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Frasi con consort (in inglese)

  1. But I had no consort.
  2. When you with Me consort.
  3. I want my consort to appear.
  4. You consort with the dead.
  5. And his consort and his children.

  6. The frightened consort held his peace.
  7. Taking a consort is a very rare thing.
  8. Consort of Shiva and is worshipped as.
  9. Mozambique; by 1997 she became his consort.
  10. And what if my consort never shows?
  11. Wouldn’t want his adoring Consort to worry.
  12. His consort is Kali, usually portrayed with a.
  13. To no longer be merely a consort, but the rebel?
  14. Obviously, Jasper Wilcox wasn’t Ruby’s consort.
  15. She personified truth and justice and her consort.

  16. My consort does not dictate who I have in my bed.
  17. Also a few things about this whole consort business.
  18. That daft boy you have for a consort ill becomes you.
  19. The Queen then chose an annual consort to fertilise her.
  20. A consort of firbolgs and gargoyles again attacked them.
  21. And how long has the Prince had a consort exactly?
  22. There had never been a McAllister prima without a consort.
  23. Ghantapa and his consort refused, but told the people that.
  24. I'm just a prince consort, my wife is The Sultan's daughter.
  25. It would have happened anyway, if your consort had come to you.

  26. Professors cannot consort, as they say, with their students.
  27. The King believes he's been good to his naive, younger consort.
  28. Perhaps he simply lacked the courage to disobey his consort.
  29. Lord Sankara and his consort Parvathi, for sound health the Ashwani.
  30. Does Edwina have a partner? What did you call it…a consort?
  31. And of individuals who consort with the mob and seek to please them?
  32. Maybe I wasn’t meant to have a consort in the true sense of the word.
  33. As Queen you can have more than one mate… and more than one consort.
  34. Certainly not thinking he’d be the consort of the McAllisters’ prima.
  35. He assumed from the shaman’s words that she was a consort for her lord.
  36. She only smiled at me and said the fun would begin once I found my consort.
  37. There are more than twenty million men without any possible Chinese consort.
  38. Inactivity does not suit you, and coarseness does not suit a prince consort.
  39. It’s in this year that I’ll meet my consort, and everything will change.
  40. You won’t be the first witch who’s had to lead her clan without a consort.
  41. In the days of Mother, when the Queen was absent, her consort deputised for her.
  42. The father embraced the son, the brother the brother, the husband his consort.
  43. Jesus of Nazareth refused to compromise with evil, much less to consort with sin.
  44. I’m not sure if you have heard yet but my beautiful consort has killed herself.
  45. But it was after she had been made consort that his true colors had started to show.
  46. V’LANE: Seelie Prince, Queen of the Fae’s high consort, extremely sexual and erotic.
  47. William began to consort with the sons of the chemist, the schoolmaster, and the tradesmen.
  48. She would find a perfect consort for Eve, and when Kate retired, Eve would run Kruger-Brent.
  49. Oh, he is down in the dining hall with his consort and the rest of the men, she replied.
  50. But I don’t think there’s much we can do except hope that the consort shows up damn soon.
  51. Those were the places I’d imagined making a home with my consort, not this huge echoing relic.
  52. With a shrug she replied, I said the signs told me that she would be the consort of a Wilcox.
  53. The poor Count crumpled and was helped out of the room by his consort who asked Marisha to depart.
  54. That is, it doesn’t happen very often, but a prima can marry someone who isn’t her consort.
  55. Pain and violence is the consort of war, and vicious atrocities were also being carried out in Asia.
  56. Though Thoth’s consort was Maat, Seshat was his feminine aspect, which is what the bird’s head.
  57. Your mother felt that she and your father should be seated by the king and queen consort at dinner.
  58. There is also evidence of the systematic purging of references to the feminine aspect or consort of.
  59. I came to see who my consort was spending all her time with instead of being at home with her child.
  60. This has been brought about by her wicked consort, who wants to destroy her and lead her to hellfire.
  61. I mean, I’ve always been told that a prima’s powers will only fully develop if she’s with her consort.
  62. His consort has been urging him for years to complete the mating bond with her so that he could be named King.
  63. He was just seeing the prima of the McAllisters and her big house and the position he’d have as her consort.
  64. What I did recall was that Ruby had barely a year after meeting her consort before she had to take over as prima.
  65. And normally I would’ve been moving in with my consort, but since he has yet to materialize, it’s just me.
  66. Not only do I have to live with the fact that you have him with you… but he’s also your consort in all but name.
  67. But at least she didn’t have one of her cousins bugging her to marry him if the whole consort thing didn’t work out.
  68. My mother had escaped the trap, but then again, she’d never bonded with a consort, had bolted before that could happen.
  69. Let me illustrate my contention by citing the example of a lustful man who thus wickedly looks upon his intended consort in sin.
