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Reckon en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I reckon on you, Mr.
  2. Yes, I reckon so, 'm.
  3. I reckon he's a goner.
  4. This is what I reckon:.
  5. Yeah, I reckon we won't.

  6. Yes, I reckon that's so.
  7. I could reckon upon that.
  8. I reckon you’re in love.
  9. They may reckon on that!.
  10. I reckon we'll never know.
  11. I reckon he should have it.
  12. I reckon that's the very No.
  13. I reckon it was one of the.
  14. Today we reckon that some 1.
  15. What do you reckon it is?

  16. At least half, they reckon.
  17. They may reckon on that!’.
  18. I reckon 'e's in them nettles.
  19. What do you reckon, Adam?’.
  20. How do you reckon that?
  21. I reckon you’ve got a problem.
  22. Italian, I reckon, the posh twat.
  23. I reckon this is really important.
  24. I reckon this day is nearly over.
  25. I reckon that changes things a bit.

  26. Still I reckon there's not above.
  27. I reckon they treated her rottenly.
  28. I reckon I would, but I don't know.
  29. I reckon he'll be up for some jobs.
  30. But I reckon she really does exist.
  31. What did you RECKON he wanted with.
  32. We always used to reckon ten minutes.
  33. Anyway, we reckon we've solved that.
  34. I reckon someone has a crush on you.
  35. Why do you reckon they do that?’.
  36. I reckon my hosen are rubbing a bit.
  37. Should be a couple of hours I reckon.
  38. Vince asks Harry, "What you reckon?".
  39. I reckon she was a good person.
  40. And I reckon that is still true today.
  41. I reckon she could tell some stories.
  42. But this foe doesn’t want to reckon.
  43. Better neglected than abused I reckon.
  44. They reckon they're heading for Barra.
  45. The Kobe boys reckon it still goes on.
  46. I reckon I knows 'gators by this time.
  47. Yes, I reckon that 'll be the best way.
  48. I reckon I have some questions for you.
  49. Well, there IS company there, I reckon.
  50. I reckon I needs to talk to you, sir.
  51. I reckon that old man was a coward, Buck.
  52. We had a good time, I reckon, that night.
  53. I reckon Ford called in a few favours.
  54. Ah! Reckon rest of ours ain't s' far off.
  55. I reckon that saucer is dragging us round.
  56. I reckon we won’t have to eat for a.
  57. But now I reckon it's his Men that has it.
  58. I reckon it would push you along on skates.
  59. I reckon he must be a slippery character.
  60. I reckon that’s my bizness, he said.
  61. If ’twere up to you, she’d dye, I reckon.
  62. But I reckon he knew about the stash in the.
  63. What you reckon Mister Wong is doing?
  64. Reckon it’s too late for them to phone now.
  65. I have not art to reckon my groans: but that.
  66. I reckon I could find it—but then the bats.
  67. I reckon we will, young man, said Krill.
  68. We made about $100 million there I reckon.
  69. Well, I reckon you HAVE lived in the country.
  70. But I reckon we’ve solved your problem, Mal.
  71. I reckon it’s asking a lot at this point.
  72. I reckon that there were a number of reasons:.
  73. Reckon that storm's washed a few cobwebs away.
  74. I really reckon both of them are sick in the.
  75. They reckon it was two grenades wired together.
  76. I reckon I just have the instinct, I said.
  77. Let us, therefore, reckon a little on the herd.
  78. They reckon they’re lost, explained Jed.
  79. You reckon? So where does that leave us?
  80. I reckon you are in for some award for this!.
  81. I reckon that when she goes off, it’s full on.
  82. Grose also, and very formidably, to reckon with.
  83. Homicide, I reckon is a first cousin to suicide.
  84. I don’t reckon I’d be good at it,’ I said.
  85. I reckon that's five miles, don't you, Bridey?'.
  86. I reckon we should use plastic explosive on the.
  87. I reckon he had a bit of help, Chalmers said.
  88. I reckon that we'll have to wait a while for that.
  89. I reckon there is one key difference between the.
  90. I reckon they were all scared stiff of that Sugamo.
  91. They reckon that it happened not long after sunset.
  92. I reckon theyve discovered one of my lesser plots.
