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    1. compassionate, do you think you would have a nicer conversation? I bet

    2. “I bet they’d love to have a big piece of sausage between their legs

    3. Ava laughed, "Don't bet the lives of the crew on it," Ava said, "Because I couldn't

    4. I bet my friend would have said maybe she made it for me a long time ago before I was born and I wanted a taste of it again in this lifetime

    5. ‘I bet he did … and I bet he wished he was telling the truth as well

    6. I can’t hear what she is saying at the other end, but I would be willing to bet it is something along the lines of not wanting to disturb him

    7. I bet she

    8. "No doubt, I've met some who are better than me but somehow I bet Juleel is not one of them and neither were the two we met

    9. Stephen had been a bit cagey when I told him who the interview was with … although he didn’t actually say so, I got the definite impression that this company is not a good employment bet

    10. “I remember the bet”, he replied, “and the optimism of our youth

    11. ‘I had a rough time of it when Emma was born and the end result was that, after several years of problems, they decided my best bet was a hysterectomy

    12. You can bet he’s close

    13. ‘I bet he would

    14. Without any real range data, he couldn’t swear to the size, but he was willing to bet it was 120 meters

    15. ‘Still, I’ve got some news I bet you haven’t heard

    16. "I bet the kids are already down there

    17. “Yes, I bet things would have been much easier with them

    18. “I’ll bet they do!” Kate said enthusiastically

    19. "I bet it's heading this way too

    20. that I need to bet by

    21. "Related to a theirops I bet

    22. I bet it wasn’t nearly as easy as that

    23. " With a devilish look he grinned at her and said, "but I bet I know one way to pass the time

    24. ’ He said admiringly, ‘But I bet you could do some damage with those claws of yours

    25. "I bet they want us to look around out here," Thom said

    26. He has a habit of rubbing his chin with his finger as he reads - bet he used to do that at school

    27. I bet that's when the Etesian comes and no one sails

    28. "I bet I know what it is," she said

    29. ‘I bet they keep you on your toes, though

    30. Have you held a grudge about that all this time? That’s stupid, so I didn’t want to drive cherubs? See Imogene, I bet she’d love to try out a few of them

    31. Bert’s Gosling man – Thomas Gosford … I bet he was pissed off at her reply

    32. profits, do you think that money was well spent? You bet it was, and that is

    33. ‘I wouldn’t bet on that

    34. “Okay, smart guy, I’ll bet you five bucks on that one

    35. “I bet they made sure the humans stayed ephemeral so they could harvest their souls

    36. I bet she proved him wrong! If only to make her point

    37. For something like that to happen to you is a safer bet

    38. The bastards who brought her here will have to pay, on that she is settled, and the doctor seems like her best bet, at the moment

    39. He has been looking through travel brochures and has decided that the rave capital of Europe offers his best bet

    40. I would be willing to bet that when she bears children that we will have the first Jade woman born in our history

    41. I think you are older than dirt and I’ll bet you your coat that I’m younger than you

    42. “I bet she was registered for the program, she probably had the paperwork with her

    43. He bet that had been a trying relationship, but they didn’t speak of it

    44. If all cross contaminations were recorded, Kulai was willing to bet there would be a shatter-cone of cross contamination in order by time on these four

    45. “I bet he bangs off about you,” she grinned

    46. "I bet she hasn't shit in them", Maggie mutters to herself, a reference to ancient tradition that marks out the true devotee

    47. My bet is he's related, father or brother possibly

    48. You could bet two, bump two

    49. he bet and bet the max every time

    50. him by the way I bet and bumped

    1. From the Hold-wall Master Seatac was collecting on several bets

    2. And old Master Seatac, seeing what each of them had tried to deny, collected on many more bets

    3. All bets are off if I have to come in there and get

    4. Well can you think of others I might have tried, for instance boxing matches and other sporting events gave me great returns, all those bets made within the twelve hour period

