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Delivery в предложении (на )

  1. Or the delivery of a note.
  2. Now it’s a delivery run.
  3. The other thing is delivery.
  4. The cost of delivery for 3.
  5. I want the delivery this week.

  6. He was just a pizza delivery boy.
  7. I believe I had a normal delivery.
  8. Besides, the delivery to animal.
  9. The paper delivery was late today.
  10. Pon and Taksin waited on a delivery.
  11. I intend to drive the delivery truck.
  12. Fred bowled a perfect second delivery.
  13. He addressed me and made his delivery.
  14. When a bulge appears delivery is near.
  15. Delivery of this one press is delayed.

  16. The sound of automobiles and delivery.
  17. When will the delivery be made?
  18. It's just this delivery I have to make.
  19. The staccato delivery of altered sound.
  20. A failed pizza delivery boy, he amended.
  21. I escaped with my first delivery of mail.
  22. Mother should adopt a delivery position.
  23. So, that is the timing and delivery date.
  24. You know my time for delivery is near.
  25. The furniture delivery came that afternoon.

  26. You connect with the delivery guy’s eyes.
  27. Ish's frustration showed in this delivery.
  28. Yes, it was a running delivery, so it was.
  29. I followed the nurse into the delivery room.
  30. Late delivery and production meant having.
  31. We've that delivery of ball-bearings coming.
  32. You know she was protected in the delivery.
  33. Last night, he had been a pizza delivery boy.
  34. The delivery is due in next two weeks or so.
  35. Hence the rest of the delivery was ammunition.
  36. Wickland was slightly curious by the delivery.
  37. Second, stockholders requested delivery of 1.
  38. Listen, we need another delivery of stuff.
  39. I admire the delivery of Sir John Gielgud.
  40. Does a man have a place in the delivery room?
  41. The Roadrunner catches up to the delivery vans.
  42. The delivery system was archaic, but adequate.
  43. There’s a man here with a delivery for you.
  44. Delivery is the final factor for effective and.
  45. The next entry is for near the delivery time.
  46. But the second delivery was an empty box?
  47. I know nothing about delivery to your warehouse.
  48. The rocket ripping open the rear delivery doors.
  49. His mother had a tough time in the delivery room.
  50. I, he thought, am a pizza delivery boy.
  51. My second delivery was much faster than the first.
  52. The items were all promised for delivery within.
  53. You can abandon the Class Five with the delivery.
  54. The presentation and the delivery of my answers.
  55. Lucy had a very eventful delivery that ended with.
  56. So, how long until the delivery gets here?
  57. Mail addressed to General Delivery care of New St.
  58. Every Jewish girl knew how to assist in a delivery.
  59. The tried and tested delivery system was ingenious.
  60. It was the delivery man, with a parcel for the boy.
  61. Sign here that you accept delivery of this ship.
  62. You can add the extra delivery charges to the bill.
  63. He thanked the delivery driver and went back inside.
  64. He was holding the delivery and was already through.
  65. I have insisted on Ayurvati overseeing the delivery.
  66. Delivery of these unwelcome words likewise measured.
  67. You spend more time and money on the delivery, and.
  68. This morning, he was once again a pizza delivery boy.
  69. The front month is simply the upcoming delivery month.
  70. Trouble was he was not always available for delivery.
  71. It was delivered by the evening delivery of that date.
  72. But this home delivery was in the middle of the night.
  73. You may call your ships to start the delivery process.
  74. The meows escalated in intensity, volume, and delivery.
  75. The man then says, I’m with the delivery company.
  76. I showed him the sketch I had drawn of the delivery guy.
  77. Pity breweries don't implement your system of delivery.
  78. Suppliers shall ensure 100% delivery on the agreed date.
  79. Once I asked Fat Wayne to go out on a delivery with me.
  80. The health aide had never done or even seen a delivery.
  81. Yan is there to help the labor and delivery to succeed.
  82. A few days later, I made a delivery to her neighbor Ms.
  83. I knocked on the delivery door and Tom himself answered.
  84. All the delivery details are included with the manifest.
  85. I was in the throes of delivery and could not help them.
  86. But then, of course, the delivery would not be a miracle.
  87. There had been no time for a midwife with this delivery.
  88. Is he going to be there himself for the delivery?
  89. The Assistant Branch Manager had signed for the delivery.
  90. You have a delivery system for me? For the ricin?
  91. He couldn’t believe it—FedEx was making a delivery!.
  92. The drivers of the delivery vans hang on the edge of the.
  93. You can configure the delivery dates and times from your.
  94. When we got stuck behind one of the innumerable delivery.
  95. Domino’s strategy is to dominate pizza home delivery.
  96. There is a newspaper delivery truck in front of the store.
  97. After the delivery, we’ll test the infant for the virus.
  98. The following delivery times are to be observed here: 39.
  99. The Happy Delivery was damaged, yet less so than Cassandra.
  100. We will shortly have a delivery system, best in the world.

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