  93. So you reckon the child is safe with her?
  94. I reckon Twinn knows the town and the area around it.
  95. From that time she began to reckon only upon herself.
  96. That’s just the way it’s supposed to be I reckon.
  97. I don’t reckon your mother gave you a boy’s name.
  98. I reckon it would be safe to fly out on the Wednesday.
  99. We'll come in sort of slim on it here, I reckon, Nels.
  100. It could have been a murder though, I reckon.
  1. God is swift in reckoning.
  2. God is Quick in reckoning.
  3. He was right in his reckoning.
  4. You are reckoning without God.
  5. Chapter 2 The Day of Reckoning.
  6. And he again started reckoning.
  7. Operation Reckoning will not wait.
  8. But the day of reckoning is coming.
  9. In a little while - reckoning the.
  10. Then upon Us rests their reckoning.
  11. Reckoning it out, I steadied myself.
  12. But he was reckoning without events.
  13. In this he was reckoning on Biiring.
  14. The reckoning is going on without me.
  15. When reckoning fails, force prevails.
  16. This was the moment of reckoning, then.
  17. Reckoned means within a reckoning.
  18. That day is coming, by LP’s reckoning.
  19. We have our system of reckoning, you know.
  20. The day of reckoning had arrived for Harry.
  21. He smiled in appreciation of his reckoning.
  22. This was not what she had been reckoning on.
  23. Friday night was reckoning night for the miners.
  24. I daresay you are reckoning on a late repentance.
  25. This without reckoning in the pains of the heart.
  26. It happened almost a year ago, by surface reckoning.
  27. By his reckoning, they had been steadily proceeding.
  28. You can’t use this girl for Operation Reckoning.
  29. God provides for whomever He wills without reckoning.
  30. What ship puzzled at sea, cons for the true reckoning?
  31. Their moment of reckoning would come due in the morning.
  32. Toria’s reckoning was finished, yet she remained with.
  33. By an inspection of the trains and by reckoning the time.
  34. Dad? So he’d known about Operation Reckoning, too.
  35. Measure Cup sounds out its Reckoning Tone alone or by the.
  36. By an inspection of the trains, and by reckoning the time.
  37. The Mayor declared that the day to be the day of reckoning.
  38. By my reckoning, I’m about 100 kilometers from Pathfinder.
  39. My heart began to ache ; and, as she had been reckoning on.
  40. This was important, a test, a moment of truth and reckoning.
  41. She interrupted his reckoning, again, gently touching his arm.
  42. The hour of reckoning for Andrey Antonovitch followed at once.
  43. I should be afraid of their reckoning up all my fishing days.
  44. This he used to call his day of reckoning or faire la lessive.
  45. Stavrogin, Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch, reckoning on my simplicity.
  46. By his reckoning, only the one remaining troll stood in their.
  47. Hunt was an extraordinary young man by anybody’s reckoning.
  48. That would be one hundred and fifty-six years by your reckoning.
  49. This reckoning is really not of numbers and of divisions of time.
  50. He who, I hope, will forgive my sins on the Day of the Reckoning.
  51. Their hideous features and laughter caused a moment of reckoning.
  52. They recollected every farthing and included it in the reckoning.
  53. They are issued by people having no faith in the day of Reckoning.
  54. The steadfast will be paid their wages in full, without reckoning.
  55. All the other ghosts had left as soon as their reckoning was done.
  56. Mankind's reckoning has drawn near, but they turn away heedlessly.
  57. Black letters on a green-lit screen announced: Market Reckoning.
  58. Faustine’s opinion was overdue, a reckoning, by a number of years.
  59. There has yet to be a reckoning and payback with the sheiks of Satan.
  60. I've just had some steak and was reckoning on getting tea with you.
  61. I had never heard of dead reckoning before, but it sounded dangerous.
  62. Whoever the culprit is, his day of reckoning is near! warned Mr.
  63. We lived on the ground floor, but there was no reckoning on anything.
  64. Operation Reckoning stared her in the face, in the form of that platter.
