couple frasi

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Frasi con couple (in inglese)

  1. He had a couple of.
  2. I have only a couple.
  3. In a couple of days.
  4. Fry for a couple of.
  5. For over a couple of.

  6. We smoked a couple of.
  7. A couple of hours later.
  8. A couple of teens were.
  9. There were a couple of.
  10. She landed a couple of.
  11. Oh, a couple of hours.
  12. We enjoyed a couple of.
  13. You just need a couple.
  14. Over the next couple of.
  15. Darrell – Just a couple.

  16. We met the nicest couple.
  17. A couple of years ago I.
  18. Couple more days, I guess.
  19. He even managed a couple.
  20. We can make it in couple.
  21. Offer to buy a couple of.
  22. You are a noble couple.
  23. A couple of players that.
  24. He had a couple of joints.

  26. Give me a couple of hours.
  27. I sobbed a couple of times.
  28. They were a young couple.
  29. Couple on the dance floor.
  30. A couple of cars sped past.
  31. He took a couple hits also.
  32. I knew there were a couple.
  33. A couple of specks moving.
  34. Couple hours of wicked game.
  35. A couple of minutes elapsed.
  36. I was having a couple beers.
  37. I'll wait a couple of days.
  38. After a couple of hours in.
  39. A couple of my columns were.
  40. The couple who defies this.
  41. I spent a couple of months.
  42. That was a couple years ago.
  43. In a couple of days, yes?
  44. I waited a couple of seconds.
  45. I'll need a couple days off.
  46. Call me in a couple of days.
  47. They needed a couple seconds.
  48. Even one couple with a baby.
  49. I stood there for a couple.
  50. A couple of months at least.
  51. Ainura spoke of the couple.
  52. A couple hundred at least.
  53. I want to kill a couple next.
  54. Hugged me, a couple of times.
  55. Just a couple of hundred of.
  56. There were only a couple of.
  57. I seen him a couple of times.
  58. I had said a couple of hours.
  59. Each couple stays in a Suite.
  60. A couple of walkers greeted.
  61. Even after a couple hours of.
  62. He plopped a couple handfuls.
  63. The couple woke late, always.
  64. An older couple came to see me.
  65. I see you in a couple of days.
  66. A couple of days after I had.
  67. See you in a couple of days.
  68. A couple of the symptoms are:.
  69. We already have a couple here.
  70. A couple of the girls screamed.
  71. It weighed a couple of pounds.
  72. Behind were a couple of desks.
  73. I got lost a couple more times.
  74. It’s nice to have a couple.
  75. Or there's a couple of clubs.
  76. It’s only a couple of blocks.
  77. They were the cutest old couple.
  78. And hate it? Ever see a couple.
  79. A couple of the guys had planes.
  80. If I was to spend a couple of.
  81. The elderly white couple that.
  82. They were an attractive couple.
  83. The couple had marital problems.
  84. The couple of times Lucy went.
  85. They dance as a couple in love.
  86. What a joyful couple they were.
  87. He’s a couple of blocks ahead.
  88. They were just a couple of old.
  89. However, in the last couple of.
  90. I rested for a couple of hours.
  91. He lived a couple of blocks away.
  92. Elmore paced a couple more times.
  93. A couple days later I went and.
  94. She was in ICU for a couple of.
  95. It’ll take a couple of hours.
  96. I had a couple of friends from.
  97. He pressed a couple of keys to.
  98. A couple of times Adrian had to.
  99. They can serve a couple purposes.
  100. A couple of the chocolate kisses.
  1. We were about to ask for coupling.
  2. Coupling is fine, we do it on Earth.
  3. Model (SM), with gauge coupling constant g.
  4. What could this coupling between theory and.
  5. Yet something was holding them back from coupling.
  6. One was carrying two sets of magnetic coupling locks.
  7. I would highly recommend coupling your research with.
  8. Coupling with her beautiful laughter, Nangong Ping looked in awe.
  9. What he noticed the most was how much she was effected by their coupling.
  10. After that every date ended up with a frantic coupling somewhere around town.
  11. Change, change, no delete that, computer, try reversing the coupling energy.
  12. He had viewed, almost tranquilly, that coupling of words, in the Moniteur: M.
  13. Some in the group announced they were thinking of following suit and coupling.
  14. Components are assembled using the usual coupling elements or glued to the body.
