15. Because I need more than one specimen to compute an average.

  16. Since I know his current brain size, I was able to compute them.
  17. For a second it just didn’t compute what found her meant.
  18. I let this compute for about thirty seconds before I answered that.
  19. Let him compute how much he would save minus his cigarette budget.
  20. The approach is to compute a moving discrete Fourier transform (DFT).
  21. Yes, my boy, and don't even try to compute the number of these infusoria.
  22. In order to compute this Additional Child Tax Credit, there are additional.
  23. In addition, the task list and the task effort can be joined to compute the.
  24. Thereby, it should also compute that desires, thoughts, and deeds have both.
  25. Then we compute all forecast prices and payoff function values related to them.

  26. All that the CAG did was compute the loss in terms of the auction price of the 3G.
  27. At this point, you have the information you need to compute P/S from your worksheet.
  28. The EasyLanguage code to compute the Hurst coefficient is given in Code Listing 6-1.
  29. Knowing the desired gain ratio across the band, we can compute the decay factor as:.
  30. The EasyLanguage code to compute the decycler oscillator is shown in Code Listing 4-2.
  31. The EasyLanguage code to compute the modified RSI indicator is given in Code Listing 7-5.
  32. At every level we compute the upper bound, and explore the node while selecting the item.
  33. Technical analysis is easy to compute what is important while the technical services are.
  34. Using this information, we will compute a rough estimate of the current fair value price.
  35. The Middle Section cannot be used to compute the high of the bull market in which it occurs.
  36. By our orders, those who don’t compute will have to be eliminated, replied his superior.
  37. Spirit, start from now on to carefully compute the approach trajectory of this ORION-class ship.
  38. Another stab of pain sliced through Thomas’s head—there were too many things to compute at once.
  39. To compute IV of each separate option, we substitute its market prices adjusted according to formula 2.
  40. We waited for Fritz to compute the situation, but before he could finish, the raspy voice shrieked again.
  41. However, this simplicity hides a multitude of potential variants that may be used to compute this ratio.
  42. The appearance of the Hurst coefficient is critically dependent on the length of data used to compute it.
  43. You’ll use information from this section to compute the current ratio and quick ratio on your worksheet.
  44. If any civilization anywhere in the galaxy used this compute resource, they would have spread to all of it.
  45. A vastly superior approach to compute the dominant cycle in the price data is the autocorrelation periodogram.
  46. The automatic gain control (AGC) technique described in Chapter 5 is used to compute the normalized Real signal.
  47. For each of these groups we can compute not only the average criterion and profit value (we used it in sections 3.
  48. Several different techniques can be used to build empirical distribution and to compute criteria corresponding to it.
  49. Another option is forward chaining: compute each value as soon as you can, in hope that you’ll reach the goal.
  50. In Philadelphia, they’ve come up with a rather brainless hulk called ENIAC, which can compute large numbers rapidly.
  51. The trigger is compute as 90 percent of the amplitude of the adaptive band-pass filter line and is delayed by one bar.
  52. Failing to compute the sum of the squares as a constant is an indication of the failure of creating an analytic signal.
  53. The profits of merchants may be computed, but no sober financier would attempt to compute the entire profits of commerce.
  54. Holly, Dominic came closer to her, holding his hands in front of him, trying to compute to her that he meant no harm.
  55. Finally, it is easy to compute and does not require any complicated data processing except building a simple regression model.
  56. The good news is that we don’t actually need to determine what the function m should be or compute it to obtain the desired interval.
  57. They can only compute in terms of mathematical calculations and even in that they are completely incompetent in researching the truth.
  58. The information that ESP uses to compute the integrity signature runs from the beginning of the ESP header to the end of the ESP trailer.
  59. Combined with a recovery rate assumption, they compute the break-even spreads that would equal the market spreads in a risk-neutral world.
  60. One of the tricks used is to compute the DFT in terms of cycle period rather than in the more conventional computation in terms of frequency.
  61. At the end of each month or quarter, compute the percentage change in the price of each stock from the last date you did this type of analysis.
  62. One can compute relative derivatives prices in a risk-neutral world and expect these arbitragefree prices to hold even in the real world.
  63. There is no farmer who does not compute beforehand what the church tythe, which is a land tax of this kind, is, one year with another, likely to amount to.
  64. To show this explicitly, we will need the aid of two R functions that we program ourselves: one that will compute factorials and one that will compute combinations.