  65. Dead reckoning tended to be fairly accurate; but how could we be sure?
  66. While she waits for her reckoning, Isabella does what her brother wishes.
  67. Everything was straight and clear, just as after former days of reckoning.
  68. Sam tried to count the steps, but after two hundred he lost his reckoning.
  69. Altogether, reckoning hastily, here were about three thousand disposed of.
  70. History of mankind would not be same if these two were not in the reckoning.
  71. Deep down, he always knew there"d be a day of reckoning when he"d have to.
  72. But I was reckoning without an encounter that slightly delayed our arrival.
  73. The leaders of both parties were reckoning white and black on their fingers.
  74. I didn't quite intend to disturb you and I came here without reckoning on it.
  75. If they threw her in the ocean now, Operation Reckoning would become a reality.
  76. And what is suffering? I am not afraid of it, even if it were beyond reckoning.
  77. Without reckoning the wholly unexpected one I am preparing to surprise them with.
  78. My reckoning of the creative process is that, in the best instances, the stream.
  79. A hundred SEALs is a force to be reckoned with, and we did the reckoning that day.
  80. Only those who are patient shall receive their rewards in full, without reckoning.
  81. Reckoning the ordinary dividend of the bank of England at five and a-half per cent.
  82. In my reckoning, there is a common thread that unites art, freedom, and inspiration.
  83. Those will have the worst reckoning; and their home is Hell-a miserable destination.
  84. This would have been a method of reckoning time, had not Dantes long ceased to do so.
  85. Golyadkin junior began upon his unseemly sallies again, reckoning, no doubt, upon Mr.
  86. I can't make out how it was you didn't see that you'd have to have a day of reckoning.
  87. By the time Erzsébet was in her ninth month, she had had experiences beyond reckoning.
  88. Seeing that the sun will soon set, and reckoning that his time has been employed in a.
  89. By her reckoning the angry youth of today viewed the tattoo as identification with the.
  90. It was two more days by more reckoning before I was able to move about without any pain.
  91. Waking up in the ICU over a decade earlier had been Sheila’s true moment of reckoning.
  92. About this time legend among the Hobbits first becomes history with a reckoning of years.
  93. A hundred SEALs is a force to be reckoned with, and we did the reckoning that day.
  94. He has appointed a day of reckoning, in which all men will stand before Him to be judged.
  95. Reckoning over again his list of debts, Vronsky copied it, dividing it into three classes.
  96. Another thing, Liza, man is fond of reckoning up his troubles, but does not count his joys.
  97. Richards will have his day of reckoning if I get out of this, said Hastings, furiously.
  98. She might be safer from Andrina and whatever Operation Reckoning was, but not from the rest.
  99. One of these days there will be a reckoning, a little voice in his head said, loud and clear.
  100. She has betrayed him and later there will be a reckoning, he thinks as darkness fills his mind.
  1. He reckoned he fancied her.
  2. I hadn’t reckoned on this.
  3. I reckoned he was not insane.
  4. But he reckoned without the dwarves.
  5. Everyone reckoned he’d had a fit.
  6. Smaug was still to be reckoned with.
  7. She hadn't reckoned with The Willows.
  8. He was reckoned with transgressors’).
  9. Nadir hadn’t reckoned on the tension.
  10. He reckoned there would be just enough.
  11. He'd always reckoned he was a hard man.
  12. Nikolay Parfenovitch reckoned it all up.
  13. I reckoned on it being there, and it was.
  14. I was not an instructor to be reckoned with.
  15. Still, Rod reckoned that it would take the.
  16. The boys reckoned that was cool, so when Mr.
  17. Two to three weeks, the consultants reckoned.
  18. He reckoned this chance wouldn't come again.
  19. I have reckoned it out—six days, not less.
  20. A horses timidity is a force to be reckoned.
  21. He had not reckoned on having trinkets to hide.
