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Bet en una oración (en ingles)

  1. And I bet he has.
  2. You can bet on it.
  3. I can bet on that.
  4. It's so easy I bet.
  5. It was a safer bet.

  6. BET has to be £190.
  7. I bet he gets deep.
  8. I bet the trail JY.
  9. And it was on a bet.
  10. I bet the inside is.
  11. I bet I can get in.
  12. I bet it was the Boss.
  13. I bet you he was, Huck.
  14. He almost lost the bet.
  15. And I bet they fought.

  16. You can bet on that!.
  17. I bet a sniper across.
  18. I bet Jesus would have.
  19. I bet they loved that.
  20. Is it a bet then?
  21. I’ll bet she can help.
  22. I bet Peter owned a gun.
  23. Tina's best bet was to.
  24. I bet its snake proof.
  25. Bet your mom loves that.

  26. I bet there’s lots of.
  27. I bet you’d be hot in.
  28. I’ll bet it will work.
  29. I bet his name was Boots.
  30. I’ll bet my life on it.
  31. You can bet he’s close.
  32. None of us bet on you.
  33. You bet, I was thinking.
  34. I could bet one month of.
  35. To bet on Dallas would be.
  36. So what was the bet?
  37. I bet I'll have a gay time.
  38. Their cousins will be I bet.
  39. An actionable tip? You bet.
  40. I bet he’s got leprosy.
  41. He bet them what they liked.
  42. I bet we can get through it.
  43. And I would bet that it is.
  44. You could bet two, bump two.
  45. Related to a theirops I bet.
  46. I bet you’ve heard a few.
  47. I think I’ve bet enough.
  48. It was an all-or-nothing bet.
  49. I bet that was a Kodak moment.
  50. I bet it is, Donovan said.
  51. But I bet you Jeff Thatcher.
  52. I bet it will be in the news.
  53. I bet he’s about to pop.
  54. I bet they took the kidneys.
  55. I bet he's in some birdcage.
  56. I bet that at least once you.
  57. You bet it is! Arty says.
  58. I bet you’ll never top this.
  59. Bet he’s going to the party.
  60. I bet you’re wearing a wire.
  61. They have no idea, I’ll bet.
  62. And it was a good bet to make.
  63. I bet I can say it quicker.
  64. Bet you can do better, though.
  65. Say, I bet you two are hungry.
  66. I bet that’s the janitor.
  67. On this round and your bet.
  69. I bet all the telephone lines.
  70. His best bet would be to find.
  71. And yeah, I bet she’s crying.
  72. I’ll bet the kids are hungry.
  73. I bet you’ve been a good kid.
  74. This is what the bet was about.
  75. I'll bet you didn't know that.
  76. I bet some dame threw you over.
  77. Tyre took the bet and so did I.
  78. I bet he didn't wash his hands.
  79. He could not ass bet in a dice.
  80. I bet that would have caught on.
  81. People could bet on races that.
  82. I bet she did, Bohdan said.
  83. You bet! And Homer is the other.
  84. If she had a lot i bet most of.
  85. I bet it's heading this way too.
  86. That's a bet you'd lose, hi-man.
  87. I bet you never thought of that.
  88. I bet you could finish up this.
  89. I bet they're going to get here.
  90. And I bet Dale wasn’t talking.
  91. You can bet he knows that, Alex.
  92. That did seem like the best bet.
  93. But this should cover my bet.
  94. Never will know, that is my bet.
  95. If you sold the bet originally (i.
  96. See that crow? I bet he's hungry.
  97. The bookie took the bet for 10¢.
  98. They’ll let you see him, I bet.
  99. I’d say that was a safe bet.
  100. I’ll bet it’s the Third Force.
  1. There is betting in Cricket.
  2. I went to the betting window.
  3. We were betting our lives on it.
  4. And the betting on how faith and.
  5. He was betting? Carlisle nodded.
  6. You’re betting my life and my car.
  7. I prefer betting on volatility instead.
  8. Playing the indices via spread betting.
  9. I am personally betting on the Israelis.
  10. I was still betting on not at all myself.
  11. More on that in the spread betting chapter.
  12. They were betting each other and boasting.
  13. Best Sports Betting Picks in The Industry.
  14. But this isn’t a problem with spread betting.
  15. I was betting no one had told Kemp about them.
  16. There are the betting syndicates which control.
  17. And the betting on how faith and prices would.
  18. Henry had started out betting heavily into the.
  19. It is betting on a heads or tails coin flip game.
  20. The three European betting stations she managed.
  21. Gambling is even more dangerous in spread betting.
  22. So what are the downsides to spread betting, then?
  23. If you’re having to hide losses, STOP BETTING NOW.
  24. His men carried on betting while he got to know Ella.
  25. Betting 5 to 4 on Zinfandel, 20 to 1 Throwaway (off).
  26. Im betting on a favourite family Bible – or a bomb.
  27. There he scoped out the area and spotted a betting shop.
