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Frasi con connect (in inglese)

  1. Trying to connect it now.
  2. And connect with her on.
  3. Only connect to the good.
  5. Only connect when it is.

  6. Connect B and C to probes.
  7. Connect with others in a.
  8. You can connect them with.
  9. This guy began to connect.
  10. Connect With Me Online At:.
  11. Please connect with me at:.
  12. And connect the outlet of.
  13. They did not connect with.
  14. Love them, connect with them.
  15. Connect with me on facebook.

  16. Connect with VC Storyhouse -.
  17. The password used to connect.
  18. Connect with me on Facebook:.
  19. The more people connect, the.
  20. Connect A and C to test probes.
  21. Just connect the actual facts.
  22. Then connect rod drive motors.
  23. Connect to it and feel it all.
  24. Connect with the Author Online.
  25. Connect with the author online.

  26. She was just about to connect.
  27. Then, connect that content to.
  28. How To Connect With Me Online:.
  29. He helped them connect the hose.
  30. Connect with the Author online.
  31. If you try to connect the facts.
  32. Dreams connect us to what Carl.
  33. Doesn’t connect us in any way.
  34. I was about to connect the link.
  35. They are how we connect with God.
  36. Only connect when it is necessary.
  37. Begin to connect to your stomach.
  38. You can connect two things with.
  39. It’s taking forrever to connect.
  40. Connect with your existing network.
  41. They can connect by PID or by name.
  42. One of my favourites was Connect 4.
  43. I would love to connect with you!.
  44. No one has seen fit to connect them.
  45. We could connect it with adultery.
  46. Connect with Mandy on Social Media:.
  47. In the silence, you connect to love.
  48. VICi, connect me with Sam Kaliea.
  49. But we need a way to connect them.
  50. The new and the old connect together.
  51. Connect with Rachel Starr Thomson at.
  52. She seemed to connect to the energy.
  53. Anything you connect: gives you life.
  54. They're trying to connect us, Chantal.
  55. It's hampering his ability to connect.
  56. Other Ways to Connect on the Internet.
  57. How often do you usually connect that.
  58. They connect at special points called.
  59. Do these connect with anything?
  60. There is no way to connect me with you.
  61. Only connect to the bad if you want to.
  62. We’ll need to connect with it somehow.
  63. She pressed the key to connect the call.
  64. She heard it connect and heard a scream.
  65. Not how to connect, but how to separate.
  66. He knew you would connect the dots and.
  67. Connect with your other social networks.
  68. Connect with others in a meaningful way.
  69. Hope loves to connect with her readers!.
  70. Connect with Anthony Roberts online at:.
  71. And if we connect these two in series—.
  72. Let’s be sure we connect at the funeral.
  73. Step3: Connect the melody circuit to LED.
  74. They have friends that they connect with.
  75. How would it be to connect with my mind?
  76. You can connect the dots with most crimes.
  77. Her knuckles connect with Edward’s nose.
  78. Please connect me through to Elizabeth.
  79. How may we connect with this Omnipotence?
  80. Start to breathe and connect to your body.
  81. You connect with the delivery guy’s eyes.
  82. Step3: As done before, Connect the melody.
  83. We can never connect to Him, and we will.
  84. They connect all of the Frooginite bases.
  85. Maybe I was wrong to connect the two events.
  86. There’s no record to connect you to them.
  87. These values, held in common, can connect.
  88. Enjoyed the story? Connect with me online:.
  89. There, you have to connect on a much more.
  90. Nor would the operator connect you – not.
  91. Asking that question helped Joanne connect.
  92. Connect to ORACLE with SQL*PLUS: Two ways of.
  93. Thoughts of more deep seclusion; and connect.
  94. You can also connect with me online through:.
  95. Uncle walked up with me to connect the system.
  96. It is therefore easier to connect and form a.
  97. That may connect her somehow to Connie Watson.
  98. Connect to your mouth, tongue, and taste buds.
  99. Fear is a human story to connect with battles.
  100. I shall connect them with you, and hate them.
  2. Connecting a plug and socket.
  3. And so there’s no connecting.
  4. Thought is the connecting link.
  5. We ran down the connecting hallway.
  6. Connecting to the Bitcoin Network.