  70. So I can touch upon magic more than most wizards or witches but am not yet strong enough to challenge Jasra or her consort, Ryan.
  71. The deaths of the Prince Consort, the Princess Alice, and the Duke of Albany, were crushing trials which will never be forgotten.
  72. Especially since I’d been told that being with your consort was supposed to be this amazing, life-changing, ecstatic experience.
  73. And even after the reception, without considering anything else, a widowed Prince Consort is not a politically strategic position.
  74. In 1660, this is where Nostradamus would have come to meet Catherine de Médicis, who was the Queen Consort of Henri II of France.
  75. There was supposed to be a long time after the prima-in-waiting found her consort before she had to take over as the clan’s new leader.
  76. I know I’m your Soulmate but if you continue to deny the truth of it, I can live as your consort but I can’t live without your love.
  77. If it had been anyone else, I might have tried to argue, press her for more details…plead with her to hang on until I’d found my consort.
  78. I’m choosing to be with him because fate apparently doesn’t want me to have my consort, and I am concerned about the safety of this clan.
  79. In short, he was everything that the princess could have hoped for and the Queen and her consort were overjoyed that their plan had worked out so well.
  80. At one end of the chamber, upon massive golden thrones encrusted with diamonds, sat Than Kosis and his consort, surrounded by officers and dignitaries of state.
  81. There was power in me, of course, although it was nothing compared to what it would be when she passed the strength of the prima to me and I had found my consort.
  82. Did I not forbid you to speak to her again, much less consort with her? His father raged, suddenly and violently, but this time, D’ata held under his wrath.
  83. The need of a consort, of a mate, the need to love and be loved by a child, and on a secondary level, the web of relationships with others that fuse one in society.
  84. Esmerelda rose to greet him, but he cut her off with a terse statement, These are the girls from which you expect me to make a selection for my new consort?
  85. I’d never really understood why they’d bothered, since I’d always been told that a prima’s true power only manifested when she was matched with her consort.
  86. It would? But I was always told that it was bad for a prima to be with someone who wasn’t her consort, almost as bad as making it to twenty-two without a partner.
  87. While a man went to call the landlord, Pierre used his leisure, under the pretext of aiding his consort, in crushing a garment of hers and in stumbling against an empty box.
  88. The King had made her his consort and they had went through a ritual that would allow her to carry his child since Fey women could normally only be impregnated by their mate.
  89. The Ladies Lynn and Ingram continued to consort in solemn conferences, where they nodded their two turbans at each other, and held up their four hands in confronting gestures of.
  90. In these instances, the whale of course is shifted like a mug of ale, as it were, from the one boat to the other; though the first boat always hovers at hand to assist its consort.
  91. If I want to marry him it’s because he isn’t my consort, got it? I wanted to tear him limb from limb with my own hands and he smiled roguishly when he detected the thought.
  92. I’d halfway been expecting her to give me some kind of grief for not latching on to her grandson as my consort, but she only gave a chuckle and said, Of course you are welcome here.
  93. For, as it eventually turned out, he cared not to consort, even for five minutes, with any stranger captain, except he could contribute some of that information he so absorbingly sought.
  94. No, it was the way she hadn’t told me that marrying a warlock who wasn’t my consort would still be enough to protect me, even if such a union would forever bar me from developing my full powers.
  95. ADAM BLACK: Immortal Prince of the D’Jai House and favored consort of the Seelie Queen, banished from Faery and made mortal as punishment for one of his countless interferences with the human realm.
  96. Maria Alexandrovna, forgetting all the laws of propriety in her fury, tried to rush at her unlucky consort; but she was held back by force, or, doubtless, she would have scratched out that gentleman's eyes.
  97. Just after dark that day, when one watch had retired below, a clamor was heard in the forecastle; and the two trembling traitors running up, besieged the cabin door, saying they durst not consort with the crew.
  98. As I did so, I wondered if maybe part of Aunt Rachel’s reasoning for keeping certain truths from me was to prevent me from settling for a handsome candidate like Alex instead of holding out for my actual consort.
  99. When she and her consort entered the last stronghold of the Council and the Prime Minister, it was to force the last living member to concede defeat as he begged for the lives of not only his family but that of the citizenry.
  100. The lewd suggestions of some faded beauty may console him for a consort neglected and debauched but this new exponent of morals and healer of ills is at his best an exotic tree which, when rooted in its native orient, throve and.

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