  15. Loveless coupling with a stranger is pitiable, not something to excite jealousy.
  16. Coupling: That which connects together; uniting in couples; fastening or embracing.
  17. The cables and coupling held, despite the swaying and dragging weight on the back.
  18. This design is used to achieve loose coupling between the sender and the receiver(s).
  19. Examples of specific coupling were noted between Spock and Chapel, and Chekov and Landon.
  20. Mark was a diligent and attentive lover and had easily roused her to enjoy their coupling.
  21. At the moment, Rebecca objects to coupling with me, and this has caused her to leave the clinic.
  22. Her dream of coupling with Monty was shattered, and she feared that even his life was in danger.
  23. He understood already that Ralph’s next coupling would not find him as important as she had been.
  24. Then Tragus would realize she’d only pretended to enjoy coupling with him and that it still was rape.
  25. Pack ice had clustered around the point where the coupling was to be made, and the operation was postponed.
  26. Great, the interlink coupling is really loose, that explains why the Ceriddium wasn’t mixing correctly.
  27. This is what my mother, Cyrana, told me: that she was the issue of a brief coupling between Demeter and a mortal man.
  28. The E connector used for cable TV connections screws into the jack, while BNC connectors use a bayonet lock coupling.
  29. Because of the loose coupling between the view and model, each part can be modified/extended without affecting the other.
  30. He walked her to the side of the house where a guard grabbed her and bound her arms behind her back with a magnetic coupling lock.
  31. Another tooth coupling 5 is located at a distance from 6, which is coaxially mounted on the rod 16 and connected to two discs 4 and 7.
  32. The media contribute to this coupling, although that’s probably not the right word – maybe it should be called Ménage à Whatever.
  33. When their first frantic coupling was over, they held one another tightly and fell asleep…both at peace for the first time in months.
  34. At first the local matchmakers were continually coupling his name with one or other of the eligible ladies, but as years passed and Dr.
  35. There were wretched portrayals of the fall of man, beasts fornicating with humans as they descended to hell, men coupling in godless orgies.
  36. Coupling that lack with the use of airpower which lacks mass, surprise, and consistency and you have a situation that wastes lives and money.
  37. Oh he certainly felt an attraction to Luray, had been feeling it strongly all day and would certainly enjoy every second of coupling with her.
  38. The coupling couple jumped apart, which was no easy trick given the corkscrew position they’d been locked in a couple of milliseconds before.
  39. After such a passionate coupling, sleep hadn’t come to Moshe as quickly as it had for Sari, who lay in the careless sprawl of utter contentment.
  40. Appreciating God's messenger (cpth) and coupling with him enables your spirit to enter into God's Presence through him and to rise in the abodes of the Godly love.
  41. I’m not suggesting the closing down of Vatican City and having a moving garage sale, but this preoccupation with the affordability of coupling might be a bit 94.
  42. To say that two people are having sex when we mean they are coupling, having coitus, intercourse, or whatever, is to continue down the slippery slope of euphemisms.
  43. There were other telling clues for the conclusion reached on this colonial coupling, including the fact that these children all wanted to be on some denomination of U.
  44. She beat him on his behind pitilessly and my friend said that the beating together with the spectacle of his mothers coupling aroused him so much it caused him to ejaculate.
  45. You are just old enough now to start coupling with girls and the master wants you to start now, to maximize the chances that the girls you sleep with will become pregnant quickly.
  46. To such spiritual coupling with God’s Envoy the Noble Verses refers as God says: {Verily, the prophet is always communicating with Allah, and His angels are communicating with him.
  47. A nose rudder began to bite a little soft sand and they began to come around much more quickly, accompanied by painful groans from the coupling knuckles that joined the raft sections together.
