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    1. that, God did this because He claimed Levi from birth as

    2. If a child has not been given correct information, relevant to our perception, about questions he may have asked about God, birth, death, gender difference and so on, then the incorrect or insufficient impressions could affect his life all the time

    3. Continual use of the dusts, sprays and vacuuming mentioned above will provide a form of birth control for fleas

    4. Alan's body was older than hers, born in 2250, Tdeshi's date of birth was well after 2300, she was twenty three Earth years of age when shonggot erased her

    5. On birth many other restrictions are placed

    6. The little Asian man's name was Ajarn and he was Cambodian by birth, Thai by ethnicity

    7. gave birth to Jesus and later raised Him from the dead

    8. deep and endless, a calling wind from the birth of time itself, assured and confident

    9. series of philosophical steps; The Way gave birth to Unity, Unity gave birth to

    10. Duality, Duality gave birth to Trinity, and Trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures

    1. There was a prophetic heritage being built in Israel that grew over the years until it became so refined that it birthed the major and minor prophets who wrote the scriptures

    2. birthed out of good ideas that aren’t

    3. ministries of the future will not last if they are not birthed and

    4. There was simply too little time to recreate a technology birthed from thousands of years of war

    5. The moment one of the Reapers stepped forward, she was there to meet them, instantly, as though suddenly birthed from the very air in which they intended to step

    6. But what was he keeping from her? Why had the Elders birthed such an unprecedented amount of Chosen in this land? Whatever the answers, she knew it was more than a coincidence that her lost love, Prince Adros, also dwelt in this world

    7. By the time they birthed one world, a million would be dead

    8. Some developed surprising abilities, while others birthed nothing at all

    9. (a Capricorn sun with the Leo moon, say) birthed through the actor’s intuitively honed channeling

    10. and are birthed from the belly button

    1. Then, he took Serpent's mate to create Woman's birthing canal

    2. Maybe some karga had used this for birthing a couple times

    3. ’ He said warmly, ‘They double up as birthing women and herbmasters a lot of the time, especially in remote areas

    4. It’s for that witch family down third street that’s having a birthing party

    5. He had Kate and Sally in the birthing room, Lucy had been moved to her bedroom

    6. Doc Paul was spent; he finally curled up on the cot in the birthing room and went to sleep

    7. "Though gifted at turning the Oneness into a weapon, the Age of War had hardened the races, birthing new and more destructive weapons by the day," Brice continued

    8. But given the state of the universe, not to mention their current plight, birthing a simulacrum would be a bad decision – for both Ome, and the child as well

    9. The midwife at Elizabeth"s taught me a great deal about the birthing of a baby, as well

    10. She should have been here to hold my hand, to lead me through the birthing process

    1. This state is called ‘moksha’ as it also results in becoming free from the cycle of births and deaths

    2. She told her mother that the women in this group were lying and reporting only female births; keeping the males hidden from the eyes of the Elders

    3. I expect Ann would have a register of the births somewhere

    4. Not only is there staggering evidence of design in this passage, but it seems that even the names were designed and somehow inspired to be given at the time of their births

    5. During the first seven months of '98 there were 17,760 deaths in Havana, against 2224 births, from a population of little over 230,000

    6. With the proliferation of divorce, separation and births out of wedlock, many marriages are occurring to couples where one or both parties already have children

    7. Statistically speaking, there must have been one hundred and ten heart attacks, eighty-three separations, two hundred and forty births, two murders, three rapes and an incident of arson during the dinner hour

    8. ries her; she then births their child

    9. In the infinite time of our births, through all the realms of existence, we have done so many different kinds of actions, wholesome and unwholesome

    10. · Why should some be blessed, and others cursed from their births?

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    birth nascence nascency nativity birthing giving birth parturition parentage bear deliver give birth have ancestry family extraction descent line blood status race bearing young delivery childbearing beginning commencement derivation source rise