Oraciones con la palabra "crocked"

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Crocked en una oración (en ingles)

1. In the first place, they were both slightly crocked.
2. Wendy's head crocked up as if she heard something then she stood up, `Maybe some other time.
3. Then they’d leave for a couple of days but keep on drinking and then they’d come back completely crocked and stand.

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1. Mix thoroughly and store in crocks or jars.
2. Serve in the crocks or unmold and serve on a small plate.
3. Pack in crocks or a mold and refrigerate for 4–24 hours.
4. Various attractive-looking brown crocks are sold for the purpose.
5. Now she began producing covered crocks and kettles of various sizes.
6. He next examined the chipped stones and many amongst these were found to be black arid some to have great crocks.
7. As for the rest, the week in Amarynthos has proved to be really boring, since we've spent most of our time playing cards or chatting with the old crocks.
8. His liquor still was behind the rear of his barn so that he kept the flame outside the structure, but by means of copper pipe he collected the liquor in earthenware crocks inside the barn, safe from pilfers and raccoons.
9. Next they gave them in who had them half-withered and cracked; and many of them gave them in green and without crocks; and some green and with offshoots and fruits on the offshoots such as they had who went after being crowned into the tower.
10. Some Men were equipp’d with Boarding Pikes to cut thro’ the Enemy’s Rigging (as well as their Nets and Bulwarks), others hurl’d Stinkpotts at the Prey—homemade Crocks of Sulphur with a horrible Smell—or homemade Grenades of Pistol Shot and old Iron.
11. The cold sunlight of this spring evening peered invidiously upon the crocks and kettles, upon the bunches of dried herbs shivering in the breeze, upon the brass handles of the dresser, upon the wicker-cradle they had all been rocked in, and upon the well-rubbed clock-case, all of which gave out the reproachful gleam of indoor articles abandoned to the vicissitudes of a roofless exposure for which they were never made.

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1. Crock of shit.
2. What a crock of shit.
3. What a crock of shit!’.
4. The Crock of Gold? Stephens.
5. Hire some old crock, safety.
6. What a crock of shit!.
7. The wine tasting was a crock of shit.
8. Heat on low in crock pot for 4 hours.
9. Put the whole mix into a jar or crock.
10. That's a crock of shit and you know it.
11. Maybe he should have used the crock pot!.
12. Howard, that's a crock and you know it!.
13. He dusted the white flour into an old cookie crock.
14. Mix everything together with the meat in a crock pot.
15. Son, that’ s a crock of shit, and we both know it.
16. Serve cold or warm on the lowest setting in a crock pot.
17. Cut the chicken into strips and add all together in a crock pot.
18. What a total crock of shit! He’d heard exactly what she’d said.
19. Cook in crock pot on high for 3 hours adding more beef broth if needed.
20. Too bad such a crock can’t be bagged inside the bag it was scribbled across.
21. Ackerly popped the crock from the blanket and slammed it over the man’s head.
22. The Charwoman’s Daughter (1912); The Crock of Gold (1912); Collected Poems (1926).
23. Susan had some kind of beef in the crock pot which she was planning to roast until.
24. Finally he asked, "Does the store have a five-gallon clay crock full of sour pickles?".
25. The real strength of the crock pot in the kitchen is for slow cooking leaner and cheaper cuts of meat.
26. As Ralph bent to pick up the butter crock that had felled Alan, he felt a sharp iron point stick into his arse.
27. Then she came out with huge cups of tea, and then she got butter on a silver plate, and a basket of dark bread, and a crock of jam.
28. The beauty of slow cooker or crock pot cooking rests in the versatility and flexibility the process provides for a time stressed cook.
29. Pinched for time? Plan ahead for a hectic week with comforting casseroles and prep-and-go dinners made in your slow cooker or crock pot.
30. I have to hand it to them: at least their crock of shit is a new crock and not one of the same tired old ones I had been hearing for months.
31. What a crock! she swore, her hands firmly clasped on top of her head as if to keep her body from blowing apart like an overheated teapot.
32. The paint on the floors was quite fresh, the workmen had left their things in the middle of the room: a small tub, some paint in an earthenware crock, and a big brush.
33. Even though anyone who is not completely brain-dead knows this is a crock of shit: everyone still pursues the Protestant Dream of Success through Hard Work and Perseverance.
34. While our allies, the Portuguese, were holding part of the line to the left of Festubert, a Portuguese officer rode up on the most emaciated and broken-down old "crock" I had set eyes on.
35. Century believes is a total crock, I’m bothered by the fact that you failed to mention that Shadow is a walking electrical transformer with enough juice to deep fry a two ton elephant to the bone instantly.
36. Their large-veined udders hung ponderous as sandbags, the teats sticking out like the legs of a gipsy's crock; and as each animal lingered for her turn to arrive the milk oozed forth and fell in drops to the ground.
37. Sometimes, when he listens to Ken when they're alone in the flat above Snuggle's, he thinks that maybe he should broaden his horizons, but he knows in his heart that his crock of gold lies at the end of the lane, not at the end of the rainbow.
38. The husband had a heavy basket of vegetables on his back; the wife balanced on her shoulder a long pole bearing several live chickens, trussed; the boy had a heavy ham on his shoulder, and the girl a crock that probably contained salted butter.
39. And Lor-a-mussy me!" cried my sister, casting off her bonnet in sudden desperation, "here I stand talking to mere Mooncalfs, with Uncle Pumblechook waiting, and the mare catching cold at the door, and the boy grimed with crock and dirt from the hair of his head to the sole of his foot!".