Oraciones con la palabra "consort"

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Consort en una oración (en ingles)

But I had no consort.
When you with Me consort.
I want my consort to appear.
You consort with the dead.
And his consort and his children.
The frightened consort held his peace.
Consort of Shiva and is worshipped as.

Taking a consort is a very rare thing.
Mozambique; by 1997 she became his consort.
And what if my consort never shows?
Wouldn’t want his adoring Consort to worry.
His consort is Kali, usually portrayed with a.
To no longer be merely a consort, but the rebel?
Obviously, Jasper Wilcox wasn’t Ruby’s consort.
My consort does not dictate who I have in my bed.
She personified truth and justice and her consort.
Also a few things about this whole consort business.
That daft boy you have for a consort ill becomes you.
The Queen then chose an annual consort to fertilise her.
A consort of firbolgs and gargoyles again attacked them.
And how long has the Prince had a consort exactly?
There had never been a McAllister prima without a consort.
Ghantapa and his consort refused, but told the people that.
I'm just a prince consort, my wife is The Sultan's daughter.
It would have happened anyway, if your consort had come to you.
Perhaps he simply lacked the courage to disobey his consort.
Professors cannot consort, as they say, with their students.
The King believes he's been good to his naive, younger consort.
Lord Sankara and his consort Parvathi, for sound health the Ashwani.
And of individuals who consort with the mob and seek to please them?
Does Edwina have a partner? What did you call it…a consort?
Maybe I wasn’t meant to have a consort in the true sense of the word.
As Queen you can have more than one mate… and more than one consort.
He assumed from the shaman’s words that she was a consort for her lord.
Certainly not thinking he’d be the consort of the McAllisters’ prima.
She only smiled at me and said the fun would begin once I found my consort.
There are more than twenty million men without any possible Chinese consort.
Inactivity does not suit you, and coarseness does not suit a prince consort.
It’s in this year that I’ll meet my consort, and everything will change.
You won’t be the first witch who’s had to lead her clan without a consort.

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