  48. That night, Rebecca reported to her family that Monty and Alicia had spoken to the Doctor, and he had agreed not to disclose the corpse’s true identity, nor to insist on coupling with Rebecca.
  49. Just before the Europans attacked this base during the last Opposition, they activated the Disrupter, coupling it to the moon’s magnetic field, which is relatively weak compared to that of Earth.
  50. They made an unusual coupling, borne out of necessity rather than any common interests: Walter protected Timmy from the bigger boys being, at 14, 2 years older, while Timmy provided friendship in return.
  51. They’d been on-site, already coupling their hoses to the fire mains that crisscrossed the Delthak Works, and the first streams of water had gone hissing into the flames even before he reached the disaster.
  52. Do the human females understand that they are coupling with two human males who were accused of aiding and abetting the escape of a slave, were punished, and now have been restored to the regular work force?
  53. The expansion of the gas causes the cylinder 8 to move down until the butt tooth coupling 6 engages with the tooth coupling 5 and thus rotates by means of the large-pitch thread the spacer 4 and the shield 12 at 180°.
  54. There were more hold ups and every time we moved off again the buffers would crash together hard enough to rattle your teeth and make your ears ring and the coupling chains would jangle and clank as they swayed when the engine pulled off.
  55. He looked across at me, and his eye appraised my watch-chain, and then he incidentally spat and said something to the other convict, and they laughed and slued themselves round with a clink of their coupling manacle, and looked at something else.
  56. I really should write a healthy lifestyle book to explain all the ins and outs of healthy eating and living, but a simple solution to the obesity problem is simply cultivating and maintaining healthy eating habits and coupling that to regular exercise.
  57. The mind-executioner had for a while lain in spirit between them, both in his overpowering of Ralph’s actions and in his ravishment of Simon’s mind, but then later that no longer mattered, as the colours forged in their coupling were strong enough to overcome his memory.
  58. We were out of sight of London now and the soldier had loosed a bottle of whiskey from his kit bag and, after initial reluctance, the young woman who had been forced to share our company took as elegant a sip as one could manage while we were balanced over the coupling of two railway carriages.
  59. This is a witness to the pictures and appearances of matters in this world of darkness and secrecy, and is not a witness to the facts in the world of light and glory; that is, the magicians’ states are contrary to the states of those who see by God’s light through coupling with God’s messenger (cpth).
  60. Based on Kitara’s reaction, Garcia felt that he should have been embarrassed, but he had less discomfort at admitting a coupling with machine than he did admitting he appreciated, and even preferred, a variety of species as opposed to having just one partner for an entire life time, something which was still socially frowned upon.
  61. He clarified through the verses of the Holy Qur’an that intercession can be achieved only by the believer, and it begins from this world and lasts for him into the afterlife; and that intercession is the binding of one spirit to another, derived from the word ‘couple’, which indicates that a thing binds itself to another, coupling with it and adhering to it.
  62. Intercession then, is binding of the believing spirits to the messenger's (cpth) and coupling with him so as to ascend them to the Godly Presence, as the spirits of the honourable companions bound up to and coupled with his pure chaste spirit (cpth) entering into God's through him, so they accompanied him in this world, in the interval between death and doomsday, and shall keep accompanying him in the hereafter.
  63. Intercession then, is binding of the believing spirits to the messenger’s (cpth) and coupling with him so as to ascend them to the Godly Presence, as the spirits of the honourable companions bound up to and coupled with his pure chaste spirit (cpth) entering into God’s through him, so they accompanied him in this world, in the interval between death and doomsday, and shall keep accompanying him in the hereafter.
  64. Intercession then, is binding of the believing spirits to the messenger’s (CPTH) and coupling with him so as to ascend them to the Godly Presence, as the spirits of the honourable companions bound up to and coupled with his pure chaste spirit (CPTH) entering into God’s through him, so they accompanied him in this world, in the interval between death and doomsday, and shall keep accompanying him in the hereafter.