  65. He knew it was a slim chance at best that the system would compute a solution in the next few seconds, before the point of no return, but it was all he could think of.
  66. The equity risk premium (ERP) can be narrowly defined as this last term, but it is more common to compute ERP as excess return over short-dated or long-dated Treasuries.
  67. To make it even more convincing we will also compute the average profit for combinations constructed under the alternative strategy 2 for the stocks belonging to subset K.
  68. The following formula can be used to compute the relative density of a body: its density relative to the liquid in which it is immersed, based on its weight in that liquid:.
  69. He thought about what Ava had said, this dark matter potentially holds two orders of magnitude more compute power than all the silicon and aluminum in the galaxy can provide.
  70. How was I supposed to compute this? Here I was, sitting across from a fiercely intelligent, self-deprecating guy who, like Mark Epstein, could easily have been one of my Jewish uncles.
  71. This means that with retirement calculators, people can easily compute and predict their estimated savings and the required amount that they have to save in order to reach those goals.
  72. Then, when it completes its circulations, it turns back into a nascent moon to indicate a new month so that we can compute the years and distinguish among the months and among the days.
  73. Three parameters (Sidereal Time, Latitude, and Declination of natal sun) are required to compute house cusps, rather than only two (ST and Latitude) required by all other house systems.
  74. As we shall show later, the investor in a mining concern must ordinarily compute his own depletion allowance, based upon the amount that he has paid for his share of the mining property.
  75. Nonetheless, I have been able to bludgeon the technology by taking liberal license with the mathematics to compute a Fourier transform that produces a spectral estimate that is useful for traders.
  76. The compute resource: This resource allows one to manage multiple hypervisor platforms, server hardware such as iLO and IPMI, bare metal provisioning with cluster creation, and storage provisioning.
  77. To be prepared to die – even when failure seemed a reasonable possibility – didn't compute with conventional logic; the Gerrid of thirty-six years ago may well have considered such a plan insane.
  78. The behavior of the market since 1933 has offered difficulties of a different sort in applying these mechanical formulas—particularly in determining normal earnings from which to compute normal values.
  79. To find out, we would let each sample stand in place of the population from which it is drawn, take a series of bootstrap samples separately from each sample, and compute the difference in means each time.
  80. If we would compute in how many years the whole of this capital is likely to come back to Great Britain, we must add to the distance of the American returns that of the returns from those other countries.
  81. The third step is to compute the test statistic for each of the possible reassignments of treatment label to result and compare these values with the value of the test statistic as the data were labeled originally.
  82. But what is fair value? We have already seen that economists compute the fair value price of an asset by discounting to the present the estimates of the asset’s future cash payouts (dividends in the case of common stocks).
  83. I have included the EasyLanguage code to compute the Hilbert transformer as a classic truncated FIR filter in Code Listing 14-1 because it can be useful for comparing results to the modified Hilbert transformer I will derive.
  84. With the “number of days to options expiration” parameter fixed at 60, we compute the objective function for all values of the “HV estimation period” parameter (one-dimensional optimization using an exhaustive search).
  85. Employing data bases and statistical skills, these academics compute with precision the "beta" of a stock-its relative volatility in the past-and then build arcane investment and capital-allocation theories around this calculation.
  86. TDR is similar to radar, in that the unit transmits a test signal, precisely measures the time it takes the signal to travel to the other end of the cable and back again, and then uses this information to compute the cable’s length.
  87. Manzi says, Randomness is reducible entirely [down] to the impracticality of building a model…As a practical matter, we lack the capability to compute either the goal or the path of evolution, but that is a comment about our limitations as observers, not about the process itself.
  88. In early years only total returns and yield-to-worst measures are available (much of it based on Arthur Warga’s pioneering research on early Lehman index data); they are linked to roughly maturity-matched Treasury subsectors to compute ex post excess returns and ex ante credit spreads.
  89. If it be desirable to form, not, indeed, an estimate, but some conception of its importance, let my honorable friend compute the value of New York, where a few square feet of land are an estate, and then compare it with the value of the same extent of ground for the purposes of the plough.
  90. When we compute the quantity of industry which the circulating capital of any society can employ, we must always have regard to those parts of it only which consist in provisions, materials, and finished work ; the other, which consists in money, and which serves only to circulate those three, must always be deducted.
