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Depend en una oración (en ingles)

  1. You can depend on it.
  2. As long as you depend.
  3. He would depend on her.
  4. Our lives depend on it.
  5. You could depend on Pat.

  6. Simon will depend on you.
  7. Does not depend on the UI.
  8. Victory could depend on it.
  9. My life could depend on it.
  10. Do not depend on the putty.
  11. Depend upon it, I know it.
  12. These we depend on for food.
  13. Both our realms depend on it.
  14. It does not depend upon our.
  15. God created us to depend on us.

  16. Farmers in the area depend on.
  17. It will depend on your parents.
  18. We have people who depend on us.
  19. That would depend on the rule.
  20. Is there a god we can depend on?
  21. It will depend on a few things.
  22. The South has grown to depend on.
  23. But this part will forever depend.
  24. We depend upon the Nips for food.
  25. Your excellency may depend upon me.

  27. Actual hours scheduled will depend.
  28. Colours depend on the light you see.
  29. We only can depend and count on God.
  30. Our lives depend on absolute secrecy.
  31. Depending on the forum, will depend.
  32. Too many lives depend on your skills.
  33. I’d come to depend on his strength.
  34. To believe that you depend on things.
  35. I told her that it would depend on you.
  36. The rewards you reap will depend on you.
  37. Heaven and Hell does not depend on DNA.
  38. They depend on others for decisions and.
  39. Partners depend on one another’s eyes.
  40. Depend on it and have Wall Street crash.
  41. This would depend on the context, though.
  42. Well, that would depend on the account.
  43. Impulses depend on the first chance word.
  44. Yes, I know; but you can't depend on them.
  45. The price and placement depend mainly on.
  46. Aye, aye, that is the fact, depend upon it.
  47. It will depend on how long the ship stays.
  48. Could he depend on Jalal? He wasn’t sure.
  49. She had grown up learning to depend on Bea.
  50. The four, depend upon it, perpetually meet.
  51. She would have to depend on Abram for that.
  52. In this we no longer depend on anyone else.
  53. Their livelihood and net worth depend on it.
  54. I may; it would depend on the circumstances.
  55. That spirit upon whose weal depend and rest.
  56. It cannot depend wholly upon white teachers.
  57. Its fate will depend on whether or not its.
  58. The power of the spirit does not depend on.
  60. Rose had grown to depend on him, but he had.
  61. You must be aware that we depend heavily on.
  62. Happiness does not depend on what happens to.
  63. These firms depend on equity management and.
  64. Fjur knew they would depend on many contests.
  65. They choose to rely and depend on their own.
  66. Q: Still, you have a body and you depend on it.
  67. But how correct you are will often depend on.
  68. This would depend on your location and weather.
  69. All things depend on the Great Source for life.
  70. Political conduct must depend on circumstances.
  71. She says the truth to herself, depend upon it.
  72. You can just depend on that—they will!.
  73. Peace and war depend on some fellow's digestion.
  74. The size of the tank will depend on the demand.
  75. Others, higher up in the food chain, depend on.
  76. It would depend on which route you wish to take.
  77. To what did living depend on eating of the tree.
  78. The letter says that world peace could depend on.
  79. However, this may also depend on the hotel policy.
  80. Upon what condition does the law of growth depend?
  81. That would depend on how much this means to you.
  82. He knew which reviewers he could depend on and why.
  83. Your happiness and success depend upon your ideals.
  84. Everything would depend on whether he took to you.
  85. How soon we can achieve this stage will depend on:.
  86. The lives of our children depend on us acquiring it.
  87. She has taken notice of you, though, depend upon it.
  88. We don’t want to depend on magpies for everything.
  89. We have to depend on each other from this moment on.
  90. And of course, the ship must not depend only on the.
  91. I do need to depend on someone, and since it cannot.
  92. But, all of these depend on the quality of those who.
  93. Well, that will depend on what you have to tell me.
  94. Your married life and its happiness _do_ depend on it.
  95. Do not go asleep; your very life may depend upon it.
  96. It'll depend on whether I actually have friends here.
  97. One ought to depend as little as possible upon chance.
  98. We depend, in a vast measure, on those who bring us up.
  99. Academics depend on students never questioning their.
  100. But in the afterlife, reality tends to depend on the.

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