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    1. In short, he was everything that the princess could have hoped for and the Queen and her consort were overjoyed that their plan had worked out so well

    2. princess could have hoped for and the Queen and her consort were

    3. begin again? Did you openly consort with a convicted

    4. “Professors cannot consort, as they say, with their students

    5. When you with Me consort

    6. There are more than twenty million men without any possible Chinese consort

    7. Your mother felt that she and your father should be seated by the king and queen consort at dinner

    8. “Perhaps he simply lacked the courage to disobey his consort

    9. A consort of firbolgs and gargoyles again attacked them

    10. ‗I was presuming on the skills of your lovely consort

    11. which is sometimes in the symbolism named His consort

    12. Consort of Shiva and is worshipped as

    13. Jesus of Nazareth refused to compromise with evil, much less to consort with sin

    14. Let me illustrate my contention by citing the example of a lustful man who thus wickedly looks upon his intended consort in sin

    15. So I can touch upon magic more than most wizards or witches but am not yet strong enough to challenge Jasra or her consort, Ryan

    16. 'Taramis spoke to us then, and told us that she had reconsidered the proposal made her by Constantius—why, only yesterday she threw it in his teeth in open court—and that she had decided to make him her royal consort

    17. When she and her consort entered the last stronghold of the Council and the Prime Minister, it was to force the last living member to concede defeat as he begged for the lives of not only his family but that of the citizenry

    18. 2 Judges 2:13, Baal and Ashtaroth (his consort) were the idols that were worshipped

    19. “If I want to marry him it’s because he isn’t my consort, got it?” I wanted to tear him limb from limb with my own hands and he smiled roguishly when he detected the thought

    20. That daft boy you have for a consort ill becomes you

    21. Not only do I have to live with the fact that you have him with you… but he’s also your consort in all but name

    22. “As Queen you can have more than one mate… and more than one consort

    23. “I know I’m your Soulmate but if you continue to deny the truth of it, I can live as your consort but I can’t live without your love

    24. One of its defeats had come as a result of actions by Fiona’s mother, Sabrina, and a task force commanded by then Federation Pirate Interdiction Specialist Captain Alina Darwin, who was now his pilot and consort, but its most devastating defeat had been delivered by a sentient battleship now known as the Queen Elizabeth

    25. The poor Count crumpled and was helped out of the room by his consort who asked Marisha to depart

    26. In 1660, this is where Nostradamus would have come to meet Catherine de Médicis, who was the Queen Consort of Henri II of France

    27. Pain and violence is the consort of war, and vicious atrocities were also being carried out in Asia

    28. His consort has been urging him for years to complete the mating bond with her so that he could be named King

    29. Wouldn’t want his adoring Consort to worry

    30. The King had made her his consort and they had went through a ritual that would allow her to carry his child since Fey women could normally only be impregnated by their mate

    31. But it was after she had been made consort that his true colors had started to show

    32. I came to see who my consort was spending all her time with instead of being at home with her child

    33. “My consort does not dictate who I have in my bed

    34. “I’m not sure if you have heard yet but my beautiful consort has killed herself

    35. “Oh, he is down in the dining hall with his consort and the rest of the men,” she replied

    36. “And how long has the Prince had a consort exactly?”

    37. Although usually referred to in speech as a male being, Mayan priests, if pressed, will aver that Kawa Tzul Taka has no sex; or perhaps is a dual deity partaking in nature of two of the nine Mayan gods of the earth (namely the Creators-Formers Gucumatz, the feathered serpent; and his consort Tepeu, the Conquerer)

    38. The deaths of the Prince Consort, the Princess Alice, and the Duke of Albany, were crushing trials which will never be forgotten

    39. “Does Edwina have a partner? What did you call it…a consort?”

    40. Taking a consort is a very rare thing

    41. “the royal consort” She became the Empress of India[India, Pakistan,Bungladesh ]after the first war of independence which was labeled the sepoy mutiny in 1857

    42. Young men learnt archey and excelled in it Delhi was known as Indraprasad was the kingdom of the mighty Padavs [5brothers] and the neighbouring kingdom was ruled by their cousins Kauravs As it is written in the Sanskrit epic ‘Mahabharat’ King Draupad arranged a swayambar [selection of royal consort ] and set an archery test for the suitors

    43. to the service of the most wretched slave, from the heights of the much labouringly-hewn cliffs of Aswan to the smal est grain of desert sand, al that Aken’s eyes had beholden could not still the stirring in his royal breast of a restless yearning which drove him ever outwardly onwards in his quest for knowledge and consort with his worshipful people

    44. consort, is the type of sense-bound disposition

    45. think I am the type that will bully the weak and to enter into consort with evil? Do you think that I fear your numbers? You don’t have to say anymore, let fight it

    46. Lord Sankara and his consort Parvathi, for sound health the Ashwani

    47. maya, God’s “divine consort” and the mother of all material objects

    48. as maya-God's "divine consort"

    49. The King believes he's been good to his naive, younger consort

    50. This has been brought about by her wicked consort, who wants to destroy her and lead her to hellfire

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