  22. We had a walk through and reckoned we’d be O.
  23. She had been a notable beauty once, he reckoned.
  24. Said he reckoned to do wi'out trousers i' bed.
  25. I reckoned maybe she was not really staying here.
  26. Of course he hadn't reckoned on Lisa, a romantic.
  27. Together we would be a force to be reckoned with.
  28. He liked that subject and reckoned boldly upon it.
  29. Reckoned he hadn’t had such a good time in ages.
  30. Then again, she reckoned that it was their choice.
  31. I reckoned we had nothing to lose so I’d try it.
  32. He had lived through more than he reckoned on then.
  33. He reckoned he was very pleased not to be a girl!.
  34. I reckoned I was being selective – a connoisseur.
  35. Time reckoned as one day as a thousand years - 2 Pet.
  36. Rapidly he reckoned the numbers of his former allies.
  37. Saddlebrook could become a force to be reckoned with.
  38. They reckoned that the convoy had fifteen hundred men.
  39. When ten pieces were reckoned on there have been twelve.
  40. Tom now told them that he reckoned the Sun would shine.
  41. She reckoned you were trying to steal her pension book.
  42. Reckoned it happened in Rouen when she was a little girl.
  43. I reckoned even Robin Hood in spite of his accepted good.
  44. This Durning, apparently, is a force to be reckoned with.
  45. All the loafers looked glad; I reckoned they was used to.
  46. About two o'clock in the morning, they reckoned up their.
  47. Do not think that we are not a force to be reckoned with.
  48. Damien Reynolds was definitely a force to be reckoned with.
  49. And is not life to be reckoned among the ends of the soul?
  50. Consider that you are, in fact, a force to be reckoned with.
  51. A joke worth telling the blokes back home – they reckoned.
  52. I should a reckoned the difference in rank would a sejested.
  53. Dino reckoned it was oil but I dismissed this as foolishness.
  54. Only the money we'd reckoned wasn't enough, not nearly enough.
  55. After eating, he would probably think straighter, he reckoned.
  56. Drens reckoned he would have been dead before he hit the water.
  57. Frodo reckoned they had eighteen miles to go in a straight line.
  58. A guinea may be reckoned the highest price in the present times.
  59. Bending archly she reckoned again fat pears and blushing peaches.
  60. He reckoned it wasnt the money, it was the power money can buy.
  61. His change came in coins, expertly reckoned and deftly dispensed.
  62. It was difficult but he reckoned he could climb up to the window.
  63. He reckoned it was for insurance purposes, he finished saying.
  64. Doug reckoned he could not find the end one time he went in there.
  65. The captain reckoned it was only one hundred and one kilometres.
  66. It was nearer now than when she had first reckoned the day-cycles.
  67. Besides, he reckoned that it would provoke Manian to bad mouth him.
  68. I reckoned that the last place Neith might look for me was in her.
  69. It should take about an hour Teller reckoned to reach the monastery.
  70. And here, at Mokroe, too, every one reckoned it was three thousand.
  71. As a fighting unit, the two of you are a force to be reckoned with.
  72. Emil, my Brazilian acquaintance, reckoned that was a stroke of luck.
  73. I thought they might just be ready, and I reckoned that if I myself.
  74. He hadn’t reckoned on Senior Constable Ponto’s social conscience.
  75. That evening he reckoned on Grushenka's coming almost as a certainty.
  76. Long story short: when I started at BAG, I reckoned it would be good.
  77. And it appeared later that Fetyukovitch had not reckoned much upon it.
  78. Tenpence may be reckoned its price in Edinburgh and its neighbourhood.
  79. He reckoned, correctly, that the leopards had long fallen to poachers.
  80. A power that, whether good or evil, she knew it must be reckoned with.
  81. Where would I? I was three miles away from the water tank, I reckoned.
  82. In antiquity the beginning of the year was reckoned from the start of.
  83. Thoth is the authority to be reckoned with in this Plane, as in others.
