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Slopped en una oración (en ingles)

1. Great rolls of fat slopped over his couch.
2. He lurched forward and slopped some beer into my glass.
3. Startled, he slopped the scotch as he jerked his head around.
4. Chairs were pushed over and tea slopped over the edges of the.
5. It slopped over the top of his shoe and the cuff of his trousers.
6. They slopped suddenly and stood as silent as tree-shadows, listening.
7. Wille’s slopped over the sides as he poked at Padlimaird’s chest.

8. She flinched from his touch, and slopped the hot liquid over both of them.
9. Then he slopped right along and went away, and pretty soon the trees hid him.
10. A water wheel slopped lazily, sending a small river toward the south pasture.
11. I landed, and slopped through the timber and up the ridge and into the cavern.
12. Cigarette ends and sweet-meat papers still littered the slopped and dirty floor.
13. My in-flight menu saved from that occasion shows where I slopped my wine onto it.
14. Then suddenly he slopped, and they saw that he nodded as if he was falling asleep.
15. The fact that his goblet was in it and he slopped wine on the table didn't bother him.
16. The woman slopped a large spoonful, of what I could only guess was stew, onto the plate.
17. I slopped my pint onto the floor and the underwater hockey guy nearly slipped in it; we found it hilarious.
18. As the water slopped up and down his snout, he considered returning to the others, but quickly pushed the thought away.
19. Ben looked down as the food servers slopped food into the neat little compartments formed by the ridges in the metal tray.
20. He found Nellie playing with the water in the trough, pushing waves and tossing her head so that the water slopped out on the ground.
21. He had collected some two pints of water when a whitecap cracked into the raft, crested over, and slopped into the canvas, spoiling the water.
22. The roulette wheel was sent spiiming,—and what was the general amazement when it slopped at zero again ! There was actually a general shout.
23. His hand trembled even worse than hers, but he persevered on bringing it to his mouth, even as the ice cubes clinked and water slopped over his hand.
24. He filled the jars so full that as he held them by the rims and passed them to their owners part of the contents slopped over and trickled through his fingers.
25. The floor was sprinkled with sawdust which served to soak up the beer that slopped out of the glasses of those whose hands were too unsteady to hold them upright.
26. I sat down at the kitchen table while he boiled the kettle, dropped a tea bag into a mug and slopped boiling water over the counter, muttering to himself under his breath.
27. That came every day into the city and slopped their filth over the shallow sides of these shit wagons, befouling all those nearby… spraying them with their own shot, even as it was being taken away.
28. You look like the ragpicker’s child, he observed, his eyes taking in the mended lavender calico, streaked with perspiration and splotched here and there with water which had slopped from the basin.
29. When I turned my attention down to the water lapping against the dam, I couldn’t see it, either, not really see it, for it was black, as well, and I could know that it slopped against the tainter gates below me only because reflections of the crest lights undulated upon its surface.
1. Slopping his mop in the bucket of bleach and.
2. It jiggled Jaxon's cup of coffee, slopping some over the side.
3. Over a slopping ground, the width (X) of wall can vary from 0% to.
4. He opened his mouth a crack, exposing a wet tongue slopping about.
5. She slammed it on the table, spilling a few mugs and slopping up the cover.
6. Heavens, no! Only don't come in looking as if you've been slopping the hogs.
7. Zorathus gulped spasmodically, the liquid slopping over on his heaving breast.
8. Angela hurriedly ran the dishrag over the faces of the plates, slopping in the murky dishwater.
9. And that’s what Robert was thinking as he panned the unsuspecting lawyers and bankers slopping down their lunch.
10. When he was still, I stood up and slowly walked towards the door for mine, my loose trainers slopping around on my feet.
11. Look where he’d found himself: in a strange apartment, eyes burning, slopping water from the sink onto the bonfire Nicky’d made on the floor.
12. The dishwater light of dawn oozed through the shack's one window, slopping across the piles of salvaged boxes and bundles that were strewn around the interior.
13. It was an extraordinary experience for her, this slopping through the mud with soaking shoes, no prospect of a meal, and a heart that insisted on sinking in spite of her attempts to persuade herself that the situation was amusing.
1. She says, ‘Much need have I to carry out the slops for the scurvy beggars.
2. We are all brothers—and yet every morning a brother or a sister must empty the bedroom slops for me.
3. He ambled Dollard, bulky slops, before them (hold that fellow with the: hold him now) into the saloon.
4. I CAN GIVE a speech when I have to, but I’d rather be on slops for a week than face the media in a formal setting.
5. The bottle spun off the tray and skittered across the floor of my cell, coming to rest against the back wall by the slops bucket.
