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Slight en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He had a slight frown.
  2. I heard a slight click.
  3. With a slight look of.
  4. He had a slight accent.
  5. It was slight and weak.

  6. She had a slight frown.
  7. A slight wind blows on.
  8. He was a young, slight.
  9. It's all slight of hand.
  10. There was a slight pause.
  11. With a slight hum, she.
  12. Is, I confess, not slight.
  13. The slight break in his.
  14. A slight breeze was the.
  15. Lyil let out a slight gasp.

  16. Darek heard a slight step.
  17. You have a slight accent.
  18. There was a slight problem.
  19. It was slight, but visible.
  20. The slight rippling of the.
  21. A slight breeze swayed the.
  22. Casaubon, with a slight bow.
  23. It had a slight ridge in it.
  24. But a slight infusion of Mr.
  25. She could sense his slight.

  26. She had a slight fever, too.
  27. Sam felt a slight resistance.
  28. A slight silence hits the room.
  29. Some severe, some very slight.
  30. He heard a slight chuckle on.
  31. I had a slight plan on how to.
  32. He even had a slight Southern.
  33. A slight mist hung over the sea.
  34. He noticed a slight glimmer in.
  35. The step is indeed a slight one.
  36. It is now but very, very slight.
  37. The man moved with a slight limp.
  38. She had a slight grin on her face.
  39. The bench was atop a slight rise.
  40. Alpátych made a slight movement.
  41. With a few slight changes to the.
  42. She had a slight smile on her face.
  43. Her voice had a slight buzz to it.
  44. He made a slight course correction.
  45. She has a slight fever too?
  46. There was a slight quiver in his.
  47. A slight crease marks his forehead.
  48. I touched his face and the slight.
  49. There is a slight problem, however.
  50. She had a slight air of resentment.
  51. There was a slight pause before Mrs.
  52. A slight shiver ran down her spine.
  53. At last he ventured a slight laugh.
  54. And then she added, with a slight.
  55. There was a very slight difference.
  56. He smiled and gave us a slight wave.
  57. He did have a slight crush on Dana.
  58. A slight smile plays about his lips.
  59. She looked at me with a slight smile.
  60. Each step had a slight spring to it.
  61. There's a slight difference in how.
  62. The slight had been most determined.
  63. She made a slight movement and his.
  64. There was a slight slur in her voice.
  65. There was a slight blush on her face.
  66. Lavender with a slight touch of mint.
  67. The damage done, however, was slight.
  68. He was short and slim, almost slight.
  69. With a slight sigh, he answered Good.
  70. A slight shift was all it would take.
  71. Fortunately, the cliff had a slight.
  72. Yes, Tom said with a slight nod.
  73. There was a slight murmur among the.
  74. Watching the slight judder of the wing.
  75. There surely was a slight resemblance.
  76. There was a slight tremble in her lip.
  77. He acknowledged her with a slight nod.
  78. There had been a slight change of plan.
  79. He consumed all in that slight motion.
  80. Behind her back, he made slight, but.
  81. You have a slight accent, he said.
  82. Susan had a slight blister on one heel.
  83. Seeing the slight smiles appearing on.
  84. But they both still had slight smiles.
  85. Penn shook his head in slight confusion.
  86. Heart with a slight tremble in her hand.
  87. There was a slight tremor in his voice.
  88. We have a slight variation in the line.
  89. His lips were twisted in a slight smile.
  90. Al right, that was a slight exaggeration.
  91. There was a slight prickle of awareness.
  92. There was a slight breeze off the water.
  93. I denied with a slight motion of my head.
  94. This would eliminate the slight benefit.
  95. I didn’t have a slight doubt about this.
  96. He had a slight headache, and his mouth.
  97. Her white hat was lifted up by a slight.
  98. I will leave you; I've a slight headache.
  99. His wife moved, a slight turn of her head.
  100. A slight pause, and the blacksmith nodded.
  1. She was in a position in which she seemed to herself to be slighting Mr.
  2. I make this little preface, because you once mentioned the young lady to me in slighting terms.
  3. You would have better reasons than these for slighting so respectable a class of men, said Mrs.
  4. What bothers me most, is that she often tries to be clever and she likes slighting the others -especially me.
  5. Some slighting phrases she had used still rankled in his memory; she had once spoken of Gretta as being country cute and that was not true of Gretta at all.