  7. Connecting with the Shawnee Nation.
  8. Connecting the Best Practices DOT:.
  9. Habit #7: Connecting the Connectors.
  10. It was a connecting train for BOMBAY.
  11. Christine finished connecting the dots.
  12. There is a wormhole connecting the.
  13. Test the network by connecting a device.
  14. Connecting the Strategy and Tactics DOT:.
  15. Connecting with Your Source Through Prayer.
  16. She pressed the button, connecting the call.
  17. She stared at me, not connecting in the least.
  18. Science is not interested in connecting facts.
  19. Connecting the DOTS that Make up Sales Mapping.
  20. Rats ate away some of the wires connecting to.
  21. Chakras above the Head connecting you with the.
  22. Sales Mapping: The Process of Connecting the.
  23. The connecting thread is altogether too slender.
  24. Then a connecting flight will bring you to Crete.
  25. The past got busy catching up and connecting dots.
  26. Connecting the pillars in a straight line along.
  27. Of course this is apart from connecting with them.
  28. Then when not connecting to the earth surface the.
  29. We seemed to be connecting; it was a good feeling.
  30. The hoses connecting the two vehicles also snapped.
  31. Keep connecting different dots and you’ll find it.
  32. I’m connecting with her more during my daily life.
  33. The result is that the reader might find connecting.
  34. Connecting to a Wired Network: Wireless Access Points.
  35. I'm connecting to the world, not subjecting it to me.
  36. The only thing connecting it all is that damn cat.
  37. Hope is the powerful force connecting two continents.
  38. We’ll get to how important connecting is in later days.
  40. Their time of togetherness was a way of connecting with.
  41. There were no connecting passages, but the rabbits were.
  42. Whatever humans can separate without connecting; they will.
  43. Soon he reached the smaller of the bridges connecting the.
  44. Connecting the dots map can amaze, delight and enrich you.
  45. She lashes out, her foot connecting with Gervais’s hand.
  46. Think of it as connecting at the cortex, directly to memory.
  47. Avoid Having to Type Your Username When Connecting via SSH.
  48. The connecting road was number thirty seven, I think that.
  49. In a flash of insight, she knew that the thread connecting.
  50. I don’t think there’s much possibility of us connecting.
  51. She walked through the chapel and into a connecting building.
  52. LP ran out the power cord, connecting it to their power pole.
  53. Two people entered from the doors connecting the RR to the IR.
  54. Move outside your comfort zone and practice connecting people.
  55. What about connecting power from the grid? asked Kenichi.
  56. But they're connecting your arrival with that of the dambuhala.
  57. When the U at the bottom connecting our two pipes reached five.
  59. Latitude lines on the earth's surface are drawn connecting all.
  60. Practice connecting and disconnecting the plug from the socket.
  61. It is only the result of connecting that results in actual love.
  62. But he couldn’t risk connecting his power packs at this stage.
  63. States of America about 75 years ago, once again connecting the.
  64. What is the connecting link between the finite and the Infinite?
  65. The couple was non-verbally connecting at a very unconscious level.
  66. This information will help you when you’re connecting with them.
  67. Roger and Josie were plodding along, but they were not connecting.
  68. By connecting with a design company, it lays a foundation for the.
  69. Wickland’s mind was abuzz now as the dots seemed to be connecting.
  70. SUMMARY: Sales Mapping is Connecting the dots of: Best practices to.
  71. About what we in the detective business call, connecting the dots.
  72. Though heavy forest with large trees made these connecting highways.
  73. The Best Programming Language for Connecting to the Bitcoin Network.
  74. As a matter of fact chakras are a bridge, connecting our phys-.
  75. The connecting door to Sam’s bedroom opened, and Christina stepped.
  76. That they work by connecting with the heart of man by breaking down.
  77. Have you both ever tried connecting to each other with the robe on?
  78. Why, pray tell, are there no connecting fossils to what came after?
  79. Anthony creeps across the bed, his eyes intently connecting with mine.
  80. A cable connecting it to the casing of what was undoubtedly… A.