  91. Why is it: that in order to shut down a compute: you have to press the start button first, and then be interrogated by your own machine? As if you are committing some unknown sin for even the thought of trying to shut off a sacred device like a computer…? Computers should be left on, running all day, running the world of humans.
  92. To evaluate the model’s past track record, we can study the correlation of these fitted values with actual monthly excess returns; alternatively, we can compute the hit rate (how often the model predicted the correct sign of next month market direction) or, most practically, the Sharpe ratio of a trading rule based on the model’s prescribed positions.
  93. However, we have not addressed the question that is more important to option traders: How does the level of implied volatility affect the performance of the volatility trades around earnings announcements? To answer this question, we compute the performance of long straddles and short straddles conditional on different levels of implied volatility before earnings announcements.
  94. To compute the result of this comparison, the honorable gentlemen on the other side must show, not that it is more expensive to maintain a navy than to be without one—not that it is more expensive to go to war than to remain at peace, (these propositions they, perhaps, have proved,) but that the objects proposed to be attained by the navy may be better or more cheaply attained in some other way.
  95. He had to reinstate himself in all the wonted concerns of his Mansfield life: to see his steward and his bailiff; to examine and compute, and, in the intervals of business, to walk into his stables and his gardens, and nearest plantations; but active and methodical, he had not only done all this before he resumed his seat as master of the house at dinner, he had also set the carpenter to work in pulling down what had been so lately put up in the billiard-room, and given the scene-painter his dismissal long enough to justify the pleasing belief of his being then at least as far off as Northampton.
  1. Computing the moving average (MA).
  2. Computing in the nude was a familiar.
  3. Annals of the History of Computing, p.
  4. All that computing power could be put.
  5. Remember, I carry a lot more computing.
  6. He had made a mistake in computing the tax.
  7. I could sense she was computing all I had told her.
  8. The computing times of algorithms fall into two groups.
  9. The computing time binary search by best, average and.
  10. You mean neuromorphic computing? the Professor said.
  11. It Is the Largest Distributed Computing Project in History.
  12. The Maui High Performance Computing Center is located in a.
  13. This is the way it was done in the pioneer days of computing.
  14. John Atanasoff, Advent of Electronical Digital Computing.
  15. Computing delta Δi of a separate option is a rather trivial task.
  16. Advances in computing power and data access compound these effects.
  17. Repeat this procedure 512 times, computing the mean value each time.
  18. Which was just as well, really, as he wasn’t very good at computing.
  19. Herley used his mathematical and computing skills to model this question.
  20. However, there is a solution that the computing industry has come up with.
  21. I went through his system and the details of the trek are still computing.
  22. They would go right to quantum computing, but he didn't have proof of that.
  23. As cloud computing grows, the differences between IaaS and PaaS are blurring.
  24. After computing this, compare the figure with the consolidation loan amount.
  25. The heavenly bodies were appointed by God as a means for computing Gen 1:14.
  26. Widely accepted as the beginning of cloud computing services was the Salesforce.
  27. As it was though, you had six digits for the date in the early days of computing.
  28. Cloud computing and real time decisioning and offering system belong to this area.
  29. The one closest to our path has been studied for quantum computing data flow also.
  30. Wren knew Tracker had more computing power than Peter, Buddy and Daisy put together.
  31. You’ve also heard of the idea that brains might use quantum computing in some way?
  32. Kepler used these three laws for computing the position of a planet as a function of time.
  33. The treasurer answered after several moments of computing online: Nine million dollars.
  34. When computing your tax rate, you have to take into account any deductions you may claim.
  35. Repeat the entire exercise, computing the mean of 12 rather than 5 binomial observations.
  36. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) replaces many of the physical assets used in computing.