    5. Nothing” bets with God concerning her future

    6. All bets were now off

    7. Bets were being made as to the identity of those responsible – it would no doubt come out eventually

    8. However, if the golfer in question blades the ball, all bets are off

    9. All bets were off for the outcome

    10. So many times he had thought to be cautious, going for a colour rather than a number, only for the balance to just slightly be against him with relatively small bets, until the final large stake for a big gamble to recoup the losses

    11. all other bets will be off

    12. Bets were placed on which pigeon got out quickest, with extra points for style

    13. Making bets or discussing the number of wanted posters they had seen him on?

    14. When the bets had been made, the two handlers unleashed their charges and retreated to the tunnel

    15. That he was not fatherly sorted out is to be wondered at for everyone hated him with equal vigour and took bets of who will be able to give him a fatal heart attack as he worked himself up over nothing

    16. She turned out to be a brunette and we were taking bets on her being a blonde

    17. Once a child has been conceived as a result of that women‘s private decisions, however, all bets are off

    18. ” I chuckled respectfully, but took bets in my mind on how long he would last saying such things, which the Nationalists would surely regard as sacrilege

    19. Summer had come round again and I was in the fields cutting the hay, taking bets with myself as to whether the rain-clouds drifting by on the horizon would arrive before I’d finished

    20. Craps was fun to watch but beyond her: each roll of the dice would surprise her, when bets she assumed to be losers were paid and those she thought winners were hauled off with a wooden hook

    21. “I’ll take bets on it

    22. “Thirty-five winner,” said the spinner, while raking the losing bets towards her

    23. with money in hand from side bets that they made

    24. But even before I began putting in the bets for the anonymous bettor, I had an ominous feeling

    25. During the course of the day, I phoned in the bets for Santa Anita, I had a few beers, and we watched the races on the big T

    26. bets and calling them into Saddie

    27. Frank always had me phone in the bets

    28. Why not hedge your bets?”

    29. bets with or without maintaining a specific format

    30. The tunnel’s availability also allowed me to win a few unusual bets from M and L house denizens, e

    31. been running bets on where it will be for several months

    32. we"re given these lousy emotions all bets are off,

    33. “Place your bets” the man behind the table said bringing us both out of the trance you were in

    34. I was about to ask when the dealer called no more bets and the wheel started turning

    35. The bets are heavy, and grow heavier as the night

    36. Athene thought it more probable that they feared the father and were hedging their bets in case he came after them to wreak vengeance

    37. I wouldn't want to place bets on a fight between him and Zoe Nightshade

    38. The whole town had joked and made bets in the past on how

    39. hear they are making bets about us

    40. This was because some bookmakers would slash the odds if he tried to put on big bets with more than one of them

    41. I would take bets that the clouds are another way of saying that big problems are

    42. Simon, and he would take bets that their Dads were not bitching about it

    43. given those plums, but he would take bets that they didn't call their Chairman of

    44. After that, we took bets to see how far you would go

    45. Gulab dealt the cards; bets were placed in the center of the table, as the game proceeded

    46. On another particular day, just to show you what I mean, I was so engrossed in studying the statistics of this particular race that I was completely shocked and dumbfounded when suddenly I heard “They’re off!” I mean, I didn’t hear the last call to place bets

    47. We have made our bets at the betting windows, and now we’ll decide where to watch the race

    48. I would drive maybe two hours to the race track to make my bets

    49. It happened at future bets

    50. It may be difficult for you to understand the mental state of this gambler, but somewhere in my mental makeup, I developed a tremendous fear of getting results of my bets

    1. Not that these guys should be betting big money anyway, Desa thought

    2. Even with Irene and Ebby, memories would be bittersweet so, betting myself she'd never had a card from Sophia, I picked one out of the rack and wrote, 'Make yourself a home!' and joined the queue for a stamp

    3. The other players at the table were betting five’s and ten

    4. dresses were tore, masks fell off faces, and the precious betting slips flew though

    5. exist, betting in this way their indulgence

    6. double his money by betting at the casino

    7. If Mr Pinscher was a betting man - and this history will go some distance towards establishing that he was - he would have laid a handsome wager on the pie coming to grief, upended on the floor