  81. This showed one of the connecting filaments free of the larger bodies.
  82. Connecting the dots of a dream, color by number and tracing the lines.
  83. He stopped in the tunnel and looked around for connecting passageways.
  84. Connecting the dots makes thinking easier without getting into a mess.
  85. What is the connecting link between the individual and the Universal?
  86. Intermediaries that earn commissions for connecting buyers and sellers.
  87. Twitter is all about connecting with people, which means that you need.
  88. There was a door connecting the building I was in and the one next door.
  89. He was connecting Arabs who lived in Western countries, so they could.
  90. They called us in groups of twenty, leading us to a connecting platform.
  91. Now draw another horizontal line connecting with the two vertical lines.
  92. Connecting the dots between Brad Dellan and Peter's assistant wouldn't.
  93. By including all other truths and connecting them: you get actual truth.
  94. He could find no notes connecting Thom's device to any theory of physics.
  95. The line connecting the lows in a longer term position wil be a support.
  96. Two other middle-aged women were in the office behind the connecting door.
  97. By using a fiber optic scope connecting to the hyteroscope and stretching.
  98. So, I started off that next morning by connecting with the agency staffer.
  99. After several moments of connecting, he finally was patched into his room.
  100. Consider the path the light followed from the source connecting to light.
  1. It can be connected to.
  2. Mass is not connected to.
  3. And when connected to a.
  4. The nerve cel s connected.
  5. He waited to be connected.
  6. We were connected as she.
  7. Connected with him was Mr.
  8. He connected and got His.
  9. We are connected to Christ.
  10. We are all connected, but.
  11. It is great to be connected.
  12. Stay connected to your body.
  13. My 'phone was connected at.
  14. Culture is a connected thing.
  15. There he connected it to an.
  16. Logic is a connected totality.
  17. Both are connected with soul.
  18. It is connected to the brain.
  19. But we have connected in so.
  20. Mercer waited to be connected.
  21. Supposed to be well connected.
  22. But it is not being connected.
  23. My fist connected with his jaw.
  24. Connected to the ruling party.
  25. Could they all be connected?
  26. My fist connected with his gut.
  27. The first kick connected with.
  28. That may perhaps be connected.
  29. All human history is connected.
  30. They're all connected to CERKO.
  31. They are connected as well as.
  32. We will be connected once more.
  33. That note feels connected to me.
  34. Be connected to a good newsfeed.
  35. She was connected to this place.
  36. Al of this is connected, Dad.
  37. Ruwana: You are connected to them.
  38. In five seconds he was connected.
  39. I think I’m being connected.
  40. He is connected with the planet.
  41. To be connected and we will reap.
  42. Torchinov, is connected to per-.
  43. Two of the stones have connected.
  44. A blunt ridge connected my hill.
  45. X and they’re not yet connected.
  46. And Rhett was connected with them.
  47. For her I connected the two worlds.
  48. I wondered if they were connected.
  49. Hamilton and the U were connected.
  50. Astra is connected to you, and it.
  51. I didn’t feel connected anymore.
  52. At no point is the wall connected.
  53. Make the choice to stay connected.
  54. Something that could be connected.
  55. I felt strangely connected to him.
  56. The moon is connected to the earth.
  57. Or connected with her job?
  58. Both the events were not connected.
  59. A frying pan connected with my head.
  60. Deep down I feel connected to Aaron.
  61. Was it connected to his son?
  62. Anything remotely connected to my.
  63. You think he might be connected?
  64. The fire held four connected minds.
  65. Anyone who is connected is infected.
  66. Now after you have connected with.
  67. But I'm sure he's connected to you.
  68. All your life is connected with it.
  69. Emotionally connected at last, to.
  70. I have to know if they're connected.
  71. The land bridge that connected the.
  72. The call dialed but never connected.
  73. There was something connected to it.
  74. The soul and the mind are connected.
  75. We instantly connected at freshman.
  76. She knew the boy was gang connected.
  77. All my stories are connected to you.