  37. The last step, computing the BCa interval, uses the same commands as in the previous chapter:.
  38. He made only a couple small tweaks and wanted to speculate about nanites and quantum computing.
  39. There are relatively uncomplicated methods for computing the value created by this type of growth.
  40. I had an opportunity to open up an office for computing services in South Carolina but I refused.
  41. Says Hill, I spent most of my time getting trained by IBM to be a systems analyst in computing.
  42. However, there are other factors that need to be considered before computing the amount of savings.
  43. I called the bank and they explained that the mutual fund could no longer be used in computing the.
  44. The history of computer operating systems recapitulates to a degree, the recent history of computing.
  45. As with any technology, there are disadvantages to cloud computing, covered in the following sections.
  46. In the case of computing the dominant cycle, the Y values are power and the X values are the periods.
  47. Today, RISC designs based on the MIPS, ARM or PowerPC core power the vast majority of computing devices.
  48. The computations start by computing the profit per day for each of the trades in the real trading history.
  49. We set out to find the effect on revenues of a proposed revolutionary new system of computing express rates.
  50. Because computing power has increased, simulations can be created to model real problems and real solutions.
  51. They have the computing power of the ships they are and personalities to match the people that fly with them.
  52. During this time, the increasing computing power of personal computers began to allow rudimentary 3D graphics.
  53. Client-server computing is the basis for networking on Unix systems, as it is on many other computing platforms.
  54. Due to the speeds involved, the computing power this took was beyond Elizabeth’s central system’s capacity.
  55. Technology handles all of the information technology for the business, such as networking and computing systems.
  56. Graphical representation of two figures used for computing the effectiveness indicator based on the areas ratio.
  57. I had to read up on this when we wanted to invest in a firm that was announcing advances in quantum computing.
  58. Generally, retirement calculators are feasible tools in computing the expected amount of their retirement benefits.
  59. The new implied volatility at time of offset is an important factor in the computing the profit/loss of the trade.
  60. For those interested in computing the convolution indicator on their own, the process is relatively straightforward.
  61. A mechanical brain! A mathematical computing device that can process the entire world, just as a brain is able to do.
  62. As cloud computing is becoming more widespread, there are several types of cloud services offered by today’s vendors.
  63. This consists of distributing computing tasks among the available processors so that they are all continuously active.
  64. The advent of computing made paper ledgers redundant and money was elevated to the status of binary bits in cyberspace.
  65. What accountants computing results in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) report them to be.
  66. Oh they can believe the computing medium and the capacity, they will have a problem equating it with classical Scripture.
  67. One of the first actions of this monolithic, ultra-powerful organization was to create a gigantic central computing device.
  68. In the early days of computing, the problem of program changes was still a concern but there were simple processes to handle this.
  69. Executing the memoization-based code shows that performance improves dramatically, and is acceptable even for computing large values.
  70. Crispin Rope, ENIAC as a Stored-Program Computer: A New Look at the Old Records (IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, out.
  71. The more people, and there is a lot of them, who engage in social computing the greater the force of the implications of VCR becomes.
  72. NLST designs, manufactures, and sells memory subsystems for datacenter server, high-performance computing, and communications markets.
  73. Time magazine made the IBM PC its ‘Man of the Year’ in 1981 as the full, mind-boggling implications of computing began to take shape.
  74. He also realized that it does not matter whether this vast computing power resides in a human with marvelous appendages or in a computer.
  75. E-learning The use of the web, intranets, wireless computing, and other digital means of teaching and learning at home and in the workplace.
  76. Try computing how much it costs to buy a new car every four years, and compare the cost to buying only one car and repairing it for 40 years.
  77. In computing the book value of the common it would be an obvious error to deduct the Second Preferred at its nonrepresentative par value of $1.
  78. His research interests are in sequence analysis, string algorithms, computational biology, computational geometry and foundations of computing.
  79. Big Data /Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics and Optimization, Text Mining, are some of the buzz words that are currently in fashion.
  80. Rolf Landauer, Irreversibility and heat generation in the computing process, IBM Journal of Research and Development 5 (1961): 183–191.
  81. Oracle’s CEO, Larry Ellison, had first come up with the idea of net computing in 1995, and in 1997 Oracle created Network Computer, Inc.
  82. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what the future brings and if cloud computing technology can gain trust with healthcare organizations.
  83. The key finding is really the fact that this computing, if that's what these state changes are, is happening on all the bodies but the impactors.
  84. Fortunately, though, he was pretty sure this particular officer, despite being stationed near computer labs, knew very little of actual computing.
  85. The folds of our brain: virtual vapors cloud computing conscious memories stored, retrieved, and stimulated to create a |~NOW| we feel present in.
  86. Because short-term price movement may be very chaotic, computing averages helps smooth out the trend and better displays the direction and momentum.
  87. Using a pool, a casual Bitcoin user can try her hand at mining and collect tiny fractions of bitcoins using a moderately powerful computing device (e.
  88. After declaring variables, the code begins by computing the roofing filter as a combination of a two-pole high-pass filter and a SuperSmoother filter.
  89. First, because I was just a boy, but more importantly because the tools needed to create these indicators require computing power that was not available then.