  84. I reckoned that what had been placed before me was chocolate something.
  85. His memory was still fresh, and he reckoned he probably just dozed off.
  86. He had balls for sure and I reckoned that one day, they would get him.
  87. Shoop reckoned he had a day, probably two, before the Sphere found out.
  88. It was not for nothing that she was reckoned the beauty of the village.
  89. Twenty thousand—it is nothing to be reckoned against ten silver mines.
  90. This is fine, but it is reckoned on experienced yogins and can be harm-.
  91. He reckoned to have slept ten minutes for every five minutes of watching.
  92. The heat and humidity was something to be reckoned with and it made the.
  93. Such a waste of time, when life was so short, Nicky reckoned with regret.
  94. She said that was first-rate, and she reckoned I would hive the next one.
  95. Barker had turned a non-drinker, so now the men reckoned at Morel's house.
  96. Any man, who had such mastery over himself, was a man to be reckoned with.
  97. He reckoned that he was hittin forty miles per hour on some open sections.
  98. But I reckoned that within a few days that car would be hotter than Hades.
  99. If they wanted to annihilate themselves, the sooner the better I reckoned.
  100. Thinking about it, I reckoned the pirates had become lax and overconfident.
  1. He reckons its foreign beer.
  2. He reckons that is why we can.
  3. Toto reckons we should be really.
  4. Shirley probably reckons he loves.
  5. He reckons all gays should be put down.
  6. Reckons she'll be there fer a few days.
  7. He reckons it won’t matter who is blamed.
  8. Martha reckons it's a bit on the stiff side.
  9. Judy reckons she’s hard because she has to be.
  10. Joe reckons we will be ok said Catwhiskers.
  11. Then again Jim reckons that Shaun knows his stuff.
  12. He reckons that he really neeeeedsssss ………….
  13. Andy reckons he can't sort out the Muslims from the.
  14. Captain Zamuto reckons he can be here in two hours twenty.
  15. He reckons the bish is none too impressed by Billy Bradford.
  16. Reckons that you bribed her with promises of tea and crumpets.
  17. That other guy reckons he’s only home in the evenings mostly.
  18. He reckons she’d have been doing at least seventy when she hit.
  19. She reckons he must be dead – otherwise he would have got in touch.
  20. Yet, he reckons that if he proceeded in this manner, he would likely.
  21. He reckons that Grunt's got it in for us and is just biding his time.
  22. He reckons that maybe it is just natural because of environment adaptation.
  23. The director reckons I should vary it from time to time but I don’t see why.
  24. If Sis reckons she can do it, I would be inclined to think it would be okay.
  25. She reckons we should spend every waking minute making the world a better place.
  26. Ain't seen 'em yet, but the postie reckons she sunbathes topless in 'er garden.
  27. Of the Jews destroyed during the siege, Josephus reckons not less than ONE MILLION.
  28. Of the Jews destroyed during the siege, Josephus reckons not less than ONE MILLION AND.
  29. Of the Jews destroyed during the siege, Josephus reckons not less than ONE MILLION AND ONE.
  30. In the sort of summer we’re having, he reckons two weeks if they’re lucky, perhaps three.
  31. He’d examined the car at the scene and reckons it was a grenade wedged under the driver’s seat.
  32. Henry – he’s the bloke I take coffee with - reckons it’s a tumulus, an ancient burial ground.
  33. Someone in your branch reckons that you are hounding your staff to stay quiet over the Bridges affair.
  34. Half and hour, he reckons, but knowing the way he drives that BMW bike, I’d put a fiver on 15 minutes.
  35. After what you said to Mum she reckons you‘re a bad influence and said I was never to speak to you again.
  36. I asked him about time and he reckons that noon would be realistic so I’ve written a reply to that effect.
  37. One of our lads who knows, reckons the violin in the wagon is worth more than a few dollars, an heirloom in fact.
  38. He would then have suffered under the pecuniary distresses which, because they are removed, he now reckons as nothing.