  78. He’ll always be connected to me.
  79. You are connected to others in the.
  80. It can be connected with its fellow.
  81. It was connected to a 9-Volt battery.
  82. This has got to be somehow connected.
  83. Let’s just say it is all connected.
  84. She had never felt connected with Tom.
  85. Teachers, (Connected with the Mission.
  86. You imagine I am connected with the.
  87. She connected, and it started to ring.
  88. These things are highly connected of.
  89. Getting Her Connected with Her Family.
  90. We are all connected and co-dependent.
  91. His head connected with the windowsill.
  92. Is this connected to my amnesia… ?
  93. He was connected with the best houses.
  94. Their eyes connected as he backed off.
  95. I also wanted to feel connected to you.
  96. These are all connected and overlapping.
  97. Alo Choedzoe connected with your eco-.
  98. Are you connected to the Internet?
  99. I felt very connected with the children.
  100. The islands were larger and connected.
  1. She connects things for us.
  2. And the great evil connects.
  3. Your foot connects with her neck.
  4. Light connects the Universe in a.
  5. I swing the knife, and it connects.
  6. He shrugs and connects with my eyes.
  7. From the father, Connects the three.
  8. Body experiencers, that connects the.
  9. It connects them to that energy and.
  10. No one connects the killing to the mob.
  11. This in turn connects you to everything.
  12. An electric wire connects me to the ship.
  13. I twist, and my fist connects with her jaw.
  14. The Path of Pure Wonder Connects and Heals.
  15. Tower Gateway, it connects to Tower Hill.
  16. The River Jordan connects both of these seas.
  17. This flow of awareness and love that connects.
  18. Colorectal cancer connects with stressful life.
  19. The stick connects, bounces off, and falls away.
  20. Light connects the Universe in a way we cannot.
  21. Cass connects with his hand, and then shakes hers.
  22. Tori’s fist connects with the side of my throat.
  23. A friend connects and communicates heart to heart.
  24. It’s nothing new, but because it connects with.
  25. Realize that everything connects to everything else.
  26. The Heart PROCESSOR FUNCTION connects you with empathy.
  27. Love is to me is the Energy that connects the Universe.
  28. There is some form of energy that connects everything.
  29. The Crown PROCESSOR FUNCTION connects you with God and.
  30. The thing that connects our computers to the internet.
  31. The blow connects and a jolt of pain runs up her knuckles.
  32. We will climb down to the vent that connects to the stasis.
  33. The command shown in the preceding screenshot connects C:\Test.
  34. The window connects with life and the colorful mosaic of life.
  35. Therefore, everything connects to time and by time, from the.
  36. There’s hot, white pain as something connects with my temple.
  37. Then the other gravity value connects to Π where Π always at.
  38. Got anything solid that connects body parts to our killer?
  39. The dots connects through intellectual outlooks fixed by reasons.
  40. One end connects with his temple and he grunts, retreating a step.
  41. Yoga is an ancient practice that connects the mind, body and spirit.
  42. She connects with the security cameras at the Hall and displays that.
  43. She is the ‘mother that connects everything and everybody into one.
  44. On this screen you need to select 'This computer connects directly to.
  45. Her hand connects with his cheek a moment later with a satisfying smack.
  46. Let no man break the stem which Connects you to life in its real sense.
  47. The eustachian tube connects your middle ear to the back of your throat.
  48. It's more about the way the hand connects that gives it the best sting.
  49. We have to go into Aiken’s mid-plane, the pass that connects with Enos.
  50. It’s a little box that connects your TV to your computer and the internet.
  51. Hindu metaphysics, connects the ‘permanent atoms’ or the nuclei within the.
  52. Ruwana: Indeed something that connects the Abyss with these Realms or with Earth.
  53. Human hope is based on this certainty, and this is the thread that connects the.
  54. Each blow is fiercer than the last, or connects exploring for a vulnerable area.
  55. Because it does not connect anything sanely, because it only connects dead things.
  56. Coupling: That which connects together; uniting in couples; fastening or embracing.