  90. Today, we see the offshoots of Oracle’s original concept in things like “cloud computing” as well as in handheld “Internet appliances” like Apple Inc.
  91. While online social computing has grown significantly, the initial means has been focused on textual communications, including blogs, chat, forums profiles, etc.
  92. The left graph uses a traditional linear scale for the y-axis, in which the enormous computing power of ASIC miners in 2013 dwarfs all previous methods of mining.
  93. Now the phone that an Amazonian tribesman carries around the jungle has more instant computing power than Clinton had at his disposal as leader of the free world.
  94. The original model for collaborative computing was to have a single large computer connected to a series of terminals, each of which would service a different user.
  95. However, for small moves in the underlying or over short time periods, it is often fine to assume vega is roughly constant when computing changes to option values.
  96. This support enabled Robin to use more of the University’s own computing capability, and meant that he was no longer restricted to using his own machines at home.
  97. There is no need for computing correlation coefficients for nonlinear regressions to see that data dispersion is much higher for the PPLN than for the EPLN criterion.
  98. These are only rough estimates; the computing power of supercomputers and such projects is often measured in the number of floating-point operations per second (FLOPs).
  99. The SRs above one for short-dated issues reflects the fact that the excess return used for computing the SR is in excess of the one-month bill rate, at which only the U.
  100. It implies, as we shall see, that what may be the correct accounting basis for computing depletion may not be the most suitable basis for the analysis of investment values.
  1. How is the tax credit computed?
  2. Eras from which time was computed:.
  3. The DFT results as computed in Figure 9.
  4. It is a sitewide factor that is computed.
  5. The credit is computed as the lesser of 6.
  6. Where the computed earnings of the greater.
  7. The micro-screen computed the worm's length at 28.
  8. The numerical value of the ratio is computed as:.
  9. The credit card rates are usually computed annually.
  10. The Hurst coefficient is more estimated than computed.
  11. The credit is computed on Schedule R form 1040 or Form.
  12. The credit is computed based on the taxpayer's filing status.
  13. The book value of the First Preferred is computed as follows:.
  14. It ranges from 0 to 1 and can be computed in the following way.
  15. MA can be computed in three ways: simple, linear and exponential.
  16. Reacher said, The CT in CT scan stands for computed tomography.
  17. The Schaefer family ownership interests are computed as shown in Table 27.
  18. Because the depreciation and other amortization charges are irregularly computed.
  19. It is computed by summing the Y values and independently summing the X * Y values.
  20. After its own law and not by arithmetic is the rate of its progress to be computed.
  21. The total interest can be computed in three ways: simple, compound, and continuous.
  22. The indicator of criterion effectiveness computed for the data presented in Figure 3.
  23. It is obvious that the amount of punishment due each sinner can be computed by the Lord.
  24. If the computed exchange with France, therefore, was not more than two or three per cent.
  25. Statisticians had computed the yearly income of the deep southern states at $110,000,000.
  26. The computed values matched his actual variables within a four percent margin of error.
  27. Glancing up, he computed one hour of light with the cloudless sky beginning to show grey.
  28. After declaring variables, the coefficients of a 20-bar SuperSmoother filter are computed.
  29. The imaginary signal, called Imag, is computed from the FIR filtering of the variable Real.
  30. Annual losses can be computed by multiplying the default rate by one minus the recovery rate.
  31. Where to Find It: Book value per share is computed from numbers on a company’s balance sheet.
  32. Strassen observed [1969] that the product of two matrices can be computed in general as follows.
  33. The rebate is computed as a percentage of the total amount charged to the credit card in a year.
  34. The book value of the Second Preferred stock is readily computed from the foregoing, as follows:.
  35. The wages of labour are commonly computed by the quantity of silver which is paid to the labourer.
  36. A moving average typically is computed using the closing prices of whatever time period being used.
  37. In the following code, we use a dict for caching the already computed values of the Fibonacci sequence.
  38. This theory has been computed out to suggest that `time and space` could flow ahead or backward once again.
  39. This theory has been computed out to suggest that `time and spacè could flow ahead or backward once again.
  40. The DFT for traders is computed in terms of cycle period rather than frequency for ease of interpretation.
  41. The optimum ratio is easily computed if you have computer software to tell you the delta of each option.
  42. He computed that the twenty-fifth day of Thul-Hijjah 1421 AH corresponded to March 4, 2001 AD, the current date.
  43. Next, start with root node, upper bound for the root node can be computed using formula as Ub = v+ (W-w)(vi+1/wi+1).
  44. Having computed the values of all options in a similar way, we sum them up to obtain P(Ai(I,δ+)) and P(Ai(I,δ–)).
  45. The default window length is 48 bars, selected to be one full cycle period of the longest cycle period to be computed.
