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Confine in a sentence

How can we confine that?
Each nation wishes to confine.
My object is to confine it to Mrs.
I shall here confine myself to plants.
Can we confine her to the palace?
Better still, confine them to a chamber.
I'll confine my remarks to hazards that.

To England send him, or confine him where.
Perhaps I should confine him to the garden.
I confine myself to simpler hikes now as well.
As long as we confine ourselves to interpret.
Today, she said with a sigh, we confine.
He no longer felt the need to confine his online.
Confine your conversation to music; that is what they.
The urge to confine the culture of computer hacking within.
Perhaps it has no boundaries to confine it and neither do we.
If you do make a statement, confine it to the absolute truth.
Religion has seemed to confine behavior rather than inspire it.
Dean, and keep with her; and confine your insolence to her ears.
To the mode of effecting so desirable an object, I shall confine myself.
Child Protective Services will confine you with little terrors your own age.
They effectively confine us to particular universes (within the multiverse).
The dog had been trained to confine his bark to total strangers in the house.
To think that we could confine God to a particular system of theology is prideful.
Let us confine ourselves to prayer, when we think that a danger is approaching us.
Judge for yourself, Signor Aladdin—judge, but do not confine yourself to one trial.
On this topic of locality, I shall confine myself to one or two very plain statements.
You discuss my ideas, and it becomes me to confine myself to combating your arguments.
I confine myself, since Monsieur le Maire desires it, to the question of the gentleman.
Whilst we confine ourselves within the pale of that law, neither has a right to complain.
Just confine your search to the Old Testament and look for the major New Testament names.
Now she was afraid that Vronsky might confine himself to simply flirting with her daughter.
We confine them, we constrict them… they could have been so much that we will never know.
I confine myself to an examination of this resolution, particularly of the first branch of it.
Afterwards, as they dressed, Elizabeth suggested that they confine their love-making to Fridays.
And after all, the attempt to confine our ships would frequently be rendered abortive by storms.
That would be acceptable as long as we confine the talk to Terry Tucker and the Russian Mafia.
That is, on that day none will confine that poor to fire, but he himself will keep himself to it.
As long as they confine their prosecution to evildoers, Jaume said, we don’t have a problem.
I shall confine myself in this paper to the text which heads it, and I shall try to answer three questions.
The shop is too confining.
Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs.
His personal quarters had never felt so confining.
As confining as that world might have been, at least we.
Has his church become so confining and closed off that it no.
Confining him, as Harry turned around with a handgun in his left hand.
Marjie’s fibro had gotten worse, confining her to the house more and more.
And so I trust I may not be reproached, for confining myself to what struck me.
Then he turned his attention to the one confining them, and stabbed him in the leg.
A cocoon is small and confining and desolate and lonely and dark, and it means the.
It may certainly be confining and terribly restricting, but it is not enslavement from without.
Anderson wondered whether she thought he had been instrumental in confining her to a desk because of it.
As on the previous occasion, this speaker made no reference to Socialism, confining himself to other matters.
As Infanta, Montserrat got away with just a modest silver circlet confining her unruly dark-blond dreadlocks.
Pedro, under the influence of less confining sexual norms, started to ask himself questions about his preferences.
This appears to be the only term in the Scriptures which favors the notion of confining hell to a local habitation.
The prodigal perverts it in this manner: By not confining his expense within his income, he encroaches upon his capital.
The whole thing is complicated by the fact that he seems to have had a view of art that was too confining, too intellectual.
It was if someone had slammed a door on her, confining her to a room where there was only agony, no chance of escape or help.
Strapped securely to his chest, he locked the world out, but even the hot confining seat belts couldn't hold her emotions back, once alone in the car.
More satisfactory results are to be obtained, in our opinion, by confining the positive conclusions of the analyst to the following fields of endeavor:.
Still, confining me to the basic principles felt like a real advance, and avoiding cheese, one of my favorite foods was definitely a psychological victory.
It is meant to refocus a disturbed client from overly confining himself to problems of his own, arousing concern and understanding to the plight of others.
Soon the summer holidays that the O’Connor children found sedate and confining came to an end and they almost gladly settled back into their school routine.
By confining myself to handing over the letter, especially in silence, I should have scored at once, putting myself into a position of superiority over Versilov.
The business of fixing and flipping real estate is a great stress reliever because you can get to earn money without confining yourself to a cramped office space.
Feeling for the baggie confining the nurse‘s delicate undergarments Sam nervously kneaded it, finding its redolence overpowering—even though sealed and in his pocket.
The Carthaginians and Romans come next in the history of shipbuilding, confining themselves chiefly to the Mediterranean, and using oars as the principal means of propulsion.
As the story goes, some time ago Larry, a rather rotund patron of one of the restaurants, complained to management that the chairs, all of which had arms, were too confining.