  57. Pulling two electrodes out from the end of the bench he connects them to the head.
  58. In the centre of the earth singularity connects to time forming there least space.
  59. Because it connects things that are out of context and not connected to each other.
  60. After each iteration, every tree in the forest is a MST of the vertices it connects.
  61. Jaden walks into the virtual pool of liquid and instantly connects with his Gravhawk.
  62. One key to remember however is to never think of your social media connects (twitter.
  63. Love is a look that connects two souls in perfect knowing without the need for words.
  64. Figure 9-2 A single router or switch connects all of the LANs in a collapsed backbone.
  65. Detective, I’m sorry, but can you explain to me how this connects to my case?
  66. This is a language that connects even women who are strangers to one another in every.
  67. Blades as focus items are carriers of the edge - that which severs and connects things.
  68. Exiting the family room through a door that connects back to the hallway, I find a study.
  69. Above Amos connects the word judgment to the word waters and we see this literary trick.
  70. The blow connects with his nose, and he shouts, bringing both hands up to cover his face.
  71. The knife, or Splitness which creates the 3rd Dimension, also connects them back together.
  72. By the protons compacting the space the proton allows as it connects to singularity Π0Π.
  73. This book connects knowledge together logically and organically so it makes organic sense.
  74. It is the magnetic force that connects you to the belief in obtaining that which you desire.
  75. Universal space connects in a way that present us with a picture holding the Universe in an.
  76. Desire connects with physical events, sports strike physically connected with nature of mind.
  77. Ten years ago, the internet connected 500 million people; today it connects 2 billion people.
  78. The doctor smiles in return as she connects the needle to the container by the plastic tubing.
  79. Thwack! My tape-wrapped fist connects with Brett’s blocking elbow, giving a satisfying smack.
  80. This symbolism directly connects the four elements to the stars, precisely as is done by the.
  81. A Bitcoin node connects to the Bitcoin network by connecting to several semirandom peer nodes.
  82. Every tax directly connects us to the purveyors of violence and the profiteers of bloodshed.
  83. Seven connects elements pronounced in the spirit, woven together in a fabric form to be enjoyed.
  84. A backbone is nothing more than a network that connects other networks, forming an internetwork.
  85. An SAS has a single S port, which connects it to the primary ring only through an M port on a DAC.
  86. The trend line connects a starting point of the moving price, to the point where it ends or pauses.
  87. You have unlimited power to think and this is the link that connects you with your omniscient source.
  88. Teachers—at least three—stand on the long, concrete path that connects the jagged U of the road.
  89. An orange cable connects the case to the V8 engine, and another cable runs to the Humvee’s antenna.
  90. Sitting himself at a console in a corner where he cannot be overlooked Grailem connects to the system.
  91. This section connects your upper body to your lower body, from the top of your hips to your rib cage.
  92. It is the firm rope that connects you with God's Presence, the wise admonition, and the straight path.
  93. Nourishing the spirit connects us to inner life without it we are slaves of our bothering circumstances.
  94. The architectural element that connects basic service sets together is called a distribution system (DS).
  95. It was to be a replacement for the ferry that connects Gravina Island to the town of Ketchikan in Alaska.
  96. When ΠΠ0 connects as the curve of the earth, this connection applies the object forms part of the solid.
  97. Together, the basic service sets and the DS that connects them are called the extended services set (ESS).
  98. She wants to hit him again, wants to throw a fist at him again and again until at least one blow connects.
  99. The spinal cord connects the brain with the rest of the body by sending out millions of electrical signals.
  100. It connects to the overflow of the reservoir and carries the waste materials down into the river further down.

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