  46. The labour of each child, before it can leave their house, is computed to be worth a hundred pounds clear gain to them.
  47. If less than this was paid, the real exchange might be in favour of England, while the computed was in favour of France.
  48. The profits of merchants may be computed, but no sober financier would attempt to compute the entire profits of commerce.
  49. For the 10-day moving average, we computed a simple moving average of the closing prices from Day –10 through Day –1.
  50. It has been computed by different authors at a fifth, at a tenth, at a twentieth, and at a thirtieth, part of that value.
  51. Looking northeast Joe Billie knew the storm was king-sized and computed it into his plans; avoid it, wait it out or use it.
  52. For each group the Sharpe ratios of the criterion and the profit are computed by dividing the average by the standard error.
  53. In one of them it is computed at six shilling and eightpence the quarter, in the other at five shillings and eightpence only.
  54. The equity premium is ideally computed for stock market indices that weight each constituent stock by its market capitalization.
  55. The coefficients for the SuperSmoother filters have previously been computed in the dominant cycle measurement part of the code.
  56. When this assumption fails, the computed p-values may be far from accurate, and a specific significance level cannot be guaranteed.
  57. At the end of every three months, they send this account to the treasurer, with the amount of the tax computed at the bottom of it.
  58. The RSI is computed relative to the output of the roofing filter rather than price closes to eliminate the effects of Spectral Dilation.
  59. Since the Stoc is computed for all values over the range of lookback periods, it must be an array in EasyLanguage rather than a variable.
  60. Since the MyRSI is computed for all values over the range of lookback periods, it must be an array in EasyLanguage rather than a variable.
  61. The Stochastic is computed using the output of the roofing filter rather than price closes to eliminate the effects of Spectral Dilation.
  62. The Standard Time Spans are more reliable than counts from the Middle Section, but the latter, if computed accurately, are much more exact.
  63. Finally it computed that the time travelers would soon finish their year in the Heroic Age and needed to be at the pickup point in few days.
  64. Statutory surplus is net worth computed in accordance with insurance regulations, rather than Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  65. Memoization is an optimization technique that uses a cache to avoid recomputing results that were already computed in an earlier execution step.
  66. It is equally obvious that the gain or shrinkage, so computed, in any one year is no indication whatever of earning power in the recurrent sense.
  67. The variable Stoc is computed as the ratio of the current value of Filt to the price range and is the unfiltered value of the adaptive stochastic.
  68. The values of both coefficients were computed for each regression, and the relationship between determination and slope coefficients were analyzed.
  69. I have computed that it amounts to two hundredths of one percent of total slave ownership, an amount absolutely overwhelmed by the slave birthrate.
  70. The number of extra calls and puts to buy is not usually determined by eye but is computed in a manner that makes the position delta neutral.
  71. It was then computed that the break-up value amounted to about 150, allowing no value for the company’s supervisory and construction business.
  72. Note that in the usual company reports the per-share earnings are (or have been) computed without proper allowance for the effect of outstanding warrants.
  73. Series combination—When we add capacitors in series one after another , their values decreases and resultant capacitance is computed by following formula -.
  74. Pitt computed the profits on the commerce of Great Britain at £12,000,000, or one and a half millions less than the expenses for her navy the preceding year!.
  75. Along this trail of deduction we can now proceed to compose the chronological order of the next pattern that could only be staged over its final computed style now.
  76. A one-bar difference creates the rate of change of the sine wave, so an amplitude-corrected cosine wave can be computed in code as (using EasyLanguage notation):.
  77. To do this, the checksum included in the transport layer protocol header is computed only on the fields that are not modified during the journey to the destination.
  78. In this tabular comparison we follow the suggestion previously offered that the effective debt be computed by capitalizing the larger of net deductions or fixed charges.
  79. The annuities themselves are computed to amount to thirty millions a-year, the fourth part of one hundred and twenty millions, the supposed interest of that whole debt.
  80. Russell 3000 stocks are sorted based on their B/P ratios into three groups; and value-weighted returns and median B/P ratios for each tertile are then computed each month.