6. But next morning they would get up at dawn, as usual, sweep out the rooms with a birch-broom, empty the slops, and clean up after lodgers.
7. We inquired, said he, what were their emoluments, other than those allowed by law? Answer: they arise from a certain percentage upon slops detailed to the seamen.
8. Said he: That cry is the first cry of Christ at his birth, mixed with the dire yell of Lucifer churned out of Heaven, and spilled in fiery muck down the landslide slops of Hell!'.
9. Said he: That cry is the first cry of Christ at his birth, mixed with the dire yell of Lucifer churned out of Heaven and spilled in fiery muck down the landslide slops of Hell!.
10. It had been understood that large sums of money were advanced to these Pursers, who laid it out in slops, which they retailed to the seamen at an advance, in some instances, of twenty per cent.
11. We nodded, went inside, checked out the dirty planks that served for a bench, the bucket of slops, the greasy crates standing in for cupboards, the grime-streaked fridge and the shaky, plastic-covered table littered with meals past.
12. It all seemed to her a far simpler matter: all that was needed, as Marya Philimonovna had explained, was to give Brindle and Whitebreast more food and drink, and not to let the cook carry all the kitchen slops to the laundry maid's cow.
13. And we here, washed and clothed, having left the slops in our bedrooms to be cleaned up by slaves, eat and drink and discuss Schumann and Chopin and which of them moves us most or best cures our ennui? That is what I was thinking when I passed you, so I have spoken.
14. But he seemed to enjoy every minute of it, slipping and sliding on the slops on the floor and licking the beer of his arms and throwing himself around in a wild frenzy, while his friends, friends!, clapped and jeered and sang and shouted and danced, danced!, bumping and pulling and shoving until all ended in a drunken heap on the floor.
15. Now and then, as I’ve said, I was able to fight off a thug with my encyclopedia of unconventional weapons, such as a clarinet, an oboe, and a trombone (a confrontation in a musical-instrument shop), three buckets full of pig slops (not in a musical-instrument shop), a wet mop, coconuts, wasp spray, and once in fact with a twelve-volume encyclopedia.
16. A man who employs ten servants in livery, coachmen and cooks, who has pictures and pianos, must certainly regard as strange and even ridiculous the simple preliminary duty of, I do not say a good man, but of every man who is not an animal, to hew that wood with which his food is cooked and by which he is warmed; to clean those boots in which he carelessly stepped into the mud; to bring that water with which he keeps himself clean; and to carry away those slops in which he has washed himself.

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1. Slop and slap.
2. Who knows what's in this slop.
3. A couple of PMW's came by with some more slop.
4. Slop about in slipperslappers for fear he'd wake.
5. At the spring, she’d purposely slop water on Nerissa.
6. A few hours later, Corey and I ate the slop that was placed.
7. She twirled her wand and a flurry of sugar melted into the dark slop.
8. Edgar had made a slop in his saucer, and scarcely swallowed a mouthful.
9. He sat down on the ground with his tortillas and slop and ate them slowly.
10. Bears are kept in small, dirty cages where they are fed pig slop rather than.
11. What would he do with the money? Only waste it on slop and babes with hog breath.
12. You’re not buying into that socialist pig slop that medicines should be free.
13. From my position on the roof, I could see them ascending the eastern slop of the road.
14. To be precise, there was straw strewn about the stone floor and a slop bucket in one corner.
15. Fine! That would be better than what they give us to eat now! That slop would make a horse puke.
16. In an interview it was said that, She was the first of her type to evolve out of the slop of stardom.
17. A buffet with workers doling out steaming hospital slop lines one wall of the room as residents queue up.
18. Although this slop has very little, if any, nutritional value, it did cause the milk production to increase.
19. Saldon leapt across the clamouring, oozing slop and past the armed guard who were taken unawares at his speed.
20. You know? And then all you care about is the tortillas and slop, because there’s nothing left to care about.
21. It looked like one of the slop buckets used by the inmates drafted to clean and maintain the guards’ barracks.
22. He was soon nursing a cough, fever, and flulike symptoms, and the Naoetsu slop did nothing to help his body recover.
23. She picked up the cologne bottle and took a large mouthful, carefully rinsed her mouth and then spit into the slop jar.
24. Jail food looked so awful that Brian didn’t even want to think about the possibility of eating the slop for survival.
25. The second crew repeated the acrobatics of the first, but with a double somersault without the twist, and a little more slop in the dismount.