  6. His sympathy for the unhappy wife had become something sacred to him, so that even now, twenty years after, he could not bear a slighting allusion to her from any one, and would at once check the offender.
  7. She had an active force of antagonism within her, when the antagonism turned on the defence either of plans or persons that she believed in; and the wrongs which she felt that Will had received from her husband, and the external conditions which to others were grounds for slighting him, only gave the more tenacity to her affection and admiring judgment.
  8. When, after a long, hard day, in which she had been sent here and there, sometimes on long errands through wind and cold and rain, she came in wet and hungry, and was sent out again because nobody chose to remember that she was only a child, and that her slim legs might be tired and her small body might be chilled; when she had been given only harsh words and cold, slighting looks for thanks; when the cook had been vulgar and insolent; when Miss Minchin had been in her worst mood, and when she had seen the girls sneering among themselves at her shabbiness—then she was not always able to comfort her sore, proud, desolate heart with fancies when Emily merely sat upright in her old chair and stared.
  1. He scowled, feeling slighted.
  2. Women –who had often slighted.
  3. I could not let this be slighted.
  4. CHAPTER – Mars is being slighted.
  5. I will not stand here and be slighted.
  6. Vronsky had slighted her, and she had slighted him, Levin.
  7. Only the slighted man hesitated for a moment, until Nancy eyed him severely.
  8. He was a slighted Lover of Mankind, one who lov’d not wisely, but too well.
  9. Kitty was not married, but ill, and ill from love for a man who had slighted her.
  10. After giving in to her demands, he felt slighted that she hadn’t even thanked him.
  11. Except for you, whom I slighted and despised, my whole romance had been an unmitigated falsehood.
  12. Answer: Israelis like to watch politicians and wealthy businessmen reduced, demeaned, and slighted.
  13. But you all behold how the Father's mercy is slighted and how the messengers of truth are rejected.
  14. With their hurt egos at being slighted by the material minded, they tend to join the arthic bandwagon.
  15. He was a professed joker, but he never allowed himself to be slighted by those who did not enjoy his fun.
  16. She was slighted like and had no say in anything, but it never really became bad for her until after she met Mr.
  17. What an irony our life has turned out to be! While I slighted him all through, he died burdening me with his magnanimity.
  18. For me the man that is proud and feels how it stings to be slighted, For me the sweet-heart and the old maid, for me mothers and the.
  19. On the contrary, as if struck by lightning, and as if possessing neither eyes nor understanding they slighted the proclamations of God.
  20. This was a Polish sergeant of Poniatowski’s corps, who explained in Polish that he had come over because he had been slighted in the.
  21. Slighted, he applied to Columbia where famed investors Ben Graham and David Dodd taught - an experience that would forever change his life.
  22. As soon as they slighted Brigit led them away from the main doors to an array of escalators at an entrance back along the way they had come.
  23. So, Ruma set out to snare the prey into her web of adoration but to no avail, and slighted, she began to pass snide remarks about her to Anand.
  24. I am sure you can see how offensive it is to hear the character of the man who has offered me such charity and compassion slighted so unjustly.
  25. Historically, Americans and Canadians who had settled on the West Coast had felt slighted and ignored by the rest of Canada and the United States.
  26. I doubt the distinction has improved his disposition any, since he was always defensive about his size, and quick to challenge any who slighted him.
  27. You’ve been waiting for someone for three hundred years but you don’t even remember who? Jai asked as though he was the one slighted by this offense.
  28. So it was Jonas Wilkerson who wanted Tara—Jonas and Emmie, who in some twisted way thought to even past slights by living in the home where they had been slighted.