    8. In another matter, it is recommended that any betting on the game of golf be kept

    9. damaged as they were? If he had been a betting man, he’d not have given them fighting odds

    10. Things like betting slips, beer, and soft-porn magazines

    11. We were betting our lives on it

    12. I was still betting on not at all myself

    13. I"m betting on a favourite family Bible – or a bomb

    14. I was betting no one had told Kemp about them

    15. So, betting 500 a race the next three races I picked three in a row, and I was up roughly three grand, and I said, “I’m going to bet it all on the ninth race

    16. We have been moved by the winnings (and losings) – in the game, in the business and in the betting

    17. If you’re hoping that getting pregnant as a teen will win you a TV show and make you a star then you are literally betting your life and your child’s life that you won’t live a life of poverty when the fact is you’re nearly guaranteed to be poor

    18. If I was a betting man, I would say I'm a good few years above the average

    19. I’m betting you’ll bring out some people who haven’t been to a club all year

    20. “Well heres the deal sir” her eyes told a story of hundreds of years in a place remote to him like meeting someone from a foreign country with a totally alien culture to ones own “I’ll tell my lords I found you wonderin around and that you belong to Sir Williams estate in the North, a lord who is renowned for betting his slaves, giving them away and even sometimes totally abandoning them from their families to see where they end up as a hobbie of his

    21. There is some betting whether both will make it there alive

    22. "My betting is that she was in the way," said

    23. betting on the horses at Hong Kong's Happy Valley racetrack

    24. The three European betting stations she managed

    25. I can’t give guarantees here, but if I was a betting man I would expect your boss to

    26. Pioneering channel, and several of the interactive betting sights

    27. ” It was just betting on football with Motorola co-workers, but Dixie made it plain after the first year of our marriage that she was tired of emptying ashtrays, fetching beer, and watching me “double down” and lose more than beer money

    28. were betting nobody in the House would notice

    29. The inhabitants of this estate didn’t go in much for difficult intellectual exercises such as reading anything more complicated than a betting slip David

    30. we're all already in it - that's the horse I'm betting on

    31. “He was betting?” Carlisle nodded

    32. who controlled the betting slips that flew back and forth

    33. I learned in sociology class that prisons were built based on our third grade Iowa Basics test scores, and politicians will keep betting on us being criminals instead of betting on our potential to be productive members of society

    34. ” The stone started to lean back and let light behind it for the first time in, I was betting, centuries

    35. And the betting on how faith and prices would

    36. While men are more likely to visit entertainment, betting, games and music websites women are spending more time on Facebook and Twitter

    37. And the betting on how faith and

    38. considered so valuable that betting on where I’d go

    39. The problem was: we were hurtling toward the Underworld at ninety-five miles an hour, betting that Hades had the master bolt

    40. He was still betting he could beat the system and, at some point, continue to carry on his mission to arm his country---Japan---with nuclear weapons

    41. He’s no longer a boy, he’s a man! There’s scarcely five years between them and I wouldn’t mind betting they’re both still virgins

    42. Kevin was a little disappointed but had told Joe to save his betting money for his next runner

    43. I would not mind betting that is why you are out of work

    44. Ollie and Ellen would often discuss horse racing and she would sometimes have a flutter in the betting shop herself

    45. If she had a bet to be settled at the bookies she would already have the figure written on the betting slip and it was always correct

    46. They would often drift between the Pub and the Betting Shop of a Saturday afternoon squandering their money recklessly

    47. He and Ellen had a passionate shared interest of betting on horse racing and had many a discussion about it

    48. While Manian felt that betting on an also-ran was not the way to hit the jackpot, Gautam thought the real lobbying was all about making a winner out of the ordinary

    49. No one was betting, they had already fleeced each other bone dry before I’d arrived but we were having just as much fun as the die came up to my stated calls

    50. She always had a trick under her sleeve and I am betting this is why she called me over in the first place

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