26. Maybe… Well anyways, he hands me a wooden cup filled with this slop that passes for beer, here—and I'll say one thing, it's pretty strong.
27. Many fed their cows the by-product of whiskey production called distillery slop, which was made up of chemically changed grain and water.
28. I’ll press the ever-bolder peasantry into obeisance, and the honor of Family Kessant will rise above the mire wherein the King now wallows as a pig in slop.
29. Oblivious to what was happening, one day the poor little thing was crammed into a rocket ship with rotting piles of slop and blasted off to the surface of Garbotron.
30. Thankfully, the potion he’d slipped into Hakar’s wine had done its job, and the boy was in no condition to perform his nightly duty of carrying slop to the prisoners.
31. As he was at present dressed in a seafaring slop suit, in which he looked as if he had some parrots and cigars to dispose of, I next discussed with him what dress he should wear.
32. Throughout all the chop and slop there were some stocks that continued to go about the business of breaking out of sound bases, moving up, building another base, breaking out, and moving up again.
33. He thought of Nastanovich intently scooping up snow, of the narcotized monotone of his basslines, of colorless fish slop squirted into assembly-line cans and the plaster-walled room in Middle Village where he’d lived with his mother.
34. Just for the sake of stupid argument, do you think I could clean up this mess in three hours? The customers will be coming in about thirty minutes before that so that only leaves me two and a half hours to get this slop off the walls.
35. So instead we color-tagged them during calving each year, matching cows with their calves: Green 1, Red 3, Blue 2, sliding out from their mothers, onto the dirt floor of the barn, those feet kicking right away, always trying to get a purchase in the slop.
36. Oh! it's killing! a breath of night air! And he must have a fire in the middle of summer; and Joseph's bacca pipe is poison; and he must always have sweets and dainties, and always milk, milk for ever---heeding naught how the rest of us are pinched in winter; and there he'll sit, wrapped in his furred cloak in his chair by the fire, with some toast and water or other slop on the hob to sip at; and if Hareton, for pity, comes to amuse him---Hareton is not bad-natured, though he's rough---they're sure to part, one swearing and the other crying.
37. Oh! it’s killing, a breath of night air! And he must have a fire in the middle of summer; and Joseph’s bacca-pipe is poison; and he must always have sweets and dainties, and always milk, milk for ever—heeding naught how the rest of us are pinched in winter; and there he’ll sit, wrapped in his furred cloak in his chair by the fire, with some toast and water or other slop on the hob to sip at; and if Hareton, for pity, comes to amuse him—Hareton is not bad-natured, though he’s rough—they’re sure to part, one swearing and the other crying.
38. Is this how it was over a century ago, she wondered, when the women, the night before, lay ready for sleep, or not ready, in the small towns of the East, and heard the sound of horses in the night and the creak of the Conestoga wagons ready to go, and the brooding of oxen under the trees, and the cry of children already lonely before their time? All the sounds of arrivals and departures into the deep forests and fields, the blacksmiths working in their own red hells through midnight? And the smell of bacons and hams ready for the journeying, and the heavy feel of the wagons like ships foundering with goods, with water in the wooden kegs to tilt and slop across prairies, and the chickens hysterical in their slung-beneath-the-wagon crates, and the dogs running out to the wilderness ahead and, fearful, running back with a look of empty space in their eyes? Is this, then, how it was so long ago? On the rim of the precipice, on the edge of the cliff of stars? In their time the smell of buffalo, and in our time the smell of the Rocket? Is this, then, how it was?
39. Murray stripped down to his boxers and swam out to the boat, after checking the tinny for fuel he hoisted Tony on board the fishing boat with the small derrick, starting the engine he winched up the anchor and headed out to sea towing the tinny, watching the depth gauge he found a deep trench on the ocean bed and cut the engine, collecting all the papers he could find he put them in a plastic bag, he then dragged Tony and Ricky into the wheelhouse and secured the two bodies with wire rope from the winch, closing and locking the door, Murray then picked up Ricky’s rifle and using the butt broke the glass in one of the small portholes, looking around he saw he was all alone on the ocean and the light was fading as the sun slowly dipped beneath the horizon, lifting the engine cover he fired the rifle into the bottom skin of the boat, for a moment nothing happened then he noticed water beginning to slop around the engine, he climbed into the small tinny, started the outboard and circled the fishing boat watching it slowly sink as it filled with water, when it sank beneath the surface Murray headed back to Dream Bay.
40. The slop was a mixture of low-budget animal byproducts,.
41. Please, let's try to eat the slop splattered on our bowls,.