  29. If I were slighted and hurt, I withdrew in my mortification and at once said to myself, Ah, I'm humiliated, but still I have my idea, and they know nothing about that.
  30. Suppose this work were to be neglected, this duty ignored, this clear providential summons slighted, what a mockery it would be of our professed zeal for foreign missions.
  31. After the first bitterness of the conviction of being slighted was over, she had been tolerably soon in a fair way of not thinking of him again; and when the acquaintance was renewed in town, and Mr.
  32. Moscow ladies, especially by the fact that he slighted them and plainly preferred the gypsy girls and French actresses- with the chief of whom, Mademoiselle George, he was said to be on intimate relations.
  33. Well, it has been a pleasant interlude, and I who first saw Vicki steeped in despair, red-eyed, piteous, slighted, talked about, shall see her at last departing down the hill arrayed in glory as with a garment.
  34. It was the only way she could be amused; all the rest of the time she was grumbling and complaining that now every one had forgotten her, that no one treated her with respect, that she was slighted, and so on.
  35. But they did, because perhaps Jesus’ love and trust really was betrayed and slighted by His human friends, by His followers and by His apostles, because by definition of the human condition, all humans are imperfect.
  36. As my position, rather lack of it, failed to impress him, he was won’t not to reciprocate my greetings, and soon to avoid being slighted by him I was not taking cognizance of his presence, in other words I used to ignore the would-be ignorer.
  37. The mare was only to be taken down to the Parsonage half an hour before her ride were to begin; and Fanny, on its being first proposed, so far from feeling slighted, was almost over-powered with gratitude that he should be asking her leave for it.
  38. His father then told him that, as he had not been put to the expense of sending Angel up to Cambridge, he had felt it his duty to set by a sum of money every year towards the purchase or lease of land for him some day, that he might not feel himself unduly slighted.
  39. Elinor was much more hurt by Marianne's warmth than she had been by what produced it; but Colonel Brandon's eyes, as they were fixed on Marianne, declared that he noticed only what was amiable in it, the affectionate heart which could not bear to see a sister slighted in the smallest point.
  40. Elinor was much more hurt by Marianne’s warmth than she had been by what produced it; but Colonel Brandon’s eyes, as they were fixed on Marianne, declared that he noticed only what was amiable in it, the affectionate heart which could not bear to see a sister slighted in the smallest point.
  41. As Shinshín had remarked, from the time of his arrival Anatole had turned the heads of the Moscow ladies, especially by the fact that he slighted them and plainly preferred the gypsy girls and French actresses—with the chief of whom, Mademoiselle George, he was said to be on intimate relations.
  42. On seeing this, Don Fernando, persuaded that Luscinda had befooled, slighted, and trifled with him, assailed her before she had recovered from her swoon, and tried to stab her with the dagger that had been found, and would have succeeded had not her parents and those who were present prevented him.
  43. There are friends who perhaps must be alienated, there are relatives who misunderstand and who feel that they are in some way being slighted; the really great man is often considered selfish by a large circle of people who are connected with him and who feel that he might bestow upon them more benefits than he does.
  44. For Marianne, however--in spite of his incivility in surviving her loss--he always retained that decided regard which interested him in every thing that befell her, and made her his secret standard of perfection in woman;-- and many a rising beauty would be slighted by him in after-days as bearing no comparison with Mrs.
  45. She could not but smile to see the graciousness of both mother and daughter towards the very person-- for Lucy was particularly distinguished--whom of all others, had they known as much as she did, they would have been most anxious to mortify; while she herself, who had comparatively no power to wound them, sat pointedly slighted by both.
  46. Phillips depends for the success of his narrative rather upon theme and plot than upon style and characterization; not that these two elements are slighted, or that they are not skillfully and masterfully handled, but that one feels that they are purposely subordinated to the subject-matter and to interest in the development of the tale.