  65. Intercession then, is the binding of believing spirits to the Envoy (cpth), and coupling with him so as to ascend to the Godly Presence, just as the spirits of the honourable companions bound themselves up to and coupled with his pure chaste spirit (cpth), entering into God’s Presence through him, and so they accompanied him in this world, in the interval between death and Doomsday, and shall keep accompanying him in the hereafter.
  66. What melancholy sport of Providence was that which had placed that child in contact with that man? Are there then chains for two which are forged on high? and does God take pleasure in coupling the angel with the demon? So a crime and an innocence can be room-mates in the mysterious galleys of wretchedness? In that defiling of condemned persons which is called human destiny, can two brows pass side by side, the one ingenuous, the other formidable, the one all bathed in the divine whiteness of dawn, the other forever blemished by the.
  67. After such a passionate coupling, sleep hadn't come to Moshe as quickly as it had for Sari,.
  1. When coupled with size they.
  2. It is never coupled with the.
  3. Are you and Hilda coupled?
  4. Coupled with the fact, that it.
  5. Coupled with a toothy grin, the.
  6. Human identity coupled with TIME.
  7. There was softness coupled with.
  8. The upgrade, coupled with future.
  9. New adventures coupled with doing.
  10. That, coupled with a sideways eye.
  11. This newer information coupled with.
  12. I loved that smell coupled with the one.
  13. I was coupled with the man you know as Mr.
  14. God of purpose, coupled with the fact that.
  15. That coupled with the lack of exercise Mrs.
  16. Moreover, when coupled with LRH stories of.
  17. Creativity Coupled With Technological Touch.
  18. Of course they also need to be coupled with.
  19. This is especially so when coupled with the.
  20. We coupled, and this made things a lot better.
  21. Matter and space are intimately coupled such.
  22. The impatience of youth, coupled with a gen-.
  23. She sat close to Eric, her arm coupled with his.
  24. Low Price Coupled with Speculative Capitalization.
  25. Hilda, Alicia and I have coupled and that’s it.
  26. The signal to be amplified is coupled to the emitter.
  27. Coupled with sophisticated dictionary software, the.
  28. The man’s wild hair and untamed beard coupled with.
  29. That coupled with a shit I had to take at work one day.
  30. Coupled with knowing Kathy, it seemed so incriminating.
  31. But that was also coupled with missing you, terribly.
  32. The word freedom entered his veins coupled with adventure.
  33. It was just as plausible, if not more so when coupled with Dr.
  34. A higher EVA coupled with a lower CCD signifies a different.
  35. It is never coupled with the adjective eternal or everlasting.
  36. Lotus' suit, coupled with the Apple -Microsoft "look and feel".
  37. Often, cost overruns coupled with slow integration will require.
  38. The present state of the attentional field is strongly coupled to.
  39. That fact, coupled with my open invitation, was all Legion needed.
  40. This coupled with some measure of inborn skill had served him well.
  41. Earth (as the halo is gravitationally coupled to the visible Earth).
  42. Tragus grew disgusted, knowing that he’d coupled with this ugly.
  43. Her death, coupled with Bengosian’s, had put the city in a panic.
  44. Coupled with this, his man management skills were quite exceptional.
  45. There is some metaphysical evidence that emotions that are coupled.
  46. Coupled with heightened emotions, it is a recipe for trader blowout.
  47. As can be imagined, when coupled with the variable symptoms and the.
  48. That, coupled with the fact that the telegraph office in Carson had.
  49. Our notion of a source is intimately coupled to the unknown, for in.
  50. On April 22 we got our price breakout coupled with a new high in OBV.
  51. Good nutrition coupled with exercise is the key to being able to lose.
  52. He was willing to consider a Socialist government, coupled with land.
  53. These could be coupled with wheezing, coughing or shortness of breath.
  54. I even have sound from the directional microphone coupled to our camera.
  55. Extreme volatility coupled with assured recovery is a potent combination.
  56. Since strategic value is coupled to an asset or capability, enhancing the.
  57. The much higher returns coupled with lower risk led to a Sharpe ratio of.
  58. The movement to a more optimal capital structure was coupled with better.
  59. The neckline was square coupled with wide set straps and a brocade bodice.
  60. Get in here at once she said angrily coupled with a sense of relief.
  61. A product or service tightly coupled to local, state or national legislation.
  62. The biggest curse possible coupled with a gift of love I had never envisaged.
  63. When bleeding is coupled with cessation of breathing treat both concurrently.
  64. Peace is both the practice of not warring coupled with the act of sharing all.
  65. That investigation needs to be coupled with the exorbitant payout to the Jew.
  66. Coupled with the shell casings and the blood, I think someone beat us to it.
  67. This, coupled with the fact that it was ‘stripped-down’ of armaments and.
  68. With his hardened emotions, coupled with his outstanding field skills, Yakov.
  69. An obsession with technology coupled with consumerism has led to the excesses.
  70. The rush of the wind coupled with the blades of the copter made for difficult.
  71. Now there were a number of suspicious glares, coupled with a few worried gasps.
  72. Frequent changes in the production process, coupled with an increase in market.
  73. Bushi coupled with his staring caused Sun Zhongyu to lose all his haughtiness!.
  74. That, the evidence of these two witnesses, coupled with the documents of their.
  75. It was often coupled with despair, knowing that it wasn’t immediately possible.
  76. In many different verses of the Holy Qur’an, good deeds are coupled with faith.
  77. Coupled with the World Bank they have imposed rules and regulations which have.
  78. This is done coupled with other forms of treatment as advised by a professional.
  79. I was quite closely coupled with the owner of this home for most of that decade.
  80. When coupled with semen cell will produce an embryo, which will produce offspring.
  81. Below are the names used in the book coupled with the names found on modern maps.
  82. They lay coupled together without thrusting, him planting kisses around her face.
  83. Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.
