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    1. figuring out how to make it happen

    2. Before you start figuring out what you want (because I know it is not an easy task) here are some questions to help stimulate your thinking

    3. Anyone can misplace a wallet or keys, then find it by figuring out where they are most likely to have been left

    4. As it was he lost a precious hour in that welder-bot's circular help system figuring out its fine points

    5. Figuring out where a trapped emotion is

    6. She was beginning to wish this was all Alan’s doing, she was beginning to think she might have more chance of figuring that out

    7. She got into a copy of one of his trade mags and learned quite a bit about the math behind figuring the margins and what odds to figure for the weather on any of the lakes

    8. Now that he had his people out on their shifts’s assignments, he was left with this summons and figuring out what this meeting with the committee was about and how he should prepare for it

    9. Figuring that whoever had let her out there was now returning to pick her up

    10. By the time she did the figuring a couple days later, the move was warranted

    1. Figures that would be something Kevin would brag about

    2. If you doubt any of the figures above, call a reputable

    3. Here are a few jokes from the west where it is not unusual to cut jokes around religious leaders and mythological figures

    4. that my age needs three figures

    5. Theo Petrakis was at the Sunnyvale crime scene when two burly figures ran up and boxed him in on either side

    6. As he drove, information about pimps, brothels, gangland figures and tattoo parlors was downloading to his phone

    7. He thought he saw the figures on top of the 4-meter mechs push off and spread out around the knuckledraggers

    8. As he picked his way through the web, gently pulling himself along in the null-gees, his helmet highlighted the figures of his fellow reds outside, out on the ring

    9. Numb now, I gazed at the silent television screen, watching black and white figures move through a scene of domestic strife, unable for the moment to comprehend what a lawnmower might be used for

    10. In a mortal lifetime, he knew as much as anyone did of the facts and figures and customs of this world, native or terrestrial

    1. Figured it’d be a change of pace

    2. “The alarm!” Ackers yelled to the paper boy as soon as he figured it out

    3. It would certainly be some kind of trick with hidden wicks and special fuel, but he'd seen people spit fire so he figured there would be some way to perform that circus stunt also

    4. After a week passed and doostEr had not heard from Tahlmute, he figured that he probably was trying to steal the cargo and had given up the game when his original ruse failed

    5. That's what he figured Tahlmute was going thru, realizing he had been receiving messages from a ghost

    6. doostEr figured her for a Yingolian wannabe

    7. Once the second decade went by with this, we figured it was here for long term storage

    8. But you looked your friend up and she'd been taken over by Ava, the ghost?" doostEr wanted to ask a lot more than that, but knew he had already figured out more of the truth than Tahlmute would tell him

    9. He figured he would pay off Sammy in one go and have seven thousand left over to pay the mortgage for a few months while he looked for another job, retrained, whatever

    10. She figured she should inform Ava when she brought up the last backup of his home

    1. He looked back and forth between them, trying to figure out what was going on when it should have been obvious

    2. Ackers looked like he was trying to figure out what to say next

    3. Her eye reached the top of the bluff and saw a figure against the bright sky of the impending noon

    4. "I never could figure out what that wilderness map was about," she said to try and get him to talk

    5. They used the sun, the time and the magnetic reading to figure which way was east

    6. "So where do you figure he's taken the shuttlecraft?" she asked, fishing for a subject he would speak on

    7. The voice was modulated and scrambled, making it pointless to try and figure out who the person on the other end of the line was

    8. Meanwhile doostEr had to figure a way to get this wagon turned around in here

    9. One thing it could be is the Brazilian's stealing some lab gear from the Kassikan with this woman from the Kassikan as an accomplice, "But I figure it's really lab equipment

    10. More importantly he was the only independently elected figure we had in town and I knew he had a strong reputation for local grass roots community work

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