  28. I would not mind betting that is why you are out of work.
  29. Things like betting slips, beer, and soft-porn magazines.
  30. The Sports Betting Reinvented formula has done it for you.
  31. The place had all the charm of an offtrack betting parlor.
  32. At this point he was betting into the hand, hoping for a.
  33. Betting plans are all over the internet especially on eBay.
  34. The other players at the table were betting five’s and ten.
  35. Well I did it, I took money out of my spread betting account.
  36. There is some betting whether both will make it there alive.
  37. And gamblers make up 90% of spread betting accounts that lose.
  38. After the first two rounds of betting Alvin was up about fif-.
  39. It was the perfect time to continue betting at the track, but.
  40. With the Sports Betting Reinvented formula, it’s all covered.
  41. McDuff is betting that CBD will thrive as Brazilian incomes rise.
  42. This is what the Sports Betting Reinvented formula is all about.
  43. Betting on horses is more emotional than options, in my opinion.
  44. The betting was about fifty to one on a direct hit at any moment.
  45. Of course there will be betting, Uthyr answered, studying me.
  46. Pioneering channel, and several of the interactive betting sights.
  47. Plastic cards, bank notes, soggy bits of paper and a betting slip.
  48. Sally is a day trader who operates through a spread betting account.
  49. Not that these guys should be betting big money anyway, Desa thought.
  50. ODDS) may be higher than the LAY ODDS displayed on a Betting Exchange.
  51. On the оthеr hand, іf a рlауеr іѕ betting аnd bесоmеѕ.
  52. Anyway, Frank still owes him money from betting on last year’s game.
  53. After the first two rounds of betting Alvin was up about fifteen grand.
  54. It’s sad, but I’m betting the dark side had good life insurance plans.
  55. If the bad guys grabbed her, she was betting that they would not kill her.
  56. Just who does this guy think he is? Yes, this is my book on spread betting.
  57. Where spread betting providers use the same underlying trading platform (e.
  58. If I was a betting man, I would say I'm a good few years above the average.
  59. You are now betting that your number will come up before a seven is thrown.
  60. That's a lot of noise filtering and it's the same thing with sports betting.
  61. You’re only betting that a severe counterseasonal move won’t take place.
  62. We’ve referenced Sports Betting Reinvented as operating as a real business.
  63. There are various ways of shorting: CFDs, covered warrants and spread betting.
  64. Most of the betting plans available online will only put your money to waste.
  65. I don't mind betting that you too have heard something of the sort already?
  66. The terms above will cover most aspects of horse racing including betting terms.
  67. The opposite is also true; when you pay a net debit, you are betting on a trend.
  68. When you buy Straddles or Strangles, you are betting that volatility will change.
  69. Wager calculation is something important in the Sports Betting Reinvented formula.
  70. In another matter, it is recommended that any betting on the game of golf be kept.
  71. Out-of-the-money option buyers are betting on a strong trend to their strike price.
  72. The Sports Betting Reinvented formula works seamlessly no matter your cash amount.
  73. So don’t kid yourself: if you buy gold, you’re betting it will go up in price.
  74. I don’t mind betting that you too have heard something of the sort already?’.
  75. Yeah, but I’m betting most of the blood is on the ground outside of the truck.
  76. I’m betting you’ll bring out some people who haven’t been to a club all year.
  77. For many trades, spread betting firms give you what’s called margin (or leverage).
  78. She’d been all in, and he’d raised the stakes, betting her a marriage contract.
  79. When you buy your own home, you’re betting that the price of your home will go up.
  80. The key element of a spread betting account is leverage and the high cost of positions.
  81. I can’t give guarantees here, but if I was a betting man I would expect your boss to.
  82. However, as a trader or investor, you should definitely be interested in spread betting.
  83. I was heavily in debt before this, and wanted to use spread betting as a quick way out.
  84. He turned off the engine, grabbed the betting slip from on top of his visor, and sighed.
  85. Consistently! And people were attracted to the table and betting on her, not the numbers.
  86. Betting on a real estate downturn means short the companies with big real estate exposure.