  81. Why were they being brought back? were they the ones who had computed or those being returned for elimination? The Usher spoke and Brackens taut nerves jumped at the sound.
  82. It’s a full house! Immediately, someone exclaims “what’s the probability that could happen?” If by “that” a full house is meant, its probability is easily computed.
  83. But the profits of stock are not computed by the number of pieces of silver with which they are paid, but by the proportion which those pieces bear to the whole capital employed.
  84. The physics of natural scenes already tells us how perspective must be computed by the brain and discrete frequency analysers are already known to be the primary auditory receptors.
  85. Sharpe ratio is sometimes computed as the ratio of total return and its volatility, which is plain wrong; the return on a money market asset should be subtracted from total returns.
  86. What is true is that if we derive a large number of 95% confidence intervals, we can expect the true value of the parameter to be included in the computed intervals 95% of the time.
  87. When all expenses are computed, the whole quantity of the one metal, it would seem, cannot, in the Spanish market, be disposed of so advantageously as the whole quantity of the other.
  88. This task is now made easier since the model for thèpattern` that had been used to extract the former factors could now be used and utilized by its last form of a computed version now.
  89. This task is now made easier since the model for the `pattern` that had been used to extract the former factors could now be used and utilized by its last form of a computed version now.
  90. Whenever a Domed House is complex, the Swingover multiplier must be computed with reference to the Three Peaks contained within the First Floor Roof, the formation nearest to the final top.
  91. The coefficients for the 10-bar SuperSmoother filter are computed and are the same for all lookback periods, and so can be outside the lookback loop to make the calculations a little more efficient.
  92. We feel on more solid ground in discussing these cases in which the market price or the computed value based on earnings and dividends is less than the net current assets applicable to the common stock.
  93. He opened a book that was written on the subject of astronomical data and computed that for their town on Sunday, February 19, 1854 at one o'clock in the afternoon the sun would be at an altitude of 34.
  94. One thing that most of us fail to do, but that I would highly encourage you to do, is read the box (usually on page B7) that explains the various ratings and measures and how they’re computed and used.
  95. To save time, it is suggested that additional average figures be computed only for those roads which the analyst selects for further investigation after he has studied the exhibits in the standard form.
  96. By plugging these numbers into the model and by assuming that the price changes in the spot product will, in the long run, resemble certain probability distributions, a value for an option can be computed.
  97. Unlike Moody’s statistics that capture the fraction of issuers in default, the default rate is computed here by the fraction of issues (par value of debt) in default, thereby better matching market yields.
  98. The labour of an able-bodied slave, the same author adds, is computed to be worth double his maintenance ; and that of the meanest labourer, he thinks, cannot be worth less than that of an able-bodied slave.
  99. The computed exchange, before the late reformation of the gold coin, was generally against London with Amsterdam, Hamburg, Venice, and, I believe, with all other places which pay in what is called bank money.
  100. Before the reformation of the silver coin in King William's time, exchange between England and Holland, computed in the usual manner, according to the standard of their respective mints, was five-and twenty per cent.
  1. The fractal dimension of the line then computes to:.
  2. Thus, the algorithm computes the average period at which the powers are centered.
  3. When the square is our pattern, the fractal dimension therefore computes to be:.
  4. The method computes from vertex 1 backward to the other vertices then return to vertex 1.
  5. When one computes volatility by using past stock prices, the result is called the historic volatility.
  6. Changes in those states could be called ‘computation,’ just as your desktop machine computes by changing the information in its memory.
  7. Here’s an R program that computes the original sum, then performs a Monte Carlo, that is, a computer simulation, to obtain the sums for 400 random rearrangements of labels:.
  8. Each of the strategists tell the computer what they think the best plan of action might be, and then the computer computes the figures and presents them to the commander, who, being at the head of the table, makes the final decision.
  9. The authoritative manual entitled Investment Companies, published annually by Arthur Wiesenberger & Company, members of the New York Stock Exchange, computes the annual performance of some 120 such growth funds over a period of years.
  10. We also make use of some new R syntax to sum only those data values that satisfy a certain condition, sum(data[condition]), as in the expression term=mean(data[start : end]) which computes the mean of the data items beginning with data[start] and ending with data[end].
  11. When a certain portion of the produce is to be paid away for a tax, the farmer computes as well as he can, what the value of this portion is, one year with another, likely to amount to, and he makes a proportionable abatement in the rent which he agrees to pay to the landlord.

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