  84. Microdialysis is a sampling technique that is not directly coupled to any partic-.
  85. Their caressing gradually built in eroticism until they coupled with some urgency.
  86. The last thing that we want is more and bigger fat cells in our abdomen, coupled.
  87. Today, the definition of love is considered as attachment coupled with excitement.
  88. A higher mean increase coupled with a lower standard deviation should be the sales.
  89. Well, it’s a casino all right, but it’s coupled with a house of prostitution.
  90. Their ignorance and pride coupled make it almost impossible to do anything for them.
  91. A sense of loss and sincere sadness coupled with relief that this marriage was over.
  92. Coupled with his limited perception, early man had little experience, and very basic.
  93. Tingling torches taste the compromising power of painless dilutions, a sting coupled.
  94. This, coupled with the higher absolute return, accounts for the high Sharpe ratio of.
  95. This is the World of Mañana, a place of lazy relaxation coupled with deadly intrigue.
  96. However, when coupled with conventional thermal or chemical sanitization technologies.
  97. This experience is coupled with an intensely affective, oceanic or blissful experience.
  98. Earth’s mass [2]), would be gravitationally coupled to the Earth and corotate with it.
  99. Adult is the demand for change, coupled with a self-determined action on the part of the.
  100. Supervised bed rest, for two to four days, coupled with appropriate physical therapy and.
  1. That was what couples did.
  2. Others in couples or groups.
  3. Couples simply got in a rut.
  4. With Couples Who Used to Date.
  5. They were four married couples.
  6. So shall all the couples three.
  7. And couples all must procreate.
  8. We Reall couples are simply too.
  9. Some couples were already dancing.
  10. You will live in the couples cave.
  11. We aren’t one to those couples.
  12. Two couples: one young in age, 70.
  13. No gay couples and no happy endings.
  14. These couples shall eternally be knit.
  15. New couples would form tonight, best.
  16. Couples were steadily flocking to the.
  17. I’ve noticed that with some couples.
  18. The married couples are silent and glum.
  19. There are couples out there who can’t.
  20. The cave for couples has been completed.
  21. This is what happens to married couples.
  22. At this time, they were the only couples.
  23. The couples he knew didn’t seem to be.
  24. There were couples and foursomes in there.
  25. That is one mistake that most couples make.
  26. The law does not apply to married couples.
  27. Persons of its members who work in couples.
  28. The two couples went off to their quarters.
  29. There are couples out there who cant have.
  30. She sees individuals, couples, and families.
  31. The kissing of us couples soon started to.
  32. In the beginning, couples often touch each.
  33. With the couples heading off to bed around.
  34. Which left nine couples, his mom agreed.
  35. With Couples Who Are Separated and Divorcing.
  36. I‘ve seen many couples struggle with this.
  37. Much later, the married couples bore children.
  38. Just the opposite of a lot of couples I know.
  39. She’d seen this with other warring couples.
  40. He led them downriver to the couples quarters.
  41. The couples would begin entering and before.
  42. Paired off couples will build a nest and may.
  43. I guess they never expect couples, she thought.
