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Crevice in a sentence

of the rough crevice.
I hid it in a crevice.
the edge of a fiery crevice.
She’d scaled the damn crevice.
There's the building--the crevice.
She looked back through the crevice.

Filling every crevice, of the heart.
ah … that tiny crevice there ….
It is in a deep crevice in some rocks.
Then Magua issued from a crevice, and,.
crevice newly formed by the recent quake.
I see the crevice, he informed them.
Andy got out and felt around in the crevice.
the accident brought me to this rocky crevice.
Raw emotion fills every corner, every crevice.
The body was out of sight, caught in the crevice.
Thing: Cameras installed in every crevice in house.
I put the scimitar in a crevice among those rocks.
A few paces away, the tall shadow became a crevice.
every crack and crevice, everywhere, and there was.
Hidden deep within the crevice she found—nothing_.
In the morning the words read, ―A crevice is a pod.
hoped to find concealed in some crevice of the island.
Joey made a mad dash out of the crevice and into the open.
He climbed upon the commode, put his eye to the crevice,.
Carmen rolled over and worked her foot out of the crevice.
He searched every item, corner and crevice of the suitcase.

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Synonyms for crevice

cleft crack crevice fissure chap cranny