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Cypher en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The cypher was now mine, I could tell by everyone’s eyes.
  2. It seemed like out of nowhere, our cypher had thickened up with breakers.
  3. During the exchange, I noticed the cypher had become empty, it was begging me to enter.
  4. Isaac had made his way to the cypher in no time flat and jumped right in with a casual smile.
  5. Blazin' said, Heck yeah my brother, I can’t wait for the jam session in the cypher!.

  6. Brock Blazin' started circling around the inside of the cypher while staring down our opponents.
  7. The DJ played his next track Egypt, Egypt by the Egyptian lover and the cypher kept moving.
  8. Matt’s turn in the cypher was a clear example of them not being able to counter our multiple Flares.
  9. When Braun Drix took another turn in the cypher I told Dan, Braun is always boasting of his elbow spins, so check this out.
  10. As I drew more near the break cypher, I could see spinning and twirling through the legs of dancing rink goers, which made me pick up my stride.
  11. The cypher had started to grow with other dudes from our school that I didn’t even know were into breakin’ but they were giving it a try anyway.
  12. The music was too loud and the action was too intense for me to try to explain to them in that moment, that in fact I was about to enter the cypher but Pauly G had beaten me to it.
  13. Now that the cypher had disappeared and the break battle had ended, the DJ immediately switched gears back into house music and started playing this song called, Deputy of love.
  14. I stepped into the cypher but so did Pauly G, a millisecond before me, he was boisterously making his presence known, Neighborhood Street Rockers are in the house y’all … NSR is in the hizz-ouse Y’all!.
  15. Braun, AJ Fresh, Pauly G … Sup Y’all … if I’d have known that was y’all standing by the concession stand I’d have come over to y’all sooner, I said to the three cats that had just joined our cypher.

  16. When Brock had finished his breakin’ routine, Chi Girl jumped into the cypher with flips and aerial cartwheels with some twists, turns, and other shiznit that was a combo of breakin’ and gymnastics moves in one that drew cheers from our crew members.
  17. First: I have personally known three instances where a whale, after receiving a harpoon, has effected a complete escape; and, after an interval (in one instance of three years), has been again struck by the same hand, and slain; when the two irons, both marked by the same private cypher, have been taken from the body.
  18. By this decree thirty or forty American vessels may import into France, under license, cotton, fish, oil, dye-wood, salt-fish, codfish, and peltry; they must export wine, brandy, silks, linens, cloths, jewellery, household furniture, and other manufactured articles; they can only depart from Charleston and New York, under the obligation of bringing with them a gazette of the day of their departure, also a certificate of the origin of the merchandise, given by the French Consul, containing a sentence in cypher.
  19. I can’t really even call it a top rock just yet, he was just dancing, but he was circling around the cypher, staring down all of the Hip Hop Breakers- meanwhile some random spectator chick tapped me on my shoulder, and in an annoyingly chipper tone said, “Hey can you do the wave? … Do the wave!” and if she wasn’t chipper enough, she picked up her chipperness and added, “… that’ll show them, do a wave, and then you guys will win,” she said with high eyebrows and an over bit-horse toothed smile while moving her arms like a cheerleader would have or maybe she was pop-wavin’.

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