To the extent that it was possible, they tried to stay out of each other’s way, but the train was a confining environment and it was a challenge for both groups all the way east.
In spite of this antiquity, the authorities committed the error of confining in the New Building the most troublesome prisoners, of placing there "the hard cases," as they say in prison parlance.
So he delayed the conquest of these provinces, confining his activities to objectless raids and forays, meeting Amalric's urges for action with all sorts of plausible objections and postponements.
Instantly the captain ran forward, and in a loud voice commanded his crew to desist from hoisting the cutting-tackles, and at once cast loose the cables and chains confining the whales to the ship.
I believed it became me to take higher ground, and without confining myself to the mode best calculated to recover the property, to pursue that which the dignity of the American Government required.
By confining the duties of customs to a few sorts of goods, and by levying those duties according to the excise laws, a much greater saving might probably be made in the annual expense of the customs.
Moreover, the confining of investment demand to a few eligible types of enterprise is likely to make for scarcity, and hence for the acceptance of inferior issues merely because they fall within these groups.
The shoe-maker's occupation is gone, except as he becomes a part of the mechanism of a great factory, not making shoes, but confining himself to the simplest elements of a shoe, cutting uppers or scraping soles.
But, instead of confining ourselves as she had done to this bloodless warfare, we must copy the wise example of her successors, and after our battle of Friedland, he supposed, we also should have our peace of Tilsit.
Compress space even today with a piston in a cylinder and then pump the compressed air into a container and such confining of space will increase the heat by the piston effort to reduce the space brought about in the container.
Into other arts, the division of labour is naturally introduced by the prudence of individuals, who find that they promote their private interest better by confining themselves to a particular trade, than by exercising a great number.
I can no longer be confined.
That was the confined tunnel.
This was confined to children.
That's where he's confined to.
Although he had been confined.
Although confined in a cage, I.
The room felt cold and confined.
He confined himself to replying:.
We are confined within that realm.
Stuck in the smelly hold, confined.
He wagged his confined finger at her.
His chambers close wherein confined.
She did not want to be in confined.
In the confined space, Tom’s boot.
Her spirit, confined for so long by.
Why? She didn’t like being confined.
Nor was the grief confined to America.
If a state of living into it is confined.
I shall soon be confined; leave him!’.
I was confined to alcoholic sanitariums.
Is to its distant cavern safe confined;.
The mind has to be confined within the.
We have confined her to Peter for safety.
His answers must be confined to Yes or No.
He has a dread of being in confined spaces.
This man made tidal wave, confined by the.
To me school was confined within four wals.
His footsteps echoed in the confined space.
Gravity may not be confined to 3 dimensions.
Smoke only bothers me in confined spaces.
It is unfortunate that you are confined.
Commenting on what Sue said about confined.
We're shut up in a relatively confined area.
The smell was noxious in the confined space.
Fishes, ganoid, now confined to fresh water.
Their world seemed to be confined within the.
She is handicapped and confined in a hospital.
But the fog wasn’t just confined to the cave.
It keeps you confined for fear of the unknown.
The massacre had not been confined to the sink.
There, in the cool confines.
The confines of guilt have been.
To feel alive within the confines.
Huff retreated into the confines.
The forest no longer confines him.
A man living in the confines of this.
Who's over me? Truth hath no confines.
There are literally no confines to it.
In the cramped confines of the car it.
I had no desire to leave the room’s confines.
An argument was escalating beyond her confines.
Guo Yuxia was shook from the confines of her mind.
Within the confines of Carrie’s room, Rose col-.
We live within the confines of a certain field of.
He had too much to do to leave the confines of the.
Matt could hear him softly chanting in the confines.
After an hour he broke free from the confines of the.
However, within those confines, the decision to fund.
Blessing of a race confines in mind and body perfection.
McClure remarked, gazing around the confines of the car.
Then he surveyed the bleak confines of the tiny shelter.
He paced around the cluttered confines of the squad room.
Dan violently battled his confines and, after a lengthy.
A simple message held true within the confines of my mind.
Which wasn’t more than several feet in the confines of.
The Penetration through the Confines of Heavens and Earth.
He stalked around the narrow confines of the interview room.
I have grown weary of the confines of this cairn for a time.
It was known directly, to the furthest confines of the crowd.
Having tired of the confines of the corridor, Jana and the.
Only within the confines of the body and the limitations of.
This teacher, in taking her students from the confines of the.
Even if the animal does run away, it'll be within the confines.
The tension and excitement filled the small confines of the lab.
Within the confines of Shastina and directly beneath both of the.
He, who confines himself but to forms, will avail himself nothing.
Torres stood up and approached the confines of her cell as Garcia.
You will not leave the confines of this compound without permission.
Only the FBI can do field work, as you call it, within those confines.
What? Barron’s voice boomed in the close confines of Mort’s.

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