  47. She saw a glance at Maria which confirmed the injury to herself: it was a scheme, a trick; she was slighted, Maria was preferred; the smile of triumph which Maria was trying to suppress shewed how well it was understood; and before Julia could command herself enough to speak, her brother gave his weight against her too, by saying, Oh yes! Maria must be Agatha.
  48. Thus by the authority of Agramante and the wisdom of King Sobrino all this complication of disputes was arranged; but the enemy of concord and hater of peace, feeling himself slighted and made a fool of, and seeing how little he had gained after having involved them all in such an elaborate entanglement, resolved to try his hand once more by stirring up fresh quarrels and disturbances.
  49. Left alone, the young man on the comic paper poured himself out another glass to give himself more assurance and independence; he drank and ate a snack of something, and never had the actual civil councillor Ivan Ilyitch made for himself a bitterer foe more implacably bent on revenge than was the young man on the staff of the Firebrand whom he had so slighted, especially after the latter had drunk two glasses of vodka.
  1. A man who shirks his social responsibilities and who slights.
  2. There were other pains, other slights that were random and unjust.
  3. It returned again and again as more such slights reached his attention.
  4. Scarlett was so bewildered and infuriated at these slights that the party was utterly.
  5. This, shipmates, this is that other lesson; and woe to that pilot of the living God who slights it.
  6. From earliest childhood he had endured not just slights but tragedy at the hands of the nobly born.
  7. The slights and disappointments of my childhood grew out of all proportion to their actual significance.
  8. It was much later on in Theo’s school career that revenge for individual slights took on a political form.
  9. He was willing to withstand the petty slights and menial work for the opportunity to work aside a real genius.
  10. He didn’t need my pity or self-regarding guilt to add to all the other slights and insults he might have suffered in his life.
  11. Some complain of the slights which are put upon them by relations, and they will tell you sadly of how many evils their old age is the cause.
  12. The hating was at Nixon’s center, the driving force to get the sons of bitches, to settle all the scores for all the slights and snubs and opposition.
  13. Rapunzel doesn't pick up on the slights against his character, and instead sees these lessons as some sort of step by step guide that she needs to relay to him.
  14. Mac, as most of her neighbors called her, replayed old slights and fears, entering conversations in midstream that I later realized had concluded years earlier.
  15. So it was Jonas Wilkerson who wanted Tara—Jonas and Emmie, who in some twisted way thought to even past slights by living in the home where they had been slighted.
  16. The shock of receiving the police at five am on a Sunday morning brings back every one of the hurts and slights that she suffered at Billy's hands when they were married.
  17. When one is in this state, they become vulnerable to all kinds of attacks, slights, and scams, real or imagined and this is represented by the pink lines that come out of the secondary spirals.
  18. If there have been any degrading, limiting, or doubtful slights made against any products, companies, plans, programs, investments, individuals, institutions, organizations, systems or otherwise, are unintentional.
  19. Albert, however, hoped to indemnify himself for all these slights and indifferences during the Carnival, knowing full well that among the different states and kingdoms in which this festivity is celebrated, Rome is the spot where even the.
  20. But what bowled me in the end are these from the Bhakti Yoga - Scores thought over mere rotting / Betters meditation awareness too / What helps man to find moorings / Are acts his with no axe to grind; Kind-hearted ’n considerate / Friendly natured, forgiving too / Lays no store on highs and lows / Suffers no pride ’n possessive not; Who's patient ’n cheerful / Self-willed as well persevering / Who's hearty ever at work / Makes he devout My beloved; Who’s simple, never in want / Covets he not in vantage post / Shakes him none, he keeps his nerve / It’s such who Me please the most; He’s My darling who craves not / Yet won’t shun the pleasures of life / Takes but things all as they come; Treats he equal friends ’n foes / Scorn or honour minds he not / Keeps he cool in grief and joy / Nurses for none soft centre, and above all, Pats ’n slights all in the score / Treats as equal score My man / Takes he lot of his in stride/ But won’t put the blame on Me.

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