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    1. The new ones had saved him a couple irons, the ones she bought him weren't cheap

    2. His nose confirmed that Herndon was not afraid to couple with a body haunted by an electric ghost, but then he was Yingolian also

    3. She gets a little company by helmet, she's resurrected a couple others

    4. Instead of spending those couple minutes driving around waiting for

    5. Her carved keda rider and a couple pretty stones were left behind

    6. Vera’s talking with the old lady, Ruthie, and a couple I don’t recognize

    7. With that and his old place, he could buy a pretty nice place in town, a couple acres on the lagoon just a little ways down the point

    8. " Ennin loved the game so that was a disaster for him, costing him another couple irons a year

    9. Naturopaths recommend following a cleansing programme, or short fast, a couple of times a year, preferably in spring and in autumn, to cleanse and strengthen the digestive system

    10. Couple this loss of needed activity with the dietary habits of modern man, and constipation, along with numerous other problems, is the likely result! In fact, today, it is common for people to report to hospital emergency rooms with terrible back and sciatic pain, only to be told that they are constipated and given a laxative, which frequently alleviates the back or sciatic pain

    1. As most couples are aware, men and women respond differently to stress

    2. Many 50-plus couples wake up one day and wonder if they really know the person sleeping next to them in bed

    3. A lot of older couples face a readjustment to their relationship in mid and later life

    4. The 'empty nest syndrome' is when couples tend to question their purpose and the future of their life together

    5. couples, atop a hill and on it a tree, under the tree, a man

    6. That is one mistake that most couples make

    7. Mostly the couples paid attention to each other and enjoyed the show

    8. The sunny weather had brought people out and there was something of a festive air to the couples and groups sitting at tables outside the cafés and pubs she passed

    9. The first couples in the tent found it too damp for sleep, so Alan was beat when it was his first turn to stand watch

    10. Both began to follow Sarah and Jackson, and soon a lifetime friendship was forged between the two strong couples

    1. "The faith they seek is the faith that never questions authority, coupled with the certainty of faith that they are the authority in society

    2. Their caressing gradually built in eroticism until they coupled with some urgency

    3. excitement of engaging in a new activity coupled with the closeness that you gain from spending

    4. The rush of the wind coupled with the blades of the copter made for difficult

    5. That coupled with the living proof of just how far advanced the races had become since the days of the Origin Race, proved to them that the true path was evolution, to continually advance humanoid life in seemingly infinite ways

    6. "I was quite closely coupled with the owner of this home for most of that decade

    7. coupled with a mild fever – that’s all

    8. Tragus grew disgusted, knowing that he’d coupled with this ugly

    9. She would soon discover that coupled with this distance was an obvious long-held aversion to any sort of closeness beyond that of friendship

    10. He was known for his ultra-aggressive nature and is someone you didn’t want to mess with and who was best to avoid contact with at all costs if you planned on finishing out your safari with all your limbs and body parts still attached to their original frame! He had a huge set of sharp teeth with long canines that could be used quite effectively for fighting, coupled with a cranky disposition and unfaltering determination that would surpass that of the best mixed martial arts fighters that take center ring nowadays

    1. A nose rudder began to bite a little soft sand and they began to come around much more quickly, accompanied by painful groans from the coupling knuckles that joined the raft sections together

    2. Oh he certainly felt an attraction to Luray, had been feeling it strongly all day and would certainly enjoy every second of coupling with her

    3. What he noticed the most was how much she was effected by their coupling

    4. Then Tragus would realize she’d only pretended to enjoy coupling with him and that it still was rape

    5. There were more hold ups and every time we moved off again the buffers would crash together hard enough to rattle your teeth and make your ears ring and the coupling chains would jangle and clank as they swayed when the engine pulled off

    6. To say that two people are having sex when we mean they are coupling, having coitus, intercourse, or whatever, is to continue down the slippery slope of euphemisms

    7. "Hang on a minute," I shouted, clicking the hydraulic coupling into place

    8. The cables and coupling held, despite the swaying and dragging weight on the back

    9. the coupling of the last car

    10. coupling of a small Chamber staff and a

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    yoke associate come together conjoin connect fasten link pair brace set dyad

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    couple duet duo twosome match mates brace couplet distich duad dyad pair span twain yoke mate twin couple on couple up copulate pair off partner off associate come together conjoin connect fasten link set