  44. I watched the couples come out of church and.
  45. They were singles, they were couples, and they.
  46. Reynolds to write a book that guides couples in.
  47. I don't get much couples coming in at midnight.
  48. Choosing mated couples as contestants, I mean.
  49. The couples made up and lived happily ever after.
  50. When the two couples arrived at the concert, you.
  51. Couples here aren’t allowed to have their own.
  52. They just love to put a wedge between happy couples.
  53. Before she knew it, they were surrounded by couples.
  55. And, I dare say we’ll do better than most couples.
  56. Couples with small children occupied the front rows.
  57. Couples said their goodnights and headed off to bed.
  58. I’m her pappy and I decide who she couples with.
  59. Enter the adults and the children, dancing in couples.
  60. Lin and I met several couples on this trip who have.
  61. The two couples strolled down the winding path to a.
  62. Birds choose their mates, and couples too, this day;.
  63. We did a little dealing, and both couples left happy.
  64. In this restaurant there were only couples and groups.
  65. Bling settled into one another just as most couples do.
  66. You needed the companionship that other couples share.
  67. Well I guess that’s normal for couples already.
  68. Soon the hour of midnight arrived and the couples who.
  69. What are most couples doing the week of their due date.
  70. The other couples could not attract a moment’s do so.
  71. He wedded homosexual soldiers as couples in his armies.
  72. I'm always fascinated at the interaction between couples.
  73. When it comes to couples dancing, she wants you to show.
  74. More people sat in this section: couples, the group of.
  75. Therapy with Couples: A Behavioral Systems Approach to.
  76. Just problems that married couples have, Janet said.
  77. I figured the elderly couple"s senses weren"t very acute.
  78. When some couples can’t conceive, it hurts; I feel that.
  79. There was more scuffling of feet as more couples appeared.
  80. His father must have logged a couples hours on this beaut.
  81. The place had a few couples in it and was quiet, romantic.
  82. The pairings and separations of couples married to others.
  83. Then came an exercise: we were rearranged into new couples.
  84. Indeed, this was a much needed respite, with mixed couples.
  85. Many couples are very good at coordinating compatible lives.
  86. A lot of respectable couples have come to that arrangement.
  87. Some couples were always dancing if there was music playing.
  88. Teen-Zeen said that couples who watch a bad movie on their.
  89. All around him couples danced yet, in some inner-known world.
  90. Newly wed couples don’t need that baby in order to survive.
  91. It ended up being only couples with the exception of Heather.
  92. We never marry but advise wedded couples about their marriage.
  93. The two middle-aged looking couples seated at the next table.
  94. Vickie and I had in our union what most other couples don’t.
  95. How many truly happy and well-matched couples does one know?
  96. The four merry couples, mingled with the sun, the fields, the.
  97. Many couples facing infertility issues have spent thousands of.
  98. There were couples dancing on the main floor, but most of the.
  99. More couples are deciding to have smal er, simpler cakes these.
  100. I carried the cub into the main hall, two couples in attendance.

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