  87. So after this faux pas at RSA, we are betting on a successful – if painful – comeback.
  88. He prefers to trade foreign exchange (FOREX) currency pairs via his spread betting account.
  89. We have made our bets at the betting windows, and now we’ll decide where to watch the race.
  90. As with any betting activity, you run the risk of not making any money or even losing money.
  91. You’ve won and lost over a quarter of a million dollars betting on races at this track.
  92. Note: The services offered by spread betting firms and brokers are liable to change at any time.
  93. Open interest often can be a tipoff to what side of the market the small speculator is betting.
  94. He also wrote a monthly spread betting column in gambling magazine Inside Edge for over a year.
  95. Kevin was a little disappointed but had told Joe to save his betting money for his next runner.
  96. Please note that throughout this manual any commission deducted by Betting Exchanges is ignored.
  97. Real businesses and Sports Betting Reinvented are the only vehicles for multiplying that money.
  98. The Put buyer is betting that this market leader will lose its support line in the next 30 days.
  99. I widened it to other betting parlors and Automats, to Chelsea, to parts of the Upper West Side.
  100. I guarantee you that I know the difference between betting upon a wish and investing in reality.
  1. All bets were now off.
  2. I’ll take bets on it.
  3. It happened at future bets.
  4. And then all bets were off.
  5. I love these bets, he said.
  6. Why not hedge your bets?
  7. Henry would place the bets and.
  8. Okay gentlemen, make your bets.
  9. Then all bets are off, she said.
  10. All bets were off for the outcome.
  11. He had started to say bets on him.
  12. Frank always had me phone in the bets.
  13. Yes, those short-term market-timing bets.
  14. Usually 24 hours a day with spread bets.
  15. Here are some safe bets: pesto, salsa, curry.
  16. Nothing bets with God concerning her future.
  17. If it is an operational bomb, all bets are off.
  18. The bets are heavy, and grow heavier as the night.
  19. The playersstake on this card whatever bets they.
  20. Yes, he gambles, but he will always cover his bets.
  21. All bets are off if I have to come in there and get.
  22. After that, we took bets to see how far you would go.
  23. Quarterly spread bets have a date at which they expire.
  24. People actually placed bets on how long it would last.
  25. As always, the best bets are businesses whose services.
  26. The Net Effect of These Leveraged Bets on the Marketplace.
  27. The whole town had joked and made bets in the past on how.
  28. Max was also hedging his bets and creating an alibi in Ray.
  29. The casino operator backs the bets of the gaming customers.
  30. He tries to influence the other servants and bets that he.
  31. You can also learn a lot of things if you record your bets.
  32. Try to use several proven systems, method bets, and tipsters.
  33. You keep on placing bets without considering the consequences.
  34. Some firms specialise in tiny bets, others have minimum stakes.
  35. Wyatt proceeded on to the next set of bets and turned over the.
  36. From the Hold-wall Master Seatac was collecting on several bets.
  37. I would drive maybe two hours to the race track to make my bets.
  38. He did not hedge his bets or seek plausible deniability with a.
  39. If there are bets аnd rаіѕеѕ tо you, then you wіll need.
  40. It allows the spread bettor to close bets when they’re winning.
  41. So after these five wins out of six bets, I just stopped doing it.
  42. I won all my bets in that cricket match, and today was yet another.
  43. We won't necessarily make fewer bets, but they'll be smaller in size.
  44. Market timing—short-term bets on the direction of the market; and.
  45. However, if the golfer in question blades the ball, all bets are off.
  46. Side bets were made that the Lady would be the next to leave the board.
  47. You can’t have my organs! I need them to wager in future bets!.
  48. Puts represent bearish bets or hedges, and calls represent bullish ones.
  49. Simon, and he would take bets that their Dads were not bitching about it.
  50. I wouldn't want to place bets on a fight between him and Zoe Nightshade.
  51. But bonds from most giant US corporations are still considered safe bets.
  52. If that happens, there is no US government, and all bets are off anyway!.
  53. Have a separate spreadsheet for your poker games and record all your bets.
  54. The more numbers he bets on, the smaller his chance of ending with a profit.
  55. Of course without the eye patches and birds on shoulders, all bets may be off.
  56. She turned out to be a brunette and we were taking bets on her being a blonde.
  57. Making bets or discussing the number of wanted posters they had seen him on?
  58. Bets were placed on which pigeon got out quickest, with extra points for style.
  59. You keep losing and still place more bets, not realizing how much you have lost.
  60. Invite 30 of your worst losers/addicted gamblers, take all their bets on the day.
  61. I would take bets that the clouds are another way of saying that big problems are.
  62. He said something about not taking bets ever again against ancestor fighter pilots.
  63. Then he would have a 5-cent edge on his side by selling bets worth 95 cents for $1.
  64. Thirty-five winner, said the spinner, while raking the losing bets towards her.
  65. I was about to ask when the dealer called no more bets and the wheel started turning.
  66. So I bought tons and tons of Greencore in the 80s, both on spread bets and in my ISA too.
  67. By completing the Table with your BACK/LAY bets as they are matched on Betfair and enter.
  68. Gulab dealt the cards; bets were placed in the center of the table, as the game proceeded.
  69. They were just random bets with close to zero odds of ever having any real intrinsic value.
  70. These bets will be decided by the samethrow that decides the bet between Don Félix and the.
  71. We have made our bets at the betting windows, and now we’ll decide where to watch the race.
  72. When you start trading there will be occasions when your bets are not matched at all and occa.
  73. Traders don’t care about the macro-consequence of their bets; they relish market turbulence.
  74. And old Master Seatac, seeing what each of them had tried to deny, collected on many more bets.
  75. You can't make big money shorting because the risk of big losses means you can't make big bets.
  76. But even before I began putting in the bets for the anonymous bettor, I had an ominous feeling.
  77. I wonder if hot stocks in up trends would be the best underlying stock to use for option bets.
  78. Earnings announcement returns are extremely difficult to forecast, making directional bets risky.
  79. Byron assigned him his stereotype and was willing to take bets that he liked young eastern boys.
  80. While he was laying here in bed, handicapping the races, we were making the bets with our money.
  81. When the bets had been made, the two handlers unleashed their charges and retreated to the tunnel.
  82. Place your bets the man behind the table said bringing us both out of the trance you were in.
  83. When it happens you should take the bet, bank the profit and keep taking new bets on the same basis.
  84. Spread trades between real and nominal bonds are even more direct bets on changes in inflation rate.
  85. The tunnel’s availability also allowed me to win a few unusual bets from M and L house denizens, e.
  86. Notice that in all cases, the randomly sized bets underperformed the simple fixed fractional 4 percent.
  87. Bets were being made as to the identity of those responsible – it would no doubt come out eventually.
  88. It's bots, or traders, playing a game on the next quarter's earnings, or people making thematic macro bets.
  89. Once a child has been conceived as a result of that women‘s private decisions, however, all bets are off.
  90. Small bets became intertwined with larger ones and insanely complicated super series of bets, said Rip.
  91. He would watch the market as if it was a football game, but he would not place any bets during the trading day.
  92. By the time 96 x £1 spread bets were open, this does not mean that positions were held in 96 different stocks.
  93. This was because some bookmakers would slash the odds if he tried to put on big bets with more than one of them.
  94. The men with the winning bets turned to the others to collect their winnings: yerk bills, gold coins and rubies.
  95. Bookmakers in and around Tokyo immediately started taking bets on the match, bets that came in fast and furious.
  96. Indeed we were pretty close to a major financial crash here, and then all bets, as they say, would have been off.
  97. By taking these two bets the sportsbook knows it has to pay $100 to the bettor who has selected the winning team.
  98. If he regularly bets $1 on every number (including 0 and 00), he is certain to lose $2 on each turn of the wheel.
  99. The third column of this table shows the total number of £1 spread bets that remained open at the end of each week.
  100. This makes it more volatile, but Ken likes to make big sector bets that in most cases have worked very well for him.

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