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Bet en una oración (en ingles)

1. And I bet he has.
2. You can bet on it.
3. I can bet on that.
4. It was a safer bet.
5. It's so easy I bet.
6. BET has to be £190.
7. I bet he gets deep.

8. And it was on a bet.
9. I bet the trail JY.
10. I bet I can get in.
11. I bet the inside is.
12. I bet it was the Boss.
13. I bet a sniper across.
14. He almost lost the bet.
15. You can bet on that!.
16. And I bet they fought.
17. I bet you he was, Huck.
18. I bet Jesus would have.
19. I’ll bet she can help.
20. I bet Peter owned a gun.
21. Tina's best bet was to.
22. I bet they loved that.
23. Is it a bet then?
24. You can bet he’s close.
25. I bet its snake proof.
26. None of us bet on you.
27. Bet your mom loves that.
28. I bet his name was Boots.
29. I’ll bet my life on it.
30. I bet you’d be hot in.
31. I’ll bet it will work.
32. I bet there’s lots of.
33. I could bet one month of.
34. You bet, I was thinking.
35. Their cousins will be I bet.
36. I bet I'll have a gay time.
37. To bet on Dallas would be.
38. An actionable tip? You bet.
39. So what was the bet?
40. I bet he’s got leprosy.
1. There is betting in Cricket.
2. I went to the betting window.
3. We were betting our lives on it.
4. And the betting on how faith and.
5. He was betting? Carlisle nodded.
6. You’re betting my life and my car.
7. I prefer betting on volatility instead.
8. Playing the indices via spread betting.
9. I am personally betting on the Israelis.
10. I was still betting on not at all myself.
11. More on that in the spread betting chapter.
12. They were betting each other and boasting.
13. Best Sports Betting Picks in The Industry.
14. I was betting no one had told Kemp about them.
15. But this isn’t a problem with spread betting.
16. And the betting on how faith and prices would.
17. There are the betting syndicates which control.
18. Henry had started out betting heavily into the.
19. The three European betting stations she managed.
20. It is betting on a heads or tails coin flip game.
21. Gambling is even more dangerous in spread betting.
22. So what are the downsides to spread betting, then?
23. If you’re having to hide losses, STOP BETTING NOW.
24. His men carried on betting while he got to know Ella.
25. Betting 5 to 4 on Zinfandel, 20 to 1 Throwaway (off).
26. Im betting on a favourite family Bible – or a bomb.
27. There he scoped out the area and spotted a betting shop.
28. Things like betting slips, beer, and soft-porn magazines.
29. I would not mind betting that is why you are out of work.
30. Betting plans are all over the internet especially on eBay.
31. At this point he was betting into the hand, hoping for a.
32. The place had all the charm of an offtrack betting parlor.
33. The Sports Betting Reinvented formula has done it for you.
34. The other players at the table were betting five’s and ten.
35. There is some betting whether both will make it there alive.
36. Well I did it, I took money out of my spread betting account.
37. After the first two rounds of betting Alvin was up about fif-.
38. And gamblers make up 90% of spread betting accounts that lose.
39. It was the perfect time to continue betting at the track, but.
40. With the Sports Betting Reinvented formula, it’s all covered.
1. All bets were now off.
2. I’ll take bets on it.
3. And then all bets were off.
4. It happened at future bets.
5. I love these bets, he said.
6. Why not hedge your bets?
7. Okay gentlemen, make your bets.
8. Henry would place the bets and.
9. Then all bets are off, she said.
10. All bets were off for the outcome.
11. He had started to say bets on him.
12. Frank always had me phone in the bets.
13. Yes, those short-term market-timing bets.
14. Usually 24 hours a day with spread bets.
15. Here are some safe bets: pesto, salsa, curry.
16. Nothing bets with God concerning her future.
17. If it is an operational bomb, all bets are off.
18. The bets are heavy, and grow heavier as the night.
19. The playersstake on this card whatever bets they.
20. Yes, he gambles, but he will always cover his bets.
21. All bets are off if I have to come in there and get.
22. After that, we took bets to see how far you would go.
23. People actually placed bets on how long it would last.
24. Quarterly spread bets have a date at which they expire.
25. As always, the best bets are businesses whose services.
26. The whole town had joked and made bets in the past on how.
27. The Net Effect of These Leveraged Bets on the Marketplace.
28. Max was also hedging his bets and creating an alibi in Ray.
29. You can also learn a lot of things if you record your bets.
30. He tries to influence the other servants and bets that he.
31. The casino operator backs the bets of the gaming customers.
32. Try to use several proven systems, method bets, and tipsters.
33. You keep on placing bets without considering the consequences.
34. Some firms specialise in tiny bets, others have minimum stakes.
35. Wyatt proceeded on to the next set of bets and turned over the.
36. From the Hold-wall Master Seatac was collecting on several bets.
37. I would drive maybe two hours to the race track to make my bets.
38. If there are bets аnd rаіѕеѕ tо you, then you wіll need.
39. He did not hedge his bets or seek plausible deniability with a.
40. It allows the spread bettor to close bets when they’re winning.

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