  39. The drawdown income is to be in line with what the Government Actuary’s Department reckons an annuity would generate.
  40. But as the world reckons, he was an eligible bachelor as far as eligibility could take a middleclass guy; well he was an I.
  41. I can't say that I really learnt the physics and mechanics of the machine in that 10mins, but Corey reckons it's enough for my first flight.
  42. The audacity of youth reckons upon what it fancies an unlimited time at its disposal; but a millionaire has unlimited means in his hand—which is better.
  43. The Berkshire chairman reckons that the bank would work through its current problems, and that the underlying banking business will prove highly profitable.
  44. He charges £50 an hour, would you believe, but reckons he can do everything from the place down the road, so we won’t have to pay train fares or expenses.
  45. Just occasionally, however, a company reckons the standard rules would produce nonsense and, rather than mislead, it intends to depart from the normal presentation.
  46. Weaver reckons that membership will stand, not least because of the huge economic and trade advantages which will flow to Europe and its newer, poorer member states.
  47. Ritchie wasn’t confident but he wanted Sam to be filled with hope, I have a man on the ground close to Buenos Aries in Argentina who reckons he has a few leads on Beck.
  48. In his autobiography, David Hockney reckons he said something like that in a life drawing class at the RA during those years, so it might have been him… but then again it might not.
  49. But Weaver reckons even that can be achieved, if we play the constitutional cards right - things like dual citizenship, representation in both the UK Parliament and in Congress, that sort of thing.
  50. This chap, Rupert Bland, reckons our security system isn’t half as secure as we think it is, and claims that his company has developed a much better encryption programme, explained Griffin to his boss.
  51. Certainly, they get rid of a problem that’s been round their necks for centuries, said Carlucci, and Weaver reckons that none of the costs relating to direct rule, the security situation and so on will fall on us.
  52. Man, he must be sooo dumb, me and Toto were laughing but still trying to be cool, but it was so funny and Toto kept saying ‘Can you see if his lips are moving’, cos he reckons Matthews is so dumb he can’t just read in his head and has to say the words as if he’s still in primary school or something.
  53. Holford: Of the Jews destroyed during the siege, Josephus reckons not less than one million and one hundred thousand, to which must be added, above two-hundred and thirty-seven thousand who perished in other places, and innumerable multitudes who were swept away by famine, and pestilence, and of which no calculation could be made.
  54. He reckons that whenever we’re confronted with an apparently dangerous situation, we have to wait for the armed unit before we can even think of intervening, Chalmers said, with the appropriate training, Smyth reckons we’ll be able to cut down the reaction time drastically and nip everything in the bud before everything gets out of hand.
  55. Mr Hawk then told us about the job, he only had to mention casino money and I was on my feet ready to leave, you don’t knock over a casino you leave that kind of fantasy to Hollywood, casino’s have some serious security, only a nutter would think he could get away with casino money and I told him so, Mr Jay agreed with me but Mr Hawk took no notice and continued telling us about the job, it was casino money but it wasn’t in a casino, we were going to heist the skim-off, this sounded more like it, the money was in a house on Bribie Island guarded by two casino security guards, this seemed far too easy, then he mentioned that the money was kept in a Wilson, and again I was ready to go home, but this is were Mr Jay came into the picture, he’s a locksmith or something like that and he reckons he can open it, well maybe, just maybe this can happen and if it does there’s no way I’ll settle for a quarter share.
  56. Of the Jews destroyed during the siege, Josephus reckons not less than